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  1. That's the main campaign finished after putting 24 hours into the whole thing. I can see why some people were really disappointed, if you just went for the main missions it'd be over in about 6 hours. I watched Skill-Up's review and noticed that he'd only unlocked one ability and used a couple of weapons right at the end which meant he didn't go looking for the Arks. They really should have had all of those part of the main missions, the game is just nowhere near as good until you're stringing moves together into combos on high difficulty. If I was to play it again I'd probably put it on Nightmare difficulty since once I'd unlocked all the weapons none of the enemies or even bosses were any real threat. I'll probably not be trying to finish up the rest of the map but I'll definitely go back and play through any DLC they add, the patch coming next week should have come a lot sooner as things like the laggy menu as a constant really detracted from the game. One thing it really has done too is made me even more excited for Doom Eternal, if iD can take that amazing combat and have it constant with more varied areas and enemies it's going to be a seriously special game. I've no reason at all to think this isn't exactly what they're going to do.
  2. Turns out I was looking for the Wasteland Wizard for nothing, Danny Dyer can be switched on straight away in the options menu. I suspect constantly hearing Mick Carter is going to get annoying but for the minute it's funny just because of how ludicrous it sounds.
  3. Worth remembering that those cheaper keys are for the Bethesda store, I wasn't going near that thing. I refunded the game at £30 just to avoid having that shit-heap installed, £40 on Steam is probably too much for such a polarising game if you aren't sure but it'll definitely come down in price fast.
  4. Cheers I'll keep looking! Getting the Icarus really removes a lot of the frustrations of driving around, you can cross the entire map in no time so doing a sweep to pick up all the extra locations is much easier. I'm avoiding moving ahead with the main story missions until I've unlocked the last few abilities, giving them out so sparsely seems like such a weird decision. Once they're unlocked and the difficulty is bumped right up it starts to feel much more like the open-world Bulletstorm I was hoping for and I suspect the original intention was to pack this thing to the ceiling with microtransactions, especially for the blue Feltrite.
  5. I really want that Danny Dyer voice but this Wizard guy has never been any of the places I've looked :-(
  6. NickyDrinks


    I'd been following this one on itch.io and the demo was very promising. It's out on Steam now, not had a chance to buy it yet but that intro is pretty amazing. I still can't work out embedding videos on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gqQXlqpGHs
  7. Has anyone else encountered the bug with the difficulty defaulting to Easy each time you load the game? I thought it seemed like a total breeze so far and I'm guessing that's why, I hadn't really bothered looking for other weapons beyond the shotgun as it was just one or two shotting everything. It made the upgrades to health etc. seem pointless too, I can't remember my health going below 50 never mind actually getting killed and needing the cardiac shock skill. I've not been able to test it yet but apparently the fix is to do with changing the difficulty to easy then back to normal/hard and has to be done every time you load the game.
  8. That laggy menu is probably pissing me off more than anything else, I really hope they patch that soon. It's not limited to this game but I wish you could mark everything in your logs and equipment menus as read, I can't help feeling like I need to go in and open them just to get rid of marker.
  9. NickyDrinks


    Here's the M2 documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc5DlOkOcU4 Edit : Can't work out embedding but the link works fine
  10. I so wish you could somehow remove the pop-ups that show your progress or how much money you've got from clearing a location. After a big shootout that felt great to play it's as if it puts up a big full stop and reminds you that now there's gonna be a boring bit before the next bout of shooting. I started on K&M but after about an hour switched to gamepad. I played Doom 2016 with M&K no problem but Rage 2 with the powers etc. feels like it's been designed with controller in mind, after rebinding things and adding in extra mouse buttons it still didn't feel quite right. It's an odd game, one minute I love it the next I'm cursing it, the map feels like it would benefit from being shrunk by about 50% or even removed entirely and concentrated on making an amazing linear game. The surround sound with headphones is excellent though, I don't know if it actually needs the Dolby Atmos for Headphones app but with it switched on I can hear enemies all around me which makes the combat even better.
  11. NickyDrinks


    Just tried it and can confirm it works :-)
  12. NickyDrinks


    Shikondo is on sale on the Switch for £4.28 and the excellent Rive is £6.74, both well worth it if you don't have them already.
  13. I've got 2 monitors (one DVI, one HDMI) and have had no problems with it running on the default main display so far.
  14. I love how when you go to Continue it shows the cutscene that ended the last chapter beofre the menu, such a small thing but makes it so much easier for me to remember what the hell is going on. Edit : And a photo mode, perfect
  15. NickyDrinks


    I went through the game on Novice just to see the later stages and was literally 2 seconds worth of shots at the end boss away from a 1CC. I know it's only Novice but still totally infuriating! When we get a wider release of this hopefully we'll see more videos of very high level play, the game seems really well suited for some ridiculous stuff. Edit : Rolling Gunner I mean
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