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  1. I think trying to keep tabs with Noble is folly. You might get a fastest lap perhaps, but in terms of strategy you end up second guessing. I maintain the only reason I won that race the other week was down to figuring out early on that I could one stop and that short shifting from the second the lights went green. That's a very Noble trait, but how many times have we seen him stick it on pole and then go backwards as he fuel saves on 6 while we all think 'lol loser' only to come out of the last corner a lap down as he's polishing the winners trophy?? Anyway, it'll be weeks before
  2. No drama, I can vouch for it being a very worthy investment.
  3. Yep, it's still available before I throw it to the angry hoardes on fleabay.
  4. Same here really, but everything we tried on monday night resulted in being booted after about five corners. I can only assume that it's down to the recent update and the arrival of the 'others' from the new console.... Bloody PS5 owners comming over here and stealing our monday nights.
  5. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    That car was a bit of a slag though...
  6. I take it this is working now and not broken after someones blown a wad/taken a dump/urinated into a ps5?
  7. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Engines and drivetrain. Though with recent investment it could be a hell of alot more.
  8. You tried flushing 14 filtered cans of tennants through a urinal? Crazy pipework.
  9. What whas the top speed? I think I heard 270mph before it went royally tits up.
  10. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    I think the phrase you are looking for is thus: Jimmy Hill.
  11. Top lap in race A, thought I'd done enough.... Noble can be beat, I figured @mexos might have gievn him a run for his money round there? Think it'll be the green hell for me this week.
  12. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    I think that's the right outcome.
  13. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    Fucking lol at that
  14. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    Turks has fucked up there. He'll get a grid penalty, miss out on a possible decent grid spot in the draw, and all because he really should have given that place back. I think that's a huge error, if he gets pulled up for it....
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