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  1. I'll not be purchasing a PS5 at launch, when I do get one you can be damn sure that I'll physically want to have something to hold in my hand and stroke when I've sunk £70 into it. Because I'm old.
  2. Fuji, GR1's with the rig. Not exactly easing myself into it. So having not played for a while and locked my pad away, I'm quite pleased with a 1.29. What I really struggle with is how quickly that Sauber want's to rotate around itself. Conical brake mod makes a huge difference, and I feel like I've had a bit of a workout. Pad is easier, but I can see now how it's not overly compatible with a group of wheel users. You can cast those anchors on so much later with a pad. Anyway, more practice is required. A lot more.
  3. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    It's a weird one, chemicals company that has started building cars, investing vast sums of money into an f1 team.... It has a waft of rich energy about it, except they really do have the cash to own it.
  4. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Do we think Ineos will be as tolerant? I mean they strike me as being a bunch of absolute sharlatans when it comes to ethics. I'd give him season under their ownership before he went elsewhere to stick it to them for his 9th WDC.
  5. Wasn't it on CH4 first then on Netflix? An arrangement that works for me.
  6. Highly likely I'm going to be absorbed by the sofa this weekend...can't wait.
  7. Maybe I should schedule my return for the PS5? I've been cutting the grass and gardening for an elderly neighbour for the odd few hours every week since lockdown started, I've given up arguing with her about what she pays me as I'm not really doing it for the cash. However, that fund is looking quite healthy at the moment, it's either PS5 bound or I'll sink it into a trials bike....
  8. I think it works because Bob is an incompetant and highly excitable fisherman, clearly it's Paul's bag and the combination of his seriousness and Bobs idiocy is what does it for me. Me and the Mrs had a conversation around Bob's dads car accident, I said that the worst thing I could see heading towards me in a similar incident would be a lorry load of corriander. That was an amazing story that is so unfathomably upsetting to have lived through, and yet you find yourself laughing like a loon at it. So yeah, don't ruin it.
  9. It's very much his last book, which I don't have a problem with at all. The nazi stuff is still difficult to watch.
  10. I'll stick with my pocket cheese ta. Absolute class as always.
  11. Went straight onto ninty's site the moment the boy mentioned it. In for a physical copy of the the game and ordered the game and watch. Early crimbo shopping at it's finest.
  12. I've got that card kicking about in my loft, I recall thinking it should be extracted from my PC as a reminder as to how awful the whole process used to be. I feel like I need to dig it out....
  13. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    It's very difficult to tell if it's the last one they had. 6 are known to exist with Williams retaining just one of them. I'd be suprised if it is that one that's been sold.....but vulture capitalists got to cash in. Not sure 3 million euro's is going to make much of a dent to be honest.
  14. I have the benefit of being able to watch the kids get into PC's and gaming in general. I can't be anymore arsed with it now than I could be 20 years ago. They've both sunk considerable cash into their setups, at around £1500 a piece. I need to start charging for IT support as while it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be, it still fucks me off into a frothing rage when it invevitably goes wrong. I look at GTA on their PC's and while it's slightly prettier and the frame rates a bit nippier it's still just morphed into a horrible online game of total shithousery that makes no sense to me anymore. I like the fact I can just turn on a console, wait a gazzillion billlion million years for the bastard to download an update which I subsequently get round to playing about 5 days after I wanted to. They'll learn.......eventually.
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