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  1. I’m so sure I have at least one megadrive game that I’ve bought from ebay that has a York game exchange sticker on the inside of the box.
  2. chessmaster, still rocking the same title art for over 30 years.
  3. So, is there anything stopping me logging in from my laptop, remote playing my ps4, which is remote playing my PS5 all whilst all three are in the same room connected to the same tv?
  4. hmm. I did. Have even killed the boss. Didn’t see anyone.
  5. aye. where do I find the guy who’ll help me out.
  6. Might be stupid questions these: I have a crushing axe +1 but am given no option to upgrade it. why is this? what are the world tendencies, what do they represent?
  7. What is the difference between performance and cinematic mode, technically?
  8. Can someone explain HDR and Resolution to me? my TV is a 2015 4K HDR Sony Bravia. it does in certain ports, run in 4K hdr, but mentions that it’s using one sort of hdr and not another due to bandwidth or something? man, I just don’t understand all this stuff. in other ports it’ll run 4K but not hdr and if you force hdr on the ps5, it’ll run at 1080p? im confused.
  9. Fucking tower night boss. only the second boss and I’m exhausted. I reckon I can take him but any general advice for levelling a soldier. Str /dex /end?
  10. Has to subscribe to my onlyfans* for that. *Heat/fan related joke intended.
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