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  1. He told me it wasn’t working as far as he can recall so hesitant to plug it in but here’s some pics of it
  2. Sadly no. Anyway, here it all is. The yellow monitor looks like it was a prop in Chernobyl and frankly scares me. All needs a bloody good clean but looking forward to sorting it all out And that 5 1/4 inch floppy drive is unbelievably heavy!
  3. He still has the broken off buttons at least
  4. Little preview. No, the oil wasn’t included. Loads of discs as well not in pic. Will bore you all later
  5. So I’ve just been messaged by someone on Facebook that I collected an old pc off a few weeks back to ask me whether I want an old Apple IIe and BBC Master Computer with Monitors and disc drives for free. Fingers crossed it is going to happen. Collecting tomorrow.
  6. Just a quick post to say thanks for the pointers on the software above @Treble Excellent work
  7. Been given a PS2 but it won’t play PS2 games. PS1 discs are fine. Whats all that about?! Dirty laser or a knackered one? If knackered, anyone ever replaced one themselves and was it easy?
  8. I’m familiar with coin ops (on the Fat Xbox) so that might be an option. The administrator login is password protected so tempted to get the hard drive out, put it in my other pc and format it. There is so much shit on there a fresh start might be best. However, It’s been so long since I did a ‘fresh start’ I’m a bit worried about drivers and stuff. Is it easier these days?!
  9. Cheers @treble The amount of shite the previous owner had on the desktop made my eyes bleed and deffo getting rid of Vista ironically a PS2 and PS1 came with the pc in a ‘ you might as well have these as well’
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