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  1. That was the best episode of the series by an obscene distance.
  2. He seems to have had some kind of procedure done, he had also mentioned needing to do physio iirc. I think his extended break might have mixed a holiday with whatever treatment he needed.
  3. I don't normally get too affected or bothered by frame rate issues (so long as they're not horrendously bad). But watching the GiantBomb QL of this the dodgy frame rate at times was making me feel funny Also there's something weird about some of the look of the game to me. There's a slight stylisation to the characters that looks... off. And the animation appears to be a bit odd too - when the player character is running he has a stiff awkward gait, combined with that Uncharted floatiness. I'm actually intrigued by the game still as I am a sucker for a meaty third person action adventure and sadly we don't see as many of them these days after the open world style took over. May give it a few weeks to fix the technical issues and jump in, as it seems there's a fundamentally good game there.
  4. Thousands of Sutton Coldfield residents gasp in derision at that the thought that they're not too good for Birmingham.
  5. Agreed. I don't like this style of writing/structuring something. The mystery box stuff. It always feels manufactured and cynical. But here its actively starting to annoy me now. It's also still got less than nothing to do with Watchmen besides some names and mixing contemporary politics with a superhero narrative.
  6. The whole play at the end of the last episode was a mockery of the film imo. I think they even use the same music for the reappearance of Ostermann.
  7. The ExtraLife stream without Alex's drumming marathon isn't the same
  8. Wasn't there talk that the Destiny knock off was the multiplayer and there was actually a separate single player with short campaigns for each character?
  9. A 'reimagining' of Symphony of the Night, 3d, some Souls influence, etc etc, would be fucking incredible. It's not going to be that though of course.
  10. Fancied doing something quick and dirty with the Zaku I built ages ago. I've no idea where this actually headed ultimately, but it's going somewhere weathered to fuck. I'm also fairly sure I've not got any Zaku decals and can't afford to buy any anytime soon so either this will be a project to pick at or I'll chuck some random stuff on it I've got in the pile. Constructive criticism welcomed as always.
  11. I don't think I like this Initially it was the fact I adore Watchmen and, completely my own hangup, to me Watchmen is a very specific thing. This isn't that. It's a show with a Watchmen inspired skin smeared over it. It's well made and acted and looks great and there's powerful ideas and messages, but Watchmen has very specific ideas and themes and characters for me. It's an examination of Cold War madness, nuclear armageddon, an extrapolation of Randian politics, and on the less haughty level it's a thought experiment in taking comic book stereotypes and playing them up, undermining them, parodying them, playing games with them. And it's also a game within itself with the comic within a comic that actually reflects the main story. The show meanwhile has its political message(s) and, so far, that's kinda it. Which is wonderful, but it's not Watchmen. But setting that aside, I don't like the structure of it. I don't like this feeling that the show is purposefully withholding stuff to reveal later. I don't expect a show to be completely linear, I don't expect a show to lay everything out in a chronological order, flashbacks, twists, backstory, surprises I'm completely on board for, but I kinda want a show to earn it's revelations and to establish itself. This has seemingly thrown the audience in and then chosen to largely avoid exposition, so the audience is dragged into wanting to know about the glaring gaps, rather than a show that has organically hooked you in and flirted with teases to bring you in. It's cynicism versus... seduction I guess. I'm not going to stop watching and I really hope it comes together into something brilliant. I don't hate it. I don't love it either though, and I really wish they'd called it something else.
  12. The divergence point is 1938. Masked vigilantes are basically a fad that arose with violent crime, which in turn inspired gangsters and mob bosses to don costumes as well. That lead to Minutemen. Dr. Manhattan appears in the 50s.
  13. House of the Year special last night. Liked the Somerset barn/chalet but for a single thing - the wood. It was completely suffocating. I love wood, my dad was a carpenter and joiner so it kinda feels like it was bred into me, but it's one of those things where a little goes a long way. The moment it becomes dominant and monolithic it becomes far too much. Also I always think it comes off as very 70s. Hated the Sussex thing. Fussy stupid roof, ugly, garden too much like an allotment. Liked the outside of the Stockyard, one of the few buildings to take an agricultural facade and make it work, but kinda felt like the inside was more like a geometry puzzle of how to make a cube full of cubes interesting. Also felt like some of the rooms were oddly cramped. Always liked the shipping container house in Norn Iron. And the Rothschild folly is hideous. Only thing going for it is the workmanship of the flint, and even that is undermined by the fact that owner can afford to patronise a dying skill and ultimately as it's not too everyone's taste (I personally hate it) it's a niche skill. Otherwise it's a hideous horrible lump of a building with weird juxtaposition between it's modern design and the old fashioned taste of the interior. Horrific eyesore.
  14. This is a man who literally couldn't describe the most generic looking action game of the last few years, using possibly the biggest property in the world, with some inspiration from loot games he actually likes. Trying to describe something as bizarre and weird as Death Stranding would probably lead to a blackhole forming in his head which subsequently would swallow the planet. He could barely comprehend looking at a video of it and started to have his body shut down, on the basis of the TGS gameplay video they watched. Where everyone else was incredulous, he was collapsing into a coma.
  15. Definitely. I'm torn on this on the basis of the first episode. I can tell it's a quality production, I like a lot of its look and design, I can tell it's something I'd be drawn to. My biggest issues with the episode itself are a disliking to Lindelof's mystery style of plotting and the soundtrack feeling very out of place... But I love Watchmen. This isn't Watchmen. It's something different with a Watchmen skin thinly applied to it. Its completely stupid but I feel like I'd have enjoyed it more with it having a different name slapped on it.
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