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  1. A team is necessary. Maybe not a fully fledged team like the Beatles but at least an engineered team such as the spice girls.
  2. What are you talking about? I just finished season 5... great stuff. Very entertaining. Some of it may be a touch panto but the characters do their jobs.
  3. I used to love cell block H as a kid. Wentworth has fast become one of my favourite current shows. Yes there are some easy lines in it but every story works well and I'm constantly on edge. Working my way through season 5 now and just seen episode 4. Omg, what an awesome twist they threw at us. I hope this show has a few more seasons in it. My only complaint is not enough Ferguson at the moment.
  4. I was thinking the same as I read this thread. Much like Nicholas Cage he has been in some absolute shit but he lifts everything he is in to a higher level by way of his onscreen presence. I also find him to be a very motivational persona. What he has achieved with his life is incredible and is a great role model. On topic, my girlfriend and I have been doing Schwarzenegger Season since the end of last year. We have actually watched every film he starred in, in chronological order, starting with Hercules in New York. Eraser - entertaining enough but shows it's age and is not really one to watch more than 2 times. Jingle All The Way - Classic and great fun. Put da cookie down!!! Batman & Robin - hmm End of Days - brilliant. A different subject matter for Arnold and is kind of like a big action Da Vinci Code. Bonus points for "you are a fucking choir boy compared to me!" The 6th Day - I really like this. Interesting subject, great early Terry Crews performance, good twist for its time. Best in the list so far Collateral Damage - Arnold starts to explore more serious subject further. Not great but I enjoy this and its a nice tale. It's not over the top and could pass as believable Terminator 3 - he's great in it. The film isn't so bad really. It's mainly let down by John Connor and Claire Danes. He is certainly this high point but this is clearly a step back from the second film The Expendables 2 - I enjoyed this a lot less this time round (3rd viewing). The film is about playing on what you love from the 80s action and it delivers but it's not a strong movie. Statham saves it The Last Stand - daft but enjoyable. Not a fantastic story. No real story at all. It's entertaining though and has a decent final action scene Escape Plan - great movie for Arnold and Sylvester. Not the best in this list but definitely worth seeing one time at least Sabotage - the first real gritty movie he has done I think. My girlfriend enjoyed this one the most. Everyone in it looks really different to how you have seen them before. The story works. The "twist" works. It's a good film Maggie - hated it. Arnold is awesome though and this really starts to show that he is more than just a wisecracking wrecking ball. This film is the mark of an actor that is turning to do much more serious roles much like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. If he had started doing acting like this back in 2000 I think his name could certainly be much more respected today. Not that I don't think he is respected, I just mean in that Oscar scene serious actor kind of way Genisys - I actually don't remember much about this. I enjoyed Arnold... this is next on our list before we go to see Aftermath That's all his starring roles since true lies. True lies is his best. In this list I would go with the 6th day as my favourite.
  5. I enjoyed the finale but the ride to get there wasn't as enjoyable as 5-7. Statham and Johnson are the stars of this with Tyrese and Ludacris being a close second. Their act was a bit stale at the start but once it got going they were as good as they were together in 5. My least favourite bits were pretty much anything with Theron in. I just don't enjoy her for some reason. Mirren's accent was a let down, she should have just been herself.
  6. Just saw this episode. Although not a great episode (the Halloween episode before it was the highlight so far) this bit at the end left me laughing pretty hard.
  7. ^^^ bunked off school at about the age of 15 to see that with some friends. I was really into Ice T and Cube in my youth so had to see it.
  8. Yes! Hence seeing him in my Schwarzenegger season run through. Thanks!
  9. thanks, I'll do that tomorrow (I'm out tonight). I take it seriously in that I am more of an objective based player - I get frustrated when my team lose because they decide that as defenders they need to go out of the area with 15 seconds left to hunt for a kill then inevitably get wiped out I don't care about rank though, it should just be a useful benchmark to get paired with similarly skilled players making the games more fun while being an even challenge for both sides. My goal is to know what I am doing and have fun playing the game. I love to win but don't mind losing to people that are genuinely better than me. I had that late Saturday night and yesterday.
  10. I picked this up about 2 weeks ago now. I've held off for ages as I don't play online anymore, have favoured single player experiences now since fallout 3 came out. However, it was rainbow six 3 that got me into online play with Xbox back in 2003 and I have played every Xbox iteration. I had to give siege a go with the intention of just doing lone wolf - hence waiting so long for a price drop. I wanted to unlock operators so I dabbled in multi using a gold trial code and it is good fun but I get slaughter most of the time. I have now unlocked all of the original roster but multi is hard going as no-one seems to talk, I think they are all in their own parties when they join the game. It certainly doesn't seem as easy to meet other players as it was back in the day on rainbow 3. Are there any teams in here looking to add one more? I'm currently rocking a bronze level 4 I have moments of brilliance amongst my many failures but I feel a lot of the failures are due to no communication and not knowing what my team are doing. Not being able to shoot straight still plays a part of course...
  11. I loved watching this guy, he was a highlight of pretty much anything he appeared in. To echo many others already, I watched True Lies just a couple of weeks ago (my gf and I are doing a Schwarzenegger season) and he is great in it. Also loved him in weird science. I saw him in a very small role just recently from back in the day but I can't remember the film. I think he was something like a radar watching guy on a ship or a sub. Was only onscreen for about 5 seconds but did speak. Big loss for the world
  12. In her room the signs were not in the centre of the glass. They were fixed to the side of the doorway.
  13. There is a perk you can get early on to help with this. I forget what it's called but anything in the world that contains the element you want (have tagged with the magnifying glass) will have a green glow to it when you see it on your travels. Not on the map but when it's actually onscreen. For example, if you tag ceramic then every coffee cup you come across will have a pipboy green colour that is impossible to miss.
  14. Survival was in from the start. They changed it a few months ago to be more hardcore. Until then you could save any time, no need to eat or sleep, ammo had weight and so on.
  15. Ah, ok. Odd to not announce all together. Good news on 3 more seasons although they are hit and miss for me. I only like 1, 3 and 6.
  16. So there is a season 7, 8 and 9 renewal?
  17. In addition, I would love to see forza enhance the car purchasing experience. There must be a better way than having a list of 300 cars to scroll through with very basic filters.
  18. I loved horizon 2 and played it a lot. I am sharing your thoughts on horizon 3. The motorport series is more to my taste. Horizon has too much randomness about it. At the level I play at, missing one checkpoint or hitting a rock means I have to restart a race because I just won't catch up. Dropping the drivatar difficulty just one bit means I win too easily and the game constantly tells me I should increase the level because of how well I am doing. I don't like that when you change your car you see new events pop up. I go to them thinking it's new but it's not, it's a race I did earlier in a different car. Drift challenges are too difficult, speed zones are too difficult, jumps are too difficult. There is too much waiting. Long load when starting a challenge, long load when you fail and have to restart. Unskippable scenes add to the wait time. Cars on the road pull out into the wrong lane to overtake and hit you head on. Like I say, I loved horizon 2 and I am sure this isn't too different. That doesn't stop it feeling different though. Maybe I just grew out of it. I haven't traded it yet but I'm working through watch dogs 2, I have wolfenstein: the old blood to finish and I have some other titles on my list to buy so I suspect this game will now fall by the wayside.
  19. The songs he sang in The Office were written by Brent over 15 years ago. The songs in the movie were written by him today. You say they threw away the opportunity to show his change from the 90's to today... maybe this was it and you just didn't notice?
  20. I'm not sure I understand what was so funny about it.
  21. A lot of luck and retries went into making the video I am sure but still an amazing display of ability. I wish I had the time to achieve things like that and then put them together in a video like that.
  22. Well apparently the line was enough to give you full knowledge of the film.
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