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    I spent a few days pissing about with Blender. I'm sure theres lots bad about it but I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Fun though.
  2. Anyone watching the new series? First episode, couple build on a cliff edge in southwest Scotland. The moment with the glaziers might be the most tense moment of Grand Designs ever. Nice enough place in the end, though not sure I 'got' some of it - the kitchen seemed ludicrously overpriced. Second episode, couple with too much money make hideous circular 'community' of buildings that look like a business park masquerading as a house. Husband looks like he's sending himself to an early grave. Horrible. Also there was something... off... about the wife, dunno if it was just us seeing something that wasn't there. Third episode, couple build a family home to cater for husband's wheelchair. Nice enough build, a modern barn. Wasn't to my taste inside (love the kitchen mind) but fuck he looked spiritually broken within minutes of things starting. Understandably, but still... Guess you have to take your hat off to both of them. Next week looks like a disaster waiting to happen... No way is it finished by the episode end.
  3. The Batman/Sybil thing I don't think is that much of a leap. An upper class vigilante... It's Batman. I don't think there's anything in the books that Sybil does that can be described as 'vigilantism'. The description and casting seems to be doing Sybil dirty - she's a well built upper class woman who is obsessed with dragons and intensely practical, who becomes Vimes' grounding rod and also his path to accepting his new status. It's a fairly thankless role and I could see why you'd want to push her as a more proactive character... But the character this seems to be pushing is Sybil In Name Only. They also seem to be doing Cheery wrong as well. They're pushing her as a gender fluid character. But she's not. Cheery is a woman. Her race has an issue with sex, and Cheery becomes a ground breaker by openly being feminine in a race that only exhibits masculinity. She's not 'confused' or changeable in her gender, she's a woman that chooses to reject her background in a race where everyone appears to be a man. Hmm. The more I think about this series the more it worries me. It smacks of the writers wanting to do their own thing but slapping a known property over the top.
  4. Fuck it, an indulgence... Discworld Watch fan casting. Vimes - Stephen Dillane Carrot - Tom Hopper/Kristoffer Hivju Colon - Colm Meaney/Mark Addy Nobby - Eddie Marsan with a lot of makeup Angua - Kathryn Winnick Cheery - Josie Long Sybil - Olivia Colman Dibbler - Andrew Scott Vetinari - Charles Dance (was Alan Rickman) Visit - Dev Patel/Matt Smith Reg Shoe - Mackenzie Crook Willikins - Simon Pegg I've tried to be somewhat realistic here - while Sybil in my head is always going to be a younger, slightly better looking Pam Ferris, for instance, that person doesn't exist, so I've gone for an alternative. Likewise Nobby is basically Baldrick bit less stupid and more cynical, but Tony Robinson is way too old now. If you did this for the entire Discworld series you'd have the entire British character actor fraternity in work for years.
  5. They're not adapting any particular storyline apparently, but you'd bet they're going to nick ideas - Carcer being extrapolated as a nemesis rather than the single book villain he is (which in fairness does push him as having been a bigger problem for the Watch than purely what that plot dictates) being one of the easier ones. It was originally pitched as a 'crime of the week' show but I'd imagine they'll weave a longer narrative through it as well. They're certainly mixing up the timeline - Carrot is still a new recruit but the Watch has characters that joined after him being already established, Angua for instance is being described as his trainer, whereas obviously in the books she arrives after Carrot has made it to second in command. I can see why they've done that but I kinda am married to the books take - especially as Angua kinda exemplifies the Watch changing from a boys club to diverse organisation, following on from Carrot turning it more professional. I could see Dormer being a good Vimes, perhaps very good (I was strangely find of him in GoT despite him doing... well, not much). The rest I don't know but they don't 'fit' the look I've had in my head for them for quite literally decades (i.e Sybil in my head is effectively a younger slightly better looking Pam Ferris, Cheery looks like a bit like a very short blonde Josie Long, with a beard, etc etc) but they were never going to. If they do Nobby and Colon they're on a hiding to nothing, both are very vivid characters but neither are expressly described so everyone will have very, very different takes on the basic outline Pratchett gives. I'm kinda trepidacious about this now. Pratchett is hard, really hard to translate from the page, and the little hints at the tone of this doesn't fill me with hope. I'm a bit concerned it's going to be a bit fanfic, but perhaps even worse that they might have taken the characters in slightly out of kilter ways. Like so many people Discworld is beloved to me, I've read the books over and over and over... and never enjoyed them less. And the Watch characters are like the crown jewels in a drawer of diamonds (mostly). An adaptation can't really size up.
  6. RG Sazabi - 90% done I guess but lost my way... As always, happy yo have some constructive criticism, particularly if anyone has any idea on what could perhaps be added to this. First recolour and I quite like it overall... Also first attempt at streaking, filters etc... mixed bag to say the least.
  7. Starring James Cromwell's long lost hippy brother.
  8. The theory that Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin might be my favourite. If by favourite you mean the one that would prompt a Seinfeld-esque throwing up of hands and walking out of the cinema moment.
  9. And spends about a third of it trying to get apes to fuck.
  10. I like Tamoor (I used to listen to Chat Very Good and always enjoyed his take on stuff, and he's a decent guest on TCGS) but the GiantBomb appearance this week was him without a filter. On a show with more voices in it I think he might have been reigned in a bit, but as it was he just dominated everything. Brad was too eager to let him carry on and Lucy James got bashed out of the way. It wasn't helped by the fact there's not that much to discuss at the moment. And he also made a crappy introduction with the very unfunny in-joke 'slang' conversation that went on and on... and on. I think I'd rather listen to it again than the same time with Ben hurr-hurring still.
  11. I'm 4 episodes in and he's showing one of the triad already... I actually don't really like that storyline thus far. It's a bit on the nose and I've it started in earnest the show is pointedly drawing connections between the units work and it. But the show's so good I'm sure it'll come around.
  12. As others have said he is another serial killer that the first series showed in his early days in seemingly irrelevant scenes throughout the episodes. His thing was breaking into homes, waiting for victims (who he had observed for a long time previously) and, as the name suggests, tying them up, torturing them and then strangling them. He then would send bragging letters to police and media outlets describing the crimes. Throughout this he also lead a double life, married with kids, holding down a job, having 'pillar of the community' positions like leading church committees, etc etc. His story is very interesting, down to the details of how it ended.
  13. If you listen to Dan's podcast with his wife about random stuff they find on streaming services, you notice even more clearly how much Dan's GB persona is a construction. There's definitely elements of truth in it, he still says daft stuff and still is ludicrously ignorant of some things, but it makes it all the more obvious that he's playing up to cameras. It's always been that way (and it's a big part of the reason I didn't like Dan for a long while) but hearing him in a more subdued setting you see even more how much he dials it up for the day job.
  14. Yep. I'm taking part in a group build of Sazabis at the moment so gave me the excuse to get the RG built and finished.
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