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  1. Goose

    Uncut Gems

    I've seen that turn up on a few best of the year lists, I'm sure. If you haven't seen it - seek out Good Times. It's excellent.
  2. When you see lots of his work spread across a couple of pages, you appreciate even more, how great he was.
  3. Goodness I love this game. Game of the decade for me.
  4. Trying to get it printed is proving difficult. I either have to hand make the sets, or pay for a 500 pack print run. I got quoted $400AUD last week to print one complete set. It's frustrating because I think I have a few people interested in it. However, aside from the cost, I'm unsure about the legality of selling it. It's not my idea, I just created the card content, name and added extra bonus cards that do things like force people to change cards, miss a go etc. I'm pretty sure that's not different enough from CAH to allow me to sell it. It costs around $30AUD to get the sheets printed, and then they need to be cut. Because of so many cuts required, it's not economical to have the company cut them. Cutting them myself is ok but it takes a long time and after the first hundred I noticed the (brand new) cutter I was using started to cause the edges to fray. I've looked into using a business card company, buying blank cards and even considered a playing card printing machine (blimey those aren't cheap). Hopefully I'll get some good news from one of the printers I've enquired with, in the coming weeks.
  5. Two and half years later, and on the PC version - we finally did it -
  6. I'm making a game - Kids Against Maturity - it's Cards against Humanity, but for kids, and with bonus cards and things. Still working on the cutting and printing but it's coming together.
  7. I need to see that because I really liked Samara Weaving in The Babysitter and Mayhem.
  8. Link to Jonathan Glazer’s 7-minute short film about frightening mob mentality, entitled The Fall. It’s region blocked in AU but some of you folks might have more luck https://us.thefall.film
  9. Wasn't sure where this should go but figured Retro was likely the best fit. The legendary programming team finds a new a lease of life at Rebellion. https://www.mcvuk.com/rebellion-acquires-the-bitmap-brothers/
  10. Found this online the other day and got it printed over the weekend.
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