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  1. It's on YouTube, I watched it last night, not really a Matt Smith talk as such, more of a Q&A. You get a sense that whole period of his life (after Manic Miner) was a bit of nightmare. We should be greatful JSW got finished I think. He's not the most elequent but that might have been nerves, took a whiole to get the words out. I think he's probably better 1 on 1.
  2. I think I was trying that, I’ll have another stab at it. Maybe I’m just getting old and the reflexes aren’t what they were
  3. Finally got a chance last night to play this, and I have to admit whilst it looks like a burnout game the experience doesn’t feel or play like one. There’s something odd about the driving model and does quite gel for me. I couldn’t drift the car in the way I wanted and never really felt in control rounds bends in general, even with the supposedly "slow" Sedans. Now, I’ve not touched BOs 1 through 3 on their original platforms for years but I played a lot of Burnout Revenge last summer when it became available on the XBONE, and that instantly felt right to me as a Burnout game and I was ploughing through that and loving it. Anyone else find the driving model a bit different to start with? And also, Is the default chase cam the only one, it felt a bit low for me? I’m not throwing the towel in yet, but I sort of expected to be able to pick this up and enjoy playing it like a BO game of old straight away but that wasn’t the case. Edit: Just as a caveat, I realise this isn't a Burnout game and as such, I shouldn't be comparing it directly to those previous games.
  4. Yeah I guess so, a poor show by me given the 125K score had 4 hits. It's a risk reward thing isn't it, I probably got further into the game on the 130K one because I didn't die trying to get the targets.
  5. Hmm, turns out it is only 130K;
  6. I'm going to have to look up what my highscore was when we played it for a week. I think it was about 200K, no idea what level / stage that got me to mind.
  7. I never knew it existed until about 6 or 7 years ago when someone picked it for a score compeition on the WayoftheRodent a forum. I fell in love with it
  8. I used to love Joypod Really helped have a chuckle on my commute.
  9. @CrashedAlexI understand what you're saying, I'm not expecting a successor to BO3 as such but hopefully some of the elements that made that such a great game are in Dangerous Driving. The playthrough video looks fantastic
  10. Ah man this looks really promising. I've been waiting to a proper successor with Burnout 3 for so long. I just want my Road Rage mode back! After a shite day at work it was the perfect way to vent the frustration.
  11. I'd be more inclined to get an IDE <> CF adapter and use a CF card. Much quicker and much quieter, old spinning 2.5" drives are notoriously noisy in my experience.
  12. This was the first issue I bought, it jumped out at me in WHSmiths in Bedford. After reading it from cover to cover I subsequently ordered back issues 2 - 5 (1 wasn't available unfortunately). I've read at least something from every issue since, although I skip huge chucks of it these days as I'm not that into most modern stuff and hardware doesn't change very often anymore so it's not as exciting as it was in the 90s and 2000s, plus obviously the Internet has meant you're aware of things long before Edge hits the shelves. I could probably cancel my subscription and not miss it, but something stops me as though I'd be giving up on the hobby of gaming and I'm so not.
  13. If anyone is interested, I've created 18 DOS Batch scripts to allow you to download these programmes. You'll need to have FFmepg installed (which you can get from here https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html). Each script has two lines at the top so you can configure them for your own needs; SET FFMPEG="C:\Program Files\FFmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe" SET DOWNLOADFOLDER=E:\ You can get the zip file of all the scripts from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/1g5vtx2djttbqir/BBC CLP Download Scripts config versions.zip?dl=0 Cheers, Ely
  14. Thanks for the info, yeah that's pretty involved isn't it! Ah but that Chrome Extension works like a charm, thanks for that deKay
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