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  1. I'm running a 2070S, Ryzen 3700x and 16GB and sometimes the game runs between 70 and 120fps with everything on high, RT off and DLSS on Performance. Then suddenly (like when I first go to the club to meet that woman) the game drops to about 5fps. I'm not spending any more time messing about with settings trying to work around the bugs, the game is an absolute mess and should never have been released in this state. If I was under 2 hours played I would 100% be requesting a refund until they fix it, at times the game is as good as I'd hoped but sadly more often as utterly broken as I'd feared.
  2. Wasn't the ShotTriggers version of Ketsui released in Japan 2 years ago? Maybe he's referring to them both continuing to sell even long after release and it sort of gets lost in translation. The inner workings of M2 are pretty confusing so I suppose it's possible this is the first time anyone has actually checked...
  3. Now that I've "cleared" the game a couple of times the comparisons to Bayonetta are becoming even more apparent to me. Just thinking about each weapon, moveset etc. and wondering, "I wonder if it will let me combine this with this...ok it does, so surely it won't let me use this trick on top to do *this*? Oh shit it does!" and before you know it you've still not even thought about taking the new fancy VR Star Wars game out of the shrink wrap.
  4. Another 4am session last night then on about my 42nd run earlier this evening finally beat the last boss when I'd already pretty much given up on the run. I never paid enough attention to casts as some of them seemed so useless but without them I'd never have beaten him. Currently messing about with the Aspect of Hera bow, I thought it was a bit crap at first because it just seemed to use up some cast ammo to get more power. Then something occurred to me so I took the Festive Fog boon from Dionysis and now I'm trying to think of all the ways it could be utterly lethal...
  5. Edit : Broker beat me to it :-) Didn't Guerrilla games say they never intended that to be shown as a real gameplay trailer but Sony just fired ahead with it during the presentation? I always thought it was a shame that so many people remember the Killzone games because of that, Killzone 2 may not have lived up to that trailer (as if it ever could have) but it got surprisingly close and was a damn good game. I can't think of many FPS games that really nailed that physicality the way Killzone did other than Riddick and more recently Resident Evil 7, you felt in control of an actual
  6. I upgraded to a 2070S from a 1060 and considered the raytracing stuff of the RTX cards nothing much more than a gimmick, I just wanted the extra power. I'm still of that opinion with regards to raytracing in games but DLSS is the real potential killer-feature. I just hope Nvidia are doing more to make it easy for developers to implement because when so many people seem obsessed with pushing resolution above all else DLSS seems to do the impossible. When Digital Foundry compared the native 4K version of Death Stranding and Control to the lower internal res version using DLSS and found that the
  7. Has it been confirmed if you can beep the horn of the cars in the game? This is more important to me than it should be.
  8. I was up playing this until after 4am last night so had to take the morning off work because I was so shattered, it's been a long time since any game has done that. Once you start getting to know specific boons and weapon forms than synergize well it really takes on another new life. I just can't seem to finish off the final boss, even with my health being regenerated with each attack to the point that I wiped the floor with everything up until then I was just losing health too quickly. I finally thought I'd done it but then the next bit started...
  9. Apparently I ended up playing for 9 hours straight after just loading it up to see if it was going to be my kind of thing. The guide video posted earlier in the thread was very useful as even after playing for that amount of time I didn't really pick up on what each icon meant, especially the pomegranate. I'm still just pretty much randomly selecting which boons to head for but I imagine that once you get to really know them and unlock all the weapons the possibilities are crazy. That element of the game does remind me of Bayonetta, choosing which weapons to combine with which abiliities to cr
  10. Seeing the word "Bayonetta" in the title made me click this topic and I realised I'd seen the atwork for the game quite a few times on Steam but never looked into it properly. I'm not usually a fan of rogue-likes, I've gotten into Dead Cells and Binding of Isaac on and off but there were so many times I'd put a couple of hours into them only to feel that they were completely wasted by making a stupid mistake during a boss fight. I've barely scratched the surface of Hades in terms of upgrades etc. but after playing for a few hours I really don't want to put it down. I'd been planning on trying
  11. I really want to play through this again, seeing that it's coming to PS Plus at the PS5 launch and that it'll run in the PS4 Pro mode with a higher framerate seems to be the perfect opportunity. I would kill for a PS5 patch for constant 60fps though. As much as I'm looking forward to the sequel I'd put money on it being pushed back to 2022.
  12. Oh man that's amazing news about Ketsui, I never got round to buying it off the JP store so for once my own laziness has paid off. When you get to know the menus it's a lot easier but having to use a translation was a bit of a pain in the arse with ESP Ra.De on the Switch, especially since if you don't play it for a while you'll have to do it again. Taking a photo and using Google Translate is handy but it'll never be as good as one done by an actual person who knows the context.
  13. I suppose M2 saw that the fans will import the games anyway so releasing more in other territories just mustn't be worth it. They're not really the kind of thing I can see someone who isn't already into the genre picking up on a whim, especially as they aren't budget releases. The Japanese menus are a real pain in the ass at first but once you have a translation you learn the position in the list of the options you want surprisingly quickly, I tend to end up remembering them by their relative position to other obvious options e.g. two options up from hitbox size. None of their upc
  14. I had it back when I was on iOS and I'd say yes. It's not exactly a "proper" DDP game as such I suppose but it's fun for what it is. I imagine it's much better on the larger screens of the newer devices but I enjoyed it at the time. This was before I really got into the genre properly though so take that with a grain of salt!
  15. I remember seeing some screenshots of the arcade machine in a magazine and hearing from a friend how good the game was but I'd never actually played it or seen a cabinet. I got my mum to write me a cheque for £10 and posted it off to one of the mail order places listed in either Your Sinclair or Crash, from what I remember they didn't even list what games they had or the prices I just assumed they must have it in stock and that a tenner would cover it. Surprisingly it arrived a couple of weeks later in that lovely box and I was amazed at how brilliant a game it was, I played it to absolute dea
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