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  1. I’ve found these marvel shows to be, on average, much better than the movies.
  2. man. So quick! I remember this looking one million times better. Memory is a funny thing and the past is a foreign land.
  3. Very vague, but trying to remember the name: 90s game Space Shooter somehow used your computers directory to create levels?
  4. So, say I Just pay the £11 per month, and download a game and play it through then cancel, then a few months later restart will that game and any saves remain available in that time. im not likely to play 3 full years of games, so I’m more likely to pay a month here and there if there’s a game I want to play, if that makes sense.
  5. Gentlemen and Ladies, someone let me know what the most cost effective way of getting gamepass is? I’ve not had a working Xbox since the 360 and have got one of Das’s series S’s. do I need gamepass and gold? Is this gonna cost me a fortune?
  6. I still remember seeing it on display in Stewart’s (?) and my mind being blown by the special stage graphics.
  7. I work in an endoscopic theatre too, some of the disposable stuff is thousands of pounds a go.
  8. Can anyone get the using any rom on usb thing to work?
  9. I recently just hiked out my Xbox one after neglecting it for years. anyway, I couldn’t log in with my old Microsoft account (@hotmail.com). I followed the instructions and got it working. But it appears to be linked to my now, personal, email account (@outlook.com) which deactivated once I reactivated the old account. im confused now. How do I log in with my old gamer tag? Both accounts are now on the Xbox one but I can no longer log online with my old account? very confusing.
  10. I’d say your best move is try to flog the cabinet locally and the pcbs online.
  11. I found myself listening to the OST today. something I never, ever do.
  12. it was £20 I think, but I said to the lady selling it I’d pay more for anyone but Hermes. She didn’t do it. got a refund and she was told afterward that Hermes don’t insure CRTs.
  13. I bought a Sony Trinotron from eBay at a great price. Begged the seller not to use Hermes. they used Hermes. arrived in bits.
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