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  1. GET IN THERE NAT PHILLIPS! Lovely stuff.
  2. First shot on target! We should have been peppering this goalie.
  3. Rhys Williams showing everyone why he is 7th choice in defence.
  4. How did we even have that graphic ready?
  6. We've been seeing recently what a Fabinho and Thiago midfield offers. Put Van Dijk behind that and just imagine how good we would be? I'm a little worried about Mane, though. It's almost like he's forgotten how to play, his form has dropped off a cliff.
  7. Salah has no right scoring that. We've been the better team, and yet we score with a goal from nowhere! What a player he is.
  8. Absolutely bossed it. Remember that we could have had 2 penalties, Jota hit the post, and McTominay should have walked. 3 to go!
  9. YYYEEEEESSSSS! Lock it down now. Game management time.
  10. Trent Avinanother-Andful.
  11. BOOM! Bobby flashing those pearly whites.
  12. It's that man Doug again!
  13. What even is the purpose of VAR? It seems to exist primarily to screw Liverpool over. Fuck this game.
  14. I just hope we fuck them, 5 or more. If ever there was a time to slay some demons, tonight is it.
  15. I really enjoyed both Resi Rev games, but the 2nd is far superior. Raid Mode is also pretty good, almost a co-op Mercenaries.
  16. I was literally asking for a Zombies remaster this last few days, so I will be one of those who pays over the odds if necessary.
  17. I'm not sure that the forum actually has been more quiet over this one than usual, there's never a great pace to these threads. There's usually 4 or 5 of us at any given time, with guest members rotating in and out every so often. Perhaps everyone else is just too busy playing to post!
  18. I knew this was going to be charming, polished, and pleasantly enjoyable. What I didn't know is how big it was going to be, feels like its at least 5x the original. With having to get at least 4 photos of every Pokemon in the game, and then going back to get the platinum/shiny star scores for said photos, and the massive amount of requests, there's a lot for completionists to sink their teeth into. The one complaint I have is that I have already taken the photo that a request asked for before the request existed a couple of times, and now have to go out and do it again. It's annoying, as sometimes the photo I already took may have been fortuitously timed to begin with, but hardly a game-breaker. It's very calming, and I'm yet to tire of chucking apples at Quagsire's big dumb face. I'm not sure I ever will.
  19. This looks great. (Actually, it looks spectacular!) The review above almost had me buying it immediately when comparing it to Zombies Ate My Neighbours, but that price is a very sticky point indeed. And, now ... I'm thinking that I would absolutely love a new version of Zombies, but the only hope for that is if Konami make a Pachinko version of it.
  20. I'm quite pleased that this already has 45 Sweet Medals. It means I'm not the stupidest person playing this!
  21. Hardly a "plethora", but all welcome additions. In particular, the Apex hunts. I could live without Kushala again, found it quite annoying in World, but I've always quite liked fighting Toaster. However, being able to ride Kushala .... yeah, I'm on board!
  22. I was just playing Outriders with my son, via Game Pass. It's fun, but very shabby. A random player joined, and then left, and we were stuck in a room for a couple of minutes. Then, I got stuck on a vendor, and had to restart the game to carry on. I'd be angry if I'd paid even £40 for that. Which is something I considered following the demo on PS4, but decided against it when I learned it would be on Game Pass. Right now, though, I'm sitting here thinking how I would probably have thrown £30 at a PS4 pre-order from the brief time spent with a demo that crashed a couple of times. That was after knowing the game was going to have server problems, let alone glitches and bugs. £30 is impulse-level. £70, though, isn't. £70 is too much. Even £50 is. Especially since games are mostly released in unfinished states as they are right now. We pay it because we've allowed it to become standard, and we'll eventually allow £70. What the games industry needs to learn, though, is that high prices bring the very pricing culture we see with them, and the push for higher prices will just decrease the amount of sheep to sheer. And more games will have to drop prices in order for people to even be able to play them.
  23. I think we can be reasonably certain that Great Jaggi, Jagras, or even both are on their way, along with Zamtrios. Otherwise, why are the little ones in the game? That meat you get in the box mentions that it can be used to fish out a monster in the Flooded Forest. My bet is that means Plesioth, although it could also work for Gobul. And Gobul would be pretty cool. Hell, bring back everything from Tri/3U as far as I'm concerned. (That includes underwater fights!) Finally, add in Buldrome for the sheer ridiculousness of it. It could actually be a fun wildcard Apex in rampages, non-stop headbutting the gate.
  24. I, too, had never actually played one of the games. I had watched my girlfriend play them, pretty much all of them, so knew they were good, but never really felt the need to play it myself. Play at Home did that for me, and made me realise that when I'm able to find a PS5 I can buy in about 4 years time, there will at least be 1 game worth getting it for.
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