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  1. Carlos is a big loss for us. He was the big money defensive signing to change the way we play at the back. We pretty much have to replace him or accept the team isn't going to progress. Very typically Villa. Whenever we sign a new exciting name it goes wrong, going back years. Nilis, plays astonishingly well for a couple of games, has his leg destroyed, career over. Jores Okore, exciting defensive talent, does his ACL a month into his first season, ends his top flight career. Kozak, decent prospect upfront, breaks his leg 3 months after joining when training, ends his top flight career. Wesley, club record signing at the time, struggles to settle but starts to find his feet, has his top flight career ended by Ben Mee. Bailey, big money exciting talent, picks up an injury immediately and then stumbles from 1 injury to the next for his entire debut season, leaving his season highlight reel being about 15mins of success... And thats only the ones that jump immediately to mind.
  2. We potentially are looking at attacking this season with 1 new face in the starting XI. It's not enough. It wasn't enough before Carlos had his Achilles explode.
  3. Ah, a classic big money signing immediately gets a season ender Villa injury. Good stuff. Meanwhile we'll spend the rest of the window trying to give away dross.
  4. I'm just not convinced by him at all. His tactics are bobbins, the kind of thing that only works if you're playing with players significantly better than your opposition every week, and otherwise becomes a coin flip, and doesn't seem to fit our squad that well anyway. The game last week was, legitimately, one of the worst performances I can remember. He seems loathe to play the likes of Buendia, despite being the only player we have that reliably makes things happen attacking wise, and clearly has favourites... And although it's only the second game of the season, the poor performances extend beyond that. We've been crap all year. There's been no evidence of us particularly improving. The team still has flaws but it's better than the performances have shown. This season feels particularly important, we need to see progress, and I don't have faith in the Gerrard regime to offer it. I'm certain there's managers out there, with good CVs with success in good leagues, that would look at what we have and what we can offer and think they could do something with us. I actually wouldn't go for Potter, I think he's a gamble like Gerrard, not worth taking. In the PL I'd have a word with Rodgers, much as I don't like the man he's got a good record and it's a decent manager. You'd have to speak to Poch, even if it's a complete punt you need to have that conversation. I daresay there's others at the top end of the game out of work that would fancy a crack.
  5. Everton are dire. We were better than last week, which is a low bar, but Everton are shite. And even with that all it took was them upping the tempo a bit and we started to fall apart. I'd still sack Gerrard.
  6. Buendia should hand a transfer request in if Gerrard doesn't start him in the next match. Everton are pap. The ultimate mix of a bad unbalanced squad and rubbish manager.
  7. Gerrard had better hope we turn up on Saturday, or it's going to be toxic very, very quickly.
  8. I know it's silly to be talking sackings after 1 game in a new season, but... It's not 1 game. We've been shite for ages, and Gerrard doesn't seem to know how to fix things. Yesterday was appallingly bad, and I've no faith at all in Gerrard making things better. He doesn't seem to know the players he has at his disposal. Dropping Mings just made no sense at all, our best defender last year and main aerial threat while Konsa who was crap all season and then got a major injury immediately comes back in. McGinn and Ramsey were hopeless, as much as I love McGinn he's not a top half midfielder and I'm not sure he's a captain - making him basically undroppable is stupid. Coutinho was dreadful, totally and hopelessly off it, meanwhile our best creative spark is on the bench for some reason. It's already painfully obvious we've got a favourites system in place, which seems to be influencing how we play (or don't). Sanson for instance, must be ripping his hair out. He can't buy a game. He looked decent in preseason and he's had his moments in the few minutes he got last year. But he made 1 bad mistake and Gerrard has made him persona non grata. Meanwhile McGinn is pony week in week out and is an ever present. Gerrard has to go. He's not going to, but he needs to. He's not a very good football manager. The brains of the operation, allegedly (and that's a generous description based on last year) has jumped and there's no evidence what's left is any better. Or even as good. Go and get someone with proven ability. No punts. No gambles on finding a gem of a manager. Someone who's had success in a good league. Someone whose shown they're a good manager at a good standard already.
  9. Race walking isn't the purest of sports (by which I mean it's not a competition of a basic skill or ability - fastest over certain distance, furthest throw/jump etc etc) but thats true of many events. Not for me but if people want to watch a race that is cross between endurance and speed tests with a bonus handicap of the manner of movement, good for them.
  10. That was fucking atrocious. Gerrard isn't the answer.
  11. It's always fun when you spot your area in a movie. The chase at the very start of the second Kingsman movie has bits of Birmingham's finance district standing in for London. You'd never know, but when you do if you know the area you can spot your favourite pubs, bars, cafes all over the place. Sad for Glasgow. Probably not sad for cinema as this was inevitably going to be a shitshow. The Flash movie will be on tenterhooks.
  12. It's not so much a stand as a big patio.
  13. He supposedly doesn't have an agent. It's a family friend relating to his church or something. Either way, £20m, for a pure prospect, who might be great or might be nothing, nuts. I'd wish him well, but to be honest, I don't. Jumped at the first chance despite being given first team opportunities where the best he did was look alright at Prem level, training with the first team, a good offer on the table.
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