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  1. If you know roughly what the filename looks like (say blah0001.sav) can't you do something like: find ~ -name 'blah*.sav' in a terminal in desktop mode
  2. I've just been notified by steam this has been released, one question: does it play well on steamdeck?
  3. When I made the mighty leap from Vic-20 to Amiga A500 it was superceded by LAN Computing in Chadwell Heath
  4. The funniest joke I ever heard in my childhood was in Software Plus in Romford told by one of the assistants. "How does an ice cream man do a shit?" Bloke mimics his arse going round in a circle.
  5. what I mean is there is a 2:1 ratio on height and width. Normally consumer electronics are more like 3:1 or 4:1 when horizontal, DVD players, CD players, sky boxes etc
  6. I understand where the poster was coming from re: xbox series x looking weird on its side, to me you don't really get consumer electronics in that form factor. Standing up it's like a speaker so doesn't offend me!
  7. I thought PS5 was weird at first but like it now, even though the fucker is too tall to fit into my cabinet. The Series S I admire, not due to the design (which is DULL) but how small and quiet it is.
  8. I bought one of the stands from aliexpress for a fiver (about a tenner from ebay), & one of the right angle usb-c connectors.
  9. look at some of the mini Lenovo refurbs on itzoo. Small, quiet and low power. Fine for Remote Desktop or general office stuff.
  10. I noticed that my LG OLED C1 had the worst energy efficiency rating (F).
  11. I have this on playstation but haven't played since the early days, and am tempted to buy it on SteamDeck, is it worth it?
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