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  1. Seen a couple of good reviews for this now... Surprising. Colour me intrigued.
  2. This was done a while ago but seems the topic has disappeared. Or I can't use search. Anyway... Everyone loves a ranking topic and as the MCU is heading into the new Phase proper soon this seems a decent time to do one (...again) Infinity War - immense. Not much more to say really. Avengers Assemble - a special movie. Not perfect - it takes too long to really get going, it's second act is overly indulgent, it's a bit too Whedon-y in parts, it has some awful art design (...Cap...) but fuck, it's great. I saw this in the cinema in the day it came out, at a lunchtime showing, alo
  3. Bit gutting this. I've started to enjoy the Bombcast again recently, and I've got a long history with it and the site, enjoying their content and so on. Things had changed over the years and it wasn't as good as it has been in its hey day, but it's still putting out some decent content. I don't know what they can be going forward. Interested to see what they all end up doing now. Brad has the Tech Pod, which seems to have reinvigorated him, but what Vinny and Alex do I'm really not sure. A particular shame on the Alex front as his drum streams have been the
  4. What a match today. Everton not playing that well and we raised our game and saw the benefit. Barkley put in a shop window performance, you expect (though still at fault for their goal). Watkins has absolutely bossed the match. And the winner from AEG, what a finish, like something off FIFA. Good stuff.
  5. Everton - Villa must have been a great match for the neutral, particularly in the first half. And a bloody lovely winner.
  6. Avert your eyes children The desk is currently a shit show as I work the bits in batches. The plan is for there to be a subtle colour separation on everything, 2 tones of every colour. The red should be easy, and the black I've used midnight blue and a graphite ( adore that paint - I was going to use it as the main 'black' but didn't have enough), but the white is more difficult. I think it's there, but it'll take until it's put together to see how successful it is. The waist has a grey section which, somehow, I managed to obliterate the preshading
  7. Well I've painted some more of the PG Astray. Completed the black and grey bits, just the red and the weapons left... Which is the vast majority of it... I'm trying to think of a way of painting the hands without going insane with masking. And need to strip the mekkiplated bits. And I want to do some detail painting. And decals. And weathering. I'll still be doing this in June.
  8. The man who cannot score, Keinan Davis, has scored to rescue a draw for Villa in the derby v the Baggies. Tomorrow, the sun will set in the East.
  9. Decent finale It's pretty clear at this point these shows are basically, where they deal with movie characters anyway, B plots, which is fine, but I don't think either this or WandaVision have been slam dunks. The earlier show flirted with very interesting stuff and then shied away, and this felt a bit like it wanted to play with heavier stuff but found that conflicted with what is ultimately meant to be an action show. It also bizarrely felt at once slightly bloated at times and rushed at others - it spends half an episode setting up Bucky trying to redeem himself, ditche
  10. I've only just noticed that the theme and tentacle-y nature of the enemies gives this a bit of a Edge of Tomorrow vibe.
  11. I love that the original release was meant to be 3 years ago. Ambitious much... I've had this on an Amazon Wishlist since announcement. At this point I'll almost be shocked if it makes it out before it's 10th anniversary.
  12. There appears to be little point bothering with the final 8 matches, the squads given up. Most of the team was a spectator in that game. Dreadful.
  13. That was a fucking awful match. I've been in more interesting traffic jams.
  14. The quick return to an already busted status quo is the most disappointing thing about this. There has to be punishment, accountability, to crush this ever happening again. A pat on the back and a return to the welcoming arms of the rest of the game isn't right. These clubs tried to stab the game in the chest. They have to pay for that, to ensure it isn't done again. And if that only serves to push them out the door, so be it. These clubs aren't the game. If anything getting rid of them might improve things. Let them have their Super League, but make it clear that that
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