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  1. Early word seems good - http://collider.com/captain-marvel-reviews/
  2. I didn't realise that even you're completely dead and the revive has expired so you can't be bought back at all, if you stay in the game and watch it until the rest of your squad dies, that still counts towards your in-game time. I got killed playing last night after about 5 minutes, and just decided to spectate as the one guy left in our squad completely ignored both myself and the third team member. When he eventually died, I got the XP for being in match for 17 minutes.
  3. You know what this game needs? A Do Not Revive banner when you've been killed too easily and don't want to further embarrass your team.
  4. I'm not really getting any better, but seem to be enjoying it. I barely know which gun is which but know the peacekeeper and wingman are fairly decent. I still have almost zero time in the inventory, not much idea with shields and I think I've used grenades twice or maybe three times. I can't believe how quickly people can kill you - it is literally hot lead for 2 seconds and death. I start to feel bad when I have to get revived by people who have far better things to do. I try and stick with the squad, and grab any gun I can see. I don't mind playing with randoms as most of the time they're happy to drop weapons and/or revive you. I agree with Cubik, I'd really love a bot training mode or something similar.
  5. The release date has been pushed back to April 2020 and they've hired Scott Z Burns to take a pass at the script. According to /film, this might be more than an overhaul, and could result in Burns taking sole writing credit.
  6. Now I need a Night of the Creeps Tom Atkins figure! H3 is great fun. Killer ending too.
  7. No, not at all. In our local cash converters the other week they had a SNES with one pad and no games for only $249.99. If that's not a bargain, how about an N64 with one pad and Mario64 for $299? You can't beat rip offs bargains like that. I went in looking for a Gamecube. That was a mistake, I can tell you.
  8. After such a huge (and well deserved) backlash -
  9. Hold up - that trailer at the top of the page - has this game got a Chase HQ style mode?
  10. Goose

    PlayStation VR

    Tempted to get Gun Club VR thanks to Namco and Sony refusing to bring Time Crisis to VR.
  11. Goose

    Audica - VR Rythmic Shooting from Harmonix

    That would be perfect with Move controllers.
  12. Goose

    Films with one set.

    Yes, another vote for The Interview. Superb performance from Hugo Weaving. i saw a pretty good one called Fermat’s Room. Not quite entirely one location but the bulk of the film is in one place.
  13. Just tried mine. I found if I clicked the right hand stick, it came up with a screen of text telling me to insert coin etc. Then if I pressed 5, you could hear a coin accept noise. Pressing 1 then started the game. Worth noting that the game wouldn't let me quit, and gave me a black screen that locked up the whole computer.

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