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  1. For the 4 of us playing this, the dev has acknowledged the frame rate issues on the PS5 and said they’re working on a fix to ensure 4K at 60fps. Apparently the PS4 version runs great on the PS5 if you can’t wait. Not confirmed but I’m assuming it isn’t a 4K image.
  2. Been plying this for a few hours today on the PS5. Theres a good game in here, possibly. However the frame rate is awful and the camera a hindrance making the core concept of the game- fast, acrobatic platforming, a pain rather than a joy. Christ knows how it runs on the PS4.
  3. Love this but unbelievably shit at it. Chose the Hunter as I thought the bow might help me with crowd control and I’m a dirty sniper at heart. To my shame I have only ever done 1-1. Can’t get to the end of any other level.
  4. While I loved the inclusion and diversity I thought the rest of it was pretty poor lurching from amateurish to just plain bad. Glad so many on here enjoyed it though. Budget isn’t everything but when you consider how massive the gaming market is the fact that this is currently the only “mainstream” gaming show in the UK you think a little more effort towards production values and content could have been justified. I liked Rab’s Sugar Boat piece though.
  5. It’s an amazing game with a great community and the only reason I held on to my XBoxes. I’d love them to bring it to PS4/5 with cross play. Oh and @alex3d see how relaxing Ito is when you’re racing to extract and the hive comes at you!
  6. Apologies for my ignorance, but will the old game continue to work or does the player base all move over to the new game/ Activision start switching off servers? I’ve never been clear as to what happens each year with old COD games as the new one comes out.
  7. The Zombies issue is just odd. Have they said it’s because it’s still being developed or is there some marketing spin they’re trying to put on it? I was considering buying for Zombies and the SP (too old and slow to play MP now) Could do with a good shooter to get stuck into.
  8. Nope, can’t find reviews anywhere although Twitter has an increasing number of posts under #vanguard saying Zombies is completely broken and a bit shit.
  9. Any reviews up yet? I thought the embargo was at 1300 GMT but so far nothing that I can find.
  10. I’m going out on a limb here but I have a good feeling about this. I think it’ll be much better than is being anticipated. Hat/ right testicle wagered…
  11. I have a Curry’s code for a disc system if anyone would wants it? Sorry, at work so no idea of the etiquette here.
  12. Never even considered CEX as my old local one was particularly bad. You’re right though, buying for £480 still.
  13. Is the Series X still difficult to get hold off? Barely touching mine due to work demands and catching up with games on the PS5. Not fussed with Halo so considering selling it and trying to steel myself for the wave of crap I’ll get if I go near Gumtree…
  14. I think I’m a bit fatigued by too much choice. Yeah, I know first world problems and all that… I was lucky enough to get my hands on both and XBox Series X and PS5. Since then I’ve found I just can’t keep up and spend more time looking and downloading as opposed to playing. I let me Gamepass Ultimate lapse 2 months ago and don’t miss it. That said, it occurred to me this morning that I’ve barely touched the XBox since then and seriously considering selling it now.
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