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  1. I love walking sims. I hated this one. Spoilers here but this RPS review mirrored my view. Ymmv. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/01/15/the-first-tree-review/
  2. This video makes a very good case for those parents we usually scoff at for being clueless.
  3. And eight years later I've only just finished it (with the speed lowered to 80%.) Loved it most of the time.
  4. So I'd come around to the conclusion that maybe I just needed to accept that some games aren't for me and that asking for accessibility options would be entitled or something. And then a couple of weeks ago I bought Celeste. And playing it at first my heart sunk. I could tell early on that my reflexes weren't up to the task any longer. So I played around the accessibility options. Granting myself infinite stamina and boost. ANd I know this isn't how the game is meant to be played but with my reflexes it's still rock hard....but somewhat enjoyable. And tonight after years of not touching it I went back to VVVVVV after discovering it had accessibility options. And again it was just way too hard. But by merely turning down the speed from 100% to 80% it changed an impossible game into an incredibly hard game. And now I've "finished" it almost two hours and under 500 deaths later. Do I feel like I've diminished the experience for the top ranked players? Not at all, the top trophy for a no death run can only be achieved with none of the accessibility options on. ANd that's ok. I'll never be a champion tennis player but that shouldn't prevent me from faffing about with some friends on the court or even from hitting a ball against a wall.
  5. Did you play it back in the day? Or was it something you always wanted to play? Because it’s just the Master System game with a couple of quality of life improvements.
  6. And then there's this. A song about one of the great unsolved mysteries of last century. (Language warning.)
  7. There's something dreamlike about Aus/NZ music from the late 80's / early 90's
  8. My favourite heart warming bit My wife's side eye at that scene
  9. Jul 18/07 VVVVVV (PC) I abandoned this year ago lacking the reflexes required. However this game now has accessibility options and by tuning the speed down to 80% what was previously impossible to me was suddenly rock hard but doable. Managed to complete the game with less than 500 deaths. For fans of Jet Set Willy style games this one really is a must play. 15/07 All Our Asias (PC) Free walking sim done in PSOne style by the creator of Anodyne. Explore a dying man's mindscape in a 90's cyberpunk style. Think To The Moon set inside the PSOne Namco Museum. 13/07 Rumu (PC) Short narrative game where you control a cute robot vacuum cleaner learning about love and cleaning from the AI system that runs the house. I really enjoyed the one of this one, to say more would be to spoil it. Previously
  10. The Last Ninja was one of those games where the cassette version was arguably better because you got twice as much music. And at the time the graphics look like little dioramas. If System 3 were to make a followup they could do a great job recreating it using tilt shift camera techniques. In the end it might have looked and sounded better than Knight Lore or Head Over Heels but Spectrum owners were getting the better end of the deal gameplay wise.
  11. That's an amazing clearance rate. Even when I was unemployed a few years back I'd get through 52 a week year, (And some of those were indie games that were done and over in less than half an hour.)
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