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  1. Unofficial Who

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    I think Disney has decided that to listen to the fans. They put out the word that one trilogy would go ahead but didn’t name which it would be. Most if the vocal fan reaction was “yes! Rian is cancelled!” Obviously Disney would look at that reaction and decided on green lighting the more popular option. Star Wars has survived Caravan of Courage and it’s so vast that you can pick and chose what you want in your own personal cannon now. If the D and D trilogy is rubbish then we can just ignore it. It’s not like we have to watch it through gritted teeth.
  2. Unofficial Who

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    It’s being reported everywhere that the next Star Wars movies are the ones by the Game of Thrones guys. Which makes the Rian cancelation a formality I guess.
  3. Unofficial Who

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    He and the majority of fans care deeply about the legacy and tone of the franchise. That a few of us (myself included) enjoyed Rian’s take is neither here nor there, a reality vindicated by Disney dumping Rian’s trilogy.
  4. Unofficial Who

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    He can switch from “whinging” (or thoughtful constructive criticism as others would call it) to celebrating. So there’s that.
  5. Unofficial Who

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    Edited topic title to reflect the news. Thanks again.
  6. Can’t link now due to being in transit but apparently the trilogy is most likely the one being developed by the Game of Thrones people.
  7. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/boba-fett-movie-rumored-to-be-90-minutes-of-climbing-out-of-sarlacc-pit-in-real-time/?
  8. Unofficial Who

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    May 05/05 Captain Commando (PC/Arcade) You might be sensing a theme here. From fantasy to sci fi it's yet another colourful CPS-1 brawler. What more is there to say? The usual brawler design and the usual Capcom pixel art at it's finest. 05/05 The King of Dragons (PC/Arcade) Another Capcom scrolling beat-em up. It has the usual attractive CPS-1 look to it and suffers at the end a little with loads of enemies designed to steal your money. I do love the way they've managed to both make the dragons look enormous while also avoiding needing to draw one third to one half of their body!
  9. Unofficial Who

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Although there seems to be some sort of workaruond that allows the old Rare back catalogue and Megaman games to be resold on non Nintendo hardware now. Commercially at that too.
  10. Unofficial Who

    Playstation Plus | May 2019 - Overcooked & Edith Finch

    Have Edith Finch already but not even angry, I can't wait for more people to play and love (or hate) it. Looking forward to Overcooked.
  11. Unofficial Who

    Sonic The Hedgehog (Live Action) Nov 2019

    Thread name change request. Change Hedgehog to Manhog.
  12. Unofficial Who

    Sonic The Hedgehog (Live Action) Nov 2019

    Courtesy of Jim Sterling,
  13. This was mentioned in another thread, Dan Dare was rather interesting on the 8 bit machines due to every version playing to it's strengths. Bazza does a comparison here He should totally have looked at the C64 instructions first! By default because of where I lived I had the C64 version and it was a great arcade adventure! However the Spectrum version looked like a pretty fast and smooth run and gun. And the Amstrad looks like a tidy platformer. Any others play this? Here's a long play of the excellent C64 version
  14. Unofficial Who

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Ah, it looked like a pretty decent run and gun. We C64 owners got a rather spiffy arcade adventure. Anyway, off topic.
  15. Unofficial Who

    Sonic The Hedgehog (Live Action) Nov 2019

    I'm not going to be able to see any promotional material now without thinking of Danny DeVito in an off brand Sanic suit.

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