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  1. Asakusa Kid is pretty great if you have an interest in the formative years of Takeshi Kitano.
  2. Here be no plot spoilers. This was pretty good, a proper pulpy pastiche of DePalma and Argento with some great performances (Diana Rigg is brilliant) and some effective horror sequences, hampered slightly by creaky plot conventions. It takes a while to get going and somehow feels less than the sum of its parts though; rather than a fresh modern twist on an old yellow format the movie is more of a love letter to the old Italian horrors of Argento and the like - a recreation rather than a revitalisation. It feels like Wright is restraining himself somewhat and the film never hits the glorious heights of his previous, more comedic work but it's definitely worth a watch. Four (flies) out of Five
  3. Not a fan of the Tarantino-esque 'it's meant to look low budget and shit' thing they've got going on here. Hope the series itself isn't as arch.
  4. I thought I saw both Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Kazooie on the new advert for Nintendo Online. EDIT: Yep, Banjo Kazooie was in there at least.
  5. I can vouch for the 8bitDo SN30 pro plus, it's very comfortable with the only downside being a slightly creaky dead. EDIT: Of course, I mean dpad. At least I think I do.
  6. Sexy pose? Doesn't she just stand there normally? Have you got a special edition?
  7. It's remarkable how few tutorials you get when you start the game; it was ages before I realized that wall jumping was part of the standard move set.
  8. I just beat him! I had quite a few goes last night to no avail but I beat him in two tries today. My right thumb now looks like one of Popeye's biceps though.
  9. The main problem with this film is that when M says he has to speak to the Prime Minister I had to imagine Johnson answering the call and how embarrassingly awful that would be...
  10. For example, I entered an area with a switch that caused an earthquakey sort of thing, then found a power up and exited the area via a new route that had opened up. This new route dropped me from high onto a platform with a teleporter in a room I'd been in before, but the usual ways out of the room were now blocked with debris meaning I had no other choice but to use the teleporter to go to an entirely different map when what I wanted to do was use my new power up to explore the map I was in to start with. Just found it a bit irritating.
  11. I have to admit I'm getting a bit fed up with the game suddenly blocking off passages and locking previously open doors arbitrarily; it seems to be discouraging the kind of free form exploration I was hoping for.
  12. I was worried the other night when I plugged the Switch into the telly and the screen was covered in flashing blue lines and patterns, but it turns out there was just a big bit of fluff stuck on the end of the HDMI cable so it's okay now. That's my story, short but pointless.
  13. Oh this is a lovely thing! Those EMMis put the shits up me, which I'm surprised by since they didn't make much of an impression on me in the trailer. I'm glad I stayed away from almost all of the other marketing as I've no idea what to expect!* *Apart from one particular boss that was shown in a recent trailer for some reason then plastered all over the Internet.
  14. I thought I would have another go at Thumper before bed, which was a very silly idea as I now feel like I've just been on a rollercoaster to hell on LSD with the blue man group. I managed to beat level 3 though, which is a fine accomplishment and i will now allow myself to not play it again for several months to recover my faculties.
  15. https://youtu.be/htYR2GdA7OE If you want to catch up on what you missed in the first two games, these videos are well worth a watch. Yes, all nine hours worth. I dread to think how long the Witcher 3 video will be.
  16. I suppose his chest symbol makes more sense since it's meant to stand for 'hope.'
  17. Well this looks amazing! https://youtu.be/VuO_9eaPqJM EDIT: It's a Digital Foundry preview of Crysis 3 on the Switch.
  18. It's worth watching 1.11 even though it is basically a retread of the first lump of TV episodes; if you take note of the little differences here and there you'll see them pay off in the later movies. For a small unspoilery example, there is a reason why Asuka has a different surname than in the TV series but you don't find out why until the fourth film.
  19. Oh, it's new alright. The first movie sticks very closely to the original series, then the following films just go off and do their own thing.
  20. I'm unfathomably happy that they got Spike Spencer, Tiffany Grant and Allison Keith to come back and do the English dub.
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