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  1. + Shiny. Golfers! I was about to go to bed, when I got a "rare" costume version of Rosie to matchplay. It literally has sparkly bits all round it. Since then, I've found a couple more, and just like in Pokémon where they aren't actually any better than regular, they are also SO MUCH BETTER! - OB bunkers. This new rule introduced for the Boss match against Olive was seriously annoying. I thought I had her beat, then managed to roll 1cm too far on a drive and ended up going to round 7 of Sudden Death. + Skill ceiling. There is a beautiful sense of improvement throughout, leading to you not only taking more risks at times, but also realising when you just need to play it safe. Sure, there will be freaks online with all level 30 teams, but anyone at or slightly above your own level is probably beatable if you just play more smartly then them. + The whole "team" concept. I wasn't sure at first, but now I think it's a great addition. It's not just about stats, I NEED to have Bella somewhere in my 9! As more characters become available, you can really start to tailor to your own playstyle, or focus on having the most well-rounded group. - Dodgy decisions. I'm sure this is actually just me, and if so this really should be a +, but there are times when it feels like the game isn't playing completely fair. Shanking regularly-powered straight shots for no reason, or JUST rolling that tiny bit further that means semi-rough seems to always happen when it is going to cause you the biggest problem. (Even good games make you want to throw the controller down in frustration sometimes.) + It's less than £20!
  2. Volunteering to come last in any tournaments the forum organises, while simultaneously keeping this thread near the top. It's a superb game, that I've been wanting to come to Switch since the console first existed. I may never load Mario Golf again...
  3. Listen up, Hot Shots! The best golf series ever is finally where it feels most at home: While it may not be Everybody's favourite, some of us love it to death. (Also, is that not just the most awesome pun name ever?)
  4. Thiago is such a joy to watch. He's on a different level to everyone else on that field! Please let nobody tackle him ...
  5. Diaz is our saviour at the moment. Give him some of Salah's pay rise
  6. I'd normally say that Gomez is single-handedly destroying us, but he's just one of the culprits. There is something not right about the whole team this season.
  7. What has happened to Mo? Sure, a goal drought is one thing, but he looks like he's forgotten everything he knows about kicking a ball.
  8. Clearly offside, but nobody would have cared if it stood. Just amazed at how long it took them to work it out. Right decision reached, but as soon as the lines appear I, for one, have long since stopped caring. Now the ball has been in our net, maybe we'll finally do what we're so very capable of? We should be leading already.
  9. I really want to like Darwin, but can't help wishing we'd kept Origi even if just for this match.
  10. Cramp isn't an injury. It's like stopping the match to let someone go off for a piss. How unfit are Newcastle that half their team were affected? Everton will absolutely shithouse for all they are worth today, and you can guarantee that the ref won't help us in any way. I expect to see Darwin upended the first time he gets within a yard of the ball, and rabid bitters cheering it with the ref shrinking away. I want to see Frankie the Tory moan like mad on MOTD tonight! COME ON YOU REDS!
  12. WE WANT TEN! Okay ... TWO!
  13. The pattern to successfully play against this Liverpool is out there. Grab, tug, kick, pull, fall over, waste time. Every referee will let you get away with it. Fuck this league.
  14. Normal service has resumed.
  15. Pitiful showing. We knew they were going to be up for it after their start, but we just didn't look at any point like we were making the effort. Arses need kicking after that.
  16. Why the fuck is Fernandes still on the field? That was utterly childish, and any reasonable ref would have told him so.
  17. Firmino seems to have decided he wants to end his career in midfield. Robertson has forgotten what direction forwards is. Salah is invisible. And our entire defence can't be bothered. Rashford was offside, but who cares at this point? Something needs to wake us up
  18. Playing like we've been drugged. What the hell is going on?
  19. How in the hell is this not F2P? I mean ... it's cheap enough, but this feels like Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot somewhat.
  20. Yes, I watched it. He reacted, badly, but if that was a headbutt then I'm Taylor Swift. Not questioning the red card, just saying that it's possibly no coincidence that the only referee to send a Liverpool player off last season has done it first chance he got this.
  21. There is no team I hate more than Palace, cunt is in their blood. And City fan Tierney was desperate to help them out. Yes, it was red, but there was no actual contact on Andersen, who was seemingly allowed to do whatever he wanted all game long. Look at the positives, though. Still unbeaten despite half the team being injured. This season will be unlike any other with the World Cup in the middle of it,and sooner or later we'll play like we're capable.
  22. Luis Diaz is a beautiful human!
  23. If you're gonna do something like that, at least break his nose.
  24. Utter shite. Time to put these lucky bastards to the sword.
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