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  1. The episode has a 4m recap at the start, and looks to run about 1h 5m
  2. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    When will reviews hit?
  3. A movie watchers blog

    No, but thanks, I'll add it to the list (as well as Hanna)
  4. A movie watchers blog

    Hardcore (1979) When his daughter vanishes while on a school trip, ultra-conservative mid-westerner Jake Van Dorn hires a private detective to track her down. But when the detective discovers she's featured in a pornographic movie, Van Dorn decides to track her down himself, no matter what the cost. This is one of those films that make me wish I was a little better educated so that I could comprehend the themes going on. George C Scott gives an excellent performance as Jake, as bit by bit he's broken down by what he sees and descends slower into a depraved world that is utterly alien to him. What I found fascinating was Scott's almost emotionless portrayal, with only small moments when he lets his guard down. The instances give the character some humanity and help us sympathise because by and large, despite his plight, Jake isn't very likeable . I'm not sure if that's because of the laser focus on his task, or just the way the character is - and that could explain the bigger picture and his daughter. Peter Boyle gives a good performance too, as the sleazy private detective. I've really grown to like his earlier work, before he became known for Everyone Loves Raymond. He was also very good in Outland. There actually isn't much in the way of supporting cast, save for Season Hubley, as Niki, a sex performer who helps Jake track down people who may be able to help. It's a solid portrayal of a broken character, who is probably making the best of the cards dealt. Her relationship with Jake is both sad and touching, but you know that there's no happy ending for this type of person (that isn't a spoiler). I loved the time period, but it really was a trip to sleazeville, and is in stark contrast to Jake's hometown and life portrayed in the first ten minutes of the movie. As he dives deeper his character isn't so much corrupted, but becomes what it needs to be, to exist with these people. I'm sure there's something about Dante's seven circles of hell, or the pilgrim in the god-less land (Boyle's character even calls him Pilgrim). The film does go to some quite shocking places, and like The Look of Love, it has so much nudity that you eventually become numb to it. The film falters during its last 20 minutes, becoming a little more action-orientated, and introducing a character that probably wasn't really necessary. I can imagine one would argue the character represents the ultimate evil or something like that. By the closing moments, the film has come back round again, ready for its somewhat downbeat finale. It's a strong, interesting picture, with a solid and anchoring central performance. A journey through a dark world, and Scott (with director Paul Schrader) make sure we endure as much as they have. Well worth seeing and vastly superior to the similarly themed 8MM.
  5. Oh for certain. They're probably at DHL now, waiting for pickup.
  6. The C64 Mini

    Oh wow, that's cool. Thanks for that.
  7. The C64 Mini

    What's this all about?
  8. Valve - Soon Shipping Games Again

    If you can't ship games yourself, buy a company who can! Valve buy Campo Santo, makers of Firewatch and In the Valley of Gods http://blog.camposanto.com/post/173170027579/campo-santo-news
  9. Bad films with terrific music

    Wait, Deep Rising is a bad film? I loved that movie. Yeah, maybe it is bad.
  10. A movie watchers blog

    I wish you’d posted them separate so I could offer more upvotes. Great stuff.
  11. A movie watchers blog

    But we can all agree that Strange Days was good? (was it good? been so long since I saw it)
  12. A movie watchers blog

    Reasonable Doubt (2014) (aka The Good Samaritan) After a night celebrating victory on a case, ambitious district attorney Mitch Brockden opts to drive home and ends up hitting a man. Afraid for his career, he calls an ambulance and leaves the scene. Later, another man is arrested for the hit and run crime. In a twist of fate, Mitch now has to go to trial with a man he knows is not the killer.... This is one of those crime dramas that begins well, with an interesting idea, that goes on to become more and more far fetched, to the point of silliness. Dominic Cooper plays Mitch, whose life begins to unravel after he deserts the scene of the crime. Samuel L. Jackson plays the good Samaritan who ends up getting tried for murder. However, while the build up to the case is tense, with Cooper trying to stay one step ahead while also seen to be doing his job, everything is suddenly resolved. Yet, there was still a good 45 minutes of the picture to go. Then the silliness started as Mitch begins to suspect things aren't quite as they seem. He tries to piece things together, tails Jackson to see what kind of person he is. A subplot emerges with Mitch's brother. All this confuses and spoils the good setup the picture had going. As things become more ridiculous, Mitch has to go further and break more laws, to prove what he's saying is true. But as expected, the further he goes, the more he puts himself into the frame. Both leads are fine to begin with, but as the film moves on, they both break character and become something else. We're asked to feel sympathy for Cooper, and he doesn't really deserve it. No matter what, he did drive drunk, he did hit someone and he not only left the scene, but let someone else take the rap. Jackson starts as the nervous, timid man, who has lost his family, and quite quickly becomes fire and brimstone, a combination of a number of characters he's played in the past. As we neared the finale, it was hard to care about anyone. The good setup had been all but discarded and the picture had become more of a cat and mouse thriller that didn't quite work. The film is a quick in and out, and while the run time is 1h 30M, the titles were rolling a good ten minutes before that. This felt like the kind of movie Jackson shot over the space of a weekend. He's in the picture, but if his screen time totals more than ten minutes I'd have been surprised. The outcome is unsatisfying and left a number of things unresolved, and Cooper's actions still leave a bad taste in the mouth. A good setup spoilt by the movie wanting to be something else half way through.
  13. Just picked it up for my eldest’s birthday. The box and contents must weigh over 2kg! God of War for size
  14. The Summer Movie Wager 2018!

    Those /film sons of bitches! I came up with this years ago! And I stole the idea from a completely different website!
  15. Excellent! I wonder, given the splash screen, with the silhouette, whether they're going to go with battle royale multiplayer...

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