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  1. Hey gurrrl. You need to kfc.
  2. You should feel proud. It’s really interesting and very well produced.
  3. (My only criticism is that you didn’t cover dune on the mega cd...).
  4. The change in the timeline starts Star Trek discovery.
  5. These really are great.
  6. Such as the echoing sound of his furious fapping everywhere.
  7. This is excellent, deserves to get attention and do well.
  8. Droo

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    Just got RG. Does anyone have an idea what issues of SNES or Megadrive magazines have the original reviews of Mortal Kombat 2 in them?
  9. Sadly I recognised the voice even before the pan to his bake.
  10. Droo

    Star Trek Discovery

    You’ll all be harking back to this thread in ten years wondering why everyone hated it and lamenting trek is dead forever.
  11. Does anyone know of any forums that specialise in trading old tech. 486s, etc?
  12. Boom. Boots to os9. Typically bugger all works well. Worms is a mess. Tomb raider, ironically runs better but has missing bits!
  13. So, that didn’t work. Randomly - and by pure chance - I was taking apart and old g3 that belonged to my wife in the early 2000’s to get her old files off it. Anyway, hooked her old hdd up to an external caddy and voila! Mac OS 9 system folder pre installed. Works like a charm!
  14. Droo

    Dave Perry is back...

    What a damn insightful post.

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