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  1. I always liked Nic Cage near the start of Face/off. His coat is flapping in the wind as he takes it off, revealing dual golden pistols.
  2. Lost became a mess quite quickly, not helped by the writer’s strike. The show had no idea what it was doing, and things took a snail pace. I recall season 3 being particularly bad. Yet the show still has arguably the best episode ever seen on in TV in The Constant.
  3. The opening ten or so are excellent too.
  4. I'm a massive fan of the opening escape in First Blood, really tightly filmed action, then morphs into a chase, and a scramble into the woods, followed by that cliff jump and fight with the helicopter. It's a solid 20 odd minutes.
  5. It’s weird because surely all parties knew how long this would take to put together when they agreed to work on it. I wonder if Blomkamp was always down to direct whichever project he is doing next, and if it was always meant to be before Robocop. He seemed so passionate about it, then almost casually announced his departure.
  6. Blomkamp is off the project! “Off Robocop, I am shooting new horror/thriller and MGM can’t wait/ need to shoot Robocop now. Excited to watch it in theaters with other fans.”
  7. Did a search for a topic on this but couldn't find one. Maybe not a surprise considering I've seen two videos so far, saying they'd not really heard of it before the last month. This is developed by Gunfire Games and mashes together a few genres. It's part souls, part Borderlands and a bit rogue-like. You can play online with up to three others or play solo, completely offline. It looks to have highly customisable characters, no micro transactions, with a promise of paid and free DLC. The gunplay looks pretty good though the locations seem quite sparse. There's the promise of 40+ weapons, excluding Melee. Over 100 enemy types and 20-30 bosses.
  8. This is really nicely done. The expansion to the first level keeps things fresh without taking away from the tight level design. A lot of love has certainly gone into it and it's good to have a solid Duke game again.
  9. That's right, the now-cult science fiction horror is coming to the small screen courtesy of its original producers, Adam Wingard and Amazon. The original was far from perfect but certainly had its moments. I think it could work well as a TV show provided they don't stretch it out, even begin to try and explain too much. This is likely some time off and isn't a sure thing to go to series.That said, given the graphic violence of The Boys, there's every chance this could be equally as violent. I shudder to think what the found footage would look like. Hopefully they'll stick with practical effects, though that's unlikely. While it's no big feat, I rate this as Anderson's best movie by some margin. Plot for the original movie below
  10. They just added a Crazy Taxi challenge game! What the hell!
  11. Figured this would be something worth splitting into its own topic.
  12. https://www.slashfilm.com/it-chapter-two-runtime/#more-568897
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