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  1. me too! ... my name is not Droo, Drew or Andrew either mind you...
  2. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    Hey chaps. This question may have been answered already, but if I buy a switch lite and have my switch plugged in elsewhere. Do save games sync up?
  3. It’s easy, old instruction manuals....
  4. Last film I saw in a normal cinema with an interval was Titanic back in the nineties. Im surprised they’re not a thing for business purposes only. I’m sure many people would go for a wee and buy another drink and/or more snacks. They’d make loads of money.
  5. Look guys, just tell me how many bits it is. That’s alls I need to know...
  6. Videogame crash. The bubble bursts, finally.
  7. Just watched the last one. aye it was all pretty good. Better than Star Wars anyway.
  8. Ha! Not me, Guv. I’m as with it as I was when I was... zzz... zzz... zzz... ... what was I saying? Where am I?
  9. Had a quick blast. Harder than I remember - finished first level including fairly cheap first boss. Dog is pretty useless though... It’s pretty slow, PAL-wise too.
  10. I’m hoping my megadrive copy arrives today. cant wait!
  11. On a side note. Could you have technically piled all the 32x chips into a larger cart and had 32x games just run on a megadrive, a la SNES 3D games? I suppose there was some sort of video mixing going on though and extra electrical power required. So my guess is no, for back then. But surely now this could be achieved with modern tech?
  12. took my and my dad, and a bucket of sweat to get a 32 inch Sony up two flights of stairs. hardest work I’ve done in ages.
  13. I only buy Nintendo games new these days. They’re the last bastion of games being valuable and remaining valuable.
  14. am I the only one who thought “Goonies!” With the whole dagger thing?
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