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  1. HHHHNNNNNGGGGG! It's so bloody beautiful. I'm seemingly now terrible at Sunshine, my girlfriend was giggling at my attempts to just jump onto a rope, when I used to practically speedrun such things. Yet to step back into Galaxy, but first runs in 64 and Sunshine make me almost weep with delight.
  2. Rise looks AMAZING in this respect. There was more colour on show in those 5 minutes than in the entirety of World. I thought I saw Great Wroggi for a second, and got excited for the cowboy armour, but it was just the new guy. Still ... DAY ONE!
  3. Seems we've paid £5m upfront, with £15m more to go in installments. And a further £5m in bonuses if we win things, or if Thiago gets a Balloon d'or. What a deal! HE'S DONE IT AGAIN. HE'S DONE IT AGAAAIIINNN! MICHAEL EDWARDS. HE'S DONE IT AGAIN.
  4. The plan: In order, completing each before moving to the next. The reality: I'll pull Mario's face around for 2 minutes, before I kill the big Bob-omb, and maybe do the Peach slide, then jump into Galaxy for the next week.
  5. Looks like I double-dipped, after mistakenly ordering digital on the Nintendo store. I did cancel immediately, but I just turned my Switch on to see it downloading. Think that means I'll need to keep it, which isn't exactly the biggest problem facing the world today, but I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on prices for the physical copy!
  6. That's just it! We are talking about the game that basically taught all the other games how to 3D, the game that objectively if not subjectively improved upon it, and the single greatest 3D platformer ever created. I couldn't even begin to calculate how much joy there is in this collection, which for even the most miserably po-faced internet MATUREGAMEZFORMATUREPEEPLEZ turd has to rate as a 25/10. Anyone finding reasons to complain about it is in the wrong hobby.
  7. #LiVARpool trending on Twitter. YES! Delicious salty opposition fans tears.
  8. 2 penalties in the same match? That's our quota for the season used up.
  9. Same here, based on having Salah throughout the first month of last season when Mane was banging them in. There's still plenty of time, though, our chances are far from over. This match showing exactly what Henderson brings, but also how much we get from Fabinho.
  10. That was brutal! Buried inside a square foot in the top corner, utterly unstoppable.
  11. Practically every mistake we've made since becoming champions has led to a goal. The luck has to change at some point, or did we just not make any for 2 years?
  12. Virgil's header carried the keeper across the line! This is a cracking game to start the season with.
  13. Better finish, that! Balls to the offside.
  14. Carragher suggesting that was a harsh penalty decision ...
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