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  1. That was 2 season ago and i can't even remember doing it. I've lost graciously 4 times this season, 5 if you include the one vs kirky that hasn't been cleared up. Every time i was on the mic chatting away. You know, like it says in the rules to do. Would love to know what evidence you're talking about, not quite sure what i've even done wrong on here. You seem like a nice bloke anyway.
  2. I have played 6 games, 2 of which i've waited on someone to get back me about my appeal of which i submitted 2 weeks ago. In order to get the other 2 played i have attempted to communicate with Pete Brant but he hasn't responded for nearly a week now, which is fine but then why should i be docked points? Then you get the request to write a match report of which takes time and i even made the effort to record all stats etc in order to improve 'banter' and a week without a single reply. Banter indeed. Not trying to be a nobhead at all, just don't see the point in a few things. *Good to see Wincho of whom i don't believe i've ever had the pleasure of talking to comment. Anyway, good luck with the league. Enjoyed it.
  3. Not a single reply since. Well that was certainly worth writing out.
  4. QUINN FURIOUS AS EVERTON PLAYERS FORGET SEASON HAS STARTED Everton got off to the second worst possible start to the season, managing to accumulate only a single point from the first two fixtures against Anzhi Makhachkala. Opposing manager donnie_darko ensured the Toffees had a two fixtures to forget as his Anzhi side donnie_darko (2 - 1) QuinnPFC Everton manager Quinn failed to turn up to the usual post match press conference as it was reported he held his Toffees side in the changing rooms for 2 hours prior to the conclusion of this Premiership match. Anzhi ensured victory through goals courtesy of Boussoufa and Eto'o. Everton grabbed something of a consolation in the last minute through a cracking strike from Cahill. Anzhi took the lead early on and never looked like giving it up as they dominated possession and just about every other stat as Everton were given a lesson in football tactics and application. FC Anzhi Makhachkala - Everton FC 14 Shots 4 10 On target 2 58% Possession 42% 14 Tackles 13 2 Fouls 2 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 2 Offsides 0 3 Corners 0 71% Shot accuracy 50% 3% Pass accuracy 0% QuinnPFC (2 - 2) donnie_darko The second match between these two rivals proved to be a much closer affair with Everton claiming the most shots, however both teams will be reasonably disappointed with a point. Anzhi took the lead through Eto'o only to be pegged back during the second half thanks to a goal from Jelavic. Things got interesting towards the end of the game when Anzhi, who said they would rather go all out for the win and lose than stick for a draw scored with only 3 minutes remaining only to be pegged back by Everton substitute Pienaar a minute later, a goal which delighted the former Spurs man. That's how the game would finish despite late attempts from both sides. Everton FC - FC Anzhi Makhachkala 9 Shots 7 7 On target 6 41% Possession 59% 8 Tackles 10 0 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 0 Offsides 3 1 Corners 1 77% Shot accuracy 85% 74% Pass accuracy 78% Good games mate. Nice to talk to you on mic. Decent bloke for a Spud and thoroughly enjoyed both games. If i'm honest you deserved to win both games as i just couldn't get going against a rigid Anzhi side. Good luck with the season.
  5. Sorry, only fully reading this post now. Exactly what issues did you have with the second game? You never mentioned anything to me at the time.
  6. Mate, i'm fine with the score as is. I just want to see what the panel says.
  7. How do you post on here using the pre-set layouts? Keeps showing the code when i try and post it.
  8. Apologies for the delay in starting my games. Only got Xbox set up today due to complications with just about everything. Have sent everyone i need to play a friend request and will hopefully get playing the games asap. PS: I've not played in over a month so some people could catch me a bit rusty.
  9. 1) I didn't know about it when i signed up, was a decision in last few weeks. 2) I'll make myself available as much as possible to play the games.
  10. Can i put it on record that i now reside in Canada so that will need to be factored in when arranging match times.
  11. What's with Graham Dunn, is he getting a team?
  12. QUINN AIMS TO END EVERTON BARREN SPELL QuinnPFC has today spoken for the first time since being appointed boss of Merseyside outfit Everton FC. Having lead his previous two teams Bayern Munich and Juventus to back-to-back (undefeated) League Two and League One titles respectively, Quinn has rapidly rose in the world of RLLMUK Football League. Quinn pointed to a Everton's home record as a priority in ensuring, at the very least, a title challenge. Expectations will be high at Goodison Park given Quinn's two previous accomplishments, but the gaffer aimed to play them down. "Everybody must respect that we have 7 other competitors of very high standard in our league and it is certainly a step up in class from anything i've managed to date". Quinn continued, "I do have some tactical masterclasses planned for the coming season, not least man-marking Santos (Sith) player Neymar. Quinn has pinpointed Goodison Park as key to a title challenge.
  13. Sorry for not responding before now. Very glad that there's a rule that all squad must be 'online'. Difficult last season knowing whether my opponent wanted to play Online squads or Default (and i would let them do whatever they wanted, both H&A, because i'm a nice guy ). Like all the rules in general, think it should help encourage more banter in the league, something that was indeed rather lacking last season.
  14. Smart choice in Bilbao, shouldn't be as hard to defend against as Spurs though.
  15. You didn't play in order to be rubbish.
  16. Pete done well to keep me out both matches although he will admit i did batter him. Both matches were rather similar in that i would have most of the play but he could easily have snuck one on the counter, so to say i deserved to win would be rather harsh on him as he gave a good battle. Well played Pete and 2 good games. What's happening the PSG game as they haven't played a game yet?
  17. I'll say yes, but might not be here first few weeks.
  18. Good luck this season, annoyed i had to leave!
  19. Would have been better if you had a guaranteed 2 games instead of getting a lock of people on, lose the first game and that's your tournament over.
  20. Yes mate both games were very close indeed. The first game i was behind twice but managed to peg you back quick enough before scoring a winner around the 65 minute mark. The second game was level until after the break and wasn't exactly a whitewash as the score suggests. 3 penalties given and all 3 had cases for being unfair. I wouldn't have liked them to have been given against me but the game is so shit at times. Unlucky and good luck with the rest of the season. Thanks for the games mate.
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