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  1. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Old Tested, with Will, Gary and Norm every week, was great. Apart from the 'cut to Apple talk' thing which was absurd at times, it was a really fun listen for a show ostensibly about 2 nerds and their mate talking about tech nonsense. Will is always good on the Bombcast. He brings a different type of personality and outlook to anyone else they really have, and he's never done the 'in thrall to Jeff' thing as far as I know.
  2. Chindie

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    If you're only going to read a single collection, vol. 1 'From the Dead' is the one to go for. Those are the 6 Ellis issues. The stuff afterwards isn't as good, but it's not bad either. Takes its biggest dip in the third volume iirc, then steps back up and develops a decent continuing story arc that rounds the thing out. Definitely read the Ellis stuff. If you like it, read the following volumes.
  3. Chindie

    The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    Updated ranking Avengers Infinity War Avengers Endgame Captain America: Civil War Avengers Assemble Captain America: Winter Soldier Thor: Ragnarok Guardians of the Galaxy Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Man Dr Strange Captain America: the First Avenger Ant-Man Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Black Panther Ant-Man and the Wasp Captain Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Thor: the Dark World Iron Man 3 The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 I could see Endgame moving down a little on repeat viewings. There's an awful lot about it I like, it has so much heart and let's the film have moments of emotion where others would move on, it has some of the best crowd pleasing moments in the series, it has some very good action (though not as much as you'd expect) and some lovely nods for fans - the Cap elevator scene is an excellent bit of writing for such a simple idea for instance. But there's a few things I like less - the development of Thor I don't like, the fundamental plot is one of those things you have to go with and is one of those plots that for many feels like a cop out (but I think we inescapable here), it's a less cohesive feeling film than Infinity War, I despise the Fortnite gag, and the female lead gauntlet relay is a really good and right thought done with the subtlety of a pneumatic drill, Thanos is much more an afterthought here unfortunately. But it's bloody good all the same. I didn't think that much of Captain Marvel. It's not bad (I'd say the only genuinely bad film they've made is Iron Man 2, others I like less or felt disappointed, but they're not objectively bad), but there's nothing that I really loved about it. In fairness I don't like the character so it was a hiding to nothing, but I felt like an awful lot of it felt very forced, quite a bit of it fell flat for me. I liked some of the ideas but then it has stuff it plays up as a twist that you've seen coming from the first scene of the film. It's a really middling entry that personally was less enjoyable than some of its brethren of similar quality.
  4. Chindie

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    The thumbnail of this was originally a close up shot of the bloke in the Rorschach mask, and seeing the mask with eye holes cut out made my initial reaction 'Oh fuck no...'. As it is, hmm.
  5. Chindie

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    The Ellis run is literally 6 completely self contained unconnected stories, with basically no arc or universe building or anything really. They're all just like, a day in the life of Moon Knight. It set up some of the style that the run you've read used. It also gave us this
  6. Chindie

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    The Wood and then Bunn issues definitely aren't up the standard Ellis set but they're ok. The Lemire run afterwards steps back up a little, still not to the level of the first 6 by any means but still fun. I was definitely disappointed that Ellis left so soon as those issues are almost like a bit of a cock tease - here's 6 standalone weird, cool stories of what Moon Knight can be and now someone else can run with it. They did run with it but didn't have the weight of Ellis' ability behind it. But still they get some nice action and imagery in there (some of my favourite art and panels in recent comics of any stripe are in Ellis/Wood/Bunn/Lemire runs), and the Lemire run takes that and does a nice take on a more full Moon Knight mythology story. If you're on Marvel Unlimited anyway they're well worth a read, certainly the those first 6 issues, and the commitment to even read all of it is pretty small.
  7. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Austin coming back would be great. He gelled really well with everyone, and brought the 'intellectual geek' thing more than anyone else, and was far better at the journalistic aspect of things than Klepek was (mostly because he didn't seem to be self obsessed, with the most annoying voice and personality on earth). He also was a good foil for Dan's ignorant fuck schtick. Bring him back. Jeff seemed genuinely gutted when he left. More than anyone else's leaving.
  8. Eternals, Shang-chi, Dr Strange 2... I'm not totally sold on the Black Widow film being a thing.
  9. There was a rumour that they might do Hercules as gay in the Eternals film. I await the faux uproar. It's interesting that Marvel seem to be pointedly looking to touch various diversity touchstones - I think they saw the potential after Black Panther became a phenomenon that not only was being diverse the right thing to do, it was profitable as well. Shang-chi is already getting spoken about as a potential East Asian Black Panther.
  10. Chindie

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    You owe yourself to read the Warren Ellis Moon Knight run. It's 6 issues, all self contained, and it's excellent. With a great art style. You could read it in a hour. You should. It was followed, after Ellis left, by about 20 issues or so that eventually lead into a continuing story which are on the whole alright too. Moon Knight is fucking awesome.
  11. Chindie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    You have to perform a finisher (fatality or brutality) on the character 50 times.
  12. Chindie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    The best advice is to open some chests I think. In my experience they only appear in low - mid cost chests. I had been ignoring any chests sub-10k but last night started opening up everything over 2k and picked up 6 keys very quickly from 2 - 5k chests. But as those chests are randomly arranged it's a gamble. The only guaranteed key is in one of the chests in the first area you enter in the krypt, where you collect the hammer.
  13. Chindie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    I think they are doing a patch but they also supposedly did a 'server side tweak' which made some changes apparently, things like reducing opponent health in challenges. Supposedly that happened last week. I genuinely can't see a difference. Many of the challenge towers are obscenely difficult. There's a challenge at the moment where you fight Scorpion. In fairness this is balanced, I think, for multiple players to take him on. But still you can attempt it as a single player and again, the difficulty is 'Medium'. I tried earlier. I hit him, once, with Liu Kant's enhanced flying kick, which in most fights does a decent chunk of damage. Here? He lost a nearly imperceptible slither of health, about a fifth of the health to get to the first delineation on his health bar. And then killed me in 2 kombos so I got plenty of time to look at his health bar. On 'Medium'. I'm not good at this game, but I can beat a Klassic Tower on Medium. I'm genuinely at a loss how you can reliably beat the Cassie and Friends tower without getting lucky with a buff or just fluking it. And it seems like a lot of the challenge towers are like that. An awful lot of them seem to just buff the AI's health massively and make them hyper aggressive with near perfect defensive game. Or give them obscene assists. The balance is way, way off in that element of the game.
  14. Chindie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    He is. Sorta.
  15. Chindie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Agreed. I tried that for about an hour yesterday. Best I did was a single round win, where I seemingly just got lucky that the missiles kept missing me, because they absolutely obliterate your health. There was another tower yesterday which ends with a fight against D'Vorah, who has armour making your attacks halve in power, and at the end of her health bar she gets super armour where she doesn't even react to hits. Oh and she has incredible anti-air and a nearly unlockable teleport and is kombo mad. Allegedly this fight is at a medium difficulty. It took me an hour to beat it, and even then I struggled with the victory only coming from me spamming a Shao Khan assist constantly. The fight against a 'Hard' Geras afterwards was infinitely easier, even with his bullshit quicksand move and obscene perfect blocking. Apparently the towers have already been rebalanced. Er... I ain't so sure.

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