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  1. Dunno who that is, but I was 4 minutes off the top and 147th overall. Will try alternative tyres at some point...
  2. I'll have to drive it, it should be slow out of the blocks and then explode with power. I see the leagues are back, and it also looks like they've calmed down a bit with three attempts at a single 'event' rather than having to do something every single day...
  3. If it's the old audi quatro then they (the group 4's) suffered from horrendous turbo lag. It was normal.
  4. That is indeed it, frantic. I signed for Skoda after the first year with ford. Talk about a shithole garage...
  5. Anyone done the Barcelona gymkhana style thing? Kin hell...
  6. It's a great way to spend an hour, career mode in the little fiesta at the moment is joyous.
  7. It's a great piece of work, I'm glad about this. I'd still like him to do his other stuff though.
  8. It's in the health thread, which is where it's best left
  9. Long story, and I'm still living the nightmare, but I found an hour last night to do some dailies, league stuff and there was nothing there? I mean it's fine as I obliterated the early parts of the career mode, but I was a tad disappointed to see the league stuff was not available.
  10. Think this was attempt three, so no pressure then... I so nealry had you dude! Includes aborted second attempt.
  11. I have to say, I think this game is superb. On Rally Estonia last night doing the tarmac stages in the skoda, you can feel the weight transfer on the front end through the wheel on the really fast sections, absolutely incredible. Gt7, GT Sport, neither of those have done that. Love this game. Really very rewarding, and only too happy to slap you in the chops if you try and take liberties. I should have moved up a league, will find out shortly...
  12. Welcome! Just tried to beat your time in Finland in the fiesta, was about two seconds off in the last sector and then arsehole'd it in an absolutely nothing incident. Not sure how the estonia team got some many points? Does the weekly time trial carry a bigger haul?
  13. Ferking hell, that's painful to watch. I hope she never appears in our league... https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=425685796397431&paipv=0&eav=AfZhppShG5ggbMtKMdOBzpyex7CYuTWaZ5twTIWs9UgFVt9dkE92hEtJ6fVxD6iyL8E&_rdr
  14. Right, so the porsche 911 on the dailies is impossible to drive with a wheel. The top player in my league hasn't even posted a proper time, and he's bloody quick. I did a pad time, and I've bagged second. I'm not going to waste my time in pursuit of the leader. @Junker has knobbled both my times other than the silly 911 on the failies. The league leader has beaten both those times in my league mind. This game is really, very very good. I've barely touched the solo career mode, and I've been sat here for a good couple of hours tonight doing various online bits. Been spolit this year with this and dakar. I think this does what it does better than what gt7 is trying to do. You get that thousand yard stare that rally drivers have, while frantically sawing at the wheel. Love it.
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