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  1. Thanks, that's really interesting. Spectrum era stuff is before my time really so really appreciate the insight. I'll get the stuff down and take a few photos. I'm fairly sure there's more than 1 Spectrum up there... I can actually recall my brother having some Ocean and Gremlin stuff when I was younger but I'm pretty sure that's long gone. Wouldn't have been Spectrum stuff either I don't think.
  2. Is there much value in Spectrum stuff these days? I was going through the loft year and discovered a fair bit of Spectrum gear, all boxed and in seemingly good condition (the boxes in many cases look basically brand new). There seemed to be a big Living Daylights set amongst other bits.
  3. The House on the Rock is a real place, and I believe they filmed all the scenes in the place on location.
  4. Chindie

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    In a cinema, the Grudge 2. So bad I don't remember any of it, just the overriding feeling that it was a complete piece of shit. At home, Alien v Predator Requiem. A film so bad the ending is more or less the director acknowledging that the thing is a complete shitshow of no redeeming quality that should be wiped from the earth. A film where the best thing about it is the fact the Predator featured got the now accepted but unofficial title of the Wolf Predator, after Harvey Keitel's famous home insurance selling Pulp Fiction character, because it spends the entire film cleaning up. A film so bad, and badly made, that most of it is so dark you can't actually see anything, like the film is shy and embarrassed of itself and doesn't actually want you to see it. An awful film. Not just bad in quality in every way, but kinda pathetic with it.
  5. There was some early work and ideas done on a sequel to Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman, and some of those ideas are in this series (such as the addition of Gabriel), but I think that would be the extent of anything like a sequel happening. Even if you discount the literal legal issues of who owns the property, I think Gaiman views Good Omens as something that only he and Pratchett could work on, and that can't happen anymore. The only reason he's done the series is because Pratchett asked him to do it and in essence gave his blessing to do it. Besides which it really doesn't need a sequel.
  6. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 I'm pretty happy with this. This started with airbrush issues and then the decals, which are third party and a brand I'd not used before, turned out to be quite thick, but it's come through that alright I think. This has the best colour separation and modulation I've done so far I think. I'm unsure whether there's much else I could do to it, I feel like there is but I'm unsure what. It's had some chipping, which I'm much happier with, and it's had enamel panel lining and an enamel wash in some places rather than the gunk wash. Happy for any constructive criticism on it (and any of these).
  7. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    RG OO Raiser I'm jump back and forth on what I make of this. Obviously the painting was a nightmare, I think the chipping is a bit overdone (and really not good in places) and gunk wash is a bit half arsed. And the reverse wash on the eyes was a complete failure. On the other hand I think overall it looks alright. The OO Raiser is a daft looking thing and you kinda have to get past that a little with it. I'm quite happy with how the clear green bits came out which was my big aim with this, and even the decals on them worked out quite well I think. Overall not bad. I was lucky enough that my girlfriend got me a decent airbrush so I've been able to get back to doing a few bits. I've nearly finished the Freedom Gundam, which just needs a little bit of weathering and panel lining, and I'm at priming stage with the Banshee ver Ka. The Banshee will be my first use of Mr Hobby paints, which are the usual recommendation for Gunpla. I've been using Tamiya paints so far and while they're great, I find their colours don't translate to Gundam colours as well as I'd like, even when mixing. So another learning opportunity. I'm also doing my first bit of paint stripping with the Banshee. It has some (very nice) gold parts in the V fin, but they suffer with bad nubs which you can't really rectify, so I've got them soaking in Dettol. I'm also trying to see if this will also work with chrome plated pieces, as the Astray Red Frame has the same issue with its swords.
  8. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    The 00 Raiser has been gunk washed and should be about done sometime this week. It's looking... Ok. I had some trouble with the painting. Partly airbrush (more on that in a moment...) and partly I had a nightmare with mixing the colour for RG style off white. I looked up the English colour guide, mixed to their suggested specification, and ended up with s colour that as it dried basically was duck egg blue. The was less than a tiny drop of blue, but blue it was. Initially I thought it might look ok regardless, put everything together and discovered it looked absolutely awful, so those bits got repainted, whilst also having part of the GN Sword 2 break. So that was fun. I've been having airbrush woes again. With the 00 Raiser I really struggled to get the paint flowing consistently, and right after the gloss coat to seal the decals on it it just started constantly blowing back regardless of cleaning. Then I bent the needle. I managed to get the blowback to stop by using some PTFE tape on the nozzle cap thread, and decided to move on to doing the Freedom 2.0. I fancied trying some preshading again after priming and now the airbrush is has become a complete nightmare. Completely tightening the nozzle cap seems to choke off the airflow bizarrely, no amount of fiddling with the seals makes any difference and the brush has basically fought me all the way along. I've today tried to cobble together a Frankenbrush which kinda worked but even that eventually became so much hassle I've had to walk away. I really should just get a decent airbrush but right now I'm not getting paid so can't justify it. Luckily I guess the nightmare struggle this has been in the last month or so has completely sapped my desire to do any modelling, I guess
  9. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Built the MG Jesta over the weekend. Awesome, awesome kit. It's a grunt suit, but it's basically the ultimate grunt suit. It's great, it has a few nods to being a GM variant, GM Sniper style head, basic armament, but it also has bits of Unicorn styling with feet and armour more complex than any normal GM. It's also very, very solid, every joint feels great. Looking forward to getting it painted. I've also started prep to get the RG OO Raiser painted. I was stuck for which to paint next, but it's size and the opportunity to try some stuff with the clear panels swung it. Plus I'm bizarrely looking forward to decalling it. The lessons from that will hopefully help with the Nu Gundam ver Ka, which was also in the running bit needs a repair to it's psycho frame (:()and I wasn't sure about how to do the psycho frame anyway, either to use the foil stickers behind it or try to paint/metallise behind them instead. Or just candy paint it. I really want to finish off that build though, I love the look of the Nu. Also in the running was the Freedom 2.0, which is just cool, the Sinanju Stein, which is a design I love but I'm unsure about the colour choice when painting it ultimately, and the Banshee ver Ka, which will look great when it's done but has some awkward bits to prep. So 00 it is. Very likely it's going to be gunk washed ultimately too, I think the design benefits from adding detail as the suits from that series really have very simplistic and blocky looks.
  10. Chindie

    Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy

    I played the first Spyro game as a kid way back when and quite liked it, but never played the others. I got this over the Christmas break and managed to 100% the first game, remembering quite a lot of it surprisingly well. A lovely hit of nostalgia. Playing 2 I was surprised by some of the changes made but have been still quite enjoying it. Then I came to the second boss last night. I dunno what it was, but I lost to that boss more times than I died to most of the bosses in the Soulsborne series I've played. Genuinely. I died more to that thing than I did the Orphan of Kos. Really. I dunno why, but I just kept dying. The camera didn't help, more than once I got hit by a charge because the camera decided at the moment to go nuts, but most often I got fucked by the laser shots it uses. Sometimes they were the easiest things in the world to dodge. Other times it could lead you surprisingly well and nail you. I ended up eventually making these ridiculous zigzag towards the boss runs to avoid them, but even then I'd still get hit. This might be the most embarrassing thing I've ever managed in gaming. I struggled more with a boss in a kids game (which I think has an achievement for doing it without being hit) than I have with most of the bosses in notoriously hard games. I don't get it.
  11. Chindie

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

  12. Chindie

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Have a look at WowHD.

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