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  1. I came across this by accident as it was linked to a story about the directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead signing on to direct the Moon Knight TV show for Marvel. I really liked the The Endless and Resolution certainly had its moments. The trailer looks fairly spoiler filled, but with these movies, who knows? It turns up on streaming services on Jan 12th
  2. ETA Prime (who's a good youtuber for guides and such) discusses the emulation options Basically no issue with PSP, PS1, GC and Wii emulation, at 1080P. But once you get to PS2, it starts to struggle, even at native resolution. It's basically an overpriced Ryzen machine in terms of emulation.
  3. I remember when I was researching to write about the movies. She was the reason that Bubba Smith didn't appear in the last one (IIRC). She'd fallen on hard times so he asked the producers if they could bring her back, as the fans had always liked her. When they said, Smith dropped out of the production.
  4. Neil Marshall's new movie, The Reckoning. A young woman finds herself accused of being a witch by the brutal witchfinder (played by Sean Pertwee). This is making a few waves as Charlotte Kirk has been involved in a scandal that saw two top studio execs quit.
  5. Tanya Roberts has passed away - https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tanya-roberts-bond-girl-and-that-70s-show-star-dies-at-65
  6. Just completed Wilmot's Warehouse and absolutely loved it. You begin with 4 different products that are delivered by truck (usually a total quantity of around 25). You get 2 minutes to sort them out however you want, before the counter opens and you have to serve four people the items they want (and in the correct quantity, within a time a limit). The round ends, and you're then given four more items and time to sort them before the counter opens again. After three rounds, you're allowed to do a stocktake, giving you infinite time to rearrange the warehouse how you want. The faster you serve people the more stars you're awarded, and these can be used to buy a robot helper, the ability to carry more items or remove pillars from the warehouse to create more storage space. That's about it. The idea is to be able to handle 200 different items and serve the customers within the allocated time. I found it to be incredibly additive and relaxing at the same time. The items can be sorted however you want - some resemble real things, while others are simple shapes. Trying to get them sorted and in an order you're going to remember is rewarding. Really enjoyed it, and I've just completed a 200 item run, ending the game. The only real downside is there's nothing after that. I was hoping you could just continue taking in stock and serving the counter. Still, a great game, well worth seeking out (it's on Gamepass and was given away free on the Epic store some time ago).
  7. If I wanted to connect a PC to an arcade joystick, would I just need a zero delay USB device? I've got an old PC and I was tempted to put something like Coinops Diamonds on it - a windows based front end emulator thing. At the moment I've got the arcade machine set up as the above pictures. If I remove the cables, and wire them into the zero delay (then connect to the PC) will the joystick work via the PC?
  8. Wow, this ends suddenly. I skipped a cut scene by accident and suddenly
  9. I'm really not sure about this game. I bought it the other week and have been slowly working my way through it. I love Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I enjoyed the one released in around 2010(?). I never quite got on with the first of the new Wolfenstein games, I went back to it recently and still never quite enjoyed it. I don't know what it is about this game. It's incredibly dark in places (the opening really caught me off guard) and this time around that doesn't seem to sit quite right with the humour. I also found the BJ's voiceover to be over ernest. I find the back and forth around the sub to be incredibly boring and really breaks the game up - I was never a fan of that in the first game - go here, get welder, go here talk to person. It does look great and moves at a really fast pace during gunplay. There's some variety in the levels, but as mentioned above, they all tend to become dank corridors. I would have loved to have gone fighting through the town in Roswell - instead the game throws us into yet another tunnel and corridor system. Again, as mentioned, the gun selection is weird and I found myself pretty much upgrading one weapon and sticking with it for 90% of the time because little else seemed effective. I'd heard about the difficulty but after the first hour I dropped it down to the easiest because I just don't have the time or patience to go through the same sections over and over. I managed to get stuck in the courthouse thanks to the game autosaving with me at 10% health. The villains are great though, and I will never tire of shooting nazis. For me - Frustrating/10.
  10. List has been debunked in a few places. https://www.gog.com/game/prison_architect Prison Architect is free at the moment.
  11. Anyone seen Boss Level yet? Frank Grillo relives the same day over and over, getting killed by assassins for some reason. A bit Edge of Tomorrow meets Smokin Aces (which makes sense since Joe Carnaharn directed it)
  12. I’ll wait on Netflix etc. Waited this long, a bit longer won’t hurt.
  13. I think Possessor must be streaming somewhere now as it's shown up in the usual places in an uncut form.
  14. Such an icon, a true great. I'll always love him for Highlander, but there's a ton of other stuff he was brilliant in. However, if you've never seen it, I highly recommend seeking out The Offence. Just looking at his filmography - Outland was great, Untouchables, Last Crusade, Red October. And that's before you even get to Bond. But goodness, there's so much more. Even the films that weren't much cop, he brought a gravitas to them.
  15. I can't believe the TV show never worked out. The trailer looked really good for what it was.
  16. Not really sure where this fits, but it needs to be somewhere. Famous sceptic, magician and fraud denouncer, James Randi, has passed away aged 92. Noted for offering a million dollars to anyone who could demonstrate supernatural abilities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Randi
  17. Delayed again. It will now release in June 2021.
  18. Conchata Ferrell has passed away - you might not know the name but you'd know the face and voice. Noted most recently I guess, as the housekeeper in Two and Half men, but her career stretches way back. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004916/
  19. I'm looking forward to that one where he's going to be playing a version of himself, including recreating his older movies as I understand. I can't imagine he'd still be in debt. He doesn't seem very controversial or outspoken either so it's not like Hollywood would avoid hiring him. I remember Kerraig saying all you had to do was send him the script and offer him $1M and he'd make practically anything.
  20. I read the other day that the game regularly brings in $100K a day. The other week they two days were it was over $200K.
  21. Woah! Also contains massive end game spoilers.
  22. I remember her well in the Carry On movies. She had a great role in the Steptoe episode, A Star is Born. RIP.
  23. Interstellar I haven't been able to sit and watch a movie in over a year. No idea, just can't focus. Yet, for some reason, out of the blue, I decided to give this a go. I really enjoyed it, some great performances, good effects and a superb score. There's a few hockey moments and the science starts to get a bit too clever for itself, but it had a lot of heart and a good number of tense moments. Loved the two robots as well. I was also quite surprised that it was nearly three hours because it seemed to fly by. 4/5
  24. I've got this exe in my folder - however, I don't seem to have the game on my list anymore, which is odd because I know I've played as I got the JP to EN language patch installed.
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