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  1. Small heads up - this is currently 80% off on Steam for the next 24 hours, as is Mooncrash which brings the DLC price down to £2.60, or £6.00 for the game and DLC.
  2. If that's a bit rich for your blood they also have Watch Dogs 2 for, erm, £49.99
  3. The rules are PeteBrant’s, not mine!
  4. I can't believe this is true but: No 4 in June 1988. According to Official Charts (handy site) nothing else of hers charted above 61. Incredible.
  5. As a predominantly PC gamer I can confirm that the Windows store is a useless bag of shit. If you enjoy downloading 70% of a 100Gb download (Forza Horizon 4) for it to 'forget' that it started and then start again, then Windows Store is the service for you! Gamepass has been Microsoft's premier attraction (and convinced me to buy a One X) so if 'Play Anywhere' becomes more attractive to PC Gamers, with the tech and games to support it, then let's go Team Microsoft!
  6. Yeah, I liked IW too. Another one of the "nowhere near as bad as the internet says it is" crowd. Or the "Bioshock 2 coefficient".
  7. I'll try and remember to keep this complete this year. No promises, though. 09/01 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PC): I could have put this into the abandoned pile as I haven't completed every mission, but with 76 hours on the clock I'm choosing to call this a completion. I have 5 or 6 of the main missions to complete and it was these, that come at the end, that made me stop with the game. Up to that point the gameplay, if not the story or some characters, was excellent. I will never get bored tranqing some surprised guard in his stupid face before sending him into the sky attached to some balloons. 09/01 Carpe Diem (PC): I've been looking or smaller experiences that you can complete in one sitting to play inbetween the 'main' games I have on the go (currently Yakuza 0, Final Fantasy 7 (I've never beaten the Weapons and This Is The Run) and Torchlight 2) and Steam is great for small, experimental things that are short and free. This is on Steam, it's free and takes maybe 10-15 minutes. It's a short visual novel with a relatively simple hook, so I won't say anything about the story but will say it's worth a look for the time and cost investment, and I was pleasantly surprised. 12/01 Disturbed (PC): Another of the 'free on Steam' gang and I completed this in an hour or two. Remember those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books that had stark choices to make (To go East, Turn to page 132) and instant death was only ever a wrong choice away? This is one of those. You're a farmer who finds his land overtaken by a corruption and has to try find the cause. In classic fantasy tradition you'll need a sword guarded by a ghost and an glowing orb and quick death lurks around every corner. What makes this less frustrating than that sounds is that it's been expertly made, has full controller support (even for quick save and quick load and the other, modern, PC conveniences) and the art and writing are both pretty good, if a little sparse (although I think that's by design). I did grab a guide to mop up the last few endings near the end, but it's perfectly possible to complete and see every ending without help. Another pleasant surprise.
  8. So in the Steam News Feed for Bayonetta, a Bayonetta Dev posted a picture of a sheep sticking out its tongue with the caption, "Baa". Some are speculating that this is a reveal of Catherine being ported to PC. Given that they teased the port of Vanquish to PC though an update to PC Bayonetta, there is form for this sort of thing. First Atlus game on PC? Bodes well for Persona? Edited
  9. Funnily enough I'm living in Bangkok for work for a bit and I've just been doing some Christmas shopping at Terminal 21, a mainstream shopping centre, and there's a store in there almost totally commited to One Piece merchandise which even for this town is an oddity. I've seen on the app they have Death Note as well so I'll be hitting that but aside from One Piece and Death Note are some of the other really long running series like Bleach and Dragon Ball worth a look? Any slice of life or sports series that stand out? I want to try a varied range of stuff.
  10. I’ve just signed up for the Shonen Jump subscription as well. Not read anything from them before I think but £2 a month is kind of insane and worth a punt. So as a manga virgin (I read Akira years ago but that’s about it) what should I start with for Shonen stuff?
  11. Binding of Isaac. I have 232 hours in Afterbirth on Steam. Plus 50 or 60 into both the original on Steam and Rebirth on PS4. So I've spent money on the same game three times, in addition to the crazy time I've spent. It's just the perfect 'run' game. If I'm going to sit down for a couple of hours of games, I'll start with an Isaac run before moving into whatever "big" game I'm playing, and I've been doing that for 4 years. The combination of relatively simplistic gameplay (don't get hit, basically) coupled with the clever meta-game systems (item synergies, secret room locations, interlocking systems) means every run is different and I'm still, after 300+ hours, learning things about this stupid, cartoonish, dark Christianity themed roguelike. I've often thought about uninstalling it, so I can try and make some inroads into the backlog, that ever growing list of other great games I own, but I just can't do it.
  12. Antiquarian increase stack size for loot. For instance, a stack of gold will top out at 1750, but with an Antiquarian in your party it increases to 2500. I think it also allows specific curios to drop which are other items that sell for gold, that won't appear without an antiquarian.
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