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  1. On day 55 of my first play through. Using my standard turtling approach and have only disposed of the first God but completed my doctrines and at the highest building levels. A few bugs as others have said but I’ve found the crusade levels nicely so I’m never overpowered.
  2. I've had a few odd bugs too on the PS5. Each time I've found a simple save/ quit/ restart fixes it, including the non responsive cultists.
  3. The easiest and quickest way to deal with troublemakers is to build the stocks and stick them in there. It stops the negativity from spreading and your reeducation has a quicker effect.
  4. Early but so far this is as good as I was hoping for. If I recall this is from the same team who made Adventure Pals which I'd highly recommend too. Despite my earlier post I went for the PS5 version over the Switch. So far this seems to have been a good choice as there’s a lot of comments towards the Switch version being buggy with performance issues.
  5. Really looking forward to this. Out on the 11th August on just about everything. I’m guessing it scales nicely so should run just as well on the Switch making for some good on the go fun.
  6. Still doing that odd thing I’ve only seen on PS Store of having it listed but no price or ability to preorder until the very last minute. Never understood the purpose of that but had my tinfoil hat suspicion’s that it’s when they aren’t sure how it’s going to review and have a number of price points in mind…
  7. These are all wonderful @Dr_Dave Seems I’ve found a new thing to fixate on. Thanks!
  8. Thanks again @MikesI found a local table top games shop that has a number of clubs. I’m going to see what’s popular there. Necromunda does look good though! I do feel that I’m staring down a very deep hole with all this stuff though!
  9. Not really. I don’t know much about table top games. I went with GW as I like the lore and designs and thought I’d have more chance of finding other players in my area.
  10. Apologies if this is a bit of a vague post. I’ve a bit of a hankering to start playing and painting a GW game. Does anyone here play Kill Team? Am I right in thinking it’s a bit more immediate/ quicker to play than the average 40K game? I don’t get a lot of time for hobbies and have read KT games tend to be no more than an hour. I also quite like the idea of having a smaller more manageable team. if I’ve read it correctly it’s pretty easy to have a number of different races/ armies as the teams are much smaller. Are those fair points? Above all else though, is KT a good game with a decent following? I’m way behind with GW and their site for both KT and 40K can be a bit overwhelming!
  11. Can’t wait. I’ve loved every one of their games and at the risk of repeating myself, Dishonored is the only series of games I’ve replayed multiple times.
  12. OK, one more time! This will be my fourth attempt at sticking with what should be my dream game
  13. They were advertising it as coming soon over a year ago! I had a brief exchange with the dev over Twitter and it sounds like the Gamepass deal changed focus for them but the last message from them said an announcement would be "very soon" following the PC release.
  14. Really looking forward to the Xbox S/ PS5 version.
  15. Well I feel vindicated at least. What a train wreck!
  16. So, we've had COD: Modern Warfare and COD: Modern Warfare 2 and we've had both of these remastered. Yes? But now the latest is in October they are releasing COD: Modern Warfare 2. Is that a remake of the remaster? A reboot and or a completely new game but with the returning characters from COD: MW? If the latter, why the Hell didn't they call it Modern Warfare 3?
  17. Just tried logging on and got the old “Destiny is at capacity” message. Not seen that for a while.
  18. I disabled auto-renew on my sub and the current one terms out on the 29th May. Every day when I log in I get a nice pop up asking me to renew now. I bought a code from Shopto, tried it and it was rejected because apparently I can buy directly from Sony just now but not a third party. That's shite.
  19. The only game I have completed multiple times is the Dishonored series. Amazing games, amazing studio. Slight cheat as theres three of them...
  20. Ironically I watched the gameplay trailer and thought it looked like a reasonable PS4/ XBone game and came away thinking I hope they beef up the next gen versions...
  21. So a restart did the trick. However, it says my tv doesn’t support VRR. It does- works great with the XBox SX. I’ve a Samsung QE55Q90T. Anyone else having a similar issue? edit- solved. Game mode has been disabled somehow. Turned it on and it was good to go.
  22. Still don’t have VRR available on my machine. I’ve been checking for firmware updates and refreshing enabled features like a demented budgie dinging it’s bell!
  23. I’m tapping out for now. Technically it’s stunning and I love the premise and lore but I’m just tired of the collectathon approach it’s taken and it seems almost too big at times- something I never thought I’d complain about in a game. I struggle to get any decent time to play games now. I’m sure it’s because of this at least in part. Playing an hour of Returnal is a blast. Playing an hour of Horizon and similar games can feel more like watching to an interactive movie and by the time I need to stop plying I’ve barely progressed.
  24. It’s also something to consider that Tiny Tina would be less bloody annoying… Im enjoying this but I’ve always loved BL games. PS5 has so many glitches and bugs though- menus vanishing, powers not appearing, pick ups vanishing. Yet another semi baked product sold at full price.
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