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  1. Does this mean the game is complete now, or are there more story chapters to come?
  2. Just officially confirmed. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/true-detective-season-3-officially-a-go-at-hbo-1034518
  3. I just closed my eyes and it sounded like classic Partridge.
  4. Mentazm


    Where? That link up the thread is 404 and there is nothing on amazon other than the purple.
  5. Had to stop following the white lies reviewer. Have not felt myself at such odds with opinions of film since Paul Ross used to review films in News of the World. Tried the app this morning. It's okay, but I'm not active on there at the moment so not really reading things actively other than the odd one or two lookups. Things will pick up when I've cleared my TV backlog in the next few weeks.
  6. Mentazm


    Fuck, I missed this. Don't want ugly purple. Really hope the 404 means no more left, that would make me weep as I've been waiting so long. They are supposed to email you!
  7. If this was half the price I'd consider it. Sure to be worth ten times the price in a year probably.
  8. Math is hard. About 100 games sorry.
  9. I played dota for about a hundred hours, so approx ten games. I'm forty. It was okay, but both too complicated and too repetitive for me. It's like pc gamings answer to football.
  10. Mentazm

    Twin Peaks

    That was perfect. The long theorised "The Return" confirmed as referring to coop returning to doogies body.
  11. Seinfeld2000 is mostly hilarious, ST is just a bit shit really.
  12. Flame in the Flood is an incredibly atmospheric game with one of the best gaming soundtracks I've ever heard.
  13. I love this, but I reckon to everyone else here this belongs in here...
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