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  1. http://www.playusa.com/playusa.asp?page=ti...R1&title=157195
  2. $76M for the weekend. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart...&wknd=09&p=.htm http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...re_boxoffice_dc LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - And on the seventh day ... Jesus ruled the North American box office. "The Passion of the Christ," Director Mel Gibson (news)'s controversial labor of love about the last 12 hours of Christ's life, nailed the No. 1 spot at the box office with weekend ticket sales of $76.2 million, officials said on Sunday. Since opening Wednesday, and including sales from advance screenings the prior two days, the film has grossed $117.5 million, the second-best tally ever for a Wednesday release, behind only last year's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" with $124.1 million. However, the Friday-to-Sunday sum for "Passion" beat the equivalent three-day haul for "The Return of the King" of $72.7 million. The film, starring James Caviezel as Jesus and Monica Bellucci (news) as Mary Magdalene, has outraged some Jewish groups, who say it pins the blame for Jesus' demise on them. It drew sharply divergent reviews from critics, but benefited ultimately from keen grass-roots enthusiasm and strong word-of-mouth among Christian groups. It was distributed by Newmarket Films, a unit of closely held Newmarket Capital Group, the company behind such recent art house hits as "Monster," "Whale Rider" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien."
  3. Goose


    Yes to all thet Vemsie said except Tim Robbins. They're terrified what he'll say in his speech, so he won't get it by default I'd like to see Sophia Coppola win for best original screenplay.
  4. This is the Lost thread. After six years of Lost it finally came to an end on Sunday 23rd May 2010. I present to you now all (as far as I know) Lost based threads that have existed on the forum. The actual first thread was started by Laine but by doing a bit of merging I managed to alter what would have been the first post, to the post you're reading now. I hope Laine doesn't mind me stealing a little of her thunder as she would have been the original topic started had I not time travelled a little bit. Goose.
  5. Grosse Point Blank - Store kid playing Doom 2 Arcade Versions while Cusack is laying waste to the store.
  6. http://www.aintitcoolnews.com/display.cgi?id=17082
  7. Got it yesterday and really enjoyed it. I like the fact they seem very open to suggestions and are really trying to do their best to please readers. Thoroughly enjoyed the Crash article, shame they didn't do a "they're doing this now" bit, but that's just completism. Good C64 article too. The only downside I can see it that at £5.99 it might put a few people off. Encouraging that they sold so many that they felt justified in bringing out more issues per year.
  8. Oh yes, I got that aspect but felt they missed the boat with Escape from LA. Escape from NY was one of my favourite films growing up and I obviously expected WAY too much with LA. I think what spoilt it was how overpopulated the movie was. I loved in NY how there was hardly anyone about, lots of shadows and darkness. Carpenter is a fantastic director, I will not question that for a second. Should be getting his Q&A style book through any day now.
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted... http://www.computerandvideogames.com/news/...y.php?id=101683 SKOOLS OUT FOR MUCKYBABY New schoolboy pranks from ex-Mucky Foot veterans 16:10 Ah school, the best days of your life according to adult know-it-alls. Yet it didn't quite feel that way when you had two hours of double maths followed by a five-mile cross country run to look forward to on a bleak Wednesday morning. Still, simpler days, simpler pleasures and that old school spirit seems to have provided the inspiration for Skools Out [sic.], a brand new game full of schoolboy pranks and jovial larks from newly formed UK developer MuckyBaby Productions. If the name seems strangely familiar it's because MuckyBaby is the offspring of the recently departed Mucky Foot Productions, the Guildford-based development studio behind Urban Chaos, Startopia and Blade 2. Skools Out is the Baby's first title in which you play Derek, a perennially naughty schoolboy who has just 20 days to retrieve his abysmal school report from the headmaster's office before it's sent to his parents. After which - EU directives permitting - he's presumably in for a damn good thwacking - yoiks. While mere mention of the title had us harkening back to the halcyon days of that fine old Spectrum classic Skool Daze, Skools Out has a slightly different and rather more worthy focus. As well as all the usual schoolboy larks involving catapults, bangers and exploding cushions, it also has something of an educational spin, with over a thousand questions which you'll have to answer to stay out of detention or escape from the dreaded chore of doing lines. A quick peek at these first intriguing 3D images from the game reveals it to be a comic-style romp very much in the finest British tradition of the Dandy and Beano. With a Web release and demo promised for May, it shouldn't be too long before you'll have a chance to sample those naughty schoolboy antics for yourself. We can only assume the missing apostrophe is playing truant at present...
  10. http://www.latinoreview.com/films_2004/son...featurette.html
  11. Same! Haven't had chance to look at the extras.
  12. Saw it last year in America and loved it. Already got the R1 DVD!
  13. There's no word on what he's working on at the moment. Net rumours from an old interview had him down to do The Thing 2, based on the Dark Horse comics, but that rumour has been shot down like a dog in the street by Carpenter himself. According to AICN, he's got stuff in the pipeline but too early to say. In his day, he was untouchable. I'd say up to and including Big Trouble in Little China, he was fantastic. Once the studios got involved more though, you got the impression that he lost a lot of his control. He's been offered tonnes of stuff in the past, but turned it down. There's a new book out at the moment (god knows where!) which is a sort of extended Q&A. Assault, The Fog, Halloween, Escape & The Thing. Fantastic movies. Vampires could have been awesome. Ghosts of Mars was very poor while Escape from LA was such a disappointment.
  14. I thought Shadow Warriors was pretty decent in its day. Final Fight was great, as was Captain Commando. As already mentioned in this thread, CC was underated. Growl was another decent game I thought, even had a bit of enviromental lecturing in before you started laying waste to everyone with rocket launchers and M16s. 4-Player Ninja Turtles was a great laugh and the levels seemed pretty inventive for the time. Same applies to the Simpsons. Anyone remember Tecmo Knights? The game itself was very poor, a bit of Altered Beast combined with Golden Axe. I always remember it because the attract mode was pretty violent, with a head being ripped off and a women getting a spear in the eye. Double Dragon was great on two players in the arcade but just didn't feel at all the same game once it was emulated on Mame. Vendetta was okay as was Crimebusters. Couldn't stand Renegade in the arcades but Target Renegade on the Spectrum was fantastic.
  15. Ghost N Goblins on the Spectrum Project X on the Amiga as well, put me down for a vote there. Could never get far on Ghouls N Ghosts either, but put that down to being crap. Same with Maximo.
  16. Goose

    The Capcom 5

    Thankyou - I knew I'd read or heard it recently.
  17. Goose

    The Capcom 5

    I think that was a PS2 title the was scrapped but recently ressurected.
  18. Goose

    The Capcom 5

    I couldn't quote you figures, but I was under the impression that both RE-Make and Zero had underperfomed worldwide. Wasn't there a statement in which Capcom had voiced their disappointment with the sales of both those titles?
  19. Wavebird style wireless controller. Which media format to go for? DVD out the box would be nice. As would DivX, Mp3 & Jpg compatibilty.
  20. Worthy of a download, good stuff. Thanks B)
  21. That's "Forever Delay" as opposed to "Forever Delayed" though the latter does work better. Yes, to add to all the other repeats on your screens this christmas comes the news via Gamespot that <gasp!> Duke Nukem Forever will not ship in 2004! http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/dukenuke...ws_6085889.html No Duke Nukem Forever 'til 2005? The next chapter in 3D Realms' sassy shooter franchise won't be ready until Q4 2004 at the earliest. When 3D Realms decided on the title "Duke Nukem Forever," most gamers probably didn't realize they were actually describing its development time. Announced in 1999 as Duke Nukem 4, the seven-year-old shooter franchise's next installment may now not be released until 2005. The bad news came straight from Jeffrey Lapin, CEO of Take Two Interactive, parent of Gathering Games, Duke Nukem Forever's publisher. When pressed on the subject by an analyst in a conference call today, Lapin said, "I had a recent conversation with [Duke Nukem Forever's] developer, and they expect the game to be completed sometime at the end of '04 or the beginning of '05." The news adds another difficult chapter to Duke Nukem Forever's development. When it was first picked up by Gathering (then called GodGames) in 2000, the game had a late 2001 release date. But in August 2001, following financial woes and the death of one of its co-founders, Doug Myers, GodGames' Texas offices were shut down and the company was subsumed into Take Two's New York City operation. Then came the game's infamous no-show at the 2002 E3 and Lapin's announcement this May that Take Two had "pulled the plug" on the game's 2003 release. "We’re hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish the project," said Lapin then. The big question is: when will they?
  22. Worthy of Website of the Month in EDGE, spread the word a bit more for you. Gorgeous sight, great content. Excellent work!
  23. Link found over at Shacknews. Here's the direct one. It's to a Spanish forum. http://www.elotrolado.net/showthread.php?threadid=241231
  24. Does Viva Nonno now support the first Ridge Racer?
  25. I played one in the Saddler's Centre in Walsall the other weekend. They've been selling them there for some time now. Only played 1942 and found it to be very sloooowwww. The prices for the same kit vary from place to place as well and I got the impression that there were a fair few games the same just with different names.
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