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  1. Ordered the switch version. Really looking forward to it.
  2. Alone in the dark, whilst it looks rubbish now, in 1993 I was basically in that haunted house.
  3. You’ll randomly pick stuff up as you go. But you need to make the basic stuff yourself. By growing seeds which you can buy. Then making basic ingredients from the sown produce. Soubds more complicated than it is.
  4. (But only on the first consumption of each recipe).
  5. Im gathering everyone saying this is missing the cookery part. Corn seed > corn > pasta > spaghetti meal > +50hp points rice seed > rice > chicken curry and rice > +1mp/sec regen. Etc. (I’ve made the above up for illustration purposes only)
  6. Shadow of the colossus. Dark souls. But most of all probably a game almost none of you will have played: MUD2. Still the most captivating game I’ve ever played in my whole life.
  7. At the car boot this morning a lady tried to give me a pair of shorts with a button missing. She was raging when I didn’t want them. No videogames mind you.
  8. Wasn’t there a sexy one on the 3do? Voyeur?
  9. Found this thread off the back of another, can’t believe its 5 years old!
  10. Cause it was a one-off bulk buy and required everyone to effectively preorder.
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