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  1. Grealish to Citeh is done. We're a stronger squad regardless - Buendia is better than what we had, Bailey is better than what we had, Ings is vastly better, even Young is a better option than Neil bloody Taylor. And o doubt we're done - we need a CB, at least 1 CM...
  2. Young is a left back these days, so that's that cover sorted.
  3. A damning indictment of the manager will be him suddenly being a starter when he's playing as well as he was at Villa Park. Anywho he'll not be a Villa player going forwards so I don't give a fuck.
  4. Be interesting to see how we line up this season. We rigidly play 1 up top with 2 wide forwards. Watkins is first name on the team sheet, Bailey is clearly a starter, as is Buendia, and obviously we'd be expecting Ings to play as well. Meanwhile we've got Traore, AEG, Wes, Davis, with Trezeguet coming back eventually and a number of youth players coming through in the attacking positions (Barry, JPB, Chukwuemka). I expect Davis to go, Wes I anticipate being loaned to see if he can recover from being Mee'd with some games, and supposedly AEG has suitors abroad, but we'll still have a pretty potent attacking lineup...
  5. I expect we'll see a few more before the window closes. Not to forget we also got Young back on a free who looks like he can still cut it at the top table.
  6. Absolutely nothing GB is producing in it's new form has grabbed me at all. It's a tired homeless husk of a thing.
  7. I assume it would be very easy for either Kane's team or the Spurs team to come out and say 'no he's not gone AWOL, he's not due back yet' if that was the case, given its dragging everyone involved through the mud.
  8. The Trees of the Valinor. Which is interesting because they're gone at the time this series is meant to be set. Either the shot is a flashback/scene setting history stuff, or the series is going into deeper elements of Tolkien's work than expected.
  9. Mings. He was fucking brilliant in those games and absolutely did not deserve to be dropped.
  10. I'm a Villa fan. Once he leaves he's just another player, and I don't want any player not playing for Aston Villa to be successful. As for the price... He's an exceptionally good player. People don't accept that he is because he plays for an unfashionable side who they don't watch and hasn't scored tons of goals, but his ability is absurd. He creates obscene numbers of chances (in a weaker side), his ability on the ball is genuinely world class, he's skillful and tricky, he has good vision. He's worth the price tag, and more, genuinely. He's more than just a foul buying machine. When he goes suddenly he'll be watched by more people, 'cos he pays for Citeh, and suddenly he'll be a generational talent who is one of the world's best. But the reality is, he's playing at that level now. But he does it for Aston Villa, who finished 11th in the league, who nobody cares about. He's the most talented player I've seen play for Villa, and it's more special that he's also a local boy and fan who came through the academy. Besides that, he's a growing brand in his own right. I genuinely expect him to be marketed as the Citeh Beckham going forwards. But once he goes, he's nothing. And I'll be hopeful he fails, like any player at any other club.
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