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  1. Nearly a perfect movie.
  2. I watched fucking Bamford score a hattrick. You don't need to say more.
  3. 3D Land is a cracking game. It's a shame that the (fairly shallow all in all) 3D implementation together with Nintendo being loathe to create work for themselves means it'll likely be left languishing in their history. It absolutely could and should be ported to the Switch.
  4. It's been obvious since she joined that Abby wasn't going to hang around for long. She never struck me as being someone who wanted to be in the games journalism scene, she wanted a profile more than anything. Not my favourite member of the team but not a Ben or Patrick either. The best stuff she did on the site was her vlogs from events. Worst, awful on GoTY and the whole throwing an apparent friend under the bus thing. Be interesting to see if they replace her. In the short term they definitely won't with the uncertainty over the future, but long term I'm not sure they
  5. I never had much of a problem with them doing original storylines. The classic crime of the week cop show format fits nicely with the property and works with Pratchett's love of satirising and parodying tropes and playing with genre. But that was on the assumption that the spirit of things would be the same. Instead they've chucked all that in the bin and thrown in a few 'In Name Only' style references. Fuck em.
  6. He uses Dettol because he spent a few years just doing Gundam, and Bandai's plastic is incredibly sensitive to many chemicals. Dettol is known not to affect it or many other plastics, so that's what he uses. It works, there's other things you can use (which he references) but that's what he's used to using.
  7. ModelMakingGuru started up a new series, taking tired old tabletop models off eBay and rescuing them. I wish he'd go back to Gundam but can't deny bloke knows what he's doing.
  8. The problem with adapting Pratchett is a lot of his humour and what makes his work so great is in the asides, the footnotes, the omnipresent narrator's/author's voice develops a lot of the personality of the books. But it's that stuff that is a pig to translate to other media. All the adaptations nod to it with very occasional narration but it never works. This though. This... This is, as I worried, clearly the kind of adaptation where the writer has basically decided to make something of their own design and smeared a few token elements of the property over it to sell it to the pr
  9. The PG Grandad did need updating as the original is knocking on for 20 years old, so the anniversary was perfectly timed to give it a revamp. Looks great, a modernised RX-78-2 with some nods towards RG styling and some new elements. And they inevitably were going to chuck in some LED gimmicks given that's were they've focused on their flagship kits for the last couple of years. Hopefully they'll get round to giving us a PG Nu next...
  10. I've no idea why, but I can't help imagining that first picture with the translation actually saying 'This... is my son'.
  11. The right one gone this week, at least a week late unfortunately. Not sure how this series is going thus far really - there's thankfully not an insufferably smug bastard showing off every week like last year but equally I don't think there's anyone particularly brilliant either.
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