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  1. Have you fully downloaded the game? When I played this, it didn’t work properly until the whole thing was installed, even though it said ready to start. The game does start, but doesn’t display correctly.
  2. Are you selling common monster parts that you don't need? Just look through your item box and if you have more than 10 of a part, then it’s probably safe to offload a few.
  3. You’re invulnerable when you’re on the floor, and you can delay your recovery and possibly avoid being hit by a follow-up attack. Just don’t touch any buttons, and you’ll stay on the ground for a second or two longer.
  4. Don’t worry about assigned quests disappearing. Between optional quests, expeditions, investigations and SOS quests, you have plenty of opportunities to fight whatever monster you want.
  5. The Gore quests are around the middle of low rank, so you’re maybe a quarter of the way through the single player quests. You’re semi-safe positioning yourself underneath and attacking his back legs and tail. He’s most dangerous when he’s in full frenzy mode - when the frenzy virus effects crank up, and the feelers and extra set of legs appear. To de-frenzy him, you need to do a set amount of damage then deal a blow to the head. Pitfall traps are good to use during the frenzy state, as you can get some free shots at his head and maybe break the feelers. It’s worth carrying a pitfall, and the combo parts for 2 more, plus combo books. If you’re using hunting horn, make sure you’ve always got the attack up song active.
  6. Double Dragon should still be in your download history to re-download, even if it's been removed from the store.
  7. The fishing one? I think it's on-site items only, so you'd need to empty your item pouch to be able to take the quest.
  8. Have you got the right version of SFIV? Think the free one was Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.
  9. C&VG mid 1991ish? The next issue page. Just one picture though, so maybe not.
  10. Spotted one I think. Is 11 Killer7?
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