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  1. Just back from seein this. Great! Kids loved it too.
  2. Sorry, basic question. Is it safe for me to just go with the main story and then go back and just explore afterwards? My natural inclination with any open world is to go off and just explore but I keep getting the feeling that things are closed off until I complete some of the main story.
  3. BubbleFish

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah, it days it requires Move, rather than optional.
  4. BubbleFish

    PlayStation VR

    Anyone tried Space Pirate Trainer? Just out today and looks pretty good. I remember seeing this covered during E3 and it seemed to be getting a lot of praise. Currently fly £9.27 for PS+ members, or bizarrely £11.59 for non members. Mistake or automatic conversion from another currency?
  5. BubbleFish

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    The US Playstation store currently has the deluxe version (all launch content) for $60! I'm presuming it's still easy enough to create a dummy US account and buy with vouchers so a good deal.
  6. BubbleFish

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    I’d like to get the digital version of this as the toys are just unwanted tat (for me) The fact that they released a digital version is great but the pricing is just insane. Is it also correct that the joypad dongle that your ship uses is wired, needing a usb connection?
  7. BubbleFish

    Road Redemption - new Road rash game....

    Slightly dissapointed that this isn't a "rad"horse racing game with a rough and tough cowboy.
  8. Yeah, I'm done with this which is gutting given I was stupid enough to go digital. Blackout is literally pot luck and I'll routinely get killed by a guy I've been plugging away at. Zombies- what a joke. Not a single game without a host disconnection. Literally not a single game completed.
  9. I'm trying to remain as blind as possible playing this so haven't been reading threads. Is it possible to plough through the main story and then just play the side missions/ explore indefinitely afterwards?
  10. BubbleFish

    Call of Cthulhu - Oct 30th

    Yeah. Looks interesting but similar to Vampyr, I'll wait until it hits £20 (which Vampyr currently is on Amazon if anyones interested)
  11. BubbleFish

    Call of Cthulhu - Oct 30th

    No reviews up for this yet?
  12. BubbleFish

    Kindle conversion?

    Great. Thanks both.
  13. BubbleFish

    Kindle conversion?

    Apologies if this is commonly asked but I did search first (honest) I have a few hundred kindle books but fancy one of the Kobo readers. I've read that its pretty much fool proof to convert kindle files to ePub and then Bob's your uncle. Has anyone done this? I don't fancy buying a Kobo only to find it's a ballache (or the results are just poor) Thanks
  14. BubbleFish

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Not necessarily. You can easily level up without really progressing the story. I was at level 50 and only half way through the main story as I'd fannied around so much beating up crims.
  15. TBH I completely forgot about that option! She normally just uses mine and its rarely been an issue.

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