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  1. Accidentally sparked a level 2 reactor last night as I was cutting pipes around it. Absolutely shit myself when it went off and wiped out 3/4 ship. The mangled wreckage was pretty spectacular when my clone started its new shift.
  2. The 15 minute day does work perfectly for a quick pick up and play and so far I’ve been impressed with how well the game remembers exactly where everything is when you restart. Up to Hazard 5 now and the new class of reactor…
  3. Couldn’t agree more @moosegrinder Game of the year for me so far. How can it be incredibly relaxing and tense at the same time? Each ship is like a puzzle and the little backstory details just add to it feeling part of something bigger. It made me get my Chris Foss book out too. It’s like my childhood coming to “life”
  4. Finished this over the weekend. Absolutely loved it and was surprised how much I’d manage to forget. Remaster highlight for me was watching bodies get torn apart by your IED. In a tight space the gibs actually slid down the walls and dropped off the ceiling if you hung around enough
  5. Yup. The frame stuttering on the PS5 is still pretty bad unfortunately.
  6. Feel free to add me on PS5. Diehard gunner here.
  7. So this is out this afternoon. Not seen any reviews yet but a good few positive previews. Love the look of it but wary it may be another game that my sausage fingers and slow reflexes scupper any enjoyment.
  8. I didn’t even know that was possible. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll take a look.
  9. Just thought I’d ply some 2 in preparation for 3. I got a new Switch since I last played. I forgot This doesn’t use cloud save back-up… I’m back at level one. All progress lost
  10. On day 55 of my first play through. Using my standard turtling approach and have only disposed of the first God but completed my doctrines and at the highest building levels. A few bugs as others have said but I’ve found the crusade levels nicely so I’m never overpowered.
  11. I've had a few odd bugs too on the PS5. Each time I've found a simple save/ quit/ restart fixes it, including the non responsive cultists.
  12. The easiest and quickest way to deal with troublemakers is to build the stocks and stick them in there. It stops the negativity from spreading and your reeducation has a quicker effect.
  13. Early but so far this is as good as I was hoping for. If I recall this is from the same team who made Adventure Pals which I'd highly recommend too. Despite my earlier post I went for the PS5 version over the Switch. So far this seems to have been a good choice as there’s a lot of comments towards the Switch version being buggy with performance issues.
  14. Really looking forward to this. Out on the 11th August on just about everything. I’m guessing it scales nicely so should run just as well on the Switch making for some good on the go fun.
  15. Still doing that odd thing I’ve only seen on PS Store of having it listed but no price or ability to preorder until the very last minute. Never understood the purpose of that but had my tinfoil hat suspicion’s that it’s when they aren’t sure how it’s going to review and have a number of price points in mind…
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