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  1. That looks really fun, to be fair. It's quite over the top, and visually it was difficult to tell exactly what was going on, but when I'm controlling 1 character and my kids are controlling others, it will be quite ... wait for it ... MARVELLOUS!
  2. There was another slap across the face every few seconds. Where to even start? Well, obviously, at the finish. Breath of the Wild 2, they could have literally just said that and I'd have been as hyped as ever, but there was a ton of other stuff in there. Was Animal Crossing 8 player? PANZER DRAGOON! Mana trilogy, available today. I'm still a little bit reeling, to be honest.
  3. This shark game may well be the game that my girlfriend finally plays on a PC!
  4. You can take the player out of Everton ...
  5. While so many of you will be living joyless lives, I'll be DYANAMAXing Luvdisc and Jynx all over the place! If I have to get actually social in order to co-op raid, then I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find ways. I mean, I saw a crowd of about 20 weirdos ... um .. I mean ... fully grown adults ... all raiding Cresselia on Pokemon Go while I was walking through a park tonight. I'm in on day one, buying the twin pack even if my son buys his own version, and may well force my girlfriend to get on board by buying a second Switch, because THIS LOOKS MAGNIFICENT! There really is no pleasing the internet.
  6. Seems there are now a coupe more of you who'll be telling the next idiot who moans about MH to "Just play more, dude, it will grab you when you learn to play it properly!" See? We told you that for a reason.
  7. I don't care that it was a poor match. We may have had less of the ball, but we never looked in any trouble at any point during that match. Glenn Hoddle is an even bigger bellend than I thought him to be, and I would gladly make wine from his tears tonight!
  8. AND THAT WINS THE CUP! Origi, I love you.
  9. They've had more of the ball, but at no point have we looked in any sort of trouble. I'd say it's definitely a case of us being poor than them outplaying us.
  10. That's not a bad way to start...
  11. CheekyLee

    The Spurs Thread

    26 points difference suggests quite the gulf. I know I'm biased, but Liverpool are strong favourites for very good reasons. I was happy for Spurs when you beat City, and delighted when you beat Ajax, but you're now just the next mob in our way!
  12. I dropped a hunt on people earlier, because of an absolutely moronic bug. I was looking at my move list as the map loaded, and then couldn't close it from my screen. So, maybe there are other similar problems leaving people with no option but to drop out? The difference it makes having players with even 1 clue in a team! Actually realising there is a flare to fire, and knowing not to self-res if not in Danger should be reinforced in the early game. I'm going to start putting voice on just to shout at the idiots. Really starting to enjoy this now, apart from Embermane. Fights end up as me running around in vane hopes of ever hitting him, and then rolling to put out the flames when he inevitably snipes me. 2 fights against him so far have ended with the other players down because they were too self-res happy, and my hammer being almost completely unable to land a blow. Think I'm just going to have to switch to Repeaters for that one. It's annoying that I keep on getting him when trying to just do Blaze patrol so I can upgrade a weapon to 275, but I may need to start grinding a different element instead.
  13. That was utterly horrific. Unlinking my PSN meant that I originally had to create an Epic game account for the PSN that was already linked. And now I don't really know what Epic account I'm connected to, it seems it's basically my Facebook. I tried to login with the email address I thought I was using, but the password is incorrect. Naturally, when trying to change it, I am told that my new password can't be any of my 5 previous passwords. Sigh ... Back to Dauntless talk! Skarn was a noticeable step up, so I'm now really looking forward to fighting Shrike. Currently rocking the Hammer, although having finaly worked out how to use Repeaters I do have to say they were a lot more fun than I expected them be. I do think there is so much additional polish needed, but the core of the game, actually fighting Behemoths, is unquestionably fun. I'll be sticking around for a bit.
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