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  1. Ooft. Rough opening. The problem I have with this is as a satire/pastiche it doesn't work because it's not funny, and as takes on classic sitcoms they're not funny either. And then Wanda and Vision aren't interesting enough to carry it through that. So it becomes a case of waiting for the reference or the drip feed of the mystery. Which given so far theres been what, 3 overt references to what is actually going on in 2 episodes, each seconds at most in length, means it feels a bit self indulgent. It's not bad per se, it's just... It just is.
  2. Latest WIP. Whenever I end up banging my head against in Blender, I tend to get distracted wit the sculpting side of things. Eventually, I'll finish a project.
  3. A strong Liverpool side, further strengthened with the likes of Thiago, needed over an hour to beat our kids. And not even the strongest kids side we could put out given some of them train with the first team as well. Liverpool could score 20 and they could walk off with pride.
  4. It is reassuring that the drubbing has rankled Klopp so much he's decided to put a side that's more or less full strength against a team that's arguably weaker than the side we'll put out in the U18s Cup.
  5. Priming with an airbrush sssssuuuuuuccccckkkkksss. I only do it as I've not really got much option for priming otherwise. Causes no end of hassle.
  6. Well the obvious thing wrong there is the Disc doesn't have phones. The most advanced technology they have is the clacks, which is basically a network of semaphore towers. One of the overriding arcs of the series, particularly over the latter books, is the movement of the Disc from pure medievalism towards industrial revolution and the impact of that on society and culture.
  7. Thanks. It needs weathering as the finish is a bit shit and also I managed to break one of the arm parts (conveniently hidden in the photo) while putting it into sub assemblies and couldn't face repairing it, stripping it and starting again. So I just did a quick repair and resigned myself to saying it's battle damage. I really do love that suit though. The Strike, which is awesome, combined with John Woo dual pistol action and cool colours. Awesome.
  8. No weathering yet but still...
  9. The standard of officiating is dreadful. The implementation of VAR is appalling. There's seemingly a lot of people for whom the combination of those 2 things is sapping the interest in the game. I understand it, it often feels like you're fighting against a tide and the whole thing is abitrary.
  10. We're a bit good at the moment. Defensively rock solid and we make chances against anyone. Something's wrong. We've been shit for a decade.
  11. Oh well. We never get anything from Manchester United but we can leave the ground head held high tonight. It took a soft penalty to beat us, and but for a little more luck we take something from that game. 2 years ago we were in trouble in the Championship. Tonight we went to the team we struggle most with, a team in form, and more than held our own, and are angry not to come away with anything.
  12. The penalty is soft as shit, but that is what you get at Old Trafford. VAR looked at it for about 15 seconds. It was a pretty appalling referee performance all round. Luke Shaw racked up enough fouls to be booked about 4 times over. Lo and behold he did eventually get a booking about 5 minutes from time. Matic did the same. Fernandes had a couple as well. Just add it to the list of appalling refereeing against Manchester United for Villa. Penalty last year where Fernandes jumps onto Konsa and gets a pen, presumably for the audacity of wearing a red shirt and asking for
  13. Despise Manchester United.
  14. It's brilliant seeing a Villa side that not only has some talent about it, but also isn't a pushover and has some mental resilience. We've played badly a couple of times this season, and one is those was in the Carabao Cup when we played a second string side. It's pretty clear the squad is thin and that's the main fear right now, as we're close to getting into the weaker figures through injuries and suspensions. But so far the side has held whenever we've had to rotate and we've proved beyond doubt that we will create chances against anyone.
  15. It's very, very weird hearing what is very obviously -wipe style Brooker lines being said by Laurence Fishburne. It doesn't quite work. The same for the show really. It's a weak '-wipe' show with a budget that hasn't got the bite of a normal episode. It's also extremely Americanised which again makes it a different thing in subtle ways. It's not awful. It's just not as good as it could be. Also, if you want to end up in A&E, take a drink every time the talking head contributors are obviously reading lines from behind the camera.
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