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  1. The apostrophe is very, very tiny...
  2. So I'm clearly in the camp that finds routine tasks highly relaxing/ engaging. I've been playing for around 10 hours now and haven't ventured past the first delivery area as I feel obligated to keep returning everyone's abandoned packages stored in the shared lockers. I can't explain why this has its hooks in me.
  3. Just checked. I paid for this months ago. Says my order is processing with a 1p balance to pay. FFS. This happened before and took them days to sort out.
  4. Will do! I got my level 50 gun from you in the post. I thought to myself, "What a nice guy Muz must be to just send me a great gun" Then I saw there was a trophy for sending someone a gun...
  5. Last couple of days I've struggled to get a multi player on this- takes a good 5 minutes to find a match (I'm level 47) When it does the games have been glitchy with enemy freezes and guns refusing to reload or swap. Two hard crashes too. This is on the PS4. No one else having issues? One of the players I matched with last night said he'd also been really struggling to consistently get games.
  6. BubbleFish

    The Surge II

    Yup. Hard as nails and making it clear I'm shit at DS games!
  7. @DC Lemon I am you. Kids have adopted the Switch as their primary and I was content to grab a game every now and then... I now have a Lite, Zelda and pouch (hopefully) being delivered from Shopto on Friday.
  8. PS4. I joined a game in the same area/ boss and the two of us had it beaten on the first go. That's why I was wondering.
  9. I'm so shit at this. Not even sure if it's a boss or not but the Horror in the Sewer is just a roadblock for me. I cant keep the mob at bay while taking shots at it. Is the idea that you keep leveling up by replaying the first area or is this just difficult for single players or am I just unfortunately shit?
  10. Saw this last night and pretty much agree with the comments already expressed. A bit of a disappointment after the first one. I also thought the style of direction and the musical score seemed quite different in tone from the first movie; and not necessarily in a good way. If I hadn't known better I'd have thought it was a completely different team who made this.
  11. I've not seen any carry over, certainly not on the PS4. @Ketchup definitely more like 2. To be honest though I quickly got into 2, so much so that I'm struggling to remember much of 1.
  12. had a quick go on the PS4. More of the same (good) but they already seem to have just as much if not more content. Looks stunning too.
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