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  1. That's interesting. I've got an old Dreamcast stick which I modded with all Sanwa components but I fancy a nice new wireless stick. Might try that myself.
  2. There is nothing more enjoyable, nor which creates such intimate bonding between spouses than sitting side by side on the sofa, facing the TV, both scrolling through social media feeds on your phones.
  3. "Thank you for your Steam Purchase!"
  4. Publishers will confuse it for an emerging trend and we'll start seeing London Underground billboard posters for niche Japanese detective fiction as sponsors for crypto exchanges.
  5. routeburn

    F1 22

    Maybe in 2022 there will be a Deck Building aspect which you use to activate Race Director assist, or Avoid Giving Up Controversial Place Advantage. Similarly, you could draw a penalty card like "T-Boned by a HAAS in Turn 1".
  6. routeburn

    F1 22

    I want a Drive to Survive game mode where I can be a team principal and throw my headphones on the floor in a fit of rage.
  7. Also a day-1 patron - The Back Page and TCGS give me enough gaming nerd material to last through my daily run. Radio 1 - TCGS (when David is present) Radio 2 - TCGS (when Sean is hosting) Radio 5 Live - TCGS (when Mat is hosting) Radio 4 - Cane and Rinse Radio 6 Music - The Back Page
  8. Is there any statement from Bungie about their policy for vaulting DLC in future? I don't want to buy any more Destiny 2 DLC while there's a high probability it will be taken away from me in the next few years.
  9. Playing this on XBox Series S now that it's on Gamepass and wanted to ask about performance. I didn't change any options when I started the game, so had the locked at 30fps option enabled. Things felt a bit slow and lumbering and I tried unchecking the fixed frame rate option to enable variable frame rate. Is it just me or does this make things generally smoother?
  10. I don't recall when the GT series started to include orchestral and light jazz scores, and beautifully rendered slow pans of the internals of grand pianos. I think it was around GT4 (looking at the game soundtrack listings). In my opinion it doesn't make the game any more legitimate, just pretentious.
  11. 100%. Not a chance I'm paying the full asking price for Sol Cresta. The RRP for nearly all shooters is ludicrous.
  12. Watching the video made me realise that many of my favourite games when I was a young (around 10) kid were Cresta games. I remember standing on a low stool to play Moon Cresta at the swimming baths every week. I absolutely loved it, and the fact that it was a modular ship you could build blew my mind. I then realised after seeing Terra Cresta that this was also one of my favourites a few years later, but I don't think I realised it was the same game series at the time. I think I played this one on holiday somewhere. I don't remember ever having them on console, but would have loved the PC Engine release.
  13. As I suspected, the supplier on Bang Good cancelled my Miyoo Mini order. It seems there are supply chain problems. So I ordered a Retroid Pocket 2+.
  14. Anyone used the Miyoo Mini? I'm not interested in trying to run complex 3D retro games, but am really after something for 2D SNES, Arcade, GB, GBA, NGPC etc. that's nice and compact
  15. He did a better job of pimping Jagermeister than he did Blue Yeti. Next year, get a James a beverage sponsor and Sean a snack sponsor for the GOTY show.
  16. I bought a Hori split pad for my son as his joycon sticks were drifting. I was so impressed with it on day-1 that I immediately bought one for myself. Personal opinion (not having used any other 3rd party joycons) is that it's a brilliant replacement if you just want to use the switch with these pads in handheld mode (they don't have batteries nor wireless capability), but the build quality and design are so good that to me it is as good as using a Nintendo Pro Controller.
  17. For straight-up reviews which I use as a general guide for new stuff, I like ACG: https://www.youtube.com/c/AngryCentaurGaming His rating system is "Buy", "Wait for sale", or "Skip", which I like. For Space & Flight games I like ObsidianAnt: https://www.youtube.com/c/ObsidianAnt For RPGs and MMOs, I like Fextralife: https://www.youtube.com/c/Fextralife (specifically for Darkest Dungeon, https://www.youtube.com/c/ShuffleFM)
  18. I started playing this years ago on Wii, but things happened and I never got further than about 10 hours in. Given Definitive Edition, and Xenoblade 2 (and the Torna, the standalone) were pretty heavily discounted, I thought I'd pick up Definitive Edition and #2. Just a couple hundred hours of RPG.... Started the Definitive Edition and it runs really nicely on Switch. I thought the graphics would look very dated given the age of the game, but it actually looks lovely - fantastic environments, good (enough) textures and models, and a really smooth frame rate. Currently 25 hours in and just got to Mechon M71.. I think I'm slightly underlevelled so will wander around and grind up another level to make the fight a bit easier. I've tried Xenoblade 2 just to compare and I can see some quality of life improvements / streamlining, but I'll wait until I've finished #1 before I get in to #2. I do love the voice acting in both games though. So refreshing to have various British accents in a game.
  19. At least it's Winter, so you can't be berated for sitting playing a lawn mowing game when the actual lawn outside needs mowing.
  20. Anyone worked out how to create an avatar which is a chubby middle-aged guy with a beard? I couldn't seem to find that option in the avatar selection screen.
  21. I'm one of those people who actually used to read the stream-of-consciousness epic sine scroll texts in Amiga demos. So of course I love Tim's 3.5hr videos.
  22. My benchmark Metroid games are Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission on GBA. Both amazing games.
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