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  1. A full collection of first edition bibles.
  2. Droo

    Future Man

    I just thought it was okay, kinda background fodder. Lost my attention mid-way through episode 2.... ALthough him jizzing on the guy right at the start did make me laugh. I didn't think they'd go there...
  3. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

  4. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    Can someone link me to where I can buy the switch nes controllers? I get the “member benefit” email but then when go to preorder it says I’m not eligible?
  5. Droo

    Your unearthed gems

    Just watched Triangle. It was really good.
  6. Watched this without reading any reviews etc. Thought it was great.
  7. Droo

    Playmaji's Polymega

    I honestly do hope this is real and lives up to the hype. I’ve still not seen anything that couldn’t just be smoke and mirrors. Saturn emulation, last I checked, was still a long way off perfect.
  8. I got an R4 card recently. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one in real life!
  9. Droo

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I watched this for the first time yesterday. I didnt blther going to the cinema to see it because I feel I have Star Wars fatigue. I also think of the last three movies released (awakens, last Jedi and rogue one) this is the strongest film. Which is a a shame because it performed so badly in the cinema. Its mainly the fault of disney who are now ramming Star Wars down our neck.
  10. Have always thought Bayonetta was a bore-fest. Somehow it’s the darling of the gaming press.
  11. Sinister guess who sounds like a great board game. “IS IT MYRA HINDLEY?”
  12. Prince of Persia (Original) After meeting the princess just once, a petty criminal attacks and kills many castle servants after escaping from incarceration on the assumptions she loves him and that a “magical” curse was placed on her.
  13. Streets of Rage Working towards becoming a crime boss’s right hand man, two men and a woman posing as police go on a murder spree.
  14. If you burn all your sonic stuff on film in payment?

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