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  1. GTA 4 count as a trilogy? Not that I have played all of it, just throwing it out there for everyone else. Gears of War started absolutely phenomenally, as did Mass Effect. But each definitely flagged towards the end, and I suspect most people only completed the third games out of a sense of Duty. Modern Warfare? I'm gonna upvote the Zero Escape and SF4 guys, I agree with them!
  2. Because PGR is a Microsoft-owned trademark, which has been used as a launch title before. (Prior to Xbox, it was Metropolis Street Racer on DreamCast.)
  3. Another batch of you added. This has the potential to be HECTIC if someone gets lucky with Turnip prices! I remember once when my girlfriend's hit 500+ on the Wii version, and we posted about it on gamefaqs... She expected to be playing for an hour, but was literally swamped with visitors. Most of them chose to leave some Bells behind, and by the end of the evening she was exhausted, but also a Bellionaire. Not to mention, of course, that the game has gotten exponentially better with every visitor to your town/town you visit. I am now expecting somewhat marvellous things.
  4. I can't wait until this time tomorrow when we all hate whatever stupid name and form of Draconian DRM is finally revealed. Then the invetiable 6 months of piss-taking before every single one of us buys the thing regardless.
  5. A brief glimpse in this thread has led to me feeling all levels of inadequacy. I remember trying the demo of this on the website sometime last year, and failing miserably to leave the planet's atmosphere. Or, for that matter, to understand what was going on. But ... this is inspiring stuff! I am not quite tempted to venture into £15 worth of hell, but I can certainly see the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend of loneliness pushing me over the edge, especially if there are more FUCKING MOON BUGGY shots. Moon buggies! I honestly had no idea... It looks approximately 4000% more involved and complex than it did when I played it, that's for certain.
  6. Nice find, thank you. Gaben is trolling me with these bloody trading cards: Same thing happened with Portal 2, my first 2 cards were both the Chell one. If anybody happens to want a G-Man card, let me know. (I no longer have the spare Chell.)
  7. The doors flash briefly when you shoot them, and then go back to being exactly the same as they were beforehand. I guess that is an indicator, but there is literally no change in their appearances between never hitting them with a missile and shooting them 4 times. Now, as an older gamer and one who has played other Metroid titles, it is to my own shame that I never bothered to find out that they took 5 shots. But I can absolutely sympathise with anyone of any age group who can't work out how to get past that moment that is in most of the screenshots. I'm not saying it is exactly bad game design, but there really should have been something to make it clear that 5 missiles are needed. Perhaps trap the player in the room with a missile recharge pod, or a respawning enemy that is guaranteed to drop new missiles? Remember, most of the people who are stuck don't even have 5 missiles to fire at the red door they need to go through in order to get the bombs to get out! Mostly, I am a little bit annoyed at the smugness from so many regarding this. Magazines used to carry this kind of information, Nintendo ran telephone helpline, Games Master and Bad Influence put tips and cheats on TV. There has always been a demand for help with games, Gamefaqs is one of the biggest gaming sites for that very reason! There still is, to some extent, with all the strategy guides that GAME insist on trying to foist on me if I dare buy anything there. So, is it really a surprise that people who are stuck are asking for help in the most obvious way available to them? At the end of the day, it is a phenomenal proof of concept for the Miiverse itself. Nintendo could not have asked for a better way to advertise it.
  8. Even at £17.99, I won't be buying Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. Not because it isn't worth it, but because I was extremely lucky to find the brand new game in ASDA a couple of months back for the princely sum of £4! I would need it to go on sale for less than a tenner before converting to the download version. However, anyone who hasn't got it should STRONGLY consider it, particularly if turn-based strategy is your new thing since XCOM and Fire Emblem. Absolutely hyped for that Project X Zone demo!
  9. I may be in the minority, but I simply prefer Half Life to 2. I'm not saying for one second that Half Life 2 is anything less than incredible, but there are moments in it that seem to exist purely to show off physics engine that was, admittedly, quite the wonder at the time. Whereas Half Life is, until Xen, a much more expertly crafted entity that seems entirely organic. It is just much easier to immerse yourself into Black Mesa than it City 17, at least for me. This is probably why I am still to complete Half Life 2 a second time, or play the Episodes at all. I guess I should get on with those! DOTA 2 is quite obviously something special as well, and I have played it once to date. This was quite early on, before everybody on Steam had an inventory full of invites, and there was no tutorial of any sort. I found it quite an unfriendly game, both in terms of helping the newcomer and the community that were playing at the time. Of course, this should be much better now, because back then the only people playing were DOTA veterans and let's be honest ... veterans of any game are usually elitist pricks.
  10. That Carnival Night Zone column/barrel/NIGHTMARE CREATION is literally the only time in the entire game that pressing Up is required. There is a good reason why so many people got stuck there. And there are equally good reasons why such stupid design conceits have been abandoned. I am not suggesting that the frustrating hand-holding that most games come with today is the answer, but there has to be a middle ground between over-tutorialising games and puzzles with arbitrary solutions.
  11. That game is X, from Monolith.
  12. Geometry Wars being more or less the single reason I wanted an Xbox 360. It's kicking of my arse for a long time, and the subsequent elation at FINALLY scoring that million! Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Bomberman, and Pokemon all going online. (As in, easily online without having to jump through multiple Kaillera and assorted emulatey hoops.) And the astonishment that I can still play other games, and even leave the house despite their existence. The gift from the gaming Gods that was Dead Rising. Getting the "Ture Ending" in my underpants. Crackdown going from being "That free game I got with the Halo 3 beta" to "That game where my mate threw cars at me last night, so I kicked him off the top of a mile high tower." Portal literally rewiring parts of my brain as I played it. Bioshock's infamous reveal. Left 4 Dead and the million or so "True Bro" moments it engendered. Leaving the vault for the first time in Fallout 3. Demon's Souls making me scared to take a single step beyond what I had already seen. Dark Souls doing the impossible and being even MORE terrifying than Demon's Souls! Praise the sun, indeed. Bayonetta. 'nuff said. Playing through the entirety of GRAW, Rainbow Six Vegas, Gears of War, Halo 3, and Borderlands without ever once needing to do any part of them solo. Having my Mum sit and watch Journey, and love what she was seeing. Every single magnificent second of Super Mario Galaxy. Every single even more astonishing second of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  13. Here is some anti-doom and gloom, of forthcoming games for the console: (Sorry, I seem to be unable to embed for some reason.)Instead of targeting Youtube for ad revenue, Nintendo need to hunt down the maker of that video and put him in charge of marketing!
  14. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I WANT to be in, but I don't even own all the games at the moment. (Or in some cases, own but don't have access to. It's complicated.) But then, if ever there was a more worthy plan to spend on .... I would say that end credits has to be good enough, surely? Except for World, where anything less than 96 exits is utter failure. Take Galaxy, for example. There are theoretically 3 levels of completion to that one, so considering how long this task is likely to take, don't force yourself to play the entire game twice. That's just silly.
  15. It would be nice, considering all this projected growth, if they would stop closing all the developers down all the time! Or, better yet, stop working on these ridiculous and impossible "projected" figures and base things on real measurable actual data instead? Re: Super Metroid To be absolutely fair, the information about red doors requiring 5 missiles is in the manual. The manual that can not be directly accessed from within the game. What you need to do is to press the Home button on the gamepad, and select the manual option from there. Admittedly, this is true for all Wii U games, but the Virtual Console titles also have their own seperate menu, which is accessed by pressing the ZR trigger. There are 4 tiles on show, one of which does nothing at all when you highlight it or press it. Why on earth is the game manual not put there? I'll hold my hand up on this one. I did not RTFM. I didn't really feel the need to. But I still find myself sympathising with everyone who has managed to get stuck at that point. It is not just entirely possible to get there without the required means to get out, it is in fact probable. If you get to a red door without 5 missiles, you don't get to open it. Not to mention the outright stupidity of making people press the "Open the damn door" button 5 times anyway. It is a small mercy, then, that the doors turn into normal ones once they have been opened.
  16. Re: "y cant metroid crawl" This bugs me. A great deal of people are being extremely unfair. To get to the root of it, we need to look at Dave. Dave has reached an impasse because of his inability to open the red doors. He obviously does not know that to open one requires the shooting of multiple missiles. Five, to be exact. Or, another way to say this would be "Every missile you can possibly carry", which is quite important. Is it a logical assumption to unload your entire stock of missiles in order to get through one door? The oft-quoted Einstein definition of insanity is "Repeatedly trying the same thing and expecting different results each time." Please, tell me ... why would anybody who has fired a missile at a red door to see it fail to open then fire four more at it? I certainly didn't think to. I merely assumed that I needed a different weapon, because I have played Prime, Fusion, and Zero Mission. Somebody completely new to the series might not even realise that different weapons are needed. The second thing to notice about Dave is that he actually is not carrying ANY missiles at this point, let alone the five he needs to open that door. He is physically unable to open that door. What he needs to do is to go and find some enemies to shoot, and hope that they replenish his stock. This is something you infer from the game, it is not explicitly stated. But, there is a random factor in what enemies leave behind. Dave could well have lost the last of his missiles on the other side of that blue door, for all we know, and not currently have seen that enemies sometimes leave missiles behind. He may even have been without any missiles for a while, because it is also possible that no enemy he has shot since losing all his missiles has dropped one for him. Right now, he may need to go and try something that he has no reason to think will achieve anything. What is on the other side of that door? I don't know, because I can completely relate to Dave. I have not been through it. This is because I did not know that I needed to use all my missiles to open it! Presumably, that is where one finds the Morph ball bombs that the posters of the first seven screenshots need. I can also relate to them, because I found myself stuck in exactly the same place, and unable to get back out. I literally reset the game, figuring that I would find Ice missiles or Morph bombs somewhere else that I could reach, and would then be able to go back to the red doors. Everybody is laughing at people who are stuck in a place that requires some knowledge to bypass. Knowledge that is not delivered directly by the game itself. It may well be in the manual, and it was apparently provided in the guide that came with the original, but this digital copy does not include that guide. Five missiles, people. Does that not seem excessive? Does that not strike you as at least a little illogical? I shot a missile at the very first red door I saw, and then even fired a second one to make sure. Why would I then fire three more? Why would anybody? (Pauly, however, is definitely a successful troll!)
  17. A kindly soul on another forum offered up beta invites, and I snagged one. No doubt these things will be like DOTA 2 invites before long, and my luck is such that there is no way I will actually earn any cards even if I play every game non-stop for the next year. But, for now, I'm in! EDIT: My mistake. I've been playing Portal 2 for about 5 minutes, and I just got my first card!
  18. Aaaaaannnd, THERE goes Bob's tweet! Looks like someone is going to be looking for a new job in the morning.
  19. A good friend of mine, one who I have played many games with over the years, most recently PSO2, got hold of an Android tablet YESTERDAY. By any reasonable standard of the definition, he would be considered a "hardcore gamer" (as much as I loathe that term), and yet he only got into the situation described above this recently. So, basically, LOADS of people don't have access to a tablet.
  20. I was thinking about this earlier. I realised that I have actually bought more Angry Birds games than EA games in the last 5 years. I wish I had waited to get my Wii U until last week when it was really cheap, but I'm still glad I have it. It is far and away my favourite console experience. The 360 takes longer to do anything every single time I switch it on, probably because DEM ADS, and the PS3 with its near-constant updates saps any joy you may have had from you long before you get to play a game. The Wii U could be faster, but not having to exit the game in order to Miiverse or even internet is something that should be in the other consoles already. And I have 120 hours in Monster Hunter now! This is before Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, and before the inevitable Nintendo big-hitters come out. Zelda is fine, but Mario and Mario Kart are simply the best franchises in existence for me.
  21. I believe I am up-to-date with the entire thread, but every single time I add someone I find a new friend code or two has been added.
  22. If Valve want to empty all 16 of those useless DOTA 2 invites out of my inventory, they are welcome to! EDIT: I have some spare stuff in my inventory that is NOT DOTA 2 invites, as it happens. Toki Tori, Rush, Hell Yeah!, and A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 double pack. None are particularly hugely exciting, but I have zero need of them, so feel free to ask for one. My Steam ID = cheekylee
  23. I have seen the notification in the eShop news that says Super Metroid is available. I have seen the community on Miiverse, and even posted in it. But when I try to find the sodding game, it's just not there! I even clicked the eShop thing from my community post, only to be greeted with an error. This is horrible. PEOPLE HAVE THE GAME, WHY CAN'T I BE ONE OF THEM? EDIT: Well, that was a runaround! After the image appeared in the eShop, I clicked on it to be taken to the Kirby's Adventure page. Yeah, I wasn't really that bothered when I bought it last month, I just couldn't say "No" at 30p. But, eventually, I managed to find it, buy it, install it, and start playing.... Only to find that I am FORCED to have subtitles on throughout the game. I either see them in German or French, there is no option to see NONE. Nintendo really do go out of their way to make people dislike them at times.
  24. Nintendo have always been somewhat ruthless when it comes to protecting their IP. This move should not surprise anybody. And, as dng said up above, this isn't even something that only Nintendo have done. Yes, I can understand those who say "This is free advertising for Nintendo", but it is still effectively people profiting from copyrighted material. A "Let's Play" video generally shows the entire game, which is stepping way beyond the 'fair use' guidelines that a review would come under. It's a bit of a dick move, for sure, but it's not any different to companies using DRM to dissuade piracy. Hopefully Nintendo come out with some kind of partner programme, to allow LP'ers to continue to do what they were doing. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it, as they have repeatedly shown that they are quite inflexible, as well as not really understanding the brave new socially-connected world that the internet is.
  25. It's a per-title thing, but not anything that I can find a way to adjust on the console itself. I literally just checked all my disc titles, and the results are: Nintendoland, Mario U - One save file on the console. Sonic Racing Transformed, ZombiU, Monster Hunter - Individual saves inside each profile. Then, for curiosity, I tried Super Mario World. This also saves inside the profile. Which makes the single save file per console of Mario U the single most ridiculous thing that Nintendo have done with the console.
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