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  1. Where in gods name do I find diamonds?
  2. Nice jumps in graphics between these generations.
  3. I’m an old school, need to buy the game on disk, sort of fella. im not sure how common I am any more though.
  4. Do we think the digital or disk based PS5 will sell better?
  5. Real life and being an adult often suck.
  6. Hey guys! I picked this up today; it’s really really good and maybe one of the scariest games I’ve played in a while. but: im totally at a loss for how to start the game. any basic advice?
  7. I read Sleeping Giants before. It was just okay. Didn’t feel like reading the sequel.
  8. So I read Recursion and Dark Matter back to back. both were fairly good, but both struck me as a book I feel like I could have written, if that makes any sense? can anyone recommend me something in the same vein?
  9. No doubt it’ll be remastered soon anyway.
  10. Started “Recursion” last night and haven’t been able to put it down.
  11. Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast holds a special place in my heart. iIt exists at a time in my life when all my friends, male and female, played video games. We’d sit and play that and crazy taxi to stupid o’clock after a night out having a full blown laugh doing so.
  12. Nintengo legtendo ninlegdo whatever you want to call it; I’ll unfortunately be buying this one.
  13. Command and conquer games are good, I think Kane’s wrath might be harder to find? enslaved : one of those games that’s a bit generic but ends in a good way and would have done well to have a sequel where it all could have been fleshed out. remember me : stylish, short, decent story.
  14. you’ve hit on why I can’t be annoyed with eBay in general. selling stuff seems to be risky for a seller these days if there’s any real value in the item you’re selling.
  15. hate the idea of some berk rocking up and trying to haggle. The idea gives me the creeps.
  16. I’m having a headstagger. I have a stack of stuff, and I mean a large stack. What’s the best way to flog everything preferably all in one go for a fair and reasonable price? I want to avoid eBay, gumtree etc preferably and I’m not in a super fast rush to do this. But pretty much all our home storage is taken up with my junk. I have boxed consoles from Atari 2600 through to current gen, some rarer unboxed stuff too as well as a metric tonne of games.
  17. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    How small is your bed? How does one get a joy con fixed for free? mine has the drift thing...
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