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  1. If Valve want to empty all 16 of those useless DOTA 2 invites out of my inventory, they are welcome to! EDIT: I have some spare stuff in my inventory that is NOT DOTA 2 invites, as it happens. Toki Tori, Rush, Hell Yeah!, and A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 double pack. None are particularly hugely exciting, but I have zero need of them, so feel free to ask for one. My Steam ID = cheekylee
  2. I have seen the notification in the eShop news that says Super Metroid is available. I have seen the community on Miiverse, and even posted in it. But when I try to find the sodding game, it's just not there! I even clicked the eShop thing from my community post, only to be greeted with an error. This is horrible. PEOPLE HAVE THE GAME, WHY CAN'T I BE ONE OF THEM? EDIT: Well, that was a runaround! After the image appeared in the eShop, I clicked on it to be taken to the Kirby's Adventure page. Yeah, I wasn't really that bothered when I bought it last month, I just couldn't say "No" at 30p. But, eventually, I managed to find it, buy it, install it, and start playing.... Only to find that I am FORCED to have subtitles on throughout the game. I either see them in German or French, there is no option to see NONE. Nintendo really do go out of their way to make people dislike them at times.
  3. Nintendo have always been somewhat ruthless when it comes to protecting their IP. This move should not surprise anybody. And, as dng said up above, this isn't even something that only Nintendo have done. Yes, I can understand those who say "This is free advertising for Nintendo", but it is still effectively people profiting from copyrighted material. A "Let's Play" video generally shows the entire game, which is stepping way beyond the 'fair use' guidelines that a review would come under. It's a bit of a dick move, for sure, but it's not any different to companies using DRM to dissuade piracy. Hopefully Nintendo come out with some kind of partner programme, to allow LP'ers to continue to do what they were doing. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it, as they have repeatedly shown that they are quite inflexible, as well as not really understanding the brave new socially-connected world that the internet is.
  4. It's a per-title thing, but not anything that I can find a way to adjust on the console itself. I literally just checked all my disc titles, and the results are: Nintendoland, Mario U - One save file on the console. Sonic Racing Transformed, ZombiU, Monster Hunter - Individual saves inside each profile. Then, for curiosity, I tried Super Mario World. This also saves inside the profile. Which makes the single save file per console of Mario U the single most ridiculous thing that Nintendo have done with the console.
  5. Dude, I felt just as you do at first. I originally got Tri on the Wii, and really felt that I had been conned for the longest time. Then I got through my first Great Jaggi fight, and realised that it was PRECISELY the game I thought it was going to be when it was first announced. After Great Jaggi, came the Royal Ludroth, and the difficulty jumped even more. This was matched by the surge in adrenaline. The last monster I fought before returning the game was Barroth, and at the time I couldn't beat it. I put the game aside, vowing to return at a later date, but never picked it back up. (Mostly because it was on the Wii that literally never got switched on!) When Ultimate came out, I was determined to give it a real try this time. And, yes, that meant racing through the WORLD'S LONGEST TUTORIAL once more. But, this time, things were easier. There were more monsters to fight, and either I was a lot more skilful or they were just less of a pain, because Qurupeco still annoyed me, but did not sit smugly on the side of impossible that he seemed to in Tri. Everything was improved over Tri, and while some veterans moan at the way the first few monsters are easier, I am thankful for it, because my frustration at Barroth and Qurupeco in Tri was something I am glad to not face again. Honestly, the start is so horrible that anyone could be forgiven for thinking it's a terrible game. They are throwing a LOT of information at you, and they are a bit too careful about making sure certain concepts are drilled into your brain. But every single seemingly pointless thing you have done so far has a purpose. Do as the others have said, give the game another chance, and stick around until Barroth. For me, it was during the Qurupeco fight that I fell in love with the way the game works, and it was during the Barroth fight that I finally felt I knew what was going on, and that I could take on anything it threw at me.
  6. So, you quit at literally the exact point the game goes from grind to epic? That, Sir, was a shot into your own foot.
  7. I'm more interested in how this will affect games retrospectively. Will I be able to go out and buy a pre-owned Mass Effect 3 now for the multiplayer that I didn't get to experience because I rented it?
  8. I've been mainly using a Hunting Horn ever since I first tried the Bagpipes, which was precisely 3 seconds after I saw them because ... you know ... BAGPIPES! Besides the sheer comedy value seeing the huge thing on my back, the very first swing of them at one of those Kelbi in Area 1 of Moga Woods sent it flying. I didn't even know at the time that they buffed, I just couldn't stop giggling. And then I saw how much quicker they made fighting Great Jaggi while I was building his armour set, but despite smashing the frill every single time I fought him I never seemed to carve the reward. Capturing makes it more likely, I was told, so I caught 3 of them before finally getting one. I probably ran the quest to hunt Great Jaggi 20 or so times before I could finally make the set. So, I guess I've just been unlucky getting the Frill itself.
  9. You can actually find out on page 3 or 4 of your gun. Well, you can with the bows, so I assume it's the same with the guns. Been away from this for the last week or so, jumped back in tonight. High Rank Wroggi hunting, and getting a little beat beat up, when Rathian decides to dive in at me as well. I triple-carted for the first time in a long time! Which is awesome, because it has made me all the more determined to man up once more, and get even better. I also now have a Jaggi Head, with which I can make a Jaggi Mask if I can just get the bugger to drop a King's Frill. That took long enough the first time I wanted one...
  10. I didn't much care, until the new trailer. But this made me finally get round to watching Thor, so I can be as up-to-date as possible.
  11. The traditional starters form a perfect circle, where you are strong against one but weak against the other. The example you gave doesn't have that. Fighting/Rock/Flying would work, and I am struggling to think of another one. Immunities are what makes it difficult. Gogoat is the best Pokemon ever, and I can but hope the evolution is a Goatzilla.
  12. I can't help but feel like the only person on Earth who preferred the original version of Worms to all that followed. The 'Power Creep' from the weapons always felt like it lessened the skill level to play it, although admittedly I never really went beyond Worms 2 as a result of this fear. Super Combat Bros. (for want of a better name) could be an absolute work of genius!
  13. I'm in 2664 - 2201 - 3962 People above added @Hello Goaty: Formatting will give you a whole new code. Chances are this has already been done. I bought a used 3DS for my son that has never even been online, and has less than 3 hours use according to the activity log!
  14. Dead Island Riptide is currently the top selling game in the UK. I think this is its 3rd week at #1? By any measure, it has to be seen as a commercial success. It has average reviews, 56 for Xbox, 62 for PS3, 63 for PC, and not a single person on my XBox Live friends list or my Steam friends have played it. (I would check on PS3, but life is far too short.) This is NOT a critical success. Clearly, there is something of a large disconnect between critics and consumers. Metacritic ignores what PEOPLE think, and instead focuses on the opinions of a bunch who are, sometimes, simply not qualified to judge. See IGN's score for God Hand. (Or see ANY site's score for LA Noire!) I'm not saying it's easy to be perfect with reviews, by the way, but that many games writers seem to live in some kind of insular inner circle. Follow enough of them on Twitter, and you see the evidence of this. It might even be an unconscious melding of minds, but they all seem to follow pretty much the same lines. Besides, in the current climate, reviews are borderline irrelevant. How else did Walking Dead Survival Instinct and Aliens Colonial Marines manage to gather such huge pre-order amounts? It wasn't because people were forewarned about how bad they were, but that they were seduced by marketing and hype.
  15. Considering that eventually you will be playing for 10-15 minutes, but will be doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY, that seems like the smartest idea all-round. I played Wild World every day for a year, although admittedly towards the end it did become more of a "I'm going to see if I can play this every day for the year" thing than a natural event. I have a pre-order in, but also have still to choose my freebie. Were the codes available immediately, I wouldn't be hesitating, but since they are only being promised "sometime after the game is available in stores" then I find the potential wait unbearable. It is tempting to play the cartridge until the freebie code becomes available, use the data transfer, and sell the cart on afterwards, though.
  16. Serious Sam is fantastic, and especially in co-op. It's quite old-school, incredibly fast-paced, and at times does not so much border on the ridiculous as it does tapdance across the surface of the river of ridiculous, whilst juggling chickens. Also, add Earth Defence Force 2017 to your couch list.
  17. Been looking at the custom levels on Mario & Donkey Kong, and some are simply terrifying. Some, however ... ...aren't.
  18. GAME showing typical lack of intelligence: Shame, too, I'd have had that if I hadn't just taken advantage of Blockbuster clearing loads of stuff out at half price.
  19. Personally, I am really impressed with Mario & Donkey Kong. And it looks like there is plenty of content, with seemingly 60 puzzles in each of 4 categories, as well as the minigames and the potentially infinite nature of the built-in editor. And this is from somebody who didn't particularly spend much time on any of the previous versions. Not because they were difficult, or easy, but because I just had plenty of other stuff to play. I have even more to play now, but that won't stop me. Definitely, unquestionably worth £9!
  20. Crazy Taxi is 69p at the moment. This will be at least the 5th time I have bought it!
  21. Mario and Donkey Kong is a lot better than I expected. Mainly because of the Minigames! Flinging toy Marios at a cube is infinitely more satisfying than Moylneux's distraction.
  22. OMG, Impossible Road .... It makes Super Hexagon look downright charitable at times. Currently sitting at 52, although a large chunk of that was more due to luck than skill. The amount of times I have missed the road by mere MICROmetres ... Both brilliant, and hideous!
  23. CheekyLee

    Candy Box

    I am trying to like this, since my Twitter feed wouldn't shut up about it the other day, but either I am far too impatient or everyone else got something that I didn't. Basically, I got sick of watching numbers count up.
  24. You don't know me, but if you (or indeed anyone) would like to add me my code is 2664-2201-3962. Yes, both parties will need to add for it to register, which makes me sad when I look at the ever-growing list of codes that are yet to add me back.
  25. As far as I can tell, there's nothing. The closest it gets is that when you go to leaderboards, it defaults to the friends one. I've played a bit more of it now, and maybe my description of "begging" was harsh. It basically recommends you buy something after each run, sometimes this is a power-up, sometimes this is a special effect, and sometimes this is a new course or new path through a course that is already open. I guess it all depends on how used you are to this sort of thing as to how you would classify it. As far as I am concerned, it is annoying at first, but once you start replaying levels for faster times it becomes really easy to not even notice it.
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