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  1. Worthy of Website of the Month in EDGE, spread the word a bit more for you. Gorgeous sight, great content. Excellent work!
  2. Link found over at Shacknews. Here's the direct one. It's to a Spanish forum. http://www.elotrolado.net/showthread.php?threadid=241231
  3. Does Viva Nonno now support the first Ridge Racer?
  4. I played one in the Saddler's Centre in Walsall the other weekend. They've been selling them there for some time now. Only played 1942 and found it to be very sloooowwww. The prices for the same kit vary from place to place as well and I got the impression that there were a fair few games the same just with different names.
  5. Bit of a rip off, especially at £5. If you've been buying Edge for a while you're basically paying a fiver for two articles. (sidenote - the amiga article where it mentions the Amiga 500 in the boxout - My Amiga 500 came with Workbench 1.2 not 1.3, which appeared later) Anyway. There's a revised price list at the back and erm...that's about it. They could have at least stuck in a Spectrum article. I'd have felt better paying £5 for that addition.
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