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  1. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    For Blundell I can only assume it will boil down to who is paying the sponsorship? He hasn't had much luck....
  2. Found half a second by short gearing the Porsche, I need to get better hooked up through a couple of the corners, but I can't help feel like I'm just missing something.....
  3. Half way there. Sneaky little hobbits. I assume you've got some magical setup in that Merc??
  4. Basically Redbull need a 'chumpion' driver. a Massa, a Rubens, a Patrese...... Bottas is a shoe in at Redbull in my opinion. Good enough to pick up the pieces, and compliant enough to get out of the way when the lead driver needs a points haul.
  5. Aye, mirror that and it should be bob on. I've just landed a cheap copy for my boy to play, he should be joining us shortly...
  6. Much obliged for picking these up @Junker I despise the ring, and had a 8.20 as an optimum, but there was no way on earth I was going to manage it. A sub 8 minute lap got first place, which is insane. I was around 1500 in the world which I may have to get scratched onto my tombstone!
  7. Apologies for the lazy edit, action starts at 3 minutes. Absolutely amazing scenes!
  8. The mower is done.....dummy run on some kind of seat and pedal setup this weekend. I know people that would chase you out of the country with flaming pitchforks for turning that volvo into a track slag.
  9. I've enjoyed racing that Mazda so much I went off looking to see what kind of cost is involved in racing one in the BRSCC.... The £6k for the car I can kind of live with, it's the £3 grand in race fee's that puts me off somewhat!
  10. Seriously, just stick at it. That was me not so long ago! and I'm not joking.
  11. Great racing tonight! Will bang a couple of replays on tomorrow. Mazda racing first class.
  12. Boys, we've found his weakness! Gordons it is.
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