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  1. Paid. £10 for the lot or £1.70 per song.
  2. I last played Destiny when The Forsaken came out. I'm presuming that the subsequent season pass content was all date constrained, I.e. it's no longer available if I took out the season pass now? Or is the content still all there for me to work through at my leisure?
  3. Red Dead Redemption. Fourth attempt. Cant even complete the second camp area. Beautiful game and genuinely impressed by what they achieved however I just cant get past the controls no matter how I adjust them and try to get some muscle memory. I think I'll delete it this time. Seeing its icon on my dashboard just makes me feel bad.
  4. Yeah, the upgrade system is definitely a little clunky if not bugged. I've had the same issue where I've unlocked the upgrade but cant seem to recognise it. I've purchased upgrade blueprints which have just vanished too. Currency down but no blueprints to be seen anywhere.
  5. Thats pretty much it. One of my favourite moves is the ability to bat back any incoming grenades with your gun. Sure, there's a little liberal use of "magnetic attraction" but its cool as fuck if you're in the middle of a firefight and you smack a grenade back at your assailant without missing a beat.
  6. This is great fun. So many random battles breaking out while trying a focussed attack on one of the many, many encampments. Yes, its just another FarCry reskin but the weapons are fantastic and the powers so OTT it actually makes even losses a good laugh.
  7. I restarted and had a different dialogue drop out this time. Same section and shorter but clearly missing. The game so far though is pretty good- only played a couple of hours. Shit tonnes to do.
  8. Anyone else get a bug on the PS4 where half the mission hologram at the start is clearly missing? No sound, hologram vanishes half way through. Patch applied.
  9. I have an annoying and reoccurring bug where the sound drops out after a period of time. Nothing but a complete close down and restart of the game will fix it.
  10. This looks fairly interesting. From what I gather it's been on Steam early access for some time but out on the Xbox and PS4 on the 30th April. Anyone played the early access?
  11. I didn't realise he's a reviewer/ writer.
  12. If it held your attention for 60 hours then it must be doing something right
  13. Good God, no! I tried Anthem for less than half a day and got rid as it was early shite. Theres loads of play through vids up now to watch.
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