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  1. Enjoyed that a lot. Been a good series so far.
  2. Saw a pretty good yaaarrrr version yesterday and I enjoyed it. Dumb yes but sometimes you need that after a shit day at work. Hamilton is great as is Arnie. It’s better than the last one anyway (I know, worst praise ever)
  3. Saw it last night, loved it. Haters be damned! cinema was half empty though!
  4. My 64 gig card packed up earlier in the year. Apparently they are quite unreliable
  5. Some in gravesend
  6. go via their eBay store and it’s in stock https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F352777343803
  7. Looks like Mr Fogarty has suddenly become active on twitter again. Accusations of sock puppet accounts amongst other things!
  8. Nice! but a bit out of my ability! doorstop it is
  9. What is this MorphOS you speak of? Some mystical software to make it at least partially useable?!
  10. Ahh, that’s a shame. It looks amazing but it’ll just be taking up valuable space. Ta all
  11. Bluejam

    Twin Peaks

    I’m up to ‘Got a Light’. I’ve watched it 3 times. Amazing tv
  12. Sort of on topic, got given this the other day. Apart from weighing the same as a small car I’ll be having a play later. never owned a Mac before. I think it’s still useable in 2019 (well, you tube videos suggest yes) . Needs a hard drive. Wonder if there is any potential retrogaming in there
  13. Downloaded it yesterday before the man issues a takedown ! amazing work
  14. I dunno pete, referring to someone who has autism as a fantasist and is obviously suffering mentally from all the bullying.... maybe not go there. You are obviously very anti bullying with your defending of Octavius and enjoying the lolz about Paul Andrews with ChinnyVision... To be honest, you seem to attract drama all over social media. still kudos for having someone set up an account just to attack you!!! @PeteProdgeSUCKS Not me by the way oh, these images are not related but just, you know, the DRAMA
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