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  1. I binged series 5 of Last Chance U over the last couple of days. It's definitely a different feeling series. It's intensely grim. The focus seems a lot more on the changing world than the tribulations of 'just' trying to get these struggling kids to fulfill potential with a dream of the big prize. This series doesn't really have the superstar player others have had, and the team bumbles along. But the world they find themselves in... Jesus. The episode where you see where one of the guys is living, and it's basically a shed, and he's one of the luckier guys... Just... Grim. The coach is a good guy but there's the regular hints that he's a good guy who's mindset got to 1992 and stuck there. Still fundamentally a guy who wants to see these kids succeed in life but he's not really on board with modern sensibilities and some of his frustration seems born of that. But he's not like the other coaches we've seen - he does give a fuck about the kids personally and he is very straight with them, to his credit, when it comes to what he thinks is best for them. But yeah... Being a young and poor in California, especially, it's no shock kids end up following the wrong tracks.
  2. I don't really care about American sports, but over the past couple of years have become completely enthralled by Last Chance U, All or Nothing, Last Dance... The latest series of Last Chance U I've got through 3 episodes already. It's much more... depressing this series. There's just this grim futility to it all. There's much more of a look at the world outside of the game, most likely because there actually is a world worth looking at this time with the move to a college in an urban sprawl. But with that it's multitudes more depressing - young guys whose lives are already looking down the barrel. On the other hand there's some levity to it. The coach seems like a genuinely good guy whose approach is much more father figure than disciplinarian. And it's hard not to laugh at an English teacher that is teaching her own book. Even if you're a well respected figure, which I believe she is... don't teach your own book. At uni we had a lecturer who built his course around his book which lead to much rolling of eyes whenever a lecture had the words 'As I say in the book...'.
  3. 'Just' is doing a lot of work there.
  4. Twist ending - it'll turn out that Tenet has always been out, as Christopher Nolan's dumb obsession with time in films leads to him having actually made a time machine and incepting Tenet into action movie history.
  5. I'm probably not the audience for this, as I'm not a musicals kinda guy and the American deifying of 'the Founding Fathers' makes my skin crawl, but I got to the intermission the other night and came to the conclusion its just one of those things I don't get. Because for all that I could see it was a bit different to do a less 'showtunes' style musical, it was a bit crap. But evidently so many other people rate it that I just have to hold my hands up and say it's not for me clearly.
  6. Jeff likes dumb arcadey stuff and stuff entirely driven by gameplay. He doesn't seem that bothered with a lot of the AAA stuff of recent years because he doesn't really seem to be that interested by stuff that is more story driven or artistic in nature - Control is about the closest to this type of game he's rated, and it's obvious that it's because Control puts great gameplay at it's forefront and wallpapers over out with cool narrative stuff. Unfortunately for him the industry has shifted it's sights for its top flight games on to extremely high production values and narrative driven titles, and multiplayer franchises of which there's only so much variety. A lot of the stuff he likes seems to have switched to the indie sphere, and been increasingly niche. I'm not sure he really likes a lot of the indie darlings either, I'm not sure he likes much of the faux retro stuff. So he's kinda fucked in the current climate. The stuff he likes doesn't really exist in any great way anymore.
  7. This isn't wrong. Completely maddening.
  8. To be fair, you could teleport the 1970 Brazil team and disguise them as the Villa squad and still not win anything against Manchester United at home. They'd lose all skill the moment the shirt went over their heads, and the referee would suddenly desperately need to give a penalty at an opportune moment.
  9. Unsolved Mysteries is very uneven but interesting enough. Some of it is less 'mystery' than it is 'unproven' - the French episode isn't really a mystery as such as there's only one of two fairly obvious outcomes and the mystery can be summed up in a sentence. But it's a good story. But then you get stuff like the 5th episode which is a good old fashioned WTF story.
  10. Haven't personally built it but it's on the list to pick up... By all accounts it's a great kit, although has some obscenely small parts. It's a fairly big RG as well - comes in around the height of a standard MG. Has very good colour separation too which isn't always a given, especially in the 1/144 scale. Biggest issue seems to be the usual problem with stickers - they're a bit shit. But there'll undoubtedly be water slides available.
  11. Chindie

    Nintendo Switch

    Bizarrely, went to recalibrate again and the issue seems to have fixed itself. Fucking weird.
  12. Chindie

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up a Switch again last week, having sold my first one last year. I've played through Links Awakening (still brilliant), but noticed every now and then when moving up, Link would jump between a walk and sprint. I then started Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and instantly found it to be nearly unplayable as moving forwards was seemingly stuck in a stuttering walk. On updating the controller software and trying to calibrate, it seems the stick cannot register being pushed directly forwards for some reason. I knew about Joycon drift but not Joycon simply not working. Any solutions beyond sending it to Nintendo?
  13. I'm pretty critical of Giantbomb's content these days but their lockdown content is elevated purely through Alex's drumming streams.
  14. I must admit on reading up on the Pascual stuff that really shouldn't have been mentioned in the same breath as stuff like Avellone. Or at all really.
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