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  1. BubbleFish

    PlayStation VR

    Ghost Giant is getting some fantastic reviews. Out next week. https://youtu.be/hEJnJz43e10 Sorry, cant figure out how YT should embed properly using my phone.
  2. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    I absolutely detest the hammer and chainsaw guys. My game suddenly becomes a Benny Hill skit with me running around in circles trying to take pot shots at the buggers. I even hear the music in my head now.
  3. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    Sorry, what’s the PS4 clan name? Do we have one for the forum?
  4. BubbleFish

    Borderlands 3

    I cant recall its name but the screaming SMG used to crack me up too.
  5. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    1450! I'm level 18 and skill power 68. Is that normal? Does it suddenly jump up?
  6. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    Cheers. I must have missed that and been lucky.
  7. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    What am I missing? Completed the mapping of the first Dark Zone, went back in, fought a few bad guys and picked up some nice weapons. However there was no way to request an extraction. I went to the area but couldn’t fire a flare. Eventually a chopper came in by itself, lowered its line but there was no prompt for me to attach anything. Have i I skipped something? Do weapons not need to be decontaminated now?
  8. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    You're right; they can be pretty grim but a couple do flesh out the characters and their background.
  9. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    Another aspect if the quality here is the supporting lore. I usually ignore all the collectables but the ones in this can be genuinely interesting. I didn't even realise theres some videos in there too
  10. BubbleFish

    The Division 2

    This is utterly brilliant. The gameplay loop is constantly engaging and he sheer amount of content on day 1 puts many games to shame. I was really sceptical towards the setting but some of the areas you come across are stunning.
  11. BubbleFish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    eBay won’t accept the return as its digital and not covered. Just go straight to PayPal.
  12. BubbleFish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I told them that I believed the code was fake as it wouldn’t work now and the seller was refusing to clarify why it wouldn’t work until some future date. I immediately escalated it as the seller hadn’t responded to my request for clarification on eBay. PayPal then gave the seller 2 weeks (I think it was that long) to respond and when he didn’t they found in my favour. The fact hes he’s using the exact same advert and con over and over again is a joke. I tried to highlight the multiple accounts that were all clearly linked and they just weren’t interested. They wait until the date comes and everyone complains and only then do they close his account- by which time he’s set up another couple of accounts.
  13. BubbleFish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Sorry, yes it is. As I said, Ebay aren't interested so go straight to a PayPal claim. The code doesn't exist.
  14. BubbleFish

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Sorry but this person has been doing the rounds on Ebay the past month or so. Multiple accounts, multiple games all with the exact same description. He or she just moves the "cant be redeemed by" date. Ebay aren’t interested as its digital (even though it says its covered by their buyers guarantee) but I got a full refund from PayPal. The fact Ebay is letting this continue was the final straw for me and I closed my account.
  15. BubbleFish

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Personally I’m loving it. Just finished Winter and found it well balanced. I’ve not tried to skip anything as I’ve been enjoying the story.

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