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  1. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    and also, he can just select me as the user (without password protection) and open anything anyway…
  2. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve got him set as “young child” but it will still allow me to open metro 2033 under his account.
  3. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    Can someone give me a hand. I’ve got my account and my sons account on a switch. he’s linked in the family as a child. but he can still run games I would rather he cannot run. is there a way I can password my account and limit his access to age inappropriate games? I can’t work it out at all. I have, however, got my brain around time limiting his account.
  4. isn’t there a big thing where the original script was supposed to be good enough to get Hoskins involved but warped over time to the film we got? I watched this recently with my 4 year old and he engaged with it. It’s not a mario movie though, of course. As a kids sci fi romp, it’s not utterly terrible.
  5. It’s pish. but I don’t think it was made for me, it’s very teen melodrama.
  6. The fighting game had these two characters; A brown guy with dark long hair with the staff as mentioned above and an amoured guy with a sword. This would have been running on a windows 98 machine to date it.
  7. neither have a staff character as far as i can see...
  8. Internal. It’s a whole unit on its own.
  9. Game one: an early pc 3d (maybe) fighting game. One of the characters had a bo-staff and could do a helicopter lazer attack. Game two: the second game was a first person space sim where you flew around a desert landscape. It culminated in going through a pyramid and fighting a large snake / worm. anyone?
  10. Although no one has replied, for future reference it seems to be a power unit issue. I’ve ordered a replacement psu, so all being well I’ll replace that and it’ll just work. I’ll update the thread when I’ve attempted the repair.
  11. Hi guys. I’ve been playing my old ps3 super slim recently. Today it just cut out dead as if the electricity was pulled. upon trying to restart the power light goes from off to red. Push it again and it goes green for about a second. Then turns off entirely again. anyone know this issue? How it might me resolved? it’s in excellent shape. I’m surprised this has happened.
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