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  1. With all due respect, that "replacement" isn't in the same league as Megan Fox.
  2. So why the fuck did you make Revenge of the Fallen then?
  3. Oh, good. Another opportunity to say that the latter half of Season 3, and all of Season 4 (up to the point where I decided I really didn't care anymore) was a pile of shit. Thank you, and good day.
  4. Does that mean we'll be treated to more BS about how good BioShock is?
  5. This nerd would like to point out that adding "in the afternoon" to that statement was completely unnecessary.
  6. I need to improve my speed editing skills
  7. I was baffled by that score. After playing the PC version of the game, I would have struggled to even award a 7.
  8. I can't imagine that Gene is supposed to be Satan. Are we really expecting him to be revealed as the bad guy?
  9. I really liked Voyager. At least it remained pretty consistent throughout all seven seasons, unlike that other sci-fi show I could mention....
  10. I seem to remember the chef in Under Siege being a pretty interesting character....
  11. I managed to watch Episode 3 last night, and I will keep up from now on every Saturday evening.
  12. I missed Episode 3 on Saturday. Is it repeated again at another time?
  13. Don't listen to him, Badger. I think your site looks clean and tidy. It doesn't need "jazzing up".
  14. I'm still thoroughly enjoying watching Stargate SG-1 on YouTube. Four episodes to go in Season 3....
  15. No, you're thinking of Poke-a-mom.
  16. Welcome to the rllmuk forum, Daisaku
  17. Is that the Grim Reaper on the weather vane?
  18. If Gene Hunt ends up being the bad guy, I'll eat my PC.
  19. Since I have only watched episodes of Stargate SG-1 in a disjointed fashion in the past (whenever I happened to be sat in front of the TV at the time), I recently decided to watch all ten seasons from start to finish. I was amazed to discover that this can be done via YouTube! Currently, I am halfway through Season 3, and really enjoying the experience. For the first time, I understand how everything fits together.
  20. Razor would have been better if they had simply concentrated on the Pegasus' journey from the time of the Cylon attack to when it encountered Galactica and the fleet. Sadly, it ended up being a test bed for the BS that was to come in the main series.
  21. If they made Deus Ex : HR third person only, there would be fatalities at Eidos Montreal.....
  22. I just can't see the developer recreating the depth, atmosphere, and detailed story that made the original Deus Ex so special. Even if they want to do it, I suspect that the publisher won't let them. After all, every good publisher knows that all we want to do is shoot stuff
  23. I know it was only a teaser trailer, but we needed to see the game itself. Without that, what's the point?
  24. I would be able to understand if he had decided to switch it off after 20 minutes because it was shit.
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