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  1. Where is the source for the assumption Game Pass is extremely profitable?
  2. not liking boring Loki does not equal wanting a big CGI fight
  3. it’s certainly ten times the size
  4. Free Apple TV for 6 months if you have a PS5 apparently
  5. Let’s wait until they’re in our hands before we all start pulling our puds
  6. Hero Loki = BORING LOKI. Smash him again Hulk
  7. Well waited a bit after getting the "too many purchases" message, went back & it went through smoothly on PayPal. I note the site says "expected fulfillment Q1 2022" now
  8. Yes, I'm looking at the 256gb model as well, the centrists' choice.
  9. What a let down, I agree with https://www.polygon.com/22577181/loki-episode-6-recap-season-finale-kang-the-conqueror Sacrificing the story to set it up elsewhere
  10. I think that list is a bit outdated, look at https://www.protondb.com/ More concerned with how well the controls work.
  11. Yes, Proton will run a lot of games very well. Shame it's not WiFi6 though. And running GOG or Epic store games might be a bit tricky.
  12. Bizarre I'd never heard of this until a facebook ad popped up for it just now. And you can get RetroArch on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1118310/RetroArch/ I'm very tempted
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