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  1. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    So aside of kicking him out for a round, that's as hard as it could have been?
  2. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    Not realky watching this as I'm a bit busy, but that looks like a bit if top bellendery right there.
  3. Bagged a series S with Smyths from the hotstock app on friday night, the boy is a bit of a PC nut so I kind of thought it would be of some use to him, difficult to buy for these teenagers are.... The only physical games he has are on his switch, so it kind of slots in quite nicely with his download centric PC steam stuff. I don't fully understand most of this if you hadn't guessed.
  4. I'll second the quality that was the FE race at Monaco. You can overtake round there, just as long as you don't run massively complex aero....
  5. Gt World challenge is live now. You'd have thought they might have put a few more lights up....?
  6. I really must get some MNRC logo's on my cars....
  7. Yeah, I survived a high impact fire ball in F1. Where else can I go and ply my trade with minimal risk..... Indycar is like the last place on earth you'd sign up for if you were really bothered about your well fare.
  8. So I should add that I got my 'you need to come and get this' e-mail this morning. With most retailers hours being all over the place the two day grace to fetch it was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, today it was only a 15 minute diversion from my intended route so I thought 'sod it' and off I went. Bloke behind the counter seemed a bit irritated, said there was some paperwork to do and with that handed over the massive box and off I went. I need to hoover my boot out....
  9. It's been like that since Brundle Vs Senna years ago, can't remember if it was engines or tyres in that instance? Though with the F2 regs, it really shouldn't be the case....
  10. Couldn't get my head round it, and the audi is an absolute tosspot of a steer. Walked away in disgust.
  11. This. I'm still not entirely convinced that I've got one mind
  12. Oh cool. I was looking at who was on what while playing gt sport with the MNRC crew and I was like, oh just me and someone else then.... More than happy to give Smyths my dosh, and can always find an excuse to go to Plymouth with work.
  13. So, just got my first stock alert in what feels like ages. 4 minutes late to it and it's a smyths pre-order jobbie for the end of May I think. For lol's I thought 'oh go on then' added to my basket for delivery, payment sent through and.......it's out of stock. So I changed from delivery to collection in Plymouth store..... and I think I might have a pre-order. At least I've been sent an e-mail stating so. Whether that amounts to anything
  14. And the heads of Toyota will still be like I was semi expecting them to just make the lmp2 cars a bit slower, but it transpires that's not going to be that easy. Make the toyota faster! I hear you say. And it turns out it's full of bricks. They might just have to race as it is....
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