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  1. The thought of pounding round Suzuka in one of those had no appeal this week, and the other choice was a Peugeot special. I'm not quite that dead inside, yet.
  2. Daily race A, 911 with atrocious handling characteristics at a go kart track.
  3. A certain Frenchman with a broken nose says hi... I'll never forget Prost getting sacked. That seemed unthinkable at the time. Slate the car too much and I think they'll boot him out. What's in it for Seb to remain if the cars an absolute dog?
  4. What odds can I get of Vettel getting sacked before the season is out? Plenty of previous for just binning a driver off if the saltyness becomes too much....
  5. Maybe driving a vauxhall insignia for 4 years has ruined me? Like sitting on a very slow church pew while stiring a gearbox full of porridge. I'll stick to the pad for now....
  6. What? 'running low on spares'? I know they've been busy doing other 'things' but that strikes me as utter balls. If they turned round and told the truth - Kerbs removed as some of the teams with lower budgets don't have the money for parts, I'd be happy with that.....
  7. Be quicker if they, I dunno, put a livery editor in it? Suspect the merc will be in gt sport by the weekend?
  8. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    He'll be back at some point, it's completely understandable given the circumstances and the costs involved. He could well be the first of many that don't actually have pockets that deep...
  9. Oh yes, I could crush bricks in my hand the way I grip a pad at the moment. I'm not really complaining, the standard is stupidly high on here right now, and that in turn means that you have to raise your game. The past 4 weeks have seen me in the top 2% by region with my times so what's not to like? I'll get the wheel setup at some point, but the pedals on the t150 are guff, devoid of feel, and I'll bag me an upgrade in the future.
  10. I totally get why you wouldn't like it, it wants to bitch slap you into a wall with every car you pick. Fire it down the mountain out of that last turn though....
  11. I did do a race the other week in the campaign mode. Take the premium sports race, go to Fuji, pick the KTM x bow, turn it up to maximum everything, slam it to the ground and land yourself a pile of dollar as it's something like 60% bonus for using such an under powered car. My tuning ruined the handling in the corners, however I was in the lead by lap two and never looked back.
  12. Cracking stuff, love Gwidan's helmet design.
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