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  1. Goose

    Your retro youtube videos

    I was watching this video, it's a compilation of beat'em up clips, some from home systems but most from the arcade. It's enjoyable stuff - no commentary or anything, just 30 odd seconds of each game. What kind of filter is being used on the Capcom arcade games? They appear sharp as a knife. Edit: The guy who posted the video replied - effect: crt-geom deluxe | | shadow mask: delta_2_4x1
  2. Goose

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    First movie to ever take $100M in a single day in China.
  3. Goose

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    World Premiere just got out and initial word is extremely positive.
  4. Goose

    Chaotic Productions

    Jaws had a rough shoot. Carl Gottlieb gives a great account in his Jaws diaries.
  5. Goose

    Snooker 19

    I’d be happy just to have Virtual Pool 2 again.
  6. Goose

    The first one is still the best one

    I’d go with Dead Rising
  7. /Film (I know) gave it 1/10 and said it was one of the worst comic movies ever made - that's even if you don't compare them to Del Toro's versions. Reviews elsewhere aren't much better. Currently on 11% on RT. I'll still see it, but likely wait for Netflix.
  8. There was footage screened at Cinemacon but I can't be bothered to sit through a podcast to find out what was shown.
  9. When's someone going to re-do Hi-Octane?
  10. Goose

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Gave up in the end and then managed to find a CD on Archive.org full of old skool Amiga demos. A quiet Sunday afternoon watching The Red Sector Megademo and Mental Hangover.
  11. Goose

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    No, a much less reputable source. Edit: I'm not even that fussed about using WinUAE etc, I'm just hoping to extract the file and see what is in there.
  12. Goose

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I've found a huge Amiga archive, full of demos and such. I've downloaded and extracted it, and it comes with WinUAE. However, there are no demos included, yet the file was over 5 GB. When I looked at the files, there's a directory with a single file in there, which is labelled System.HDF. I've tried opening this file, and it extracts about 20 folders and files, but it's nowhere the size of the original file itself. The extracted directory is about 200MB, but the system.HDF file is close to 5 GB. I'm using 7-zip to open it and it doesn't seem to give any errors. Any idea?
  13. Goose

    PlayStation VR

    We were looking forward to Summer Funland as an hour time waster, but doesn’t seem to be available in AU. Odd.

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