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  1. Unofficial Who

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    I loved it, really rated it at the time. It was sort of Road Rash before Road Rash (in that it had you trying to race and do some other things at the same time.)
  2. Unofficial Who

    Imagic: Old games and new ports

    My personal favourite release and one I still play now is Demon Attack on the 2600. What the video below fails to show you is how it looked on an old CRT with the phospher trails left behind the bullets. Oh and it has the cheapest cover art ever made. I was 10, I thought it was awesome.
  3. Back in the day I loved Imagic, while not quite as good as Activision on the 2600 they were definately second in my books. The reason I'm bringing this up now? Because there's a couple of ports for the Spectrum that have just come out with conversions of Atlantis and Dragonfire.
  4. Unofficial Who

    Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

    In cinemas and on digital Mar 29.
  5. Unofficial Who

    Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

    Thanks to https://www.metafilter.com/179983/You-know-he-was-he-really-was for the links http://www.beingfrankmovie.com/ BBC article here https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47570284 And if you're in Manchester https://secretmanchester.com/art-culture/frank-sidebottom-exhibition/
  6. Unofficial Who


    Just saw this via Boing Boing, 100 year old networked gaming machines (the tech is the same tech telephone relays used to run on.)
  7. Unofficial Who

    Love Death and Robots

    Are the rest as gory as the first? Just want to know as my partner was not OK with the gore.
  8. Unofficial Who

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition (besides Sekiro)

    Mar 19/03 Red Dead Redemption (360) There's not much I can add of value after others have said more (and better) over the years. However this is still a stunning looking game. Possibly the best sky box outside of Mad Max. In the early part of the game it did feel like it was afraid to leave me in the wildnerness alone with nothing to shoot but a lovely game ruined only by the pressure of the studio which led to a stone cold classic being almost impossible to port. Oh and awful turrent sections, honestly no-one has done a good one since Beach Head 1 and 2. 17/03 Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego (Browser) A tie in to the cartoon it only has the one case, it's completely linear and it's scaled down. It does make a case for a future version to be integrated with Google Earth. But if you want that old school feel with an actual campaign far better to go for an old emulated version or Where in the World is Cobra Starship instead. Previously
  9. Unofficial Who

    Songs about the loss of faith or challenging old gods

    And here they are singing the same song 16 years later iwht some modifications. Less angry, more tired now.
  10. Unofficial Who

    Songs about the loss of faith or challenging old gods

    Here's one that's a bit of a side step but sadly relevant 16 years after it was first released. When I lost faith in my country.
  11. Unofficial Who

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    More likely for Take 2 to buy Sony’s gaming arm surely.
  12. Unofficial Who


    And Champ Games have made a much nicer 2600 port.
  13. Unofficial Who


    Good call. I played a lot of Super Cobra on the 2600 back in the day.

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