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  1. I’ve not been following this at all. Is the classic version the original graphics engine and therefore will work on my ancient laptop?
  2. Yes, original HD. But no bad sectors and it seems in fairly good working order. Done this too, full reinstall from a fully formatted drive. Used two different copies of windows and in both cases it does during hardware detection. Rebooting returns you to the start of hardware detection. This becoming a failing loop. This I’ve not tried. Wouldn’t be sure if there’s even be a bios update on a machine like this? Where would I even begin looking?
  3. No extra cards in it! I’ve told a little bit of a lie, it’s a 486 motherboard with a pentium overdrive installed (a whopping 83mhz). Maybe that could be the issue? I had no problems with windows 98 on the same machine 20 years ago...
  4. Not sure where else to put this, setting up my old 486 machine and whilst I can very easily setup DOS, Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 I'm finding it very hard to install windows 98. I can get as far as the entire OS being installed and the 'detecting hardware screen' which gets to 99% and then crashes. I'm not quite sure how to progress.
  5. RRR for me too. Love it to this day...
  6. This seems to be patching on my switch today? Anyone got a link to the patch notes?
  7. I cant help with the magazines. But I have PDF manuals of a bunch of the first games released on the PS1.
  8. I wonder what they’re at now...
  9. Isn't it somewhat hypocritical if you protect a chip that hacks a device?
  10. So it can be done? Im confused now.
  11. This is why I still buy digital almost exclusively. Bit of a joke this...
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