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  1. Unofficial Who

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I mastered Wizball on the C64 to the point where it was no challenge at all. Didn't think of switching to speedruns back in the day.
  2. Unofficial Who

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    It has actually. Answer the Call has pretty much been declared as non-canon and a new shoot / movie is being made to replace it. Which makes one wonder....if the timeframe of the next Star wars movie is being moved out.....maybe the ip owners have ignored those weirdos like me that enjoyed it and are instead making the next Star Wars movie a replacement for Last Jedi?
  3. So much so that they complained that is should be made non-canon. And in the end after all that noise and fury...they got their wish.
  4. The non-canon alternate universe Ghostbusters movie. See also Highlander 2 and the Peter Cushing Dr Who movies.
  5. I really enjoyed Answer the Call but this news firmly cements It in the franchise in the same way Highlander 2 was cemented back in the day. “Let’s pretend that never happened.”
  6. Unofficial Who

    Llamasoft / Jeff Minter documentary on the way

    "That is the bit people tend to focus on."
  7. Unofficial Who

    Llamasoft / Jeff Minter documentary on the way

    Trailer here
  8. Unofficial Who

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I'm still salty about this 15 years later. (Although less salty now that I've found out about the end of game "reward.")
  9. Unofficial Who


    A Story About my Uncle is currently free while stocks last. https://store.steampowered.com/app/278360/A_Story_About_My_Uncle/
  10. Unofficial Who

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    One aspect I liked was how respectful it was of the viewers time in terms of playing through more than once, it's something a lot of games could learn from.
  11. Unofficial Who

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Pretty sure you're right. I think they've missed an opportunity to take advantage of the nostalgia market for adults rather than suing. Sort of "like Bandersnatch? Read the books that inspired the show." I've heard some in the industry compare this to when Paris Hilton tried to trademark the phrase "That's hot." It won't go anywhere but it will waste a lot of time and money.
  12. Unofficial Who

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    I thought this would have a good chance of being thrown out of court until five minutes in. Oof. They're going to have to argue in court that CYOA is so universal it's like when they used to call video games Nintendo games on tv.
  13. Unofficial Who

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Jan 13/01 Kero Blaster (PC) Cute but hard as nails stroll'n'gun shooter. You play as a Frog who must clear a series of levels. For fans of Cave Story this might be a disappointing follow up. It's entirely linear and the pixel art is a little ugly at first. Once you get used to it there's a certain charm about it. If you're unsure about it you can try out the free prequels Pink Heaven and Pink Hour first. 12/01 Bandersnatch (Netflix) It's not a game. Except it is. Or is it? I'm not sure, I just feel this really odd urge to include this on the list. (Throws tea over computer.) 05/01 Assassin's Creed Origins:The Hidden Ones (PS4) With the DLC going cheap over Christmas I had all the excuses I needed to refill the shoes of Bayek of Siwa, the Batman of the New Kingdom. Taking place in Sinai this is a pretty meaty adventure. There's a couple of callbacks to the base game but it's more of the same. Which is fortunate because I wanted more of the same! It's between 5-10 hours long depending how off the beaten track you want to explore. 01/01 TRAUMA (PC) I have no idea why this has been sitting in my pile of shame for so long. Since 2011 in fact. It's an hour long hidden object / puzzle game (although I spent two hours with it) with a very odd but satisfying mechanics. Not sure why I bounced off this before, and maybe The Norwood Suite has put me in the right frame of mind to play some arty indie games. Beret/10.
  14. Unofficial Who

    What is Metroidvania?

    This is one of the best descriptions really. All of these games are very much the old lock and key design from the 80's. The skill is disguising what the lock and key is in order to make it look like an open world where everything is possible.
  15. Unofficial Who

    What is Metroidvania?

    Jeremy Parish recently recommended 12 modern Metroidvania games here at https://www.polygon.com/features/2018/10/10/17952674/the-12-best-indie-metroidvania-games It even has a useful summary. He's also got a video series exploring the roots of the genre.

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