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  1. Sure I'm not the first person to postulate Catalina? Anyway, not sure on the complete details of it but I won't get stoked 'til we see some footage.
  2. Are they though? Or will there just be an influx of missions where you're shooting off the back of a speedboat?
  3. Which game first allowed you to rewind time, frame-by-frame? It's been in Prince Of Persia, Viewtiful Joe, Racerdriver: GRID.
  4. Crazy that I re-watched it again two week or so ago and rewinded for this shot. It's so fucking cool. Great eye man. Was thinking about that exact moment after saw someone else post a JK Simmons gif on the other page. Great watch.
  5. Was really impressed with Johnson's defence against Mokaev, too. Dude did really well.
  6. See that one-two Curtis clocked him with though . Looked like it was gonna be a short fight either way, in favour of both of 'em like. Shame.
  7. I think it was in YT comments so, just word of mouth. But yeah man. Blaydes is a tough dude, but Aspinall's definitely got some unique attributes and skills for the HW division. I think a fight with Gane would be sickers if he can get a win over a guy like Curtis.
  8. I read his dad was the first black belt BJJ in the UK earlier this evening.
  9. Meeeeeeh, watching Hustle but getting bored af. Hilarious in places but I'm like 90 minutes in and it's getting tepid. Been decent up until now but 2/5 because it ain't got me locked in.
  10. Just going through the media bits. Very interesting mate. Leavitt Vs. Pimblett's very interesting too. I haven't seen much of him tbh, but what I have seen - I can see Leavitt going through him like a hot knife through butter.
  11. Corrogate


    I don't give a shit. Give me the same mechanics and a 50 x 50ft park and we're fucking on. 360 flip to noseblunts all day.
  12. I know people say having house plants is really good for your mental health, and just seeing them there is making me feel healthy . Nice touch.
  13. Corrogate


    no way mate, Novak’s momentum is too set I think. Nick’s a great player; just can’t see Djokovic conceding at this stage.
  14. Corrogate


    Just played an incredible return of serve. Think it’s over, though.
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