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  1. Maybe if you have the space and care about a monochrome monitor?
  2. Is this worth it for single player soul edge style fun? Or is it all competitive hit boxes mathematics probabilities that drain the life out of real people?
  3. Mortal Kombat 1 arcade. Forever find myself playing it from time to time.
  4. Some terrible journalism on IGN on this topic. Really shoddy copy, full of spelling and grammar errors.
  5. I think the days of old video games being considered tat in the cash converters of the world are long since over. I remember picking up a boxed n64 copy of paper MARIO for £5 (instead of £10) because it was the run up to Christmas and the guy just let me have it.
  6. iBook G4 This one connected as well, but this time could get onto RLLMUK. I wonder if there is anyone pulling stats from what browsers etc are logging into the forum! Note: How small and annoying he little trackpads are!
  7. Just quickly hoked them out: iBook G3 Connected to the internet, but didn't seem to be able to pull any information from anywhere except the clock...
  8. Putting OSX on was a doddle. Trying to put OS9 back on was quite difficult. Getting OSX on with OS9 running in the original compatibility mode was next to impossible. With the laptops you needed the specific disks for the specific model. Which turns out to be harder to do than you’d think unless you have the original install disc with the machine. In the end, I was able to get it working through an old G3 iBook my wife had that didn’t work. Was able to do a transplant of parts etc. Interesting fun for a few weeks. The ibooks are surprisingly heavy too.
  9. I'd recommend not bothering with OSX and keeping OS9 on it personally. I've done this very same Odyssey with G3/G4 iBooks... Great old fun, but getting OS9 working turned out to be a difficulty.
  10. How about spending £200 on my xrgb mini framemeister instead.
  11. Hang on, you’ve a dual-core cpu? ... maybe I shouldn’t have read this threat from the start...
  12. Seen it. Was pretty good. Funny, was watching this earlier and appeared to be an episode I really don’t seem to remember (where warf breaks his back...).
  13. Thanks! Bolded ones I’ve not seen. Don’t think I’ve seen any of those ones. thank you. Seen and loved. Seen also! Now on the list. Not seen this one. Also seen and used to love. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming.
  14. I’m gonna be in bed all weekend sick with a viral nightmare. Want it to watch good sci-fi tv shows or movies. Age doesnt matter. Ive probably seen 80% of everything you’re about to suggest but really need some inspiration.
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