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  1. Watched the first ep of the new Halo series (YARRD it) OK so...it looks like Halo, and sounds like Halo...but its not Halo. It's not even Master Chief revealing his face. It's that it feels like a different universe with Halo stuff spray painted over. Not necessarily bad just...doesn't "feel" right. Opening action scene was good, well shot, cgi Covies were decent. Not sure how I feel about It's a bit too early to to write it off but I'll give it another ep or two.
  2. Was gonna ask of this is any good. Just heard about it.
  3. Honestly its so good for a Halo campaign to receive mostly positive opinions. Look I like Halo 4 for the story but it did not quite have that spark. Probably to do with basically all the guns feeling the same or making each other redundant. And the Prometheans being boring as hell to fight. Shoot the floaty medic. Hammer the Knights until dead. Headshot the Crawlers who are Grunts without the hilarious panic and variety of weapons. Repeat forever. I mean we had the DMR, BR which made each other redundant As where yes one is burst and the other is semi-auto they do the same job. Hell the Covie carbine from 2 was purely to be the Covie version of the BR but had the firing rate advantage, making the DMR just a slower version of that. There was no reason to have both... And then you bung in the Light Rifle which was the same bloody thing with the Tron filter on. But hey it was 343 first game so growing pains it still managed to tell a fairly decent tragic and weird love story between a man and his weird hologram girlfriend. Then Halo 5 happened. So first we have the advertising campaign setting up Chief going AWOL and setting up this clash between him and Locke (and Eddie Buck is there too yay). I lapped that up with the audio drama and everything...for it all to culminate in a slap fight halfway through the game (and one Chief should have just won without breaking a sweat if we're going by book lore but that's another issue. And then Cortana is back. I mean I suspected she would be so it wasn't that surprising. And making her the villain was an interesting concept...but CHRIST was it handled badly. She's basically unleashing the threat of genocide on the galaxy just so her boyfriend can have a relaxing retirement. Like...wow. Way to fuck over the last game's ending guys. Cortana the ULTIMATE YANDERE. Plus dear God Locke was a crap character. So was the rest of Osiris sans Buck (and possibly Vale's thighs). The Prometheans...still crap to fight. They tried to put in the soldier class to try and bring in that mid-tier level of enemy ala the Elite/Halo 3 Brute but just...crapper. Then they make the Knights now just weaker versions of the Hunters with none of the personality. Now I won't go into detail on Infinite's story because spoilers but I think it's done well. It's got problems but it essentially kinda want a us to ignore the major points of Halo 5 and does a decent enough job of doing it, bringing in a new enemy type and rejigging old ones to make them interesting. Plus one of the top 5 grappling hooks in gaming. So yeah I'm gonna say "well done" to 343 for finally doing a campaign on par with Bungie's best for a good chunk and no worse than their middling bits at worst.
  4. I've honestly found the bosses pretty good. At least on normal, though the guy in the drill was a bit of a bastard at first.
  5. Yeah. Only thing I really used the Wasp for was mopping up the collectibles. But considering the amount of electric weapon wielding enemies and its general lack of being able to take a decent amount of damage did feel a smidge bleh.
  6. You can get a Hornet at a FOB with enough Valor and later missions feature a few opportunities to nick Banshees using the grappleshot, but there's no "flying level" like in every other Halo game
  7. So...after cleaning up the last collectibles (sans campaign skulls) I've started another game. That's how you can tell they've suceeded despite the much discussed issues. Also while the vehiclws are fine I love the fact that because the workd isn't super hugs I can quite easily traverse the map with the grappling hook once you reduce the cool down. Marines be looking at me like "Uh chief you know you could drive to the objectivs in like 2 minutes right?" as I take ths "crows fly" method by climbing up a mountain for 10 minutes and then jump off it. Because I can. Also lovs the fully upgraded hook's slam attack. Use it on mooks a lot.
  8. Right thats all the audio logs and all the open world skulls. Gonna need to restart the campaign for the 4 remaining skulls but no issues with that. Though watch them release the replay levels feature 2 minutes after I do it.
  9. Welp finished Halo Infinite. Caned 90% of the side missions yesterday (missing propaganda towers and artifacts) and went through the story today. You can really tell they were trying to turn away from the disaster that was Halo 5 and honestly? Pretty much suceeded. Gonna need some time to fully digest but dont think its too hard to say that it'll be somewhere in my top 3 campaigns.
  10. Almost finished. 86%. 10-15 mins at current speeds if they hold up.
  11. Downloading now but for some reason it didn't show anything until I uninstalled it so getting the whole thing. Still moving at a fair clip though!
  12. Yep. And it is technically possible to catch them with the grapple shot when they are chucked at you.
  13. Don't forget the "noob cubes." Caught a few flag carriers out with that.
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