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  1. Excuse me, that term is derogatory. Nah, s’alright game though. Reckon 5-0 Holland but yanks have done alright getting it up there.
  2. Ahh is it? Two minutes behind on iPlayer . edit: oh, US. I keep fucking calling US, United.
  3. Boooo. That corner would’ve been fun.
  4. Sniped it. Quality action today; dare say I’ll end up with near 6 hours of footy in the bag aaaaannnnd Ghana again.
  5. Beautiful. I don't agree with that decision. Such is soccer.
  6. Any good? 2 guesses for that, decent. .
  7. Got it on my sixth go. Fucking quality film. Went with The Mummy first . Tough one to come up tbf.
  8. I was just watching some highlights and thinking "this mf used to fight at 170". Such a shame. He was a good dude; remember him taking the Gustafsson win bittersweet. The news might have hit harder than Johnson himself.
  9. Yeah, a lot of people alluded to the fact that she's a NY state native, too. Only 23, absolutely demolished her, and social media is absolutely ripping Molly to pieces over it.
  10. Hooker was his debut UFC fight mate. Put him out with a huge left hook. Poirier's awesome. Genuinely think he's one of the top 5 in the company. Watching his ascent has been f'ing unreal.
  11. I started it about two weeks ago and got quickly bored.
  12. Hopefully Adesanya gets it done in true Izzy fashion. Exciting, though - knowing that Pereira's got that one shot power, and a quality toolset. Be great to Adesanya get the arsenal going. Poirier Vs Chandler is a quality bout. Going with Dustin just on sheer technical ability in his hands. Chandler said he'll just get out there and have it but he's probably got a much better chance for the W if he wanted to keep the action going and get some grappling in. Great to see Weili Zhang back for the strawweight belt. Would be really surprised if it's not super one sided. Good card all round really, Dan Hooker, Dominick Reyes on the undercard.
  13. Best part of a year and no one's even posted about this calamity. I bet Rockstar still made shit loads from it.
  14. Bloodborne PC! People are gonna be buzzing for the FFVII remake, too.
  15. Wow, I didn't even realise that actually got released.
  16. Unrelated but I was looking round south London on Google Maps last year for reasons I can't remember and actually ended up on the street where the demo shootout takes place. Noticed they use the location in Lockstock couple of months back, too.
  17. I don't get that. Are you trying to say he threw the fight?
  18. Silva looked slick as fuck last night. I've only seen highlights so I don't know if they were selective but it looks like he got straight robbed.
  19. Ahh man. Well, might get Yan and TJ. Shame though.
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