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  1. charlaph

    Moto GP

    Absolutely gutted about Salom, I loved him in moto3 and always thought he had more potential in moto2 but had a couple of tough seasons with more favoured riders in the same team, I was enjoying his form this year. I'll miss watching him greatly, I'm genuinely sad hearing this and thinking of his epic paddies in the gravel whenever he crashed.
  2. charlaph

    Moto GP

    I'm gutted to see him go, I really like his aggressive style. Can Marquez get the Stoner ride next year? Currently a rookie can't come straight up into a full factory team, or has that rule changed also? Having said that whoever Marquez ends up with will be an 'unofficial' factory team anyway due to the marketing around him. They can't afford for him to not overachieve in his first season so I'd bet they'll run the best bits without the usual restrictions. Who will step up though? if Lorenzo went to Honda, would it end up in a Dovi/Cal fight for the spare Yamaha factory seat? If Lorenzo doesn't move then might Cal get offered a Honda place? or would that go to Bradl, or someone else altogether? Interesting times ahead. Personally I love all the contract negotiations and reshuffle speculation almost as much as the racing. With Stoner out of the game and Rossi seemingly deemed to disappear it potentially opens up factory rides, so there will be some real needle in the 'second tier' scrapping this year. Personally I'd like to see what Abraham could do on anything other than a Ducati. The way Rossi has been this season makes me realise that a lot of the people who do 'okay' on a Ducati are probably much more talented than I give them credit for.
  3. Well this is the clincher! I'll be buying a DS this week, so far I've been uninspired by DS games (yes, I'm dead inside, get over it) but this game should be worth the cost of the DS by itself. All other games are just a bonus!
  4. Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and a set of Twinsticks (or two) For £100-ish it's a full-on arcade experience.
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