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  1. Try in the cabinet at the back left of the shop. Should be there every day, along with flimsy net, shovel, axe, fishing rod, and watering can. It's also where you buy your daily umbrella, seeds, wallpapers, and floorings, as well as medicine if you don't have wasp nests with which to craft it.
  2. Donutville is splendid! I feel inadequate now ...
  3. At first, I was a little underwhelmed by this one. The slower pace of the early days annoyed me, but as I go on and more things start to open up, I see that it was actually a good idea to make it more gradual to start with. Usually, by this point, I have little left to do but all the day-to-day grinding. One thing I really don't get, though, is why they ditched the Gyroids! I would generally have a room in my house, or in the museum, specifically for them.
  4. No worries, it happens! I had just caught a Crawfish, but at least all the seeds I bought from your shop stayed in my pockets. Did you start off with Katt? Quite freaky odds that you have Apples and Mums as your natives, because I have the same combination. I started with Katt and Mac, you are the first island I ever visited, and the first animal I speak to is one of my starters! Someone more mathematically inclined than I could possibly do the maths, but I'm just gonna say it's a million-to-one shot.
  5. Turnips at 183 bells this morning, and Saharah in town. You might find better, but it is getting late. Dodo code of MDK89. I'd appreciate cherries, oranges, and pears, but no requirements!
  6. 172 this afternoon, which might mean mini-spike tomorrow morning. You'll find better out there!
  7. If this guide is true ... https://www.thonky.com/animal-crossing-new-leaf/stalk-market ...then I'm on one of the "spike" patterns with turnip prices. Started with 59, then 45, and this morning I was down to 36. This afternoon, it's 118. Which means tomorrow afternoon I might be looking at 400+! I'll let people know what it reaches.
  8. Ninjala looks superb! I instantly got a Power Stone vibe, but then got a lot more intrigued by the thought of 4v4. And F2P, which while potentially unbalancing at least ensures a constant stream of players. I'll also more than likely be buying Panzer Dragoon (again), Borderlands (again), Burnout Paradise (again) XCOM 2 (again), and unquestionably getting Good Work! Considering I only knew about the Direct about 3 seconds before starting to watch it, I can't see why anyone is finding reasons to complain.
  9. It is, sadly, very random. Took me ages to get 30, quite a few rocks gave me 0. Today, my shop has this beauty available for 1400 bells: Clearly, ESSENTIAL shopping! I've seen a Facebook friend with a pink version, as well, so I'll doubtless have to collect them all.
  10. Why the hell do our goalkeepers insist on killing us off?
  11. I like this Gigi guy. New signing?
  12. Even though it's less important now, I'm still utterly baffled by how VAR ignored not only the push, but also the fact that Wilson was offside when the pass was played to him. We're playing against 13 men today.
  13. Willian is just one of those players that always seems to get the run of the green against us. Overall, we've been the better team, and I think Chelsea will tire before we do. We've just looked less desperate with our defending than they have, and luck doesn't last forever.
  14. Trent Alexander-Arnold is basically a cheat code!
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