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  1. See pics below. This was given to me, not sure if it’s worth keeping. Can’t find too much information about it plus it has a strange set of connectors. Is it worth keeping? Is there an adapter I can buy for those inputs?
  2. The Retro Cabling Thread

    Bought an RGB from these guys! Cheers.
  3. Might be an idea to start this thread for future reference. I'm currently looking for component or RGB leads for the original XBOX. I'm seeing plenty of very cheap component leads on ebay and am unsure if they're going to be any good - and if I should be buying one of those instead of an RGB lead? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microsoft-XBOX-Original-Component-AV-VGA-HD-CABLE-LEAD-720p-HDTV-NEW-UK-Seller/112024504282?epid=1375122967&hash=item1a152e47da:g:JyIAAOSwQupXXCog Can anyone shed any light?
  4. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Boom Blox, enuf said! game of the century. Predates a lot of what made iOS games very playable.
  5. Maybe not super useful this, but I find official ps2 memory cards at car boot sales all the time. I bought a stack of them (maybe 15?) for a few quid. Check those out if if you have the time.
  6. Your First Mario Experiences

    Sounds like a terrible babysitter.
  7. Your First Mario Experiences

    This advert: And then going on to get a NES for christmas in 1989 with mario and duck hunt and soccer. Soon followed by Solomon’s Key. Still pure magic in my memory!
  8. Sony PSP Go!

    Is there a maximum size microsd the PSP can handle?
  9. Sony PSP Go!

    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVEEEEEE does anyone know if a microsd to duo memory stick adapter works on the old PSP?
  10. Super Mario Bros. World Record

    I’m sure as a kid I could complete (clock) mario 1 in about 5 minutes flat! not these days mind. I bought mario vs on the switch and I’m rubbish at it.
  11. Post Your Gaming Setups

    So you can strobe light to set off all those epileptics you hate. Obviously.
  12. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Skip the phone. Sketch* your setup. *dont have a courtroom sketch artist bro? Cheep.
  13. Supreme Commander

    Wow. Full rise from the dead! Cant believe the original thread is 10 years ago! EUGH!

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