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  1. Yes. Supposed to be your memories of being discovered and captured apparently but I had to read that to understand it.
  2. Anyone know if you can gey Elysium in 4K UHD disc? I see a Blu Ray "mastered in 4K" and a few places stream it in 4K but cant find a disc anywhere.
  3. ...and done. Rare for me to stick with a game to the very end. I now seem to have access to a demo level which is a mini-mix of the various levels. That definitely wasn't there before, right? Great game.
  4. Although it does nothing to improve your health, I'm taking great delight in going back and making sure I chomp down on the discarded lower half of the bodies. Leave no trace.
  5. I thought I'd take a look at their last title, Butcher, since it was mentioned here. It's only £2.39 on the UK XBox store just now.
  6. Once you start moving around it does a great job of just moving where you want it to go. I think thats part of the appeal for me; seeing this organic blob slither around but you always feel precisely in control. The only blip I had was when I first received an ability that needed a little more specific targeting (I'm trying to be vague so not to spoil things) Once I realised it was just the standard twin stick shooter approach I was fine.
  7. Playing this on the XB with GamePass. Its excellent! Really impressed with how they nailed the movement and overall feel of the creature. The sound work is equally great, giving a real Alien vibe. Could do with a map though although I suspect they thought it would detract from you being the monster.
  8. I love the Arkane games and this sounds like its going to be another great one. Given it looks like I won't be going down the PS5 route, I hope the timed exclusive isn't for too long.
  9. Really? They've been presenting it for the One several times. Why would they do this when it's being released on every current gen console?
  10. They're all nice but if you aren't interested in the theme, soundtrack etc then I'd say no.
  11. Its great! Your brush is really just placing assets and allowing you to stretch and distort them. Hard to mess up and easy to make something genuinely nice.
  12. I thought it was now clarified as a timed exclusive and will eventually be on the XSX?
  13. Any news on the console release? Its getting pushed regularly on the XBOX and PS4 YouTube channels but I cant see any date for a release. Quite fancy this as something a little different.
  14. if you're required to have a FB account in any way I'll be giving it a hard pass. That's the same reason I wont buy an Oculus. I mean, FaceBook?? Anyone under 30 thinks its for old farts (I'm 49 by the way so no hate, please)
  15. Hmm, first world problems and all but after 8 days of it being sent out from The Games Collection, I still haven't received this.
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