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  1. No, it's definitely real, just annoyed I didn't get down to 2.13. Suzuka this week, fully expecting to get owned on that one.....
  2. I'll just leave this here Sounded otherworldly, you had an Audi going into and out of the pits on full EV, and then this thing literally trying to tear itself and the world around it in half.
  3. I know it's an incredibly difficult race, however they must come as something of a hollow victory for Toyota?
  4. Hang on a minute, two blokes who's first cars were a Porsche boxster and a mark 2 escort? Course, they know fuck all about cars!
  5. Use of the word 'pair of bellends' wins it for me.
  6. This is infinitely better than anything produced in the last 4 years.
  7. I would imagine that's not the last time we'll see the Corvette, it's quite competitive and easy enough to run.
  8. That elusive indy 500 win must keep fred awake at night... Buemi starting to collect a few titles.
  9. I think so, won't be much of a highlight real this year. Been mugged of the finishes seen previously, but that's the rub. Back to sponsors and where money is, you cannot fathom how many cars are involved in ELMS. And where the money comes from for that is a real mystery. We're only watching the top flight, there's another series below this where some of the teams participate.
  10. The Wynn guy/ Ben Keating is fucking loaded mind.
  11. You forgot a combination of money laundering and film star dollar....
  12. Polyphony digital type penalties being handed out I see... I still see the gte race going to the wire.
  13. Bugger, I'd be surprised to see that out again. Head of Ford Europe has just said the cars are for sale, should be used and not sat in a museum!
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