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  1. I was always quite partial to the adventures of abney and teal, like lifting the lid on some crack heads dreams and just watching for 15 minutes. Absolutely mental.
  2. Someone that swears more than @McSpeed ? not possible.
  3. Sideways bob F1 story> marsh's I'd only ever seen an f1 race on the tv and came away wondering why you'd ever bother to do that if you could go and watch it live. You could hear the cars from miles away, let alone feel the bastard things go past.
  4. Last time I went, all I had to do was pick up a work colleague and head to corporate hospitality at copse corner. Paid nothing to get in, ate lunch with a supplier, watched the race, enjoyed the place erupting as Hakkinen knackered the cobbler through copse, and stayed to the end to watch the boss f1 boys, and miss the traffic. Amazing. It's a top memory and that's how it will stay.
  5. Fixed that for you....
  6. I'd be amazed if it's not sold out. 140,000 were allowed and people would be all over it what with it being a sizeable event after what feels like an eternity...
  7. So is 2022 a spec series then? or can you bugger about with the aero?
  8. It looks terrible, the equivillant of some barried up saxo that's been forced through the body styling isle of a naff halfords. Just how much shit can we nail onto this wheel boss. Looks like you could play the game in some sort of 'pad hybrid' mode. And for that I am grateful..... It's faker than Katie Prices tits.
  9. I've also remembered I've got a sealed copy of gran tourismo 2 on the PS1. Moon ticket booked. And yes, that's one I'm really ashamed of.
  10. I've got a few factory sealed games kicking about, from the gamecube original xbox era. It's horrifically wasteful, but I had too much time on my hands and far too much disposable income. The only things I think are worth any kind of money are the sealed copy of metroid prime on the gamecube and I think I've got a copy of panzer dragoon orta that's still in it's wrapper on the xbox. What you have to appreciate that we/us don't dictate what the market values this shit at, someone else does and you can only hope that if you've still got something mint, that your luck comes in. Madness? absolutely. There's a living to be made from it.
  11. Isn't it all great though? we used to like, fail to qualify or get knocked out at the group stage. A world cup semi and and a euro final? in the same decade (almost)? absolute scenes.
  12. No, but they were as filthy as I expected. That the ref let large swathes of chopping go unpunished was a credit to begin with and bewildering come the end. We're there any VAR reviews? I was surprised the Sterling taking what appeared to be an elbow to the face in the first half wasn't called for review.
  13. Well of course, I can only assume that the diffuser is trick and can be messed around with. Why would you have fix the level of airflow over the top of the car? they either know something nobody else does or we're in Nissan LMP1 territory.
  14. I'm confused. How do you adjust the handling of the car with no adjustable front or rear wing?
  15. I thought I'd try the new dualshock out last night, due to that update for the new toyota taking so bloody long....copying still an issue even on a ps5 I see. Anyway, I now have to go sub 58 seconds at suzuka east with a wheel.
  16. In a parallel universe somewhere, this man doesn't get caught with a suitcase full of cash, and England continue to be absolutely average forever more. What a journey.
  17. I thought it was great to see Badiel and Skinner in the crowd last night, I mean they must have thought (as most will have) this will never happen, let alone twice. Unbelievable Jeff.
  18. BOP, the FIA's way of making sure you can't go faster than an F1 car. The ACO should tell them to get fucked and link up with SRO.
  19. Slap some sort of livery on it, not sure what peugeot's is and it'll be ok.....?
  20. Well, you'd hope that they'd limit it to one per household for a start and look at what's happened to the other two launches and think 'maybe we should not cunt this up' But then an original switch was tricky to get hold of back in the day, pre-order or fail is my advice.
  21. Nope, fortunately you should just be able to buy one from Nintendo direct, scalpers can go fuck themselves this time, the middle man is an option but why deal with the monkey when you can go to the organ grinder?
  22. No need to apologise, they've manage to carry over the 'fuck ugly' theme from their range of SUV's It is just a render right? There's a whiff of failed nissan about it.....
  23. You alright bob? your missing the missing* *rear wing, which is kind of there but not, and I wonder if this is a 'make it slippery down the Mulsane' shenanigans that results it gaining a proper wing where downforce is required.
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