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  1. I can't imagine they'd leave out G29 compatibility, there must be thousands of units out there? I'm getting the vibe that the penalty system has been fixed, or at least restored to what it was....
  2. I'm still struggling with the transition from Pad to wheel. I want the ability to turn the car with a wheel but accelerate and brake like I can with a pad. I've made a mental note to spend more time with the wheel, though I really need to bin those t150 pedals off for something with more feel.
  3. @Varnsen dudes operating at anoyher level! Laptimes right up there at the moment!! Going to have to put some grind in I think....
  4. I think I'll wait til the update drops before I dip my toe into online racing again, Nurburgring 1st turn must be like a bowling alley.
  5. C and D lobbies are full of wreckfest wannabies, not a nice place to be at all. Better off staying right at the back and completely avoiding trouble to get your DR up to at least a B.
  6. Fitting for all that grief that Flinntoff aimed towards Harris. But the big lad does seem quite keen or mildly absent of brain cells when it comes to putting himself in the line of fire, looks like a fairly decent accident is had on that drag bike....
  7. Can't wait. That'll be class tv.
  8. New series on now, a chrysler what??
  9. Didn't they not bother to fix borderlands 2 on the PS3? that would break and you'd have to start all over with no way round it.
  10. Er..........Fallout 76? though I'm guessing that abomination is still very much a broken shambles.
  11. Yeah. Not sure I'm ready for that level of intimacy..... I'll bet thet start at SPA is full of bellends with the throttle pinned trying to re-create the start of the F1 race from 1998.
  12. I've not ventured into the online dailies since before the update, is the penalty system as wreckfest as is being suggested?
  13. Day 1 patches being larger than the data either held on the disc. I know I'm an old fart for even buying hard copies of games, but it's a given that if you want to play that new game in that microscopic half hour window of free time you have in your busy day, they'll be a fuck off sized patch to download pissing on your spare half hour and loling in your face.
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