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  1. The thing I'll take away from today is that in 2 hours time we'll be at least 2 points ahead of either City or Spurs.
  2. What the hell does our goalkeeping coach actually do?
  3. Awful for 45, and then Mane just writes it all off with a corker!
  4. There is no way that was a penalty. VAR should be getting that stuff right. Don't give me any nonsense about not wanting to overrule the referee, she has had one real call to make all night that she got wrong. There was help available, and it wasn't given. VAR is a great idea, but they really do seem determined to ty to not make actual use of it.
  5. It's not been great, has it? We're still not quite there, a lot of balls going astray. To be fair, Chelsea are putting in one hell of a shift, and Kante is a fucking destroyer, but we really should have had this wrapped up before now.
  6. Time for us to wake up. We've been second to everything so far.
  7. Winning isn't key, but of course we want to win every match. What matters most is even being in it! YNWA
  8. "What time is kick-off?" "Every 10 minutes or so!" #YNWA
  9. Well, what a start! Welcome to the Prem, Norwich.
  10. I rejoined, but also renamed. This year I could only go with Let's Talk About Six!
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