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  1. Bluejam

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

  2. Bluejam

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    That CD32 gamer score for rise of the robots. Lolz
  3. A lot of the so called shills were quite vocal on the ‘it’s not a lot of money to lose’ argument. Talking of shills, saw this on twitter today. I think it’s been posted before but I still think it’s shocking although this Chris bloke said he asked them to donate his ‘prize’ to a charity
  4. Old tweet but this is Mr Halsey, confirmed Gemini PDA fan and someone who appears to think Dr Janko can do no wrong
  5. Bluejam

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    Cheeky bastard. Didn’t even bother taking a new picture!
  6. Bluejam

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    Damn, missed this
  7. I yarred a 2 gig version. I did buy Now TV specifically for this seasons GOT but the quality has been shite. Last weeks on NOW was like watching a pirated VHS tape that my mates dad used to rent out of the back of his Cortina years ago. Great episode, wife is completely obsessed with GOT and she could hardly sleep last night because of it. No issue with the ‘darkness’ of it all on my 2 year old panasonic
  8. Do it!!! Still available from what I can see
  9. This just popped up on marketplace if you are in Essex (!)
  10. Yay in someways and boo in others. I’m holding out from buying one at the moment but from what you have said, sounds like a lot more ££ for the new one
  11. Cheers mate. You too. Really appreciate the honour of looking after your childhood games There are some great titles there looking forward to playing them soon. As I’m a full of Spectrum fanboy I’ll try and not get too upset at the lack of colour clash

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