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  1. 34.014, which means nothing here but is now a good 3 seconds ahead of my son. I can't quite work out why going wide-right on the final straight adds time, surely it's adding distance? Whoever started this needs to find Jesus.
  2. Never let it be said that I fear last place! I fully intend to improve, but let me post my ONLY completed lap time of 44.053 for now. Currently taking turns with my son, and he's just as terrible as me ... EDIT: 38.846 now, which included a 1.5 time penalty for adding distance on the final straight! This game needs a handbrake. On Xbox.
  3. You pulled me in with the time trial stuff! First 4 races in the Picolini or whatever cup saw me get 3 10th place finishes, and a dead last. So dead last that I actually crossed the line in the pit lane ... I doubt I'll be troubling any leaderboards any time soon. I'm really finding it a lot tougher than I usually do this kind of game, possibly because I've barely played them in ages. I should have known from Art of Rally how little gaming skill I have managed to retain these days.
  4. SO MUCH THIS! It's precisely what I want from a dungeon crawler. I haven't even bothered reading the profiles of all the characters I've used. One of them is a cat? Don't care, what damage can he do is all that matters to me.
  5. I had the same thing happen, and now can't justify taking my new 3 down to floor 6 in case the same thing happens. So I guess I need to put on some better armour, which probably means grinding. Presumably the mobs I fought on the event square on 6 are all still there, but maybe the ones I already took out are still gone, in which case I can do some swapping about? It's pretty cool not really knowing, but also not having to be too concerned about any time investment to try stuff out anyway.
  6. Nothing to add to that, utter dominance. LOOK AT THE PASSES!
  7. Fucking WOW from Salah! What even is this man doing?
  8. Imagine if Sissoko wasn't having the game of his life?
  9. How is Jermaine Jenas employed?
  10. Salah has been mugging Danny Rose all game, this could be something to savour!
  11. THIS. It's simply essential at that price. I may never even load it, or the Contra one, but at £4 each? You'd be mad not to grab it for the time you eventually feel like playing one of them.
  12. We're back to proper kickball after the pointless international break. We owe Watford a drubbing.
  13. I wish we would change the name of these. Most of the Castlevania games don't actually fit the name, certainly nothing before SotN!
  14. I think I've been a bit harsh on it, if I'm honest. There are some great ideas, albeit clumsily handled, and my own jadedness with so much of the AAA bloated bullshit got in the way of objectively looking at cards and mods. If anything, the bars set by the previous games will be this one's biggest obstacle. It's borderline suicide with bots, though. Whereas Zoe and Francis were damn headshot machines, all this lot know is how to heal you. I watched as Walter fell, and hung on the pipes for 5 minutes with no bot going to help. Since you're always leading, you get 90% of the enemy focus. I dunno, maybe I'm just older and slower. I was able to complete both previous games solo, but I can't see myself getting through The Crossing without help from others any time soon.
  15. Leg it, they just come forever otherwise.
  16. I wish this were true, but it's more like Left 4 Dead 2.5. The cards don't add anywhere near as much as the game seems to think they do, and seem to exist purely so there can be some "Get this legendary card!" weekends in the future. That being said, it's at least as good as L4D2.5 should be, because it's built onto an existing best-in-genre. It should be great fun over the next month or two!
  17. I'm glad it's on Game Pass, because I'd be quite annoyed to have paid £60 for what is essentially L4D with all its character and personality removed. There's nothing actually wrong with, as such, it's simply got a massive shadow to step out of.
  18. The EMMIs could do with a tiny nerf, in my opinion. Lower their detection range slightly, and add a frame or 2 to the counter window. After all, it's not like the counter damages them. Or, just increase the size of their patrol area, as they always seem to be in whichever area you enter their zone from! It's a touch frustrating to come across them when you don't know the layout of the rooms ahead well enough to run, and so you just have to hope it buggers off long enough for you to get across the room. But, that's a suggestion rather than a complaint. Otherwise, I'm fully on board with the love-in, this is a wonderful game.
  19. I don't even think Nightmare was anywhere near as terrible as made out, mostly it's the sheer size that makes it difficult! I would put this right alongside Fusion in terms of difficulty. But it is far ahead in terms of atmosphere. And Samus is an utter joy to control, I don't think she has ever flowed this well before.
  20. I definitely struggled against Corpius, The difficulty is just down to how much damage enemies do. Those little lava-spitting bastards are particularly irksome in that regard, but there are so many recharges around that it's never a problem. Not knowing where to go is also being overplayed. This is a game that literally blocks the wrong route off at times, completely unlike previous Metroids. The map is incredibly useful, learning to use it is absolutely one of your weapons.
  21. I can't really agree with this. All their 1st-party titles are at most £49.99. Alternatively, they cost 1 voucher. The vouchers cost £84 for 2, with a £20 upfront required to be able to buy them. Sony 1st-party cost at least £59.99, with a definite push for £69.99 as the new price point, and I don't believe there is any Plus discount, at least not immediately. You're then paying £49.99 to get Plus, which while it is a good service, has lost a lot of its shine recently against the peerless Game Pass Unlimited. You're probably referring to the "Switch tax", which is basically 3rd-parties taking the piss. Nintendo aren't the ones asking me to pay £35 for this year's FIFA reskin, that's EA. Nintendo already gave me 2 updates to a golf game released this year at no extra cost. Dread is well worth the RRP. Maybe if even anyone else made games as good as Nintendo we could argue what better to spend on, but they're still ahead of everyone else. Until that changes, they can continue to justify their pricing strategy. Anyone is free to not buy what they don't want to, after all.
  22. Avengers: Spendgame? Surely this is a precursor to going full F2P? It has to be the right decision, as the only thing that stopped me playing before it hit Game Pass was the paygate. (Since then, it's been inability to install it, but that's a whole different problem...)
  23. 90 years old. The good die young.
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