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  1. Is this still due a physical release next week or have they thought better of it?
  2. With a pad I had an optimum of about 59.4, hadn't watched a replay of the top times so I might have been missing something, but I was firmly in the 'only going to go quicker with a wheel' territory, and I'm just too lazy.
  3. You lot use a pad and I'll fire up the wheel....
  4. Was happy to get within a second of the top time. That'll do.
  5. Just use a fucking pad and be done with it.
  6. They probably look at what valve have managed with half life and steam with stupendous envy. Valve don't have to do fuck all anymore or even pretend to care, yet here are rockstar wheeling out an apology for some shonky third party port and desperately back tracking to fix three old games. Must be a great place to work right now.
  7. Physical copies going to have a massive day 1 patch I suspect.....
  8. Well, when fallout 76 can hit the shelves, and Cyberpunk, what have you got to lose? It sinks like a steaming turd, or you have some kind of moral obligation to fix it. Just seems normal for the world we live in these days.
  9. Fucking hell, the quad bike scene is the suprising adventures of sir digby chicken ceaser!
  10. Does this mean the price of my still sealed copy of panzer dragoon orta has just paid off my mortgage? No?
  11. Tragic developments this morning. Maybe our xmas charity thing should be of his choosing?
  12. Not for long, they'll be looking to exit that clause pretty sharpish I imagine.
  13. Beaten in my own back yard! Great lap though.
  14. I know the guy on the quad. Quite a racer too....
  15. Harris is faster than the stig, that laptime confirms it. A second off Norris? No small potatoes.
  16. Norris is a fucking legend.
  17. This seems to be taking the same hiding that fallout 76 got. Or is it worse
  18. Well, it's the only other game I was going to buy this year now they've fucked this up. No pressure.....
  19. Maybe it was deliberate? like Goat simulator that was a janky shambles, and left like that.
  20. Behave, that's 'patina' or it's own gene pool. You'll be able to carbon date it based on the years of bacteria build up.
  21. Safely stashed away in my loft with the vice city soundtrack and the PC game on disk. And by that I mean the original GTA like APB top down a thon.
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