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  1. They're still pretending that it's coming out, but the standard unit has gone from $249.99 to $289.99. Oh and now you only get one controller instead of two despite it coming with two controllers being the whole bloody thing they were shouting about. If you want two controllers you have to pay $339.99
  2. I found out about and started following this last spring. It's such a disaster and somehow manages to keep getting worse. Unbelievably the RRP is going to increase from the current $249, to possibly up to $349.
  3. Sorry I've only just got in, but I'll keep this window open so I get a notification for when you're next on.
  4. No worries, just let me know when you can come over or if your gates are open at all for me to drop it off! Ah yeah I don't use the post much so forgot about that. I must have missed your island being open, but I've just opened my gates up if you want to pop over at all, I should be able to be open for a couple of hours or so. My island is called Oshin if you want to make sure you're coming to the right place.
  5. Cool, I just added your codes. What's the preferred method? Sending them in the post or dropping them of on your island/picking up from mine?
  6. All these extra DIYs are getting very annoying and a hassle to deal with, so if anyone wants any of the following before I chuck them in the next couple of days let me know.
  7. "She pronounced Yoshi correctly" She bloody didn't.
  8. Just seeing the box for Yoshi's Island makes me feel good, favourite game of all time, love it so much. The underground music
  9. Cool thanks, that's good to know! I managed to get a Mini from eBay for £55, I'll stick with the SNES controllers for now and stick to what I know, but when I feel like getting a bit crazy I'll look at the Wii ones.
  10. I saw that one, there are a lot more decently priced ones on eBay than I was expecting so that's good! Yeah it seems like eBay is the way to go, I'll stick to Amazon for more every day things and check eBay for the more collectible stuff. I've never used any of those, how do they compare to SNES controllers?
  11. Thanks for the help and information folks Maybe an official SNES Mini would still be my best bet. I looked on Amazon and saw prices of £150 and up and thought that was going to be the norm, that CEX price is good, and if I can find one in a supermarket sometime even better!
  12. I'd like to be able to play some SNES games occasionally, I've been getting the itch every now and then recently, but I don't want to have to get all my games out and all that like I used to. Ideally I'd love a SNES Mini, but they seem to be out of production and I don't want to pay over the original RRP, so that seems to be a no-go. I've heard about Raspberry Pi and SNES replica cases, but they seem to require some kind of putting together yourself and buying bits separately, are there any that come with everything, or some other SNES Mini alternatives? I don't want to have to piss about too much putting stuff together. Thanks!
  13. I got these today. I didn't collect them as a kid as they were out in 1992 and I didn't know about games or Nintendo until about 1993/4 when I got a NES, but I did used to collect football stickers, so having 16 packs of Nintendo ones to open was a great nostalgic time this afternoon.
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