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  1. marsh

    Formula One 2021

    I do wish that Williams had retired the name, word on the street is that they are about to become a Renault/Alpine B team. Guess that Merc seat for Russell is a shoe in for next year....
  2. Just for a brief period it'll be quite a spectacle. While F1 remains a bit lost with it's direction, the ACO have come up with a set of rules that means people will get to buy stupidly expensive road cars.
  3. marsh

    Cricket Thread

    If they got skittled out for 30, nothing would surprise me.
  4. marsh

    Cricket Thread

    Fascinating contest.
  5. I'm out of dailies for this week, nothing takes my fancy. The 'official' TT was a welcome diversion being at my old mate Tsukuba in a 911 that you could tune the snot out of. Not sure what's replacing that as it was due to end today.
  6. I give them two years tops. But fuck me, what a two years that's going to be.
  7. What's a PS5 and where can I buy one?
  8. Probably need to not be quite so hard on myself.....
  9. Where can you get that summary? I think I only had 227 hours last year which in my mind is neither enough nor anywhere near some of the totals published on here.
  10. I totally get the frustration. Lobby A last night is simple error away from complete disaster, the standard was very high and to someone relatively new to the game, cars and tracks, I can see how it would be a bit off putting. You know, I totally get following Noble or Pim for as long as possible to learn where you're going wrong, but when it's happening as you're lapped or a lap is over 2 minutes long, it's a bit ugh.... I'm old enough and sometimes wise enough to know when to bother and when to skip it. Last night was one of those I should have skipped, even though the TT at Tsuk
  11. Maybe I was a bit hasty with my golf membership. I went to move a few blocks on the extension just now from ground floor to first floor and my back was giving me the same lol that stopped me moving off the sofa to chase Junkers time at Collorado Springs on sunday night.... Knackered and racing best avoided going forward. Might be absent for a few weeks with the build lined up.
  12. Not wanting to say, told you so, but.... I guess we might get a couple of updates this year maybe? Aside from whatever guff is being dumped upon us tomorrow.
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