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  1. How many bits are we on now? I stopped counting at 64bit.
  2. For my sins I completed it. I’ll never get that time back. It does qualify me to tell you anyone who played it for two years is a sick puppy.
  3. Droo

    Gaming Luddism

    I feel exactly the same. My wife caught me reading retro gamer yesterday. It was an article about Solomon’s key. She pointed out that there can’t be anything more for me to learn about old games by this point and to a degree she’s right. Some Modern games impress me to look at, but like you I just don’t have the time to invest in games these days. I also think that almost all modern AAA titles have a real samey look to them as they’re all understandably using the same bloody engines. I think this does have the effect on someone like me to pile most of them all in together under “meh”. Call of blackops ghost war 8. Nah.
  4. Too human cannot possibly be a fan favourite. It’s utter pish.
  5. Droo

    63 Up

    It’s just fascinating watching someone’s whole life fly by. It actually gives me chills. I’m finally caught up and seeing these people in their 60s having watched them from childhood is really an achievement in documentary filmmaking.
  6. Droo

    63 Up

    I knew about this show but never actually got to watching it, but blimey, it’s properly interesting. If you’ve not heard about it you can catch up by watching them all in the link below. I’ve not watched tonight’s episode, because I’m not quite through all the previous documentaries, but what an interesting snapshot of UK life over the last 60 years.
  7. I wonder about this sometimes: surely there are far more prints of ps2 games than ps1 games and more again of ps3/Xbox 360 games than ps2/Xbox/gc games? surely the ubiquity of gaming means “collecting” should become easier as the years pass?
  8. Just goes to show how dysfunctional the Soviet Union was as well. The idea that mistruths could permeate from ground level to the premier because people were so afraid of displeasing their superiors.
  9. I picked up a Commodore 64 years back. Perfect working order. Our dump is run by a bunch of dump-nazis now though. You can’t lift anything.
  10. I’d be quitting my job in the CGI house if they came to me now and said “we need you to remake everything in the next 6 months. That or demanding a shitload of money to stay.
  11. Do it for the love of it. I was actually ally trying to find you a copy of that magazine in question because I enjoy this so much...
  12. They obviously put this out to test audiences who didn’t think it grotesque. This is fundamentally a YouTube/internet publicity-whore made furore.
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