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  1. NOT a big decision, the correct decision. It was handball all day long, despite the inevitability of the goal happening.
  2. Has Mane forgotten how to play football?
  3. We are so very lucky to have Salah playing for us. What a strike!
  4. The front 4 starting together is good, but I can only imagine Newcastle packing an 11-man penalty box. We should blow them away, but it's become a fool's errand to predict anything this season. COME ON YOU REDS!
  5. That's what I took from it. Even though he referred to it as "Your club", he basically asked us to focus on him as the bad guy. Who knows, though? FSG have come through on pretty much everything they said they would do, and there is no question that we are better off with them than we were before them. I keep on coming back to one thought, which is that all of their decisions to date have been smart as purely business decisions. And they have yet to force a single thing through once there has been sufficient opposition to it from the supporters. They have U-turned on literally everything that people have disliked. Perhaps it really is as simple as "Americans don't get football", and they think we're just like American fans. I, for one, am prepared to give him a chance.
  6. Another game where we simply aren't making their goalkeeper work hard enough. We need to stamp this profligacy out, at least until we're goal proof again.
  7. Just when I was ready to start saying bad things about Mane...
  8. I didn't catch what he said about banners, but I'm with him on the t-shirts. I hope we batter the chancers. "Earn it", you say?
  9. Not even as useful as that! I still had to deliver it. Only bonus is that they're not as easy to drop and break as the normal ones, but there's still no reason to bother.
  10. This just felt more like Monster Hunter than ever. The reason? I decided to clear up the side quests, and deliver 2 Gargwa Eggs. Here is how it went: Get to the area where Gargwa appear, and notice there's a Great Wroggi. Earthshaker for the guaranteed mount, ride him into the wall so he'll sod off. Almudron decided to come along, and so I now have to clear them both out. By the time I've completed this, I finally get to hit a Gargwa and get the egg. Take it all the way back to the base. Head back to the same area, and proceed to not get any eggs from the next 4 Gargwa. Also, Great Wroggi comes back, so I have to put him down. I decided to try the other spot. As soon as I get there, I see a Gargwa. He drops a Gold Gargwa Egg, so I pick it up and take it back to the start. Where I discover that it doesn't count as a Gargwa Egg for the delivery! DAMN IT. Off I go again. The next 3 Gargwa in that area all drop Gold Eggs. So, I complete the Expedition and go back in. This time, I head straight to area 6, where there is a Tetranadon, Kulu Ya Ku, and Great Wroggi all just waiting for me to mount them. I oblige, sending 2 off and putting the Great Wroggi down again, but .... where the hell are the Gargwa? They're not coming back! Fine, up the river we go. Yes, the first Gargwa drops a Gold Egg. This ain't right, man. Back to area 6, Tetranadon is still there. So, I put him out of my misery, get informed that Pukei Pukei has now appeared, but thankfully there are 3 Gargwa now spawned. And the first one I hit finally drops an egg for me! The Desire Sensor is real. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
  11. I'm still feeling positive. It's nowhere near an impossible task.
  12. We;ve got all the play, but yet again we're just not working the goalkeeper enough. SHOTS ON TARGET!
  13. 2-0 will do. And we have 2 in us against any team. COME ON YOU REDS!
  14. Believe it or not, you can get inside it! Well, sort of. In fact, I believe you actually have to in order to get your 3rd submarine. Practically nothing in this game is filler. Everything has a purpose.
  15. I'm 50. I know plenty of people my age who don't do games. And that's totally their loss. Why would I ever stop? My son is 25, and we hunt monsters together. I hope to still be doing that when I can no longer walk!
  17. The rest off this match will consist of Villa getting free-kicks whenever a red shirt is within 1 metre of them.
  18. I'd completely support that, to be honest. Force somebody to say something. What part of Jota was offside?
  19. And here we go, VAR turns into AC-12 in trying to find any possible reason to overturn our goal.
  20. Is there some kind of low-gravity field in front of the Villa goal? Everything going high and wide so far.
  21. 3pm on a Saturday? What kind of crazy scheduling is this?
  22. That Arzuros is gone forever, and your next one will be a new randomly created one. That's how you get your crowns for biggest and smallest. They only leave in Expeditions, though. When you want to hunt Arzuros, select one of the quests that has him. That one isn't going anywhere!
  23. They're the same as the Spiribirds. So, red is attack, orange is defence, yellow is stamina, and green is health. You also sometimes find a gold one that does the lot.
  24. I did the entirety of village and Low Rank online in nothing above Basarios armour. In fact, I didn't even change out of Leather pants until after the credits, when Zinogre handed me my first quest fail. That's not a brag, it's a comment on how upgrading Low Rank armour isn't worth your while. Tigrex may give you some trouble, and Rathalos in 3* hub put me down, but I maintain you just need to get to 4* hub before looking at anything other than raw.
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