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  1. Grace Park could have been wandering around naked in every scene during Season 4, and it would still have been shit.
  2. ....even though putting the CD/DVD in the drive is about as piss easy a task as you can possibly get?
  3. ....and what happens if the internet connection goes down when you want to play the game that you have PAID for?
  4. What was the key for? I didn't see the end of last night's show.
  5. Almost as disappointing as Revenge of the Fallen.
  6. Mogget


    I would prefer to see the pilot episode first. After all, I need to be well informed before slagging it off
  7. I am very interested in this game, but I have never been a fan of situations that are time based (in other words, running out of oxygen).
  8. Let's face it, almost anything would be enjoyable when compared to Nemesis. Apart from The Final Frontier.
  9. Mogget

    Far Cry 2

    FPS is a dated acronym. It's the "S" part that is (IMO) stopping developers from being a bit more creative as far as gameplay is concerned.
  10. Stalker : Call of Pripyat Black Mesa : Source Metro 2033 Deus Ex 3
  11. So, is it Saturday 2nd January, or Sunday 3rd January?
  12. Good news??? From what I have seen, SGU is nowhere near as good as SG-1 or the first three seasons of Atlantis.
  13. Was Deus Ex released in 2000? If so, then that gets my vote.
  14. BioShock racked up 10s all over the place, but it didn't stop it from being shit.
  15. I used to hate the adverts interfering with the flow of each episode of BSG on Sky One. By the time I reached Season 4, they were a welcome relief....
  16. HMV seem to have an "exclusive" two disc DVD edition, but the content doesn't sound all that impressive. I will probably just order the single disc edition from Amazon.
  17. No information regarding a two disc DVD edition?
  18. Is there no two disc DVD edition of Terminator Salvation? I can only see the standard one disc version on Amazon, and the Blu-Ray "Special Edition".
  19. I can see what the cat is thinking in that shot.... "Am I being paid for this shit?"
  20. I don't think the "plan" had anything to do with the Cylons. I think it was something along the lines of "let's make the best sci-fi show ever, and then fuck it up spectacularly. That'll be good for a laugh".
  21. BSG was great while the Cylon "plan" was a mystery. As soon as Big Ron had to decide what this "plan" actually was, the show became a pile of shit.
  22. Yes, I agree. It's like BioShock all over again
  23. I don't see how a HUD view can be more realistic than cockpit view.
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