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  1. I'm fascinated by the weekly science experiment/invention format, it's like Civilization but not as boring.
  2. Enemy is a good one, but be careful if you don't like spiders.
  3. Don't forget to watch the TV series 'Paranoia Agent', that's just as good as his films.
  4. I am enjoying Dr. Stone at the moment.
  5. Nintendo are going to have to come up with some analogue-trigger joycons if we're ever going to see GC games on the Switch.
  6. But why is Guillermo Del Toro dressed in a Jim Sterling costume?
  7. Oh wow, it's great to see some old favourites back for more!
  8. Finally confirmed: Tom Hooper is just Rob Marshall without a tripod.
  9. Apparently there were 70 people in the building and the death toll stands currently at 26 with many still not accounted for, this is just horrific.
  10. It sounds like Kyoto Animation is doing things the right way, plus they make awesome anime!* https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2015-12-02/what-makes-kyoto-animation-so-special/.95559 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2017/11/02/films/kyoto-anime-studios-dedication-nuturing-talent-leads-big-screen-magic/#.XS-zyXt7k2w *Seriously, check out K-On!, Sound Euphonium and Tamako Market, all heartfelt and often very funny slice-of-life shows that look the business.
  11. I think the hacking/modding scene will be able to wring a few improvements out of the new chipset; they've already made a utility to modify the clock speeds on the standard switch.
  12. Ah yes, the childhood classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, beloved of babysitters throughout the land. Jason and the Argonauts is still great!
  13. I'm now considering a Professor Puzzles branded line of infected used toiletries. How much would you pay for a wet wipe laden with hepatitis C? Can I interest you in a yeast infection? 25 squid per item no refunds.
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