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  1. It's not all obscure UK cultural references; I'm pretty sure I spotted Niles and Frasier Crane in one scene, with Andy Kaufman at a table behind them. There were probably loads more in that scene but it went by too quick for me to notice.
  2. I'm hooked on them now, my YouTube feed is a mess, a glorious anime mess.
  3. I made my first 2 levels! Goombuds Galore P5F-639-75G Once More With Feeling R0G-BGF-7FF They're a bit short and easy but the second one at least has an idea behind it.
  4. Looks like he misspelled 'pizza.'
  5. Oh, she wasn't even playing videogames in this stream, it was just her chatting away with the fans, celebrating her subscription count.
  6. There must be a big fat thesis in here somewhere about parasocial relationships in the age of Internet streaming, but I'm far too lazy/thick to write it. See also - onlyfans accounts.
  7. I read that YouTube takes 30 percent of earnings and the rest is split equally between Hololive and the performer, so you're right, a large chunk of the money is taken by the corporations but even after that it sounds like a decent living. As for why people give so much money, that is a puzzle I cannot answer myself but, after falling headfirst down the vtuber rabbit hole, I have to admit they can be quite entertaining. There are independent vtubers as well, but they don't have the support of an international talent agency so aren't as lucrative.
  8. There's a person behind the anime avatar, but their real names/faces are kept secret, which helps to avoid online abuse or doxxing for the most part.
  9. One of the Hololive EN vtubers has a stream celebrating 400k subscribers (after only a month) and people are just showering her with money; she's been given about ten grand in half an hour, and she's not even the most popular character. See ya, I'm off to start my new career as an adorable animu girl playing videogames on the Internet.
  10. A true gentleman never reads the manuals before ploughing in like a steam train.
  11. I think I missed the bit about using compasses to show you where to search on each screen, so I thought you had to just pick a square randomly to find something, so I threw my hands up dramatically and said 'Oh dear, I have not got time for this' and collapsed upon my bed, weeping like a Victorian lady.
  12. Yes, when you press the Home button (I'm playing the Wii U version) you get the option to read the electronic manual. My plan is to do a load of missions that give me compasses/candles etc so I can hunt down the special item things - which is probably what I'm meant to be doing anyway.
  13. I have figured out what I've been doing wrong in Adventure mode. Turns out I needed to RTFM.
  14. I'd like to apologise for my previous remarks. I forgot to mention 'violent misogynist.'
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