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  1. 2 more update videos showing..... not much at all And this
  2. Could be, here’s one ‘he made earlier’ nope, Ive no idea what he’s talking about For people who don’t know, I believe Jan was mentioned in the recent court documents as employed by RCL as some sort of investigative journo.
  3. Nice, clear concise response from RCL to a backers question
  4. I made a few (not at all abusive) points on the official page and was banned from posting within minutes (and my comments deleted) if only they were as quick to update backers or to give refunds...
  5. Update from RCL ill get this in now, “stop the drama, release the bloody console”
  6. But he’s a big fan apparently! nerd rage!!! Meh, I’m off to play ‘Underworld’
  7. Oh, as for Lord Arse, he argued until blue in the face that the Vega he played was the final FINAL production model in Jan 2017. People told him it was still a prototype but he wasn’t having it. he has refused to say anything about it since apart from saying he has ‘no idea’ what’s happening hmmmm. oh, RCL appear to be encouraging people to contact them via gmail (for refunds presumably). They are now saying they are being spammed by the very people they are asking to email them. What a fucking company
  8. Sabre ‘wolf’ Yeah, big fan Dermot
  9. Zx ‘Vaguer’ AMIRITE???!!! Oh, on Indiegogo, they replied to someone’s question by posting another persons refund request. picard.gif
  10. My bad, I mean their Facebook page
  11. This is actually a very good point. Basically, they are talking shite.... ....again Some of the comments on the RCL website from so called backers are quite suspicious as well.
  12. Reason #13635 why they didn’t get back to people as promised. What a joke
  13. I find RCL's response there absolutely astonishing. Ok, they have been attacked a lot, 99% of it fully deserved but rather than start saying "Yeah, well wait to see what WE are going to reveal" - presumably some counter arguments to what has been said by 'The trolls and haters" - , why not release some high quality pictures of the fucking thing. You know, maybe even a couple of high quality videos of it running off the production line or the box art. For all their piss and fire yesterday, all there is is one image of some Zx Vegas in various states (apart from a couple of crappy videos) Whens the deadline? April 2018? Around 8 or 9 weeks away? Have they applied for PEGI? Wheres the boxes or box art? Boot up sequence? Details of games? So many question marks And yet the comments section on indiegogo (yesterday at least) was full of "Thanks for the update RCL" or "Ha, eat that trolls" or "Looks great" type comments Amazing stuff.

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