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  1. This latest video looks at the top ten box office hits of 1981. Featuring trailers from the likes of The Cannonball Run, Endless Love, Superman II and Stripes. I've also included trailers from other notable releases of the year that didn't quite make the top ten, including Time Bandits and An American Werewolf in London. Interesting that Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in the middle of 1981 but because it was on general release for so long, was actually included in the 1982 top ten instead. This time round I've included a spoiler warning as many of the trailers reveal a great deal about their respective film. The Endless Love trailer looks to be a good chunk of the film, For Your Eyes Only shows the death of a major villain and the Superman II reveals his return. The American Werewolf trailer reveals almost everything. Perhaps out of context they don't mean much but still. And here's a link to the 'Great' movie moments playlist
  2. Goddammit. I've looked at the things for so long I got word blindness Better still, the same error is in the new video that has just finished rendering. I'll re-render this 1981 video, then fix this one.
  3. How long do these take to arrive? I'd need to get one shipped to the UK, then posted to Australia by my sister.
  4. If you've got access to Coin-Ops Next 2, there's a fruit machine pack for it.
  5. A little bit of Short Circuit, Fantastic Journey and Twister. Tom Hanks plays Finch, the survivor of a solar flare incident that has decimated the planet. He finds a dog and begins to make plans to move to safer ground, but needs help to do this. Creating a robot companion, he sets off on adventure.
  6. Just in case you're not sure what's going on, this trailer lays it all on the line. The main issue is, with another sequel to come, you know this is jus a stop gap. Looks fairly spoiler-filled as well
  7. Yes, it was on Kubrick's channel (or WB's) but seems to have been created fairly recently (relatively speaking).
  8. This latest video looks at the top ten box office hits of 1980. Featuring trailers from the likes of Smokey & The Bandit 2, The Blues Brothers, Stir Crazy, 9 To 5 and The Empire Strikes Back. I've also included trailers from other notable releases of the year that didn't quite make the top ten, including The Shining and Flash Gordon. Also this week - Supermarket Shootouts and Shenanigans including Cobra, Stone Cold and Grosse Point Blank.
  9. Was it VHS2 that had that awesome section by Gareth Evans, set in the Doomsday cult?
  10. I tried searching to see if we had a topic on this but couldn't find one. Please link me to one if we do have it. The first trailer has been released for Del Toro's crime noir thriller. The look is amazing. Based on William Lindsay Gresham’s novel of the same name, Nightmare Alley follows “an ambitious young carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words who hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is,” Also features Toni Collette, Richard Jenkins, Rooney Mara and Ron Perlman.
  11. A real shame, such a legend. The spectrum was the first computer I ever owned and I can't understate the effect it had me and my life. Likely more influential than anything else in getting me to where I was today. Such a huge part of my life growing up, and even now. RIP.
  12. The copy of Rituals I watched looked like a 5th gen vhs. Shame it hasn’t got the blu-ray treatment because it’s cracking.
  13. You know what would have tipped it over the edge and probably killed me. Even if it wasn't in the final film at all - just a voice at the very end saying 'Mr Anderson'.
  14. Even if it's not Rituals, you should watch Rituals because it's excellent.
  15. To this day I still say there's somehow a good 2 hours movie in the Matrix sequels.
  16. That first, five minute long Cloud Atlas trailer was one of the best trailers ever made.
  17. This week's new video - Couldn't use the Ice Cream clip from Delirious, and I figured it was best to leave out Harlem Nights and Best Defence.
  18. No Man of God The story of criminal profiler Bill Haigmaier and his meeting and interviews with serial killer Ted Bundy over the course of a number of years. Elijah Wood plays Bill, with Luke Kirby portraying the notorious killer. If you're looking for death and detailed descriptions of what Bundy did, this isn't the movie for you. Instead, this is a very intimate character piece, with the vast majority of the run time taken up with face to face interviews between the two leads. It's very well acted, and Kirby in particular is excellent. He brings an unnerving humanity to the character, somehow managing to make him likeable, albeit for a short period of time. It could have easily been a showy role, but Kirby keeps it grounded. Wood is good too, but has a lot less to work with. He isn't even there to get Bundy to confess, rather to understand why he did what he did, so that he can build a profile of another killer the FBI are trying to catch. This discussion turns into, it's hard to say. The two are never friends (though Bundy thinks they are) but there's definitely some kind of respect (?) between the two. At times it seems the killer is playing Wood's character, but you also get hints that he's seen it all before, and knows exactly when he's being manipulated. The only real issue is that Wood still seems too young to be playing the role. You get the impression early on that he's not some fresh-faced kid just out of the academy, but he certainly looks that way. The discussions between the two are fascinating, and at times Kirby manages to make you forget he brutally killed at least 30 girls. Given how Bundy was said to be quite charming in real life, and obviously very intelligent, it works well to catch you off guard when he does say something shocking (which only occurs once or twice). As above, this isn't about what Bundy did or how he did it. Despite the fact that the killer spoke at length before his death about what he'd really done, there's only one scene of a confession of sorts - no flashbacks or re-enactment. It's far from flashy, with only a couple of odd sequences. There's also archive footage of the day Bundy was executed. The small pieces of music were good, though I'm not sure they went with the type of film. Hats off for the performance (Aleksa Palladino and Robert Patrick were also both good in very small roles). An interesting, but slight picture, which doesn't try to explain or delve into the characters in the way you expect. 3.5/5
  19. I quite enjoyed The Final Girls, had a lot more heart than I expected. But yes, Adam Levine's character was awful.
  20. Someone said that one of the packs on Wabbajack includes that new multi-directional mod, that makes the game play more like a Souls one with the movement, lock-on and camera, but I can't find the thing. I am very, very new to all this though.
  21. I'm giving the box office videos a break for this week. But here's this week's movie clips video -
  22. Saw this pop up in a few places and people seem to be giving it a recommendation to watch. I haven't had chance to see it yet but figured it would be worth posting here. Goes into the 'grading' market and such like.
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