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  1. Just too fast for my liking! I felt like a one legged cat trying to bury turds on a frozen pond!! I'd do a fastest lap, glance at the fastest lap of the race and just think 'holy shit'
  2. That was longer than last week, by lap 5 at that last race I was flagging somewhat. I think if you're going to do GR3's of that nature, three tracks is plenty with two sprint races and one endurance with pit stops and tyres. If we do the inaugural 'Rllmuk Goodwood Revival' next week then I think that will trim the times down with the option of a 4th race if people want to stay on?
  3. Great to see a full lobby again last night, a huge positive in light of things going on in the wider world. Alas, I just wasn't quick enough to keep the experts honest, from my seat at 6th for most of the races I could see what appeared to be a ridiculous battle ahead but couldn't get close enough to participate, apologies to anyone on the receiving end of a clumsey ill timed lunge @mexos and BadgerGT spring to mind. I may have picked the wrong car as the pointy end didn't feature a 911? Anyway, did we decide on glorious Goodwood for next week? if that's the case then I'm off livery hunting for my mini and f1500 before making a purchase for the pre 1975....
  4. Still wavering between the 911, the merc gt3, the mclaren. The vette is a fairly solid choice too! We run loads of snazzy liveries so don't worry about picking the same car as it's unlikely it'll be the same color as yours.
  5. @morcs keep an eye on this thread, think we were looking at GR3's on the usual suspects tonight, Spa, Dragon Trail...?
  6. 1.24.2 Make sure you tune that car, for what little it's worth.... The thing about willow springs is that it gives you a really good idea of what it must be like to have a huge accident, one step off the track and your sent for miles, at speed, backwards into the abyss.
  7. The old 991 turbo round the ring is a hell of a thing if you want a bit of old school action, hilariously dangerous.
  8. I'll have a crack at that in a bit, day 1 of being furlough after a busy weekend doing stuff and I'm already getting bored....
  9. marsh


    Really tempted by it, added it to my cart and then thought I'd not really played enough mudrunner so got the dlc for that. I'll keep a watching brief on this as I think it'll offer wnough variety to get me interested.
  10. @McSpeed replay from Tsukuba, or at least my edit of it. Full replay has been shared, and you weren't lying, ridiculous racing!
  11. An 8.13 and as of next week I'm going to have alot of spare time on my hands.....
  12. Er, there's 4 layouts, I assume you mean the regular 12.95 mile and not the tourist or 24h version....?
  13. I've got Asetto Corsa on the PS4 and it remains in my 'armageddon' pile, largely because I'm still working, and also because I find that GT sport occupies nearly all of my available racing time. I'll stick a replay up from Monday night. Lobby was rammed, racing exceptionally fair.
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