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  1. I loved the programmer art there. "Can't find way to draw missile trucks and rocket launchers in the background, I'll just replace them with quaint cabins."
  2. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is free on Epic if you gab it this week. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/04/01/goofy-physics-game-totally-reliable-delivery-service-arrives-today/?
  3. Go back into Bioshock and delete some of your saves. Stuppidly enough Bioshock 1 and 2 share the same save folder with the same restriction on space. They've had years to sort this. With 2, go into the extras menu and try Minerva's Den. It's a stand alone condensed side story that's done in less than three hours. Then you'll know if 2 is your thing or not.
  4. I played Gestalt for the first time last year and it was one of the highlights of 2019 for me jank and all. Given that they look to be smoothing out some of the rough edges I'm jealous of you who will experience this for the first time. They'd better keep some of the voice actors though! And it had better start with "Weiss you dumbass!"
  5. March 30/03 Bioshock Infinite:Burial at Sea (PS4) It's DLC but it's almost it's own game, especially Chapter 2 which changes things up entirely becoming a tense stealth game. Chapter 1 is slight, almost a playable intro to the meatier second episode and boy does it have some issues thematically. The mechanics are sound with different floor surfaces damping or creating sound. It's satisfying as well creeping through without being seen or at least not being seen long enough to lump someone on the back of the head or shoot a sleeping dart between their ribs. In terms of narrative? Well they've messily tried to retcon Daisy Fitzgeralds story into one about sacrifice for the Vox in a way that feels like a heavy handed apology to some (and to others caving in to the left). Which is fine except the game has you killing drug users, workers and the mentally unwell. It's also a game which feels like it loathes Elizabeth and goes to some unnecessary places in the last sequence (one sequence being so gross that my memories had set it as the end of the game even though there's still a bit to go at that point.) This is now included as part of the Bioshock Collection. Would I recommend it? For the twist on previous play mechanics yes. For an interesting return to Rapture yes. But if story is your thing, ymmv. For me it felt grosser than the last time I played through it. (Quite happy to continue discussion on this in the Bioshock thread.) 23/03 Bioshock Infinite (PS4) 15/03 Bioshock 2 (PS4) 11/03 The Supper (PC) 08/03 Devil's Kiss (PC) 07/03 Time Gentlemen, Please! (PC) 04/03 Bioshock 2:Minerva's Den (PS4) 01/03 Bioshock (PS4) Previously
  6. Unofficial Who


    I'm disappointed that it isn't Gestalt. However having played Nier:Gestalt on the 360 just last year I'd have to rate it as pretty essential for Nier fans. Partly because of the music (although I hope it doesn't loop as quickly as the original version did) and partly because of some characters that had some impact on Automata. It's clunky (at least the original version was) but it's one of the best games from the 360 era. A cult classic with a stunning soundtrack.
  7. A Mortician's Tale is free here https://laundrybear.itch.io/morticians-tale
  8. I both loved it and hated it in equal measure. But man did they "borrow from multiple sources. Mass Effect obviously. Elite with the space flowers. And weirdly enough my wife was moved by one scene which to me felt... well...inpspired by the Earthsea books. In reminded me a lot of The Dry Land. I found the last episode messy though and it seemed to put Picard up on a pedestal as the true diplomatic hero rather than where I thought it was going, the quixotic Picard having some self realisation. My wife loved it however. Where to next though?
  9. If you download only one game from itch.io make it this https://itch.io/queue/c/757294/games-to-help-you-stay-inside?game_id=161941
  10. Hijong Park has made six amazing arcade style games. All on Steam for not much but the free demos are the full game without achievements and online leaderboards. You can get his stuff here https://store.steampowered.com/developer/HijongPark
  11. Great interview here with Jordan Mechner on the making of Prince of Persia
  12. Me last year "What a bizarre metaphor about social isolation in the age of the internet." Me today "Oh."
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