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  1. I still don't really see why people found multiplayer so difficult in World. If you're in the same session, you just join the posted quests. If not, let the leader fire an SOS. Or, just have someone create a session, and invite everyone. The only tricky thing is joining with good randoms, which has always been 50/50 at best anyway. I prefer World's system to searching for lobbies, joining, seeing that they're actually now farming some shit instead of the Urgent that they advertised, and repeating until you get lucky. What I hope they drop is the insistence on everyone watching the
  2. Salah was more or less on the halfway line when the pass was made, and a few yards into the Everton half when the whistle blew. There's no CSI-style analysis but I don't think he was actually offside. However, Everton rolled the ball forward to the halfway line, and then again another 4 or so metres, before taking the kick. The ref, not surprisingly, either didn't notice this or did notice and had no problem with it. Absolutely to do with how bad every Premier League referee is in our matches, and nothing at all to do with the laws of the game.
  3. Martin Tyler desperately trying to manifest an Everton victory. Jamie Carragher desperately praising everything Everton do in an effort to not sound biased. Get these games to Amazon!
  4. Here's hoping the boys have their Titanium shinpads on today.
  5. For anyone who got Iceborne and thus reached Master Rank but hasn't been playing this recently, load it back up and do the current movie event questline It's 2 quests, that allow you to craft the Artemis armour set from the movie. (Males can also wear it.) And it's ridiculous! Could be the best armour until the stupendously OP endgame stuff. Certainly better than anything else available to me, at any rate. You have 7 more days in which to do it. I'll be honest, I have no idea if Master Rank exists in the base game or not, but I imagine everyone in this thread got Iceborne and is t
  6. It will do massive initial numbers, but the conversion to paying players will be minimal. At this point, they've got nothing to lose by giving it a try, as there is no way they will get the development costs back from sales of the base game. Going Game Pass/PS+ is the very least they need to do.
  7. This guy tonight has been perfect, can have no complaints. He's allowing shoulder-to-shoulder, and blowing for pushes or pulls both ways. Exactly what we need at the moment.
  8. I swear this is because the referee hasn't set out to negate our pressing by any means necessary. It's lead to our players doing what they do best, and has meant Leipzig can't allow themselves to be comfortable. My kingdom for this kind of officiating in England! He's been brilliant, by which I mean competent.
  9. Am I dreaming, or have 2 fouls against us resulted in yellow cards? That's more or less unheard of in the Prem this season.
  10. With no more than 2 hours total playtime so far, getting 3 stars, a stamp, and the top of the pole before moving on to the next level ... Sorry, but anybody complaining about lives has only themselves to blame!
  11. VAR does its thing to make sure Leicester are back in, and the players drop in unison. You can't blame them, knowing that whatever they do won't matter. I'm sick of the sight of it.
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