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    Far Cry 2

    The only "benefit" to clearing the checkpoints is to get an achievement when you have done all of them. So, no benefit at all then....unless you count the cathartic satisfaction of blowing away bad guys with meaty weapons.....yes, that must be it.
  2. The only viewpoint that should be used in a race simulation is the cockpit view.
  3. As silly as driving a car from third person perspective, or sitting on the bonnet?
  4. Mogget

    Far Cry 2

    Are you sure that all of the enemies are dead? There are times in Far Cry 2 when one of the guys is badly injured, and hidden somewhere (tall grass, back of a shed etc).
  5. It's only one small step from there to Power & Glory 2, Meerman...
  6. Do you have GTR2, Meerman? If so, do yourself a favour and download the Power & Glory 2 mod (historic GT cars from the 60s). The car physics are better than anything I have ever experienced before.
  7. I watched a video review that showed a red BMW being driven from the third person viewpoint, and the car was most definitely "turning on a pivot" as it negotiated corners.
  8. Realistic physics and touring cars from the 60s, or I'm not interested. That's why I love the Power & Glory 2 mod for GTR2, and why I was accepted as a beta tester for Power & Glory 3.
  9. I'm with Meerman. I have no need for this game.
  10. I can't imagine Shift being anywhere near as impressive as Rally Trophy. The latter had decent handling for a start. As far over the top as those ultra ridiculous 10/10 reviews of BioShock?
  11. The only "plan" that Ron Moore had for the show was to "make/fuck (delete as applicable) it all up as we go along".
  12. Let me guess........this still doesn't have the single, huge game world that we were all expecting with the original?
  13. I think I must be getting old
  14. I assume you thoroughly enjoyed the "pivoting about a central axis" that the red BMW exhibited?
  15. I assume that he has already switched off all assists.... Are you psychic?
  16. Power & Glory 2 for GTR2 GT Legends
  17. The Spa video. If anyone thinks that they can complete a lap of that track at race speed without slowing down much for most corners, then they don't know jack shit about sim racing.
  18. I watched the movie last night, and I was rather disappointed. Nowhere near as good as the hype suggested.
  19. Good luck using that method with realistic physics.
  20. I'm shocked. This has really upset me. In fact, I'm so upset that my tears are evaporating before they have a chance to visibly run down my cheeks.
  21. I liked Siavash in the early days, but he has deteriorated into a mopy, boring twat. He needs to go on Friday.
  22. Let's hope it's better than the game, eh? :-)
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