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  1. Was thinking about this recently: I don’t have any examples off hand so mainly hoping to hear the forums thoughts on the matter. Im guessing that the most graphically impressive games will come very late in any generation, and almost certainly as they’re dovetailing into the subsequent generation. I was specifically interested in games from Atari, Sega and Nintendo but all generations are welcome. PS. I’ll rename the thread something snappier if it takes off.
  2. Yeah. They’re excellent. Last episode was very good.
  3. It’s going into a crt in my case.
  4. 1993 news article about night trap and night trap switch.
  5. I have a soft spot for launch games. But I thought all of the following were crap at the time but now love them. X360: Quake 4 (was gonna day 99 nights, but it wasn’t a launch game, it seems!) Ps1: Rapid reload. Saturn: Daytona. I tend to gave ive the first ten games of a system in my library it’s a good snapshot of how far a system has come.
  6. Lots online, but want a reasonably decent one. Anyone recommend a seller, or have one to sell?
  7. Im actually looking for a SNES currently. If you wish, send me some details in a pm.
  8. Has it done well in terms of sales?
  9. Droo

    Your future gaming

    These threads have existed on this forum in the past. Would be good to dig up those prediction threads for a laugh. For me, I’m going to bury my horde of old video games for some detectorist to find in 2000 years wondering why it was buried in the first place.
  10. I enjoyed it. Story starts a bit bland but does give a reasonable payoff by the end.
  11. I used the cheat to get me through it. My days of playing rock rock hard games are over.
  12. Its not bad, dont worry about that. It’s about how much you’re gonna invest in the protagonist
  13. There’s an option at the start to play it in story difficulty. Which I reckon I’m gonna change to shortly.
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