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  1. VFW Veterans Of Foreign Wars - essentially Assault on Precinct 13, with Vietnam vets. Borrows heavily from Carpenter, taking massive cues from Assault and Escape from New York. Even the titles and soundtrack. Very Grindhouse, 80s video about it. Headed by a grizzled Stephen Lang, who is supported by a great turn from William Sadler, Fred Williamson and Martin Kove, amongst others. Lots of blood and axes to the head, but nothing you haven’t seen before. A couple of quiet, reflective moments work well, but after a bloody opening it takes its time to get going. A very dark film, with some scenes being near darkness. Entertaining enough for a Friday night, but quite forgettable. 2.5/5
  2. Just seen a new (to me) documentary pop up in the usual places called Cleaning up the Town: Remember Ghostbusters. Looks to have a few cast members and what not involved.
  3. I think the first Beverly Hills Cop is one of the best movies ever made, a classic, and I wouldn't class it as a guilty pleasure on any day of the week. However, it's sequel certainly qualifies for me, as does The Golden Child.
  4. Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon 4/5 - Delightful. We all laughed along with it, and while it owes a huge debt to ET and Close Encounters, it still stood well with getting the references (kids haven't seen either of them).
  5. Yes, Hot Pursuit is an odd one, I only saw it the other year and enjoyed it a lot. One Crazy Summer is good fun too, though I think it's much lesser than Better Of Dead and The Sure Thing. I miss 80s Cusack.
  6. It's actually filming! https://imgur.com/gallery/tuEvAQg
  7. You've got to include Better Off Dead. GOT TO.
  8. The fabled Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype is now up for auction with the current bid sitting at $350K. According to Twitter, the bid is with Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey. Full listing - no buy it now price on this one, baby! https://comics.ha.com/itm/video-games/nintendo-play-station-super-nes-cd-rom-prototype-sony-and-nintendo-c-1992/a/7224-93060.s?ic5=CatalogHome-MostPopular-Thumbnail-112917 Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype - Sony and Nintendo c. 1992. At one point, this dual-branded prototype's existence was mere myth, and this is the very first time it will ever be offered at public auction. It is said to be the last remaining prototype of the alleged 200 that were forged from the failed joint-venture between Sony and Nintendo, two of the biggest competitors in the home console video game market. Reportedly, the other prototypes have since been destroyed. We at Heritage can attest the prototype is working, as we've played a couple of rounds of Mortal Kombat on it using a Super Famicom cartridge. The prototype does share some exterior similarities with both the Super Nintendo and the Sony PlayStation, but it has its own, unique characteristics as well. It has not only a slot for Super Famicom and Super Nintendo games, but a CD-ROM drive that was meant to play disc-based media and presumably video games as well. Though the CD-ROM drive was not currently working when it was found in 2009, it has since been repaired by Benjamin Heckendorn, a YouTube personality known for his console repair videos. It now has the ability to play music CDs like the commercially produced PlayStation, but there is no proprietary software that's known to have been made during the prototype's development.
  9. Some crazy bastard has made a 700 game Amiga pack
  10. Spacehunter is excellent, I reckon I rented it three or four times at least. i always enjoyed Jumpin Jack Flash.
  11. Halloween 3 is all over the shop - I really enjoyed it and it has a killer ending.
  12. I reckon Mannequin would fall into this category quite nicely. Night of the Creeps is great fun, made even better by the excellent Tom Atkins, who was a Vietnam buddy of Roger Murtaugh.
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