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  1. The method I used to get Sirfetch'd for those who desperately want one: When you have it, make sure to go to a Pokecentre, and talk to the move relearner. Teach it First Impression, this attack is basically what makes it the best Pokémon in the game. Mine has s Brave nature, which is Attack+ and Speed-, you may want to try for Adamant instead for the Special Attack-, but I was happy enough with Brave because it has decent enough Defence. I'm running Iron Defense, Brick Break, First Impression, and Brutal Swing right now, and I can't really think of anything else it needs. Apart from a name, because even though Sirfetch'd itself is good, it's not personal enough!
  2. The only problem I've faced so far was Love: The Wild Area. Frame rate issues seem to mainly happen when connected to the internet, at least for me, so I guess it's a communication/sync thing. It's big enough, with enough distinct areas, and seeing others tearing about on their bikes just makes you feel like you're part of something bigger. Being able to pick and choose battles in long grass. Hence, committing Combee genocide in order to finally find a female one. (This was odd, because seemingly everything else I encounter in the wild is female.) I mean, who really wants to battle Woobats anyway after you've caught one for the dex? The towns all seem more unique, and there's a definite journey as you progress further north. TRs as well as TMs. The end of HMs had to lead to some change, and this is perfectly acceptable. I probably should have to work for some of the better attacks in the game. EXP Share. Yes, I know most hate this, but I've found that the combination of this and access to boxes anywhere has actually meant that I'm swapping my team around more often than normal. No more sitting on 6 for the whole game, and meaning to come back and try that new guy out later on but never getting round to it. Sirfetch'd! It's borderline broken, but just really fun. Dislike: Hop. Seriously, sod off. I actually feel bad for beating up on him all the time, but in previous games you've had to win those battles to continue. Has anyone lost to him? Team Yell. There's just no reason for them, admittedly I'm only 5 gyms in but by now the backstory has usually started moving. Right now they're just bellends who stop me going the wrong way. As a player who accidentally did the gym order of 1,2,5,4,3,6,7,8 in Gold, I don't want to be so hard-guided! I'm halfway through, but so far I'm happy to say that this is probably the best game in the series.
  3. Falinks may be the best Pokémon I've ever seen!
  4. Pokémon are born with IVs (Individual Values), which can go from 0 to 31, and determine the maximum value for a stat. They earn EVs (Effort Values) in battles or Hyper Training, which can add more to that stat, up to 255 EV points. Nutshelled version is that with a perfect IV, trained EV, and the right nature you could have a much higher stat value for what you want on that 'mon. Like, 100 points difference in some cases.
  5. I'd gladly take a Sobble for a Grookey! I got a female as my starter, so can also pump them out for anyone who wants one. I also caught a female Farfetch'd, so today I intend to see if I can breed those. The biggest problem is probably getting Leeks for them to hold, hopefully they're born with one. Essentially, breeding passes down species from the mother, and moves from the father, providing the baby can learn them. There are hold items to pass on nature's and IVs, but the last few games have had post-game ways to customise all that stuff anyway, and I'd be very surprised if this changed.
  6. I've spent about 6 hours on it today, and have completed the 1st gym. It's just what I was hoping for, with the biggest problem being not relying on the old favourites, and giving the newbies a chance to shine. What the hell is Blipbug going to end up looking like? I don't know, so therefore don't know what to name it ... Yes, that is my biggest problem with the game. Otherwise, I love it!
  7. The single best attack in the game is Explosion, which has base damage of 250. There is also the really heavy-hitting Return and Body Slam, the second of which has a good chance to inflict Paralysis. These are all Normal type attacks. Also, Normal is only weak to Fighting. It's far from the worst type, and pure Normal is pretty solid defensively. Ask any Snorlax...
  8. Dexit is the name coined for the fact that a lot of old Pokemon aren't in the game at all. There is only the Galar-region Dex, instead of the full Pokedex, and so anything not part of that can't be caught or traded into the game. I'll find out if the game is good tonight/tomorrow. Some may get their hands on it before then and can give an answer earlier than me, but My guess is that it's going to be just as good as every other Pokemon game has been to date.
  9. I've pretty much been avoiding all talk of the game until this week, which didn't take a ton of effort. Just don't click on baity articles, and all is well. But, now THE OUTRAGE is in full swing, I've looked at more than I otherwise would have done. The Dexit (ho ho) doesn't bother me, but I can certainly see why some are upset by that. But ... some of the other things people are complaining about boggles my mind. I've seen people in a tizzy because it's now too easy for casuals to get shinies. What in the actual .... "MUM. THEY'RE HAVING FUN WRONG!" I guarantee there will be another game on the way, probably Stadium 3, which will have ways to bring all the old favourites back into the game. Maybe the long-awaited Diamond and Pearl remakes to force people to buy them as a bridging device, too? Yes, it would be quite cynical, but if anybody thinks there is a game developer in the world who is above exploiting their audience for money then they haven't been paying attention. In less than 12 hours, I'll be happily not caring about what reddit thinks, and hopefully sharing fun tales with you guys instead.
  10. This is your chance to be the bigger man. Stop rising to everyone's bait! I've now read quite a few of the reviews, and so far they paint a picture of what might just be the best Pokémon game yet. Strange, then, that there are people on the internet of all places who are finding things to complain about ...
  11. Personally speaking, that EG review has me highly excited. I don't play Pokemon for story, the single-player is literally just a training area for the actual game, which is battles with friends, family members, and assorted random online freaks. I generally dislike the dungeons, and am glad they're gone. Sure, I can see why others want more story and lore, but there's a huge number of players out there who literally just want to tear through to endgame as quickly as possible, and my guess is this game is targeted primarily at this group far more than previous versions have been. And it's these players that will buy whatever the 3rd title is, by the way, or get the Battle Tower DLC (or whatever they decide on this time) that follows on in a few months.
  12. I plumped for Sword, and my son is getting Shield. I'm pre-loaded, and ready to not roll at midnight because someone at Nintendo forgot to throw the switch! As Germany are an hour ahead, does anyone know if this will be live at 11pm our time or not?
  13. That'll do, Pep. That'll do.
  14. If Aguero plays the ball when it falls to his feet instead of screaming for the penalty, he scores. There's a reason you teach kids to play to the whistle.
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