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  1. You get a few worthwhile fights in 5* village, and there are some weapons and things that need you to reach certain parts of the story for, but you will enjoy the game SO MUCH MORE at HR4.
  2. Hunter Rank is based purely on hub quests. High Rank starts at HR4, but is a significant step up. Even Great Izuchi can do things in High Rank you didn't see before. Any veteran shouldn't worry about village, and get to HR4 as soon as possible.
  3. You can target a player in the other 98 directly by highlighting their square, but mostly you will use the defaults. Random is as described. Counter targets anyone targeting you. KO targets those in the most danger. The other on targets the players who have the most badges. Style is a mystery to me. Rank is an indication of games played rather than skill. You gain some exp every game, so don't concern yourself with it to any degree.
  4. I've peaked already. It's only downhill from here.
  5. The whole thing is. I've bought the Deluxe, because I can see myself playing enough of this to justify it. I don't NEED the themes, so it's possibly a bit of an indulgence to get myself a showoff avatar, but I'll almost certainly make use of the Score Attack mode because that is somewhere between the unbelievably brilliant CEDX and the annoyingly underwhelming CE2. Even if I don't, I'm a huge fan of the concept, and want it to succeed! I don't know how private matches work, though. Do we need to find 100 of us? Setting them up asks for a PIN, and then it gives 100 seconds to find people. Maybe if we all agree to be around at some point today I can host some? Let me know when people are available, because while 99 players is a lot, we could all most likely learn some good stuff with fewer other mazes to think about.
  6. I cleared the last few HR3 keys, and entered an Urgent Rampage Join Request. I'm now High Rank! The Rampage actually surprised me, it was a bit more difficult than I expected it to be. That bear is pretty brutal, it has to be said. I should have gotten here sooner, to be honest. High Rank finally feels like what I've been missing. Did an Expedition in the ruins, and met the Arzuros, and before I knew it he'd carted me! So, now I have to make some better armour, which means I'll have a few tricky fights to go through. Even the Kamura S is far better than my Basarios set, and those Rampage weapons look damn tasty. And Decorations! And new Switch skill quests. And ... and ... THIS is Monster Hunter! This is what I needed. This is simply the best game out there.
  7. Followed you all on both Youtube and Twitch, Reciprocation not expected, but if anyone feels the need: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cheekyleetv Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi4hD_4AqnnuPrvHioc315w There's nothing on the Twitch yet, because I keep on successfully procrastinating on actually starting it. The Youtube channel is more of a depository for performance poetry and songs, but I fully intend to add gaming videos on there as well. I just need to not be so bad at doing the stuff I plan on. Now to go to the other threads and do the same thing...
  8. Not so much, in fact more like the opposite. When you pull back, there is an invisible line from the point you first touch the screen going straight down. If you pull left or right, you add curl, which can increase your drive distance if you curl with the wind. Example: Wind heading of 2 o'clock, you want to be pulling back to 5 o'clock, all the way down so you get blue power, and then draw a line with your finger back to where you started in order to add topspin. Do this on your drive, and even your level 1 character will be breaking 200 yards. The problem with the shorter stroke is that you have less time in which to correct the swing, and I find that putting backspin on tends to hook or slice the shot much more noticeably than a good long follow through does.
  9. Yes, that says "Middle", but look at where your spot is on the ball itself. That's in the bottom half, and is technically backspin. I presume that you're only going to get full backspin with high loft clubs, at higher levels. For now, stopping the ball sooner is exactly what I was expecting.
  10. SnS has been superb for a while, now, far beyond it's alleged status as the "beginners only" weapon. I played World recently on Xbox as it is part of Game Pass, and tore through the early stuff for easy achievements with it. I've tried it a little, here, but need to craft some to get that Shoryugeki skill that looks so badass. Plus, there is one called "Mincing Blade" that requires "Massive Bone" to craft, and I appreciate that level of innuendo.
  11. I wish I could git gud with the Hammer, but I'll settle for Horn. Barroth dislikes both weapons anyway, losing his head very frequently. There are some simply spectacular looking weapons in this game, I might finally have to learn CB, SA, and IG because some of them just look so damn amazing!
  12. More like it. VAR desperately tried to find a reason to cancel it, but it stands!
  13. We're showing no threat, and looking like we can be picked off by long balls. They have us at arm's length, we need to step up the intensity.
  14. Totally, it's like we're in a training session.
  15. They don't, and that's where my own problem is with it. Village is too easy, at least to start with. (And I've been holding off online to play with my son, which I'm no longer going to do.) See above. Agreed. At no point have I called it anything other than a brilliant game, though. It clearly shines, and is in my opinion the best MH game ever. It's just that this streamlining has had the unexpected side effect of making me realising that it was more than just the action that I loved. I enjoyed hard fights, I wanted to fight things multiple times in order to break specific parts to get the armour set I want. So far, in village, I've not needed to do that. Admittedly, this has been my choice of not going online in order to do that with my son, but I have since changed my mind on that. I've got some low level sets of armour made that I can go back to when we play together, I'm just going to get properly stuck in for now. There will be a moment where it just clicks. An epic fight, that tests you more than you expected. Maybe you'll be the recipient of a Somnacanth wombo-combo? Maybe you'll get singled-out online by an angry Magnamalo? You'll know when it happens, when you have to dig that little bit deeper, and you come through the other side. I would say to at least complete 4* village, but maybe also to try a different weapon. You should ideally have something that you feel a mastery with, where any opening makes you grin! Anyone can stand there poking endlessly with a Lance to the face and get through. (Not saying that's what you're doing.) But, a true Lance-master is countering, and hopping all over the place, and still taking monsters down in 5 minutes.
  16. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11835/12267484/raphael-varane-to-miss-real-madrid-vs-liverpool-champions-league-tie-after-positive-coronavirus-test Wonder if anything will be made of Real having their first-choice defensive pairing unavailable?
  17. It's not you. I'm doing similar. The pacing isn't quite right, this might be why there are some "Hunt 2 monsters" quests fairly early on. Streamlining and speeding things up seems to have affected my engagement with the game, perhaps we need to just charge through to whatever the current endgame is?
  18. Hub is harder than village. I'd say it's slightly more than twice as tough, so 1* hub is equivalent to 3* village. But why would you want to skip any part of such a wonderful game? My own rule has always been to solo a monster offline before tackling it online, so I manage things accordingly. Currently I have 1 more 5* village key to do to get my urgent, and completed my 2* hub to open 3*. Play how you like, though! If games aren't fun, you're doing something wrong.
  19. To join the specific one that I set up, simply join the game of anyone who is in it, while they are using it, and you should be auto-invited. I'm on for the next hour or two, and will be making sure to put it on whenever I'm on over the next few days. But, there's not really a requirement. I'm sure anyone here will gladly hunt with you if you want them to. The ID for this specific one is 05647c30-8ce3-3b42-be65-83a9b7871c0f. I imagine anyone with that can get to it. Connects are like mini-guilds, in a way, and you can be in up to 10 of them at the same time. I think they're a really useful idea, but are on a system that isn't designed to make the most of them.
  20. Blimey, feels like ages since I've visited this thread! The season starts here?
  21. In an attempt to replicate this, I have realised that it is very hard to put backspin on. I like that, though, it is a skill!
  22. Swipe faster? I'm not sure why you're having this problem, it just works.
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