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  1. Moonfall 0/5. Shockingly bad. I want those 2 hours back.
  2. Red letter media ”Moonfail” yep
  3. Lol! I needed it after. I dunno, thought the water effects were ok! it also has the usual cliche disaster movie BS for the director “Couple divorced and or marriage problems to save the day” ”chubs / nerd comic relief” ”cgi car chase” ”jumping over large gap” red letter Media have reviewed it so that may take the bad taste away. Honestly, I can handle a lot of crap films but I nearly turned it off it was so bad.
  4. Fck me, that was awful. I was going to watch Picard after but I’ve punished myself enough tonight no redeeming qualities whatsoever (ok, that’s unfair, the effects were good)
  5. 40 mins in. Er, the CGI is pretty good
  6. The more i listened to what he said the more i was thinking. Shit, he might be right!
  7. So I watched “Old” Trying to decide whether it was terrible or a bit “weird” with good ideas but poorly done. Guess ill file it under “The Happening” M. “Shite” Shyamalan AMIRITE??!
  8. It’s opposite the sea life place and very near the kursaal which isn’t necessarily a good thing. but yeah, I was in Southend on Sunday. Not pretty in that part
  9. Watched it last night. Brilliant if a touch too long. and worryingly accurate when it comes to social media
  10. Nice to see a load of people on market place reducing the costs of their PS5’s! Lolz
  11. https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/configure/8WJ714N3RBTL?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=alVlsby6UJ8&ranSiteID=alVlsby6UJ8-GwYFmaq2m9FdjxWzAaEX8g&epi=alVlsby6UJ8-GwYFmaq2m9FdjxWzAaEX8g&irgwc=1&OCID=AID2200057_aff_7593_1243925&tduid=(ir__fycnklu3b9kf6nyc0dmsw0o3222xou0yl1h0qp3u00)(7593)(1243925)(alVlsby6UJ8-GwYFmaq2m9FdjxWzAaEX8g)()&irclickid=_fycnklu3b9kf6nyc0dmsw0o3222xou0yl1h0qp3u00&ranMID=46128&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-IvFZX3IsCafjzC6A2.tb.w&epi=hL3Qp0zRBOc-IvFZX3IsCafjzC6A2.tb.w&irgwc=1&OCID=AID2200057_aff_7794_1243925&tduid=(ir__ndodh1w6w9kft0z90ctiwv3kfm2xou0knphkhcfy00)(7794)(1243925)(hL3Qp0zRBOc-IvFZX3IsCafjzC6A2.tb.w)()&irclickid=_ndodh1w6w9kft0z90ctiwv3kfm2xou0knphkhcfy00
  12. Stock at Microsoft, be quick, it’s on hot uk deals
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