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  1. Introduced me to Low Roar and turned me into a fan of their work.
  2. I liked the cut scenes although his pacing is well off with two scenes near the end being completely spoiled by not having enough breathing space between them.
  3. Unofficial Who


    https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/366366/Christophe_Derennes_named_head_of_Ubisoft_Montreal_after_Yannis_Mallats_resignation.php? He has a big job ahead. Hopefully the cleanup in HR will help. The whole article is worth a read. And Unrelated to continued crap in the games industry of course
  4. Turnips are 184 this afternoon on my snowy island.
  5. Unofficial Who


    17m 30s is where the meat is.
  6. Unofficial Who


    I've been thinking about this and on the one hand I can see the need for payouts to avoid costly litigation from those being forced out. They'll get big severance packages and they'll need them, if there's any justice they'll never get employed at such a high level again. Then again, fuck them. The people they've allegedly bullied have had to deal with the financial hardship all on their own. Quitting a job, having to pay for (or find substitutes for) counselling, having to deal with the shit task of talking up your last role at job interviews, those men and women (mainly women) have had to do it all on their own. How many promising career have been destroyed? I mean one of the allegations is of someone being choked at a party! How does that get you a golden parachute rather than a stint in jail? (Not to mention these toxic fuckers always land on their feet while their victims are told that they need to be resilient and pull themselves up by the bootstraps.)
  7. Unofficial Who


    And I guess that's where I sit. On the one hand I was really looking forward to the next Assassin's Creed and the new Watchdogs looks great. And if they ever finish the new Beyond Good and Evil I'd be all over that. I would have been anyway. Getting rid of some of the problem staff is a good start. But I want more. I want guarantees that this won't happen again. I'd like to see people who've been forced out of their jobs paid some sort of compensation and some sort of public apology. Above all I'd like to see them live up to this. or Time for Ubisoft to walk the walk here and put diverse people in leadership / executive positions.
  8. We've come a long way since version 1.
  9. Unofficial Who


    Given the feeding frenzy earlier today over free copies of Watchdogs 2 you may well be correct.
  10. BTW thanks so much for leaving the island open. I've had a couple of bouts of insomnia recently and visited your island to fish some stock. Got a sunfish, several sharks and loads of other things for the tank. Let me know if you want anything, I'll be opening my island next week for those wanting some winter stuff. On that note after our first two snowmen weeks ago we've seen no dung beetles. No dung beetles no snow men! We've also not had gold holes spawn for weeks....I'm wondering if something was broken in the newest patch?
  11. Unofficial Who


    There was a flood of activity two weeks ago in the #metoo and "some streamers are the worst" threads.
  12. There's a couple of other things I really like about this series. One is technical, the set design is a masterclass in art design. Just like the previous games it manages to make the game look like it has incredibly detailed expansive environments where in reality they're small adventure style rooms with low res' assets. In terms of characterisation it nails the experience of single parent families and the challenges they face. There's this feeling of always being monitored for worthiness (which becomes a weird sort of self monitoring which can easily flip over into an aggressive "fuck you.") The weird being held to a higher standard of accountability (which is pretty blatant in the principal's office.) It's a weird tension and they've captured that really well.
  13. My wife thanks you, that's my birthday sorted. While it flags in the final episode some of the early stuff in Before the Storm held some unexpected gut punches. There's one early bit
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