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  1. Harleen's a fantastic comic! Fingers crossed for Isley next!
  2. I heard that his original performance was basically unintelligible so they re-recorded it. Imagine how it must have sounded back then!
  3. Oh, sorry, it's the SN30 pro+ I've got and it looks like this: So far it's very comfy.
  4. I upgraded from a Switch Lite to a Switch Heavy yesterday and I'm surprised at how much better the buttons on the Lite feel compared to the big brother's flimsy clicky things. I'm also (more pleasantly) surprised at how good it looks upscaled on my (fairly low end) 4k TV; even the Witcher looks good which I wasn't expecting after all the Digital Foundry videos I watch. I've got a SN30pro pad coming today so I'll finally get back into Astral Chain! Lovely lovely videogamey things.
  5. I spotted some 128GB Nintendo-branded SD cards at Tesco yesterday for £20 if anyone's interested. The SD cards elsewhere instore were the usual £40 or so.
  6. I caught the last bit of this last night on BBC News, but just as Adam Schiff was making his final speech the lady commentator started speaking over the top of him and showed us some footage of Ronald T Dump arriving at one of his bottom-kissing parties, flapping his marigold hands about and burping at the rapturous crowds.
  7. "You're right, no human being would stack books like this."
  8. Shandor Mining Co.? That's a nice little teaser for what's going on. Looks great, I cannot wait!
  9. I don't think so. You usually get a 'next week on Watchmen' thing after the show but this time they stick a few minutes of actual story stuff after the main credits but before the final production company logo.
  10. PSA: Watch until the very end of the credits this week, the episode doesn't end until then. Also it's fucking amazing.
  11. I was just about to post my very similar review for Ready or Not; delightfully vicious! 4/5
  12. Just finished this lovely game. Final floor/endgame spoilers: Graphics, animation, sound and music are all first class, as is the puzzle and floor design, with just a few little annoying difficulty spikes here and there, and the controls are the best they've been in the series so far. I was a bit disappointed with the second game but this more than makes up for it; very well done!
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