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  1. Another tick in the box for GT sport. While I wasn't an early adopter, I can see that it has and continues to evolve. Free content keeps coming and they continue efforts to improve the online experience.
  2. Bloody red bull ring, there's a 1.29 in there somewhere!!
  3. You picked the wrong race, the mini event was the stuff of legend:
  4. Aye, the gt season is in full swing, we should be too!
  5. Fire up your wheels! TT is GR3's at the red bull ring. Scarily is just edging it with a very low 1.30.03 Bit of new content this week, 1988 962 with not fag sponsorship on it, and some wanky Toyota escort thing that has a bit of a following....
  6. marsh

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    I'm almost tempted to go and fire that up...a trip to my loft beckons. Wasn't there some green button version? Edit: yes there was. First batch, which mine was.
  7. marsh

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    That BMW really is a lump, even the mustang looks a bit small next to it. British Gt on youtube if you suffer from sunburn.....
  8. While out and about today, I completely forgot to get any batteries. The Gradius LCD I found in the box with Sky Fighters will have to wait....
  9. Went for a rummage in my folks loft earlier, was looking for an old stamp collection to see if it might be worth a few pennies, stumbled on some proper TREASURE instead!
  10. Happy to concede that, absurd turn of pace.
  11. marsh

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    I do look at things like monoposto and think that would make for an amazing weekend of fun.
  12. marsh

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Fair enough, I'm not quite done yet. Was thinking about a blast in a kart with my kids at some point, I take it at every level it's about how much money you can throw at it then?
  13. marsh

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    Fitness an issue? As much as I hate having to work at it, a wise head on a fit body can be a very useful advantage.

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