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  1. Going to Primavera by myself since none of my friends are into the type of music I am. My first festival as well.
  2. Only bits I loved were the brief snippets of M83 music near the end.
  3. Keanu Reeves and Will Smith are obviously visiting that Lady from Death Becomes Her.
  4. Problem is that the original books inspired a lot of your adventure sci-fi works already so people who won't know about John Carter will think it's a rip off of other works, where it's more like the original.
  5. Not only is the manor 25k, each room costs on average 2k! A pretty penny I spent on that place, but I prefer my Riften home as it seems more cosy. I figure my Solitde home will be my respectable front where I place my best finds, while my Riften home shall be my my main base.
  6. I spent most of yesterday's session helping out various God's and stuff. Got a sweet sword (Dawnbreaker, that causes explosions when Skeletons die), a Mace and a dagger that has a chance to 1 hit kill. (Mythic Dawn quest) for my troubles. I also have houses in Whiterun, Riften and Solitude. Riften house is like my secret cave. I have both my thieves and dark brotherhood outfits proudly displayed on mannequins. Still trying to track down the Fortify Blacksmith enchant.
  7. Same games as today, with the slightly better hardware than is in my PC.
  8. Game is on Steamworks and has achievements.
  9. Tempted to wait till the PC mod guys have put this into a good state. Textures look god awful. Or maybe I'll just play through it once and then replay next November with mods. Then again the next November. It'll be like watching evolution in action.
  10. I take back what I said about Metro Rush in the Beta. Metro Conquest is now the worst maps ever conceived. I don';t really want to say this, but it feels like they've just taken the console 24 player version of it and called it a day on PC.
  11. That might be the worst tagline for a movie I've ever seen.
  12. Fully Aspel is making me look like an optimist! Anyways I do like that there's stuff catering to some of my tastes being made, but at times it feels like the scope and ambition has been lost compared to earlier generations.
  13. Tie-Fighter never evolved into anything. Harumph.
  14. For me it felt better in 1999 than what the consoles are like now. 32 players everywhere. Server browsers. Didn't need to pay for maps. Custom files. It felt like the wild west. Every server was an adventure.
  15. Sprite Machine named most of what I was going to say (had to abandon since rllmuk is blocked at work, but officeoffline isn't). To throw things the other way. Name current gen games in a similar vein to: Tie-Fighter/Freelancer Day of the Tentacle Syndicate And yeah I guess if online is a relatively new thing for you then games would seem pretty daring, but Tribes and it's ilk took my online innocense back in 1999. Have to admit Mirror's Edge was neat.
  16. As both a console and PC gamer growing up I feel this generation has been a 'been there, done that' for the past 5 years. Sure stuff is more polished than usual, but it's still the same stuff I've been playing since 1993. Actually the more I think about it, it's actually less stuff than I'm playing now. Where's my new Day of the Tentacles? Where's my new Tie-Fighters?
  17. Normal. Didn't do any of the optional sewer missions mind. Most enemies I came across were pretty much 1 hit kills with the wingstick and the grenade launcher.
  18. I've been playing on and off since Tuesday. Among friends I am known to complete games very quickly. Still I cleaned out the job board in Wellsprings and blasted my way through most missions in 10/15 minutes or so each
  19. Completed it now. It's stunningly short and the end was rather abrupt. According to Steam I played for 6 hrs, but since the hours played in Steam is notoriously buggy I probably played for 8 hrs. Anyways I liked it well enough, but it wasn't very difficult and the annoyance of being the Wasteland version of a messenger boy was a bit too much. Loved the Shotgun with the grenade shells though. Old school gibs.
  20. Was DS9 filmed on film? I'd much rather have blu-ray versions of that.
  21. Why not stress test with a build that doesn't bug out and shit? Doesn't make any god damn sense I tell ya!
  22. If you manage to get into a position where you're overlooking the last point as attackers with a M249 you're pretty much laughing all the way to the ribbon bank. Was pretty much laying waste to the entire enemy team and getting some spotting points for any I missed with my liberal mashing of Q.
  23. So awesome when you manage to sneak up out of sight and wipe out about 5 or 6 people before the realise what's happening.
  24. The tactical light really is bloody useful in darker areas for Metro. Don't think I've killed anyone yet when I've went toe to toe with a Tact Light in my face.
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