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  1. Technically it was C+VG from the redesign from Oct 1985 - Mar 1992.
  2. The Spectrum was an import only machine in Australia. In the mid 80’s it was C64 here all the way with the Amstrad a very distant second. We just didn’t have the population to support more.
  3. Which might make sense. Were he not in Australia where a lightning strike or fire could reduce your collection to ashes.
  4. He did although the plot reason might be that after several decades of timefall the country is going to look very different.
  5. Bioshock is a great call, there's a lot of plot that they couldn't realistically do in a game over ten years ago. You could have a great show about the events in 1958-59 leading to the fall.
  6. I wasn't a big fan of the Intellivision although back in the day I desperately wanted to play that Advanced D & D game. About the only game I've enjoyed on it was Night Stalker. And now there's a remake. Not sure I'd buy the Amico just for this but I'd buy it on other platforms.
  7. Watching Picard tonight and definitely got Mass Effect vibes from it. EA is leaving money on the table if they aren't already talking about this with someone. I'd watch a police procedural set on the Citadel.
  8. I think it’s the landscape being actual landscape. My wife commented that it was weird playing The Outer Worlds post Death Stranding as it felt like she was a camera attached to a drone in the former. Short distances in Death Stranding telescope out if it’s muddy, hilly and it starts to rain.
  9. What platforms do you have access to? Odds on there's a version of Defender to suit your needs.
  10. I can only play with the controls used in the home versions. And I think I love variants like Insects in Space and Dropzone better.
  11. Hold on, why is this thread still open? It's not good form to be trashing someone who isn't a public figure.even if they are an ex-member.
  12. Outside of the prescribed list my wife and I had a lot of fun just seeing how much we could torment the villagers. And a lot of that is down to the reactive music, the animation and the control over the goose. It's almost more of a set of toys than an actual game.
  13. OK this is a bit of a spam post but it's for a good cause and you can pick this game up along with 28 others dead cheap. Humble Bundle is selling this in a massive compilation at https://www.humblebundle.com/games/australia-fire-relief? to raise funds for various Australian charities for the next four days. So if you've been waiting for it to go on sale and you've missed out previously now's the time!
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