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  1. So, rumour has it that Jonathan Caudwell has ‘left the scene’....
  2. Bluejam

    Doctor Who

    This came today!
  3. Good there is another person doing a video on the Vega plus
  4. Bluejam

    The Man Utd Thread

  5. Bluejam

    The Man Utd Thread

  6. Popcorn.gif http://retro-computers.co.uk/where-are-they-now/jonathan-cauldwell/
  7. Bluejam

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 5 out now!

    wtf. Ok, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (mine included, i think it’s embarassing) but ‘threats’? jeez
  8. http://ace2018.info/ Amazing rant in that link Levy related
  9. So basic but spent hours back in the day. oh, another vote for Frank Bruno - Speccy version
  10. He does seem a bit arrogant. Maybe he just can’t admit he fucked up.

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