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  1. It's a patch or two away from brilliant, in my opinion. Right now it's a little rough, and possibly not quite ready. I picked up some more mods, got my Combat Rating to 191, and tried 1-3 again. This time, the door opened, and I got to the end room before dying. However, I now had enough mods to hit 211. Having since done 1-1 and 1-2 again, I can hit 235. Loot = Level It's so obviously designed for people to grind away online, in-game daily quests give that away. Anyone looking for a good story probably won't be happy, but it's a solid shooter set in a familiar and enjoyable universe. You're going to have to replay over and over, and I hope it reaches critical mass to stick around with Back 4 Blood and Halo Infinite on the way to steal large chunks of its playerbase.
  2. I'm not sure why Eurogamer went with Pokémon as a comparison, as to me it looked more Monster Hunter. It's a gorgeous trailer, and the whole thing looks completely mad. And why care if it's MMO or not? Nobody cares about the MM part anyway. Treat it as a single-player game in which you sometimes see random nutters, you'll be alright.
  3. The 3rd mission on Standard difficulty recommends a combat rating of 200. Fine, except having completed the 1st and 2nd, I'm at 183, with no actual way of making it higher. So, I played through the 1st mission again, in case something better drops, but all I got different was a weapon decal. Thought about trying Casual instead of Standard, but that also wants 200. Decided in the end to just give it a go, as what's the worst that can happen? Turns out the worst that can happen is you're halfway through and the game just stops giving you waypoints. I'm in a big open room with many doors, and Esther said something about "To the right", but nothing is happening. I can walk back out the way I came in, which brings up the waypoint to that room, but the game doesn't want to let me do anything else. I'd play it online, but either every room fills in a microsecond thus not letting me join, or there's something wrong with matchmaking. I don't quite feel like I've wasted £35, because there is definitely a potentially great game here, but it's not the best of starts.
  4. I watched a couple of Twitch streams earlier, and decided I was in. Then I read up, and saw no crossplay, so was back out. However, multiple quotes in the various chats had me hankering to watch the film again. As I write this, Bishop is in the pilot's seat while Ripley is taping guns together. It's been too long since I watched it, but it has reminded me of how good stuff like this is. I've gotta get in!
  5. Nexomon Extinction is basically a 2D Pokémon game, currently on sale for £11-ish. No idea how hard or easy it is, though, I just got it myself because it seems ideal for exactly this sort of thing.
  6. I've always felt Shaqiri was underused, never really given a fair chance. Fair play to him, though. Getting a Champion's League and Premier League while barely playing could easily lead to comfort and accepting your role. I'd gladly sit on a bench for most of the season! (That's probably why I'll never excel at anything )
  7. And without Mane shinning one over the bar and an amazing full-stretch block from [whichever Burnley defender that was] it could have been 4-0. You can't focus on "What if", you just look at "What happened" and the difference between this season and last is how we are looking more likely to score. Remember all that possession that led nowhere? Remember Mane seemingly forgetting how to play? Even just 2 matches in, it feels like we're going to score in every game. Not something we were able to say for a large chunk of last season.
  8. I'm all for "letting the game flow", but Mike Dean is much closer to "not doing his fucking job", here. I really hope it gets called out, Tarkowski and Barnes have basically shithoused their way through this game so far.
  9. Jota just keeps on getting better. He's like a number 9 in the box, but also an 11 outside it!
  10. Years back, having no idea what I was about to experience, I downloaded the GBA ROM for a new game called "Wario Ware" expecting some standard platformer. Within about 30 seconds of starting it, I deleted the ROM and went to my local indie shop the next day to buy an import copy. I was hooked from the moment I first jumped the hotdog. I probably introduced about 30 or 40 people to the series by shoving my GBA in their face and insisting they play it as a result of just wanting to see that look on people's faces! It's the best couple of minutes that gaming offers. And, it has lessened over the years, but you will definitely get that "What? TWEEZE? OH YOU F#@*ING ..." sensation back in your life. Don't deny yourself, man. Play it alone, and get the joy from thrusting it onto others!
  11. Great idea, terribly executed. I just want to try a different choice, but have to before I can pick a different dialogue option to see if that one gets me any further. My girlfriend couldn't even be bothered watching the same thing repeatedly to stick around and offer suggestions. Working stuff out is fun and interesting, repeating busy work removes all impetus.
  12. Also, the DOOM Slayers Collection. DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, DOOM 64, and the more recent DOOM for £47.99. No Eternal, and the listing even helpfully points out that individually the games would come to £46.20. What the actual ... WHO BUYS STUFF LIKE THIS? Who on earth is this marketed towards?
  13. Every download it does get is another 1 too many. I would probably buy Extreme for £25, definitely if it also included the 2nd. But I just can't imagine anyone looking at that price who doesn't immediately say "That'll be on sale soon enough." exactly like I did when I saw it in "Coming soon" the other week.
  14. Reminder - NO pundits predicted this Liverpool team can win the Premier League. This team, which absolutely steamrolled the rest just 2 years ago, and has added Konate, Jota, and Thiago since then. Why bring this up? Because watching that felt like watching them, something I hardly ever got to say last season.
  15. Salah doing assists now? Oh oh!
  16. Doug doing what Doug does best!
  17. It's good to be ready for a proper game again!
  18. According to the leaderboard option, I was briefly the worst player in the world. I played 3 opponents, and took just 1 match. It's great stuff, but would be nicer if there was a way of learning against equally unskilled players. Seemed like everyone knew how to build special meter much more quickly then I did, I've definitely missed something. I'll still buy it!
  19. It's more than just graphics. The Zelda comparisons are coming from how areas are gated off until you have the equipment needed to get into/past them. Not that this isn't oversimplifying things, of course, as Death's Door deserves to be considered more of its own thing.
  20. I actually quite like that New Donk standard is all par 3s! Yet to try it online, but speed golf could be really fun. The inclusion of ranked is what brought me back, because there was nothing to do but grind for grinding's sake before now.
  21. This thread makes me happy. I never completed the tutorial due to a target not registering regardless of how close I got, and I thought it was me.
  22. The Battle Pass is in-game only, and you purchase it with gems. It has 2 levels, and I'm strongly considering it after splashing on enough gems to buy Mr. Mime. I couldn't decide between him and Snorlax, and my rule in such instances is generally "One of each!" Got into Great 1 in ranked, and had 2 pips filled in. Then lost my next 2 matches, and lost both. Worried I would be sent back to beginner, but MVP'ed in a match where the other team quit, and this gave me both my pips back. This implies that matchmaking is more than just a measure of how many games you've played, which is a very pleasant surprise. I can definitely see myself sticking with this one for a while yet. I mean, I get Cinderace tonight, and can do some stuff to get Crustle as well. Then I'll have enough coins to get Gardevoir, and suddenly I'm in danger of being hooked. That's how they get ya ...
  23. Do the 4 additional tutorials that aren't made obvious, you'll get a better understanding of everything. But the real way to learn is just to mess around in practice, because it doesn't tell you about a couple of the mechanics you'll make use of.
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