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  1. Jimmy and Mike were also in Breaking Bad.
  2. After watching this week's episode I am ready to state my belief that there is definitely something shonky going on:
  3. Yes, whoever okayed that section must have been bananas.
  4. I haven't actually got Animal Crossing (yet) but here's my friend code anyway as I need more of you! SW-2347-6755-0699
  5. On the Switch it's technically awful, running at what seems to be less than 20fps, and to me at least the gameplay comes across as shallow and dull, what little of it there is in the demo. I can understand it being a cult favourite though, there's a conversation system that allows for a lot of different responses to people, including some bizzarre/off-colour options that might provide some amusement.
  6. There's a demo for Disaster Report 4 out now. It's not very good.
  7. I'm surprised there's no topic for this yet but here we are, the remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, aka Secret of Mana 2 aka Trials of Mana is coming out in April and there's a demo available now, for Switch at the least. I've played it for a while and it seems like a very faithful remake of the original SNES game, if a little low-budget compared to something like Dragon Quest XI, keeping the colourful charm and lovely music of the old game and tarting it up for modern tech. The battle system has had a bit of an overhaul too, feeling much better than the clunky 16bit version, and it's worth keeping an eye out for the eventual release. Here's a long video of the Switch demo if you don't want to download it yourself.
  8. There's a Trials of Mana demo availabe on the eshop now.
  9. It stutters on Switch too. Still a bloody good game though.
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