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  1. The Collector's shop has truly broken me. I totally should have bought Red Skull yesterday, because I have Cerebro at the moment and just know that it now won't give me anything worthwhile until the second after I decide to buy one of them.
  2. The patch is welcome, obviously, and there is no question that something is needed. But, I still feel that the performance issues card is being hugely overplayed here. Not to mention, the patch seems to be more about Season 1 of Ranked Battles than actual fixes, and this was always going to be something added in a patch pretty soon after launch. I don't expect the game to improve much, if at all, tomorrow, or indeed ever. Back off "Tech Geeks" chat and back into "Game Freaks" for a minute? I have 2 things: 1. Get yourself a Glimmora! 2. Does anyone have a Quaxly I could pimp out with my Ditto for half an hour? I have the other 2 starters, nothing particularly awesome breeding wise, yet, but can produce them on request at this point. Surprise Trade keeps on letting me down.
  3. I may be dense, but I can't actually see how many collection tokens I have. The Helicarrier costs 3000, and apparently I can purchase it, but it's not very clear to me how many that will leave me with, if any!
  4. Beat some Titans. That gets better! The shops thing is weird, I now see it. Zapaldea Footwear I'm Mesagoza just does not show on my map. I have left the area and come back, but the shops don't refresh. I doubt they are so independent that they refuse to appear on tourist maps, so what the hell?
  5. Beat some Titans. That gets better! The shops thing is weird, I now see it. Zapaldea Footwear I'm Mesagoza just does not show on my map. I have left the area and come back, but the shops don't refresh. I doubt they are so independent that they refuse to appear on tourist maps, so what the hell?
  6. I've not even been looking at the map for the shops, if I'm honest. There are so many items laying around everywhere, and coupled with an absolute surplus of poke-centres that you can air taxi to, I've simply not needed to shop. I would like better choices of clothing, but I'm sure I'll find some eventually. I may never complete this game. Every session I start off, I see something and then go off on a tangent. 6 tangents later, I have no idea where I am or what my plan was. It's a lot like BotW in that it takes some actual effort to progress the story, and that is the highest praise I can give to an open-world game.
  7. AAAAARRRRGHHH, FUCK OFF, TYNAMO! (Admittedly, my own stupid fault for jumping into the sea with no plan, but still highly frustrating.)
  8. We have never been able to change the names of traded Pokémon, although having just said that I now vaguely recall it being limited to a 1-time possibility in Sword/Shield. You can rename a Pokémon on its summary page when you press X.
  9. Sorry to interrupt the tech thread, but I just want to share my thoughts on the game itself so far. The Wild Area was a tantalising glimpse into what an open-word Pokemon game could be, but always felt a little constrained. Arceus improved on the concept in all the right ways, transforming wild Pokemon from solitary creatures into living and breathing entities. But the feel of an actual world was still not quite there, until now. This has absolutely nailed it, in my opinion. They are absolutely everywhere, and it remains exciting to see a bunch of Lechonk in the world regardless of how high-level you are reaching. Low-level no-threat Pokemon that run away, as well as high-level beasts that will KO you as soon as look at you are all over the place, and entering a new area for the first time gives a genuine "Who is gonna be around here?" feeling, that has been missing in recent games. Admittedly, some of this may be down to my own choice to go in as blind and uninformed as possible, but even when I see a Gen 1 favourite it makes me happy. I've chosen to play through with only Paldean mons in my party, but the sheer variety means that I'm on the edge of abandoning that rule because some of them are just so charming that I want any excuse to have them on screen! The rest is spoilered, but should only be avoided if you are going in completely cold. Anyone who has reached the University should be okay to read it. Alright, sticky stuff dealt with. The summary doesn't need hiding! Quite simply, this is a wonderful game. The core concept of Pokemon is so clearly a winner, that Game Freak would have to work really hard to get it wrong. And while it does look as if ambition may have slightly surpassed technical ability, I can't fault the ideas that have been explored. It's more fun riding around Paldea than it ever was in Galar, and even more interesting than in Sinnoh. And all of this is based on what I would guess is about 25-33% of the world so far. I'm loving it, and can't wait to see what else happens.
  10. You will definitely notice the frame drops in distant animations, and the stuttering when moving the camera. No question; it's there, and it's ugly. But, it truly doesn't impact on the game in any meaningful way. Everything that matters works just as it should, and the game will absolutely delight you far more than it frustrates you.
  11. WAY more open! Like ... almost overwhelmingly so. Your choice paralysis is going to be tested.
  12. IMPORTANT: I fell off a roof. Not only did the fall not kill me, a menu flashed up saying "Press Y to go back up", which admittedly gave me the annoying "Go back to where you were before you fell?" prompt but basically needs to be in more games from this day forth. No skill was required to get up there, just exploration. I've seen items that I'm now wondering "How do I get there?" about, and that can only be a good sign. I've played to the first city, and while I can see why reviewers have made mention of the frame rates for animation in the distance, and stutters while panning or textures up-close, I don't think any of it really matters that much. Yes, we're used to so much more polished works these days, but your kids won't care at all. They'll be too excited seeing a couple of Pachirisu playing by a tree. As, indeed, was I! You know what does matter? The world. It is MASSIVE. Forget what you saw in Arceus, even, it's far bigger. Even the first city is bigger than anything you've seen in a Pokemon game before now. And, none of it appears to be gated off. There are story scenes, which are used to introduce catching, battling, etc., but this is just to be expected. But I have learned things I hadn't been told about the game from just doing what I always do, which is trying to go the wrong way. See you out there, I guess. HASTA LA VISTAR!
  13. I'll say what I always seem forced to say at this point of the Pokémon pre-release cycle :- NOBODY cares about "performance" and "frame rates" anywhere near as much as the internet thinks they do. It will still sell millions, and I don't doubt for a second that we'll get our money's worth from it. And while nerds who do freak out about animations may foam at the mouth, most of us will just be having a grand old time playing what looks to be the most interesting main-series release to date!
  14. I don't think you ever need them. I know that I was seeing plenty of Naki and Okoye cards even before last week, and apparently all season pass cards get added in to regular rotation after a couple of months. I've made a Discard and Destroy deck, and it's been doing pretty well. Not being too locked into either half means that I can fake opponents into thinking it's a different deck, and then punish what they didn't cover for. I've only really had to pull out a turn 6 Apocalypse a couple of times. Swarm generally does better for me!
  15. I hate discard. 3 consecutive players I was against earlier got rid of Apocalypse, Swarm, and Apocalypse. The location that discarded from me? Took out my Dino. DIscard is NOT my friend ... I saw a streamer earlier, really new to the game. Down in pool 1, with a 90 or so collection level. I'm at nearly 500, so it was highly surprising to me when they randomly pulled Psylocke, who to that point I'd never even seen! Such a great game.
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