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  1. Sure! Let them know the Official One was not available.
  2. I was going to nominate Impossible Mission but that was release in 1984. I'll limit myself to the list. Best Game Paradroid. Andrew Braybook's best work with the perfect balance of risk verses reward. This one is ripe for a survival horror style remake. Best Music It has to be Monty on the Run. The main them inspired by the Charles William piece Devil's Galop, Hubbard's theme for the game became the ultimate challenge of violinists everywhere. Monty on the Run is a good game but the music makes it a great game. Best Visuals
  3. Hang on what? I thought that was coming after the other episodes. Er um....did you have a list for the other months or is this just covering May onwards?
  4. Unofficial Who

    The Smiths

    Sort of a new Smiths song. https://musicfeeds.com.au/news/the-simpsons-release-morissey-parody-song-as-an-official-single/?
  5. No. I got up two stairs. Two. I want Dark Souls enthusiasts who think easy modes shouldn't exist to livestream playing this. And Doughboy.
  6. What I need is a nice calming puzzle game to finish up the day. Schizofrenia is not it. This had a reputation for being hard but....those stairs. What were they thinking? Here's the screen you'll see in the game. Good luck getting past that! It's up there with Doughboy! Thank god I was reading reviews at this point. @squirtle, good call on this being Yello the game although it remind me a lot more of
  7. Have you ever come across a game with an advert so annoying that you've vowed never ever to buy or play it? For me that game was Topper the Copper. From what I remember of the advert it just said "Topper the Copper". And then underneath a little picture of Topper saying "Will be a whopper!" And for some reason it got stuck in my head. 35 years later it will randomly pop up in my head. I have no idea why but it gets me annoyed every time I think of it. . Anyway it looks like a budget Thing on a Spring. The warn
  8. I love the art direction. But then I loved the art direction of Metal Slug back in the day. Too expensive though.
  9. Well technically I didn't, I just fast forwarded the video. Tribal Trouble is just inexcusable as well though. Most adults back then didn't have a clue about video games. I doubt he played more than one round for the press. You could not get away with that today.
  10. Oh boy. Frank Bruno’s Boxing. I'll keep this short. This was a game I wanted to play back in the day, Commodore User and C&VG loved it. I actually borrowed this from friends a few times and that tape would not load no matter how much I fiddled with the azimuth. (This would mean something to those who practiced the dark arts of azimuth adjusting back in the day.) Years later on seeing Punch Out on the NES I wondered if Nintendo had licenced or ripped it off Elite. I know better now and it's one of several things that probably made the owners of Elite nervous in the y
  11. I think a lot of the points about Returnal's sales figures make sense. On the one hand given that there isn't much competition on the PS5 it should be selling hand over fist to an audience of gamers hungry for PS5 content regardless of price. On the other hand the market is limited by how many PS5's are getting out there to consumers. Sales of PS5 games have been weirdly low due to a combination of COVID, semiconductor shortages and scalping. I mean look at the performance of Resident Evil Village on the PS5. This is a game that has sold a lot across all for
  12. There is no shame in using assist modes and modifying damage variables. It's what I did 16 hours in, 2 of which was just getting wrecked over and over.
  13. Minter is an acquired taste and even then some of his works aren't the easiest to get on with. I have a 50/50 hit rate with his games. We'll get to it later but I suspect we'll agree about Iridis Alpha.
  14. I just remembered the game I bought instead of Scarabaeus. It was actually Batalyx, and I suspect I might be the odd one out here because unlike our kind hosts I loved this one! Why did I buy it? Well the very first game I played on the C64 was Gridrunner, an amazing reimagining of Centipede. Just a warning though before we go any further. If you suffer from photo sensitivity this is not the game for you. Even turning strobing effects down (which only effects the strobing in the border) there's still enough here to be cautious about or even skip. (And that's why despite
  15. I touched on this in the other thread but yeah, that price point cuts out a lot of gamers. But if Sony want to position themselves as the Neo Geo of the moment they can do that. Back in the early 90's I would have killed to play some Neo Geo games, SNES games and games on $3000 pc's. All out of my reach and I made do with a C64, Amiga and a psuedo computer I cobbled together from a CD32 and an SX-1. There are cheaper options and you can quite cheaply even roll your own console or PC using a raspberry Pi.
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