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  1. Lobby was full when I went to join* and then when a slot became available you went off on some utterly mental track/car combo or 'full pineapple' as I like to call it. *I'm not having a lobby broken up for me, part time pete.
  2. There's a shithead vacancy in touring cars he can have....
  3. I want tickets to boobworld.
  4. I wonder if the attenza will remain the weapon of choice at Suzuka following it's recent bopping?
  5. Just the two sessions last week, lots of swearing, I'll take third place all day long. Was well over a second up going into the last sector and lost most of it by the time I reached the finish line.
  6. Are these things still a twat to get hold of?
  7. Got to be worth a couple of seconds in the porsche which would put me at 2.02. Not really quick enough, will try my old favourite the corvette.
  8. Can any car run softs or is it only some? I did check but had a bit of a piss on so certainly didn't check properly....
  9. Dipped in last night but it simply highlighted a lack of race craft and being in a shit place/time poor is far from an ideal combination. Did some bathurst tt, got excited about a lap time in the porsche and then realised ot was six seconds off a top sub 2 minute lap in the supra. Supra can run on softs, be fuck knows when I'll get a chance to have another go at it
  10. I was always quite partial to the adventures of abney and teal, like lifting the lid on some crack heads dreams and just watching for 15 minutes. Absolutely mental.
  11. Someone that swears more than @McSpeed ? not possible.
  12. Sideways bob F1 story> marsh's I'd only ever seen an f1 race on the tv and came away wondering why you'd ever bother to do that if you could go and watch it live. You could hear the cars from miles away, let alone feel the bastard things go past.
  13. Last time I went, all I had to do was pick up a work colleague and head to corporate hospitality at copse corner. Paid nothing to get in, ate lunch with a supplier, watched the race, enjoyed the place erupting as Hakkinen knackered the cobbler through copse, and stayed to the end to watch the boss f1 boys, and miss the traffic. Amazing. It's a top memory and that's how it will stay.
  14. Fixed that for you....
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