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  1. Unofficial Who

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 2 out now!

    I have some empathy for him. There's a contingent of awful people just waiting for anyone to present something creative just so they can tear it to shreds. It must be almost impossible and a full time job in itself to sort the constructive from the destructive. And that's before the almost obligatory harrassment of a female member of the cast on social media.
  2. Unofficial Who

    Dave Perry is back...

    I think it's that he's seen youtubers making bank and he's thought "I've done this before, how hard can it be?" without realizing that the skills of your basic gaming youtuber with an audience as well as what the audience is looking for is incredibly different to the skill set for being a tv presenter in the 90's are. I think he's overthought it. It might well have been better for him to dip his toe in with some playthroughs of the sort of games he enjoys now, or games he liked / loathed from the Gamesmaster days and building up his skills leading to a Super Mario 64 charity playthrough of his most hated level.
  3. Unofficial Who

    Dave Perry is back...

    WIfe and I were watching that and at that point she turned to me and said "What the fuck is that about?" at the same time I said "oh no Dave." Cue me having to explain to her the whole Dave Perry saga while trying not to cringe on his behalf. "Surely he's being ironic right? That has to be ironic." was her conclusion.
  4. Unofficial Who

    Bad books by good writers

    I just silently mouthed the sounds while reading. Gave me both an understanding of the text and a free seat next to me on the bus during the period I read it.
  5. Unofficial Who

    Bad books by good writers

    While not bad a quarter of Feersum Endjinn is pretty difficult to read unless you mouth it out silently.
  6. Unofficial Who

    Maze Death Race 1983 Remake

    This is now complete. http://www.tomdalby.com/mdr-x.html
  7. Unofficial Who

    Star Wars - the new canon

    Confirmed cancelled. https://www.polygon.com/comics/2018/11/16/18098712/star-wars-darth-vader-chuck-wendig-marvel
  8. Unofficial Who

    Farming Simulator C64

    From http://www.indieretronews.com/2018/11/farming-simulator-is-coming-to-c64.html#more Not really my bag but those C64 pixels give me such a rush of late 80's nostalgia...
  9. Unofficial Who

    Kung Fu Master / Spartan X

    The Speccy version of Kung Fu Master was a bit average. Well according to http://www.indieretronews.com/2018/11/mister-kung-fu-upcoming-kung-fu-master.html#more a new conversion is on the way. Just look at this!
  10. Unofficial Who

    Console start up sounds

    Still my favourite.
  11. Unofficial Who

    Console start up sounds

    Just listened to this podcast detailing the boot sounds for the X-Box which some of you might find interesting. The original X-Box startup sound was created with less than 30kb of code (since it couldn't play from the still accelerating hd). https://www.20k.org/episodes/xboxstartupsound Also covers the 360 boot up.
  12. Unofficial Who

    Mafia III

    After completing all the races and having earned 84% of the trophies I've had to uninstall this to stop it sucking up any more of my time. Incredibly underated.
  13. Unofficial Who

    Doctor Who

    I really liked this having known absolutely nothing about the partition of India previously. However you seem to have a better grip on the history here, what's a good honest source to read on this?
  14. Unofficial Who

    Mafia III

    Story wise it's incredibly brave. I'm sure they lost sales by the main protagonist being black. Lincoln Clay is in incredible character, it's easy to be sympathetic towards him even if he's a bit of a monster by the end. The ending with It's also one of the prettiest games I've seen on the PS4, when the rain stops and the sun is glaring enough to make it hard to drive and the reflections of the city can be seen in the puddles...it's incredible. And the characters in this game, all of them feel fully fleshed out with motivations that make sense. In a game that revolves around race relations it would have been easy to make all the villans moustache twirling racists and all the good guys noble and without flaws. It's a pity in a way that to recoup investment games like this have to be long one shot deals rather than short and punchy with assests and tech re-used for other works in the same universe because Mafia 3 really needed some editing mission wise. I found the combat to be rubbish at first, but I really grew to like it and appreciated how it portrays gun battles. A lucky shot can take you out, and bosses aren't bullet sponges (although they will survive a fatal shot long enough for you to chat with them before they depart,) Definately better world building than LA Noire and I'm incredibly sad that the team who made this are no longer together, I would have loved to have seen more work from them.
  15. Unofficial Who

    Mafia III

    Just finished playing this and I loved it despite all of the filler. Then again I've had a stressful couple of months and some of that filler was just the trick. The DLC was cheap last week and all three of them added about ten hours to my playtime. Faster Baby felt very Dukes of Hazard, set in a "sundowner" community the cops are even more agressive. It has one of the best escort missions I've ever played where instead of escorting a vunerable target you Stones Unturned is completely dumb in an action movie sort of way. But if you wanted a version of Mafia 3 with Clay and Donovan out in the field just shooting and swapping quips it's essential. Sign of the Times probably has the most meat, you have to investigate a nasty hippy cult. There were bits of this that felt like they were directly referencing LA Noire. Yes, you can pick up objects and rotate them slowly in your hand. And the reward at the end? Just the best car ever (if you're a fan of Powerdrift.) Just check this out!

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