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  1. I find Breen's stuff so knowingly and obviously shit that it's not funny. So not really particularly hyped to watch that.
  2. RG Best Gundam RG Grandad Gundam
  3. Thanks. That photo actually hides most of the sins in fairness... As for your conundrum... There's not a hard and fast rule on the process order for panel lines and decals. Generally I would gloss then decal then gloss then panel line then top coat, but that is because I paint my kits and also do the lining as part of a weathering process usually, and I don't use lining pens so need the gloss to have capillary action work (and help with clean up). Working straight onto the plastic and using markers you don't have that problem - the plastic is gloss so you have less worries about the decals going on and the clean up is simple. The things to bear in mind - If you use decal setting solutions, they can affect the panel line paint, so be very careful if you line before decals. Lines going through decals are going to cause issues either way and without setting solutions I'm not sure how you'd overcome them. You'd also have to be careful cleaning up the line if done directly over the decal as you could damage the decal (or even just dislodge it entirely). Top coat last to seal everything. I would definitely recommend doing the decals and lining though. Both make the models pop and add a lot of life. On the balance of things I'd probably line last still. Hopefully there's not many (any?) lines through decals and careful cleanup is needed either way.
  4. The final boss is basically broken on Inferno. It's not so much that it's just difficult, there's not necessarily a problem with a boss that harshly punishes mistakes, but this just seems to decide you aren't winning this time and one-shots you. It does seem like you can occasionally dodge the multi slap midstream if it nails you with one of the slaps, but I could never reliably do it, meaning it only added to the feeling the thing was broken.
  5. Still not done, but this thing has been such a complete bastard of a thing that continually disappoints me that it's going back on the back burner to think about what it's done.
  6. Given the state of the stuff that made it into the film, I dread to think how awful the stuff they cut was.
  7. Really, really thin series. Heavier emphasis on the antics and less on the projects. James Cromwell's hippy brother still the best thing about it, just seems like a genuine good bloke.
  8. I was never Dan's biggest fan, I found his 'schtick' irritating and didn't really like his personality in some respects. I occasionally listen to the podcast he does with his wife about whatever random stuff they've watched recently and on that he seems to pull in his act a little, but there's also been moments where he's spoken about what he was like at college and whatnot - and by all of those accounts he was a twat. Stuff like being as actively annoying as he could be to housemates when hungover. I think if I knew him personally I'd hate him.
  9. Everything kneels at the feet of Alex's drum streams.
  10. Now listen to Star Calls. Again, if you've heard it before.
  11. The grimmest Charlie doll is the one on the bin in the hospital. You'd never find it unless you were literally combing every millimeter is the entire game from every angle imaginable. You can barely see it even if you know it's there.
  12. The difficulty with Discworld adaptations has always been that Pratchett's style is very based around allusion and deadpan satire, and internal monologue, which is very hard to make work off the page. You either end up hanging a lampshade on it, hamming it up, or just chopping it entirely. Saying that, I'm still down for authentic adaptations of the books. Very much so. One of the biggest annoyances of the other 'Watch' series is that I could see the idea working quite nicely. But the people behind that basically want to make their own thing and have pasted the licence over the top in the thinnest way possible.
  13. Chindie

    Put Here

    Getting there.
  14. It's a really good game. It's just never, ever a really good full price game. I got 20 odd hours out of it, that I really enjoyed in the main, but that's with multiple replays, bearing in mind you can quite easily beat it on just over an hour once you know it's structure. It's definitely a case of something that really should have either come out at reduced price or needed to have longer development time to expand it out - there's too many sections that last quite literally 5 minutes that whiff of rushing and curtailing original ambition. But it's still good. Just do not pay full whack for it.
  15. I found that things like that I was just running past - they're almost window dressing because you're going past them before they have any impact. If you aren't able to get past them with, it'll be horrific. In all honesty aside from the intro, which is a bit harder due to the fact you can be one shotted by a zombie if you're not careful and they suddenly turn into rapid homing zombies, and the final boss, which is bollocks, I found Inferno to be effectively the same as Nightmare. I was using the 'boosts' the game offers, mind... Oh and Nemesis' early form is obscenely fast and intimidating on Inferno. Seeing him accelerate into a superhuman sprint at you the first time is an eye opener.
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