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  1. Sneasel are loathsome creatures indeed. As soon as you breath in the vicinity of one, a whole swarm starts Naruto-running right at you, determined that you will never reach that shaking-grass for the much more rare Pokémon you're actually there for! But even they are nothing compared to the Noivern, Braviary, and Bisharp hordes at the Lake of Outrage. Not only are they overly keen, they're bloody fast to boot. Leave me alone, guys, all I'm here for is a Jolly Ditto!
  2. Best win of the season! This team are simply incredible, and on a level above anything else. Wolves have been the best team we've played, and they deserve to win something soon.
  3. Henderson is absolutely on this tonight! A man possessed.
  4. They're for Battle Tower and the online arena. You can set specific teams, saving you the trouble of moving your 'mons about in order to enter with your party, but the functionality isn't quite as good as it sounds. And you can't send a Pokémon in a team on a job, so I mostly just amend my party, to be honest. It's a nice option, but I'd want it to be more fully-featured than it currently is.
  5. I didn't think I could love this team more, but then Allison passes the ball to Salah! 30 points from 16 games to go...
  7. Robertson has been slack, he's given the ball away more than all season. The 2nd absolutely should have stood, even Roy Keane thinks so!
  8. 15 minutes of showing far too much respect, followed by the kind of goal that League 2 teams shouldn't be conceding. I'd take 75 minutes of boredom right now!
  9. I'm somewhat with both of you. The pace definitely felt like it picked up later on, but at least some of that was due to the lack of a long and drawn-out section just prior to the Elite 4. I've generally hated Victory Road, so its removal was very welcome to me. I do agree, though, that this means that the game does feel rushed, especially when it comes to Spikemuth. Post-game is a lot better than ever before, and this means that I've managed to reach level 100 with more than one of my mons for the first time! Raids aren't dull yet, and that new G-max forms keep on reaching us keeps things fresh. I'm still on the look-out for Duralodon, Lapras, Gengar, Machamp, and any others that I might not even be aware of. Overall, I feel it's the best Pokémon game ever, and it will become even better with the expansions. But I also can see why some may be disappointed along the way, because the focus changes halfway through from standard Pokémon fare to a much more battle-focused experience. Wether this is due to time constraints, or a deliberate direction is unknown, but it definitely has led to some thinking less of the whole game because of it, and the announcement of expansions will certainly exacerbate that feeling in some.
  10. They told you this would be the case during the Direct. I don't think it counts as a dick move that you weren't paying attention.
  11. I'm really glad that one's over, Mourinho-ball is utterly horrendous and I thought that was going to be our toughest match all season. Imagine ditching Pochettino for that? We could and should have hit them much harder, but the win is all that matters at this point. Long may this machine keep on rolling!
  12. Did I say 3 at the back? Try 8! Even VAR couldn't find a reason to rob us of that goal, though.
  13. 3 at the back means full-on spoiler tactics from Jose. I expect a frustrating evening.
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