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  1. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Tetris Effect is a decent bet for GOTY.
  2. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Thanks. I'm fairly happy with it in all honesty but it's not quite what I wanted it to be. I've basically got the RX-78-2 V3 done now as well. That's probably not going to be weathered at all really, but I'm pretty happy with it. Might get some photos up later on.
  3. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Bad photos of the MG Hazel Custom. It's not had a matte top coat, and I'm not that happy with the weathering, as it's a bit more crude than I'd like and it's not really Naoki style (in places it's almost there but then the chipping is way too heavy elsewhere). And you can tell it's kinda half arsed in places as I just wanted to finish it, down to some areas not being weathered at all. But for a learning piece I kinda like it. Bar the shield. That damn decal...
  4. Chindie

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Bit of an update. MG RX-78-2 v3 - painted, decalled, glossed, hopefully panel lined in the next few days and maybe some very very minor weathering to come. I'm pretty happy with this, my only issue being some bad paint scraping on the Core Fighter when putting it together, so that'll need some heavier weathering. MG Hazel Custom - painted, decalled, glossed, panel lined, still needs weathering to hide some sins but hoping to do that this weekend. Still plan to do the Naoki style, but I won't succeed. Also still gutted about the shield decal MG Banshee ver Ka - snap built. For an older kit, with complex 'transformation', it's surprisingly good. Somewhat limited articulation and they did gold paint on the v fin with one of the worst nub placements I've ever seen, and it's a pig to transform in some ways (the chest extension would not work on the left side, I had to literally take it apart to make it move), but it's impressive in both forms. Shame it doesn't come with the parts to do the Norn variant. Will be a cracking model when painted and decalled Geara Doga - really really nice kit. It's a big chunky Zaku, what's not to love? Imposing, bit flashier than the Zaku, lots of big parts. Thoroughly recommended as it's a really fun build. Even avoids the infamous Zaku beads by giving you rubber-esque piping parts. Looking forward to painting this one RG Unicorn - the RG Unicorn was lauded as the best version of the Unicorn that's been released, and the best RG kit at the time (it's been succeeded by the RG Sazabi now, which I will have.. I have the decals already..). I can see why. I've built the MG Banshee obviously and like that kit, but the RG Unicorn is just great. Full transformation in a 1/144 kit, and it's solid as fuck in both forms? Excellent. Has a super subtle take on the famous RG colour separation, and just looks great. It's also suitably big for an RG, as the Unicorn is meant to be fairly tall in the Gundam stakes. When transformed I'd reckon it's nudging some small MG kits for height. I'll get some (bad) photos of the Hazel and grandad Gundam once I finish them, all being well. Also, the girlfriend got me a PG RX178 as a very unexpected birthday gift... Which I'm itching to get cracking on.
  5. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Alex raised $100k on his own. Deserved.
  6. Chindie

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The best thing Giantbomb does every year has not long started. Alex's 24hr charity Rock Band drumathon. 24hrs of music and the sheer awe at someone being able to play Rock Band at the highest level pretty much perfectly for a whole day. And deservedly raises a shitload of money.
  7. Chindie

    The Watch - New Discworld Series

    BBC America developing a series.
  8. Chindie

    Grand Designs

    The worst of recent years I can remember is that guy a couple of years back who built what was basically a shed in the woods surrounded by trees and then put next to no windows in the place. That and the airport terminal the weird cleaning company bloke made. Wasn't so much a house as a car showroom with beds.
  9. Chindie

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)

    The final scene is basically a teaser for where a third series will go. Comic spoilers
  10. Chindie

    The Great British Bake Off

    I've no issue with Kimjoy herself. I just get reminded of that old Simpsons gag whenever she's in screen. It's none of my business how she decides to dress or whatever.
  11. Chindie

    The Great British Bake Off

    I can't help thinking of Homer's makeup shotgun whenever Kimjoy is on screen.
  12. Chindie

    Grand Designs

    Come again? How on earth would that place cost half a million quid to rebuild? In fairness the fire probably did them a favour. Building that place and living there seemed to be killing them.
  13. Technically Union Jack has already been in the MCU. The British member of Captain America's gang in the First Avenger was James Falsworth, who was the first Union Jack.

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