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  1. I've been messing around for the past few weeks editing 80/90s movie clips together. I've done six so far, covering a few different topics (Great gearing up scenes, great escapes etc - they're online here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnoHD6SbGidyknVGES4kp_g ). Then I hit on the idea of bringing back a bit of Cinemattractions, an old late night/early morning show on ITV back in the late 80s. It was an American show, that consisted of 2-3 new trailers, a short making of and the current US top ten. They didn't play all the trailers for the top ten, but you did get a good amount. I used to record it each week and watch it over and over, until the next one aired. I tracked down the trailers across Youtube and put them together. I opted to go with the original trailers, no remastered versions. The quality is a bit hit and miss, but I think that adds to the charm. I'm hoping to do a few more in the coming weeks, from different periods of the 80s and possibly 90s.
  2. Ahh yes, it was ex-Bullfrog wasn’t it. It was very difficult and seemed to mix a gritty cop thing with a fantasy element. I seem to recall men in black with mini guns who could appear and disappear at random. You had to travel across half the map to get to them and got wasted in seconds. Repeat.
  3. I always wanted the next game from the Ecstatica guy. It was in the same style but a police action game. Something like Urban Decay. I only ever saw screenshots. Just looked it up, it was called Urban Decay. Speaking of Urban, does anyone remember Urban Chaos? It was a little like GTA3 some time before that game was released. I remember it being rock hard, and having no save points during very long missions.
  4. I like that it’s uncomplicated and streamlined. Shoot, get key, shoot. I think Doom and Doom Eternal really went over board with collectibles, runes and goodness knows what else. This feels like the original Doom just much faster and a lot more bloodier.
  5. This is great fun, incredibly fast and the weapons feel spot on. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Blood is still excellent, one of the best FPS ever made. I was a huge fan of One Must Fall but only ever had the shareware version, played it to death though. And Raptor! Oh man, that was great. I remember playing LAN Descent, and that was a good laugh. This is such a great thread.
  7. Celeste and Baba is You are now added, along with another 150+ games, bringing the total to 1272!
  8. Premiering this week on Shudder, The Amusement Park is the lost George A. Romero movie that is finally seeing the light of day. This was actually a project the director was commissioned to make by the Lutheran Society, with a view to screen it at their centres. However, one look at the finished picture and they shelved it completely, with it barely seeing the light day in the many years since. Romero would go on to make the like of Martin and Dawn of the Dead, leaving The Amusement Park all but forgotten. A print was unearthed not long before his death in 2017. He never saw it as much of anything and as it was never made for cinema or funded by a studio, it was left to sit on that same shelf for years. After his death, Romero's widow set about getting the print restored, and it will finally make its debut this week. While not strictly a horror movie, those who have seen it have detailed at how disturbing and all too relevant it still is. From Den of Geek - https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/the-amusement-park-george-romero-lost-film-found/?fbclid=IwAR2zodYvmpBMdAUm-aNMF2oLwoH1hYxUCUiE0wGVshuXWGmUDL9E4soIZxk
  9. List of games potentially being added over the next day or so - not all might get into the bundle - https://copychaser.itch.io/speeddatingforghosts https://cupofstars.itch.io/emberglass https://giantenemylabs.itch.io/asdad https://happy-frog-games.itch.io/flashover-megasector https://happy-frog-games.itch.io/infiniboss https://happy-frog-games.itch.io/team-hogus https://fiercefully.itch.io/enchantement-vanite-tendresse https://dragonchasing.itch.io/tetrominochill https://dom-liotti.itch.io/kishu https://edermunizz.itch.io/pixel-art-forest https://edermunizz.itch.io/infinite-runner https://edermunizz.itch.io/pixel-art-snowy-forest https://edermunizz.itch.io/pixel-art-plataformer-painted-style https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-1 https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-2 https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-chapter-3 ttps://richarrest.itch.io/classic-jrpg-music-pack-grand-pack https://richarrest.itch.io/visual-novel-music-pack-tiny-pack https://bluelander.itch.io/the-quest-for-one https://fewprime.itch.io/endless-overdrive https://frogsoft.itch.io/borbo https://eryk-sawicki.itch.io/fwcmagazine https://firgof.itch.io/to-ash-and-ember https://firgof.itch.io/the-npc-with-a-thousand-faces https://firgof.itch.io/ouroboros-the-sacrifice https://koboldinabox.itch.io/our-land-is-gone https://honest-eyes.itch.io/hexed https://shiftbacktick.itch.io/soundstrider https://hirunda.itch.io/phasr https://robthez.itch.io/bbq-dad https://luzelli.itch.io/the-derelict-speaks https://hempuli.itch.io/baba https://bennetdoesgames.itch.io/the-pig https://darrenkearney.itch.io/obstacles https://appsir.itch.io/dere-evil-exe https://appsir.itch.io/puzzling-peaks-exe https://adrgames.itch.io/bottle-of-rum https://the-missing-bracket.itch.io/karlson-run https://hawk-windrider.itch.io/sweetpeony https://stuart-foley-games.itch.io/shrine-to-anubis https://overlord-chris.itch.io/the-dusk-before-dawn https://splash-mob.itch.io/gradient-overlay-2019 https://cordelia-games.itch.io/lutras-monologue https://enzogray.itch.io/tumbleblox https://properlydecent.itch.io/ballsy-world-cup-2020 https://aryaburke.itch.io/eat-it-all https://tamsinbloom.itch.io/healer https://noxdecious.itch.io/the-day-my-shape-went-ape https://curricle.itch.io/in-pitch https://jonasmv.itch.io/seven-of-heart https://jonasmv.itch.io/easter-bunny-on-speed https://jonasmv.itch.io/heartbeat https://mattyalanestock.itch.io/spaceduet https://beer119.itch.io/the-hunt-for-my-girlfriend https://beer119.itch.io/space-shooter https://klewis.itch.io/the-quiet-lonely-house https://dcellgames.itch.io/unbeatable-demo-tapes https://sbds.itch.io/makeitlast https://sbds.itch.io/make-it-last-while-you-can https://thomasbowker.itch.io/lyne https://alamantus.itch.io/guts-plus https://alamantus.itch.io/card-clash https://alamantus.itch.io/knights https://workingclassgames.itch.io/just-another-day-at-the-office https://jonspencerreviews.itch.io/blackjack-bounty https://rocstudios.itch.io/pico-8-multicart https://jbo.itch.io/the-first-greek-odyssey https://rbatistadelima.itch.io/westervania https://rbatistadelima.itch.io/pixel-of-life https://oblong.itch.io/b-i-t-t-e-r-h-e-i-m https://digital-poppy.itch.io/trixie https://digital-poppy.itch.io/lesbians https://voec.itch.io/the-eurojank-manifesto https://rollandplaymedusa.itch.io/celeste-english https://damonwakes.itch.io/draw-nine https://blunt.itch.io/drones-blast-arenas https://julianoferreiradelima.itch.io/prehistoric-dude https://julianoferreiradelima.itch.io/milos-quest https://julianoferreiradelima.itch.io/super-box-land-demake https://julianoferreiradelima.itch.io/super-wiloo-demake https://yorkeegj.itch.io/stars-die https://rexiconjesse.itch.io/one-page-lore-fantasy-folk https://hacksawunit.itch.io/combo-postage https://gobelin-nounours.itch.io/socks https://postmortempixels.itch.io/nextjump https://teamcomicade.itch.io/hero-of-budgie-island https://dillc.itch.io/slimed https://rocketshippark.itch.io/word-forward https://side-group.itch.io/throw-me-in-the-river https://arcturusasriv.itch.io/the-temple-of-karthis https://gobelin-nounours.itch.io/chaussettes/ https://cbedford.itch.io/wave-machine https://ludicarts.itch.io/city-game-tileset https://imsobadatnicknames.itch.io/free-retro-cyberpunk-music-pack https://imsobadatnicknames.itch.io/high-moon https://alexseletyn.itch.io/legend-of-the-lost-dragons https://the-spinel.itch.io/winsome-heartwood https://kale-chips.itch.io/midnight-on-the-milky-way https://caramel-truffle.itch.io/sesc https://tuskgame.itch.io/pragma https://meansinteractive.itch.io/tonight-we-riot https://dunderhyphenp.itch.io/gamer https://palemoongames.itch.io/bearly-there https://aiaz-marx.itch.io/gurobu https://dr3amup.itch.io/hardshipriver https://fluffy.itch.io/refactor https://retrocademedia.itch.io/buttonprompts4 https://agameraaron.itch.io/squeaker https://monro93.itch.io/totally-planet https://sorceressgamelab.itch.io/adventures-of-a-radishfull https://sorceressgamelab.itch.io/the-lost-artifacts https://slitherpunk.itch.io/sewer-rave https://danijmn.itch.io/cardinalchains https://patolistudio.itch.io/cat-tower https://calangames.itch.io/super-grappling-gecko https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/celeste https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/towerfall https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/towerfall-dark-world https://everestvorobyev.itch.io/bring-your-own-oxygen https://arcturusasriv.itch.io/the-winding-journey https://weirdandblue.itch.io/rayguns-robots-rocketships https://squirrelhorse.itch.io/the-piano-player https://immortallen.itch.io/balloon-party- https://snabisch.itch.io/yulpers-soundtrack https://team-potato.itch.io/titan-tactics https://mixedbaggames.itch.io/forma8 https://glassfroggames.itch.io/8-bit-space https://casualgamesnu.itch.io/total-arcade-racing https://casualgamesnu.itch.io/snake-vs-snake https://casualgamesnu.itch.io/pixel-driver https://twistdrabbit.itch.io/hopper https://adnanyousuf.itch.io/why-you-do-this-to-me https://awaceb.itch.io/fossilecho https://designchaos.itch.io/freaky-fish-dx https://magnificentjake.itch.io/a-mothers-love https://1thunder.itch.io/light-of-darkness https://emanoelmelo.itch.io/escape-from-station-52-pnp https://rdav1988.itch.io/space-battalion-alpha https://yoanallibert.itch.io/inside-out https://golden-fish-entertainment.itch.io/volt-age-genesis https://actualhumans.itch.io/shoot-shoot-mega-pack https://yigurn.itch.io/drum-controller https://oliverhightower.itch.io/the-forgotten-caves-of-foolish-linger https://mysterycorgi.itch.io/quixel-font https://mysterycorgi.itch.io/painterly-field-scene https://philipl.itch.io/planetary-grapple https://jpyeah.itch.io/my-book-project/ https://kamigigana.itch.io/augma-ii-arc-i https://sprawl.itch.io/somos https://dagjaketanner.itch.io/dw https://denglishdesign.itch.io/shovel-escape https://funelie.itch.io/kickflip-the-hierarchy https://thekernelinyellow.itch.io/marshmallows-and-monsters https://anasiqbal.itch.io/mother-island https://bakkerjoeri.itch.io/cantrip https://xavierekkel.itch.io/no-wheels-racing https://mrrix32.itch.io/cyber-hamster-tilt https://komitsu.itch.io/you-understand-kawaii https://fantasia-malware.itch.io/the-life-of-saint-fiona-bianco-xena https://irishgreencitrus.itch.io/lightup https://tehkurios.itch.io/blinckislandreturns https://occamsrustedrazor.itch.io/the-storyteller https://greentiledigital.itch.io/strobophagia https://floriandcp.itch.io/koto https://empty-studio.itch.io/gebo https://testzero.itch.io/book-of-eos https://bitl.itch.io/dungeonblade-hk https://bitl.itch.io/mayhem https://mxtgames.itch.io/space-fuel https://factory-29.itch.io/run https://oicabie.itch.io/bemfeito https://casem.itch.io/wizards-adventure https://turtlebun.itch.io/damntheman https://roboxel.itch.io/dark-abstract-backgrounds https://roboxel.itch.io/flat-ui-game-icons https://tomasgimenezr.itch.io/stuck-and-wretched
  10. Towerfall and Celeste have just been added to the thread on Itch.io, which means like Baba is You, they'll show up in the bundle in a day or so.
  11. A new Itch.io bundle has just gone live. It currently features 1020 games, with a minimum cost of $5USD for all of them. If you bought last year's bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, there will be some overlap, but there's also a number of new games added as well. https://itch.io/b/902/indie-bundle-for-palestinian-aid Games include Minit, Nuclear Throne, Signs of the Sojourner and Mini Metro. Here's a short list of games not included in the last bundle that feature in this one - I assume there are more too. EDIT: Apparently around 25% overlap with games in the Racial Justice bundle. Calico The Church in the Darkness Hacknet FRAMED Collection Future Unfolding Cosmic Express A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build Sokobond Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) Grapple Force Rena Mini Metro CROSSNIQ+ Moon Hunters Shattered Planet VVVVVV Ossuary Double Turn Mixolumia NEON STRUCT Smile For Me Was only available as a steam key, and Itch.io no longer give out Steam keys. Developer looking into find a way to give out Steam keys themselves. Credit to Toma and Dr Social (who compiled the above list) at Resetera Edit: And here's a spreadsheet link by theredmist on Reddit, showing what's in the bundle, with notation for those that were in last year's bundle. You can also filter to hide games that were in the earlier bundle. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x3NjyvTvr2IAq-hJAIuFzBhWZKSb6baZxSmbla-vtz4/edit#gid=782418878 EDIT 2: Celeste, Towerfall and Baba is You are all being added in the next day or so. Someone also said Itch.io have a desktop client to help keep track of the games, but I haven't seen or used that so can't vouch for it.
  12. The Laughing Policeman (1973) After a brutal massacre aboard a night bus, a cynical cop and his new partner are tasked with finding the killer. I have no idea why I decided to watch this movie. I think I might have seen three movies this year in total. Anyway, I'd never heard of this before stumbling across it and on paper it sounds like it could have been something of a hidden gem. Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern play the cynical cop and partner respectively. But this is some distance from a buddy cop picture. After an incredibly brutal opening five minutes, the film settles down into a police procedural drama, with the duo shaking down people and following up any small lead, but generally getting nowhere. Matthau might be his most cynical here, and that's something for a guy who made the like of Charley Varrick and Taking of Pelham 123. He's a very hard character to warm to, and his keeping everyone at a distance doesn't make things any easier. Dern isn't exactly the fresh-faced kid, he's been around the block, but has little subtleness, often jeopardising what could be half decent leads. There's an old case haunting Matthau, and while it's not spelt out, it's easy to see the effect it's had on him and his family. These scenes are short, with little dialogue, yet convey a wealth of emotion and story. In these moments it reminded me of the excellent Connery movie, The Offence. Sadly, the picture is incredibly disjointed, scenes are cut strangely and compelling characters simply stop appearing. It feels badly edited, but I don't think it actually is, it's just the design the director was going for, if that makes sense. There's a lot to like, 70s San Francisco and its characters and lifestyle. A solid turn by Lou Gossett, including a great pimp-put down scene, is also a highlight. Dern's character though, is a bit all over the place. Stuck with a very reluctant partner, he doesn't have much to work and at times becomes quite annoying (perhaps not strictly his fault). He does have an excellent screaming match with Matthau in a police station carpark, and by the end, you do warm to him. Similar to Pelham 123, there's a great troupe of incidental characters but it's not enough to elevate things. There's a lot of incidental, almost pointless scenes (a meeting with some cops and hells angels makes almost no sense at all) that go nowhere. It's not even the day to day trudge of the job. The film kicks up a gear in the last twenty minutes, including a short car chase and very tense end sequence. The opening as mentioned, is very violent, and subsequent follow up scenes set the picture up for something that doesn't quite come off. And that's a damn shame because this could have been a seminal 70s drama. It's not a wasted opportunity, it's just that you know it could have been much better. 3/5 As an aside, if you've not seen Charley Varrick, Pelham 123 or The Offence, I highly recommend them.
  13. A futuristic thriller that spends its time in the past. Directed by Westworld's Lisa Joy
  14. I don't recall that happening, but it might have done. I know there were a few people picked out the audience to ask questions, including one where the producers chanced their luck and got one to ask Matthew Perry about his relationship with Julia Roberts.
  15. My wife and I really enjoyed this. Some proper belly laughs not only from the clips but from the stories told by the cast. It could have easily removed all the cameo stuff, interludes and guests, and I think it would have been much better for it. But it was good to see them all again, and hear them talk about working together, the genuine affection and what not. it's easy to be cynical about it but in many ways it really was a significant show, and it still stands up well. I loved seeing the old footage, especially from the very early days. I was actually at that recording of the Gaby Roslin thing. I met a number of internet friends (as they were then) for the first time there. People I am still friends with to this day. We went to each others weddings, travelled together, celebrated, commiserated and been a part of each other lives for over 25 years. In fact, almost everything in my life can be traced back to Friends.
  16. Mark Wahlberg plays a guy who has seemingly lived many lives, and this appears to make some people very unhappy. This isn't a bad trailer to be honest, especially before it all kicks off. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and debuting on Paramount+.
  17. The Blob remake was so good. I really enjoyed Halloween 3 a lot too.
  18. https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1175432-amazon-to-acquire-mgm
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