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  1. Using a stick is the only way I can make any sort of progress in shmups (Mushihimesama, Dodonpachi, Crimzon Clover, Deathsmiles etc.). My (fugly but slick) stick is connected on USB but I'd be super interested to try one of these 8bitdo sticks. I've got one of their bluetooth pads for Switch and it's wonderful (better than the Pro Controller IMO).
  2. I use one of these Dreamcast sticks (Agetec stick), but I swapped out all the buttons and stick for Sanwa components and re-did the wiring to connect to a Cthulhu USB PCB. It's bloody lovely but looks like ass due to my shoddy modding. I need to respray it and will probably re-do the internal wiring and swap to a more modern PCB at some point.
  3. I've shelved it until it's had patches. I'll try again in a few months, maybe longer.
  4. I love that. It's the equivalent of finding a 50 quid note down the back of the sofa.
  5. 4 is fantastic. Brilliant level design. Good story progression from mission to mission. It feels smoother and less buggy to me.
  6. Got spotted, so went to hide in grass. Two soldiers came and crouched down next to each other by the edge of the grass around 50m away (164 feet, or 55 yards in new British standards). I sneakily got my silenced pistol out and shot the one on the left. He flinched but didn't move. The one on the right, about 1m away didn't react at all. I proceeded to shoot them both. I've also had situations where enemies just don't run away from a grenade that's landed at their feet. The AI seems worse than in #4 for some reason. I might put this bun back in the oven for a while.
  7. Blowing yourself up in new and interesting ways is part of the fun.
  8. I played this a while ago before v1.0, so do need to pick it back up. It's a really nice game, well designed, lovely physics system (you'd hope so as it's the core of the game), and some great "oops I really shouldn't have done that" moments. I do still keep calling it "Hardship: Spacebreaker" though.
  9. Is Cotton Reboot worth 20 dollarydoos?
  10. I've just played 30 minutes or so on both Xbox Series S, and my PC (i5 8400 with GTX1080) and would just say that the performance difference is quite noticeable. The frame rate doesn't feel too smooth on Series S and it felt like 30fps. The reason this stands out to me is that I completed Sniper Elite 4 on Series S and performance was fine.
  11. That's interesting. I've got an old Dreamcast stick which I modded with all Sanwa components but I fancy a nice new wireless stick. Might try that myself.
  12. There is nothing more enjoyable, nor which creates such intimate bonding between spouses than sitting side by side on the sofa, facing the TV, both scrolling through social media feeds on your phones.
  13. "Thank you for your Steam Purchase!"
  14. Publishers will confuse it for an emerging trend and we'll start seeing London Underground billboard posters for niche Japanese detective fiction as sponsors for crypto exchanges.
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