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  1. I recently got back into painting after joining a D&D game and needing a model to represent my character. Haven't painted since the mid 90's and even then I wasn't very good but it feels much easier to start with due to the sheer number of tutorials on YouTube and the Citadel Paint app being genuinely useful. I messed up a few (including a £15 Eldar Farseer which was an expensive lesson) but have really gotten back to enjoying it again. Here's my Primaris Librarian work in progress, I was happy with the camo pattern but kind of wish I hadn't used a wash of Agrax Earthshade on the cloak as it dulled large sections right down. I couldn't think of any other way to bring a bright contrast back other than making the power sword a heat weapon. Still needs a quite a few bits tidied up and the backpack attached but I think this is my favourite of the 6 or so I've done so far over the last couple of months. Any suggestions as to how I might bring the figure itself back up to less of a dull colour other than the edge highlights on the armour would be very welcome!
  2. I thought after games like God of War, Detroit and Spider Man I'd seen everything that could possibly be wrung out of the PS4 but technically this is an amazing achievement. I'm on the original console so there's dips with certain effects but the fact that this hits 60fps at all while looking as good as it does is pretty incredible. I've only switched it off now because I want to play that house mission again with the full surround sound system on the "big" TV in the living room, if my neighbours thought Halo "sounded like Afghanistan" at 3am they're in for a shock (I wouldn't actually do this of course, after the Halo incident we came to a much more reasonable time restriction). Makes me wish I still had the 100" projector screen still up, playing the original Modern Warfare on that for the first time was quite an experience. Now I just need to get a PS4 Pro and a TV that supports HDR. If only you could buy the campaign mode on its own then I'd definitely be double dipping on this for PC.
  3. Sorry to take things a bit off topic, but if I were to buy this game tomorrow on PS4 and put the disc in at about 5:30pm with an 80mbit download speed would I actually be playing it at a decent hour that night or am I looking at Thursday? Up until Black Ops 2 I bought all of them for the campaign with no real interest in multiplayer so hoping to fly through it in time for Death Stranding.
  4. This is great and hopefully it means the publisher is going to move towards demos relatively close to the initial reveal, nothing sells a game to me faster than a demo that I want to play more than once however good the trailer looks. As much as I love Devolver Digital I do think they announce some of the "small" indie games too far away from actual release, I really enjoyed My Friend Pedro but the game was never going to be able to fully live up to the hype that had steadily built up around it.
  5. I really hope Microsoft can keep this up, I only opened it up on the PC to see if The Outer Worlds had unlocked yet and saw that Lonely Mountains : Downhill was on there too. That's the fourth game I've had pop up that I'd been on the verge of buying, allowing pre-loading with the big releases is impressive and must be costing MS serious money without giving off the, "Fuck you, pay me" attitude of Epic. Along with the Xbox Live integration (which was a total mess in the past but a feature I liked to have) and seeing all my old achievements etc. going back to the start of the 360 generation it really highlights the fact that I'll only be buying the next Playstation for the exclusives. Sony really need to pull their finger out with the monthly games if they want cross-platform users like me to have any reason to stick with the subscription because it feels like I'm just paying for multiplayer access that I very rarely use and older games I download but never actually play.
  6. I've only just realised that the Legion abilities in the slots are activated by X and Y when ZL (or L2 as I think of it) is held down, I'd just been using lots of chain attacks and couldn't work out why abilities were marked X and Y when pressing that just made me waste items trying to use them in the middle of a frantic fight (most likely down to a tutorial I wasn't paying attention to). Breaking one free then summoning another one (and being able to control which one comes is next in the queue) is just so brilliant. It kind of reminds me of the different weapons in Bayonetta where I only really got the hang of a few combinations, in Astral Chain it's easy to fit them together however you prefer to play with the bonus of not having to remember a massive number of combos (at least so far...). It kind of feels like The Wonderful 101's combat system but made much more logical and accessible and so far is where I can feel Kamiya's influence very strongly. I do kind of hope the astral plane changes appearance later on or the combat arenas get more varied, while they're fun to play through the same red colour scheme in each one makes me wonder if it could get a bit tiresome. Nobody can do amazing intros and levels where you think you've won only to be confronted by something even more crazy over and over again quite like Platinum, glad they've kept the intro screen giving the name of each new enemy as that always made it feel much more epic in Bayonetta rather than random fodder enemies popping up to pad for time. I also love how the side-missions aren't just down to wandering down every corridor on the off chance there's something to do, they'll be marked on your radar and you can do them or not. Although saying that so far I've apparently missed quite a few so I wouldn't be surprised if there's ones that aren't marked for you. Thank God for the ability to move between HQ floors without having to use the lift every time, I wonder was that added in during playtesting because I can imagine other games just leaving it in as is and disregarding wasting the player's time. I think it says a lot about the game that you want to use the training room even just to try some move and ability combinations that you've thought of while not even playing the game.
  7. I wasn't expecting to like the bits that weren't pure action when I heard about them in reviews but the investigating parts are done well so finding little hidden things while trying to solve the case is proper fun. I was gonna get the Pro controller but instead decided to go for the £15 8bitDo USB adapter so I can use different controllers. I've only just bought a new Xbox controller so £55 seemed a bit silly when all it would have extra would be HD rumble and the amiibo stuff that I can just do with the joycons if I ever need to. Yet to try it but looking forward to the combat without my hitting the wrong buttons due to me being so used to the DS4 and Xbox pads. Pretty sure I've a Wii-U Pro controller somewhere that I bought for Bayonetta 2 so will have to dig that out as well. Edit : Surely with this hitting number 1 in the physical sales chart (I suspect the digital sales would push that number way higher) they'd be crazy not to port Wonderful 101 to the Switch now??
  8. Deadly Premonition 2 was certainly not what I expected to see, come on F-Zero and Bayonetta 3
  9. I was worried that this would be another TMNT or Transformers but as soon as I played the intro and then the training told me that time slows down when I dodge at the last second I knew that I loved it. Seriously considering getting the Pro controller for this, I was going to wait for Bayonetta 3 but it feels like controlling the legion would feel more natural with better sticks. I hadn't played much of the Switch recently but knowing I can take this game along with the other Platinum stuff with me anywhere I go has reminded me what an amazing system it really is. Now if we could just get W101 it would probably be the best console ever made...
  10. Shame, think I'll just wait until the price drops a bit cos with so much coming out this week I don't even know when I'd get time to play it.
  11. Can those codes be redeemed if you don't have an RTX card? I'm just wondering if they're codes for the actual Epic Store or for the Nvidia site because I've only got a 1060. Edit : Just had a look at the voucher that comes with the cards and apparently not :-(
  12. NickyDrinks


    I was trying to think what format to get ESP Ra.De on then remembered that the Switch can be turned into portrait mode...
  13. I'd read that the lighting was toned down but had no idea it was that significant. I'm in two minds whether or not to just wait until they update it now as I never played the original, from what I've played so far the huge amount of destruction going on is the main draw but it does feel a bit "weak" or something.
  14. I really hope the expansions have taken the feedback into consideration, new areas and missions will be great but I'm not sure I want to go back just for more looking around for pink boxes. I'm reinstalling it now to check out New Game + though, can't wait to try out that flashlight too...
  15. I bought Detroit a couple of months ago but hadn't got round to playing it until the last 2 weeks. I really enjoyed it so I don't mind the £15 I could have saved, I guess it's not much of a proper "game" as such but gets far closer to what he has been trying to do than any of his previous games. Beyond Two Souls I just couldn't get through despite really liking Heavy Rain, I'm gonna give it another go I reckon. I was thinking of waiting for the PC ports of them but after trying the demos there's really nothing added to make it worth the bother so I'll stick with the PS4 versions I've already got. Detroit is almost worth playing just for the incredible graphics, some of the absolute best I've ever seen even compared to any PC games I've played. Horizon Chase Turbo started off good but very quickly turned into an annoying chore, I didn't realise the devs used to work on mobile games but it make a lot of sense, I wasn't actually having fun playing it, more just trying to avoid frustration.
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