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  1. What's the big plan then?
  2. I wouldn't say they borrowed heavily; Harvey's 'accident' was completely different, he didn't have a wife (who was integral to the plot of the comic), his reign of terror was very brief and there was nothing about a holiday-themed serial killer.
  3. Grand Heft Auto - That is a very heavy car indeed, yes it is. Fire Emblem: Three Hoses - There's only one outside tap in the whole academy so you really have to be a master of gasketry to be able to water the entire grounds efficiently.
  4. Oh shit, they added Anna? I'm going to have to buy this now.
  5. They both have moustaches, that is enough to draw a direct parallel between the two.
  6. He's doing the same 'American' voice that Simon Gruber used briefly in Die Hard with a Vengeance. I think he's only got one American voice.
  7. My ring has never been fitter. It takes a bit of effort and lots of lubrication to get the peripheral inside but once it's there you barely notice it.
  8. I am older than Pac-Man. Fuck. (or, should I say, 'puck')
  9. I'll only believe that the Jeremy Irons character is who he is when someone addresses him by name; even the subtitles refer to him as 'Lord of a Country Manor' when he's speaking offscreen.
  10. The references to the musical Oklahoma continue. As well as the obvious Judd (who in the musical was told to hang himself), we've also got a Laurie, a Will and an Ann(i)e, so I'm expecting someone called Ali-Hakim to turn up later on, though probably not patterned after the racial caricature from the original. I wonder if we'll see a Curly too.
  11. I haven't played a game this absorbing since Breath of the Wild, it's magnificent; so much effort invested in crafting the world and characters, it's like an HBO series you can play. I've only got a couple of sticking points really - Geralt's movement seems a bit clunky (as do the controls in general; I seem to spend a lot of time trying to line myself up correctly to loot stuff or have to press the A button several times before it gets registered) and there are a few distracting graphics glitches here and there but overall it's great. Also my horse got stuck in a tree the other day, it's probably dead by now.
  12. I've had none of those problems so far; the d-pad feels great to me and the screen is lovely, but beware if you've got bad eyesight as text in some games looks very small. As for the sticks, I haven't had any drift but they feel a bit crap generally, though I believe they're meant to be the same as the joy-con.
  13. I'm enjoying Battle Princess Madelyn at the moment, a gorgeous-looking (and sounding) pixel art platform tribute to Ghouls and Ghosts. Like Ghouls and Ghosts, it's quite tricky but (in the story mode at least) you can do some grinding to collect weapon & armour shards to level up a bit and make things easier. The devs released a patch earlier this year to add a map and a few tweaks that apparently make the story mode easier to figure out but there are still a few shonky technicalities here and there with some of the menu screens especially looking on the budget side. Still, it plays really nicely! I got it for less than six quid in the sale and it's well worth the price.
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