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  1. I would definitely be up for being part of a team on this, should anyone ever actually take any steps towards applying. I said B (clothes) at the second clue this week, which I felt particularly pleased about! I assume she would have accepted it.
  2. That was one very frustrating watch. On the plus side, I guess at least we win in the head-to-head should it come to that.
  3. Minamino must be utter dogshit in training to be behind Origi in the pecking order for matches like tonight's.
  4. We've started like a team of strangers, against a team playing their cup final. We're handling them, and we will get better, but I'd take 1-0 right now and bin the rest of the group games off!
  5. I used to swear by ShopTo, no idea why they've dropped the ball like this. You have my undying sympathy, man.
  6. We never.once looked in any kind of trouble, against the team you would think most likely to capitalise on any weakness we displayed. As was mentioned earlier in this thread, perhaps everyone has forgotten we were 33 points clear of 3rd last season. The only surprise here is that we're not 4 points better off than we currently are, because nobody could argue if we were.
  7. What curse is Firmino under? That was ridiculous.
  8. Some of this is also down to Leicester playing everything long, which has actually meant our own midfield haven't had to do as much as we all feared. Jones could probably go looking for the ball even more, because Keita and Gini aren't struggling to find the ball at all.
  9. Well, so far we've been far better even with the new-look team. After the unluckiest start in history, injuries and VAR-wise, that we're still even near the top tells you how good we are. And Jonny Evans knows it!
  10. I knew there was a reason I stopped using ShopTo. Apparently it will be here from RM within the hour, but I just noticed that the post has already been delivered today, and that was just a letter for whoever lived here before me. The RM tracking is singularly useless, telling me nothing beyond the package arriving at a mail centre at 2am. Guess I get it on Monday.
  11. I second this, although not necessarily with Sea of Thieves. Only because I've barely played it, though, not for anything to do with that game itself. Jump in. There are plenty of halfwits playing online who will make you wonder how they even got so far as making a gamertag. If you have any intelligence at all, you'll be useful to your team.
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