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  1. Curtis Jones showing what an absolute baller he is. Amazing stuff, the assist for Firmino's 1st is the hiughlight for me. Not the pass, but the way he kept his head and dribbled out of trouble before making it!
  2. What, as opposed to respawning with everything intact? Might as well just play with full invincibility. Which, admittedly, would be fun for a while, but not very fulfilling long term.
  3. Check out Aragami. The 2nd is on Game Pass at the moment.
  4. That was, frankly, a ridiculous scoreline.
  5. “Bizarre circumstances”, apparently, when a player gets given a goal due to being onside …
  6. I'm not sure we have been second best. For me that first half was all about Brentford's spirit. We unquestionably have more quality, and that will show before 90 are up.
  7. The amount that I loathe Alan Smith grows every single time I hear his commentary.
  8. Brentford fans pretending they have any reason to boo Salah…
  9. Well, after results this morning I'd say it's time to set a marker and get us a statement win. Yeah, that lot can do it!
  10. Imagine being at the Bridge right now, having to watch this crap knowing full well that there's no chance of having a drink?
  11. I'm really torn, to be honest. I only played the 1st game on PlayStation, and loved it. However, I basically missed out on D2 for some unknown reason. I refused to go in to D3 because of all its launch problems, but really loved the beta/demo/whatever early thing I played. Over the years, I've mostly talked myself out of buying D3, usually because it seems to only go on sale when I'm skint. So, I was glad of this, especially when I saw that I could pay £15 extra and also get D3. But then, all the shit hit the fan, and now I just don't know what to do. Or, for that matter, which platform to go for if I do eventually cave! Kinda tempted by Switch, because ... you know ... SWITCH!
  12. And what a well taken goal it was. He forced that over the line!
  13. These crowd chants are getting a bit surreal, now ...
  14. We've looked lively. Well, 10 of us have. Origi continues to just look as if effort is a totally foreign concept. I want to love him, but he makes it difficult.
  15. While it definitely isn't better than Outrun 2, the drifting is joyously similar. It puts a huge grin on my face.
  16. Jota somehow missed from a yard out, but Mane scoring from the same distance makes the 1st half score more like what it should be, regardless of what the commentary on my stream keeps on saying. Palace have definitely had chances, but we’ve been much better while still looking a bit profligate.
  17. Starts for Konate, Tsimikas, and Thiago. Palace starting with Benteke over that new guy who might actually score has to be good for us. COME ON YOU REDS!
  18. It's basically Excitetruck, simplified a little. It also feels like Burnout, Mario Kart, and even F Zero at times. I don't really think it quite deserves to be called its own thing, but fans of any series I mentioned will be well served. It's also pleasantly not quite as easy as you might expect, until it clicks a few races in. The harder difficulties make you work for the gold. The collectables look to be well distributed, too, often tantalisingly just outside your chosen line. I would add an online leaderboard for time trial mode, but it's not the end of the world that it's not there. I'm happy at £30 (thanks to points discount), would have been at £35. Anyone on the fence might want to wait for it to be £20, but if it was £25 I'd be telling everyone to buy it today!
  19. Well ... that was brilliant! We're definitely looking a lot more like the team of 2 seasons ago than the 1 from last season's blip.
  20. WHAT A HIT! Dare I call us Mentality Monsters?
  21. Fabinho plays at times as if he is psychic.
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