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  1. elyuw

    Edge #345

    No sign of my copy yet, any other subscribers still waiting for theirs? I got the latest Retro Gamer through the post is a timely manner.
  2. All the best for the future @Nate Dogg III I used to love your Monthly Columns.
  3. The 8-Bit Guy has just done a video all about the CDi
  4. To be fair all this arguing back in the day about which 8-Bit Micro was the best was sort of pointless, the best one was the machine your parents bought that you had access to. So for me that was a Dragon 32 and like you I remember it fondly. People nowadays who are still engaged in those "discussions" and will defend the honour of the <insert childhood machine name> until the cows come home. I see it all the time of Atari Age forums where there are threads about Atari 800 vs CBM 64. Logically both have their good and bad elements, but in this enlightened era you can and shou
  5. It could have been Pterodactyl https://www.gamesdatabase.org/game/dragon-32-64/pterodactyl Never played it myself, but as I read your post I though there was a D32 game called that. It was probably advertised in computer magazines of the time. Yeah I had that, and Cuthbert in the Mines which was easily one of the hardest games I ever played. My favourite D32 game was probably Chuckie Egg, a truely wonderful version.
  6. If anything I reckon 83/84 was computer buying boom time in the UK. The number of kids at school who got machines in those 2 years was huge from what I remember. We got our Dragon 32 for Xmas '82 and by 84 I knew at least 4 families with Dragaon. Poor sods, I owe the Dragon for getting me into computing but it really was limited spec. wise to others.
  7. They may well do, but I'm still not going to read any of them. I'd pay an extra xx pence a month on my Subscription not to have them if they are that reliant on the income.
  8. As did mine, basically any advertising stuff that is stuffed in a magazine like this gets the same treatment. Such a waste of paper in my mind.
  9. I listened to a Podcast a few months back (https://pca.st/1wvf1xkd) and one of the topics that came up was whether Axel Foley was in fact gay. It certainly makes you think!
  10. No I know that, I backed all three of their films; Original, Amiga and Playstation on Kickstarter. But this captions says something like "images taken from the forthcoming From Bedrooms to Billions TV Series" as though they are developing something new.
  11. There’s a little mention of a “From Bedrooms to Billions” Tv series (next to the screens shots on page 19) what’s that about? Never heard anything about that until i read it here.
  12. Mine has now arrived, looks like a great issue @strider, thanks to you and your team for contining to produce such a great magazine.
  13. Looking forward to getting my subs copy.
  14. It's on YouTube, I watched it last night, not really a Matt Smith talk as such, more of a Q&A. You get a sense that whole period of his life (after Manic Miner) was a bit of nightmare. We should be greatful JSW got finished I think. He's not the most elequent but that might have been nerves, took a whiole to get the words out. I think he's probably better 1 on 1.
  15. I think I was trying that, I’ll have another stab at it. Maybe I’m just getting old and the reflexes aren’t what they were
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