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  1. I was always bizarrely impressed by how high Bosnich got off the ground then.
  2. Appropriately, this guy started his career at a club called Big Bullets.
  3. It'll be about a high powered executive at a business that has been taken over by a mega corp. You have to try to not be sacked whilst ever more lights are shined on your previous misdeeds and ever more people you've wronged come for your head.
  4. They fixed it, and then somehow unfixed it in an update later. It's maddening.
  5. The ones that come to mind most are the d-pad and X button. The Home button is a bit finicky. Navigating a menu with the d-pad I can get the audible click of the button and not have a thing move. And in something like Forza I can press X to enter an event and it'll do nothing. It does seem to be the case that you just to press it further, but it's weird that you can press the button enough to hear (and feel) the button engage, but it not be enough for it to actually do anything. It's still a great controller, just in some ways feels a bit cheap.
  6. I picked up a Series X a few weeks ago and I was surprised by the controller. It feels like it's well put together and the design is good as ever, but the buttons... It's very clicky, particularly the d-pad, but worse it's very easy to press the buttons and not have the press register. I tend to not hammer buttons but I'm not exactly lightly tapping them either, and I can get the audible click but the game not respond at all with regularity.
  7. The Palace wrongly disallowed goal with the last kick of the game would have earned us a point. And the Fernandes non-penalty given turned the game which was 0-0 at the time it was given. It doesn't balance anything.
  8. Yes. That doesn't negate the amount of dreadful decisions given against us. That same season we had a goal ruled out at the death against Palace because the referee decided the pass to assist the goal was a dive, Fernandes' got a penalty for trying to break Konsa's leg... And so on. There being an unprecedented system failure in one of our games doesn't give carte blanche for every dire decision against us to be written off. Just like Ben Mee handing out a couple of career enders doesn't mean he's actually a dirty thug.
  9. Ollie Watkins had a very similar incident to the Jota one in the Everton game this weekend and was told to sod off. There is a bias to the media darlings. There are too many incidents where the rub off the green is given to them - soft (at best - that Fernandes one will forever be held in my mind as the worst) penalties, marginal calls in their favour, etc. As a Villa fan we're only too aware of it, we get absolutely appalling displays of officiating whenever we play the usual suspects, some so bad they've had to clarify the rules - that Citeh goal from offside for instance. Or obviously the recent Manchester United game were they stopped the game for 5 minutes desperate to find something to rule a goal out. It needs to stop. It won't. But it's getting silly now.
  10. In fairness he is a pretty limited footballer. Incredible athlete. But not much else.
  11. I would stake my last penny that (possible suit spoilers - as daft as that sounds) From the trailers there's things about this I like, it seems to be pushing back into Gotham being this slightly surreal place, which Nolan quickly abandoned in favour of Gotham is Chicago, which feels more true to the comic Batman. And I like the slightly angsty tone. And I could see Pattinson as a good Batman and Bruce. But then it's gone for the Year 1 thing with the more realistic edge which kinda pushes me away from it again. I really want a Batman movie that commits to, in essence, doing the Animated Series in live action, or the Arkham games style. A film that does the stylised gangsters stuff but also is a world where these fantastical characters can exist and there is a brutish fully geared up Batman stalking around battering people to save the day.
  12. We wents down down down with a burning Ring of Power
  13. 4th episode far better than 3. There's still something about this, things feel a little off (space mods still feels like something from a different universe) and not much seems to really be happening given we know where half the plot ends up. I've still got the bizarre issue with the makeup and costumes that rips me out of it. I applaud the practical effects, went on the whole they're very well done, but the eyes are wrong. The eyes are too clearly human, which immediately places a barrier, for me, to buying into the thing. It makes it too evidently a guy in a suit or a mask. And then with the transdoshians they seem to use partial CG on them, mostly on the eyes, which look fake as fuck and are hugely distracting. But that's purely nitpicky stuff. It's not bad.
  14. Things were looking grim for the site IMO 3 years ago or so - the period where they started cutting back on game coverage, delaying QLs, not doing them at all, clearly doing them with 5 minutes play under their belt, throwing reviews in the bin, cutting back on creative stuff like the elaborate Christmas videos, Ben... Now I can only assume it's barely alive.
  15. We do need some more bite up front. Not sure we need it from him.
  16. Villa sign a backup goalkeeper in Robin Olsen. And bizarrely we're being (apparently credibly?) linked to Luis Suarez. Which would be a mistake IMO.
  17. The Steven personality seems to be in London - he catches a red double decker to work, his colleagues seem to be British.
  18. How much do you want to know? There's more to him than being a colour swapped Batman who is not above murder, which opens the door for some cool stuff.
  19. May as well have its own thread now. Looking better than I ever thought they'd do a Moon Knight show. On the glimpses we have here its not quite what I'd want too have them do but it's not bad. Hyped anywho. And coming way sooner than expected.
  20. Welcome to the desert of the real. We do not know what year it is. But we do know that Burnley still haven't finished the 2021 season.
  21. The situation with postponements is getting farcical. I can understand if there's a genuine Covid outbreak at a club or if the protocols dictate that you cant realistically put out a side. But that shouldn't take into account other injuries/players on international duty/suspensions - if you're short because of those combined, that sucks, but you should be getting on with it. I understand why clubs are being cute with it, but it's getting silly and making a mockery of the genuine need for postponements in current times.
  22. I actually think they might use his Mr. Knight look. I suspect we're going to see multiple aspects of Spector shown, but probably in a more straight forward way than the comics have done. But I don't think they'll do the look I adore That and Mr Knight are his best get ups.
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