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  1. Galactic scale BS from, er.......some development studio that doesn't exist anymore. I think it was called the Totality graphics engine, and it was special because it used a finite number of polygons
  2. I have played two Tomb Raider games in my time (TR2 and TRL), and TR2 was the better game.
  3. Anyone who owns a copy of GTR2 should do themselves a favour and install Power & Glory 2. Update it to version 2.1, activate the Terrain Patch, and get yourselves on the Gamers Crib P&G2 Server next Tuesday from 17:30 GMT. Short (10 minute) races on the default GTR2 tracks, and a wide range of cars to select. The car physics are second to none, and they are so much more interesting to drive than the boring high downforce rubbish that is raced these days.
  4. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to create a new thread, as opposed to resurrecting one that is three years old?
  5. I'm still not convinced that there was ever a game there to begin with.
  6. Personally, I think this will end up being a combat heavy, story lite pile of shit.
  7. Why do I keep coming back to this thread? All it does is remind me of what a monumental fuck up Ron & Co. made of BSG after the Exodus from New Caprica
  8. If the framerate never drops below 40 frames per second, what are you worried about?
  9. Probably because rllmuk has a massively disproportionate number of intelligent people
  10. They spectacularly failed to realise the potential of the first game.
  11. Mogget

    Far Cry 2 PC

    Is there a way to access the second region in Far Cry 2 using a cheat? I want to tackle a specific convoy destruction mission (the one where the jeeps and truck pass a small lake). Apparently, adding -DEVMODE to the executable (and then pressing certain keys in the game) will enable me to get all of the weapons etc, but I am not quite sure exactly where this needs to be added to the command line. Do I add it outside the " symbols, or inside? Do I leave a space between .exe and -DEVMODE? On second thoughts, does anyone have a couple of saves that they could PM me? One in the first region (wit
  12. Yes, but that's the point. The game design is flawed. BioShock had the potential to be an atmospheric masterpiece, but Irrational were obviously only interested in creating another boring arcade shooter.
  13. I prefer to think that BSG finished with S3E4, and leave it at that. No Final Five. Tigh is still human. Galactica and the ragtag fleet are still intact. It's the only way my mind can accept things.
  14. That's the most accurate review of BioShock I have ever read.
  15. Anyone else having problems running it in Full Screen mode with DX10? It keeps loading in a small (640*480) window, and I can only solve it by switching to DX9 mode.
  16. Far Cry 2 for the second time (a very rare occurrence in Mogget gaming). Stalker : Call of Pripyat (as soon as it arrives)
  17. What we don't need in the third film.... 1. Pot smoking mothers. 2. Pretender transformers. 3. Those dickhead twins. What we do need in the third film.... 1. A script that makes sense.
  18. Lost - I gave up at the end of Season 1 BSG - Struggled through the latter half of Season 3, and all of Season 4. I haven't seen the final three episodes, and I can't be bothered to make the effort.
  19. I am looking forward to Tron 2 more than any other film. I loved the original, and I just hope that they can capture that unique Tron stylistic look with modern technology.
  20. Mogget


    I watched the first hour of the pilot, but I couldn't be bothered to stay up for the rest. I doubt that I will have the motivation to watch the series.
  21. Mogget


    When is the pilot episode broadcast on Sky?
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