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    The Valve Thread

    Almost as late as Duke Nukem Forever.
  2. A comment like this seems perfectly fine on a forum where so many people enjoyed rubbish like The Village and District 9. Anywhere else, it would be laughable.
  3. Laura didn't give herself enough time to adapt. I really don't understand why people try to get in the Big Brother house if they aren't even capable of holding themselves together in a group of new people for one day
  4. What happened to Keeley? I know that Caoimhe walked, but I have no idea why Keeley isn't in the house anymore. Added to that, I really like Corin. People may think she's thick, but she comes across as one of the nicest people that has ever stepped into the Big Brother house.
  5. This is why I think achievements are rubbish. They end up becoming the main focus for the player. Just forget about them, and enjoy the experience of playing the game itself.
  6. That alone will elevate TF3 far above RotF, although I am going to miss Megan Fox. Say what you like about her acting ability, but she's still gorgeous.
  7. I think the opposite. Achievements shouldn't exist.
  8. I enjoyed it, but that doesn't mean that everyone will. After all, you lot all wanked over District 9, whereas I thought it was a bit crap.
  9. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to watch Episode 10 of "V" on the internet? I don't really want to mess around with torrent sites, but I can't think how else I will get to see it.,...
  10. Why did it show Peter and Susan at the end?
  11. I haven't watched any of this yet, and I might just not bother.
  12. My Stargate SG-1 YouTube journey is currently at S6E5 (Nightwalkers). I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.
  13. Mogget

    The Valve Thread

    I want.... Half Life 3 Lots more physics puzzles. I don't want.... Half Life 2 : Episode 3 Portal 2 Arcade combat sequences (waves of enemies attacking me). Invisible trigger points that result in more arcade combat sequences. Antlion nests. Shit AI.
  14. Yes, I can't argue against the fact that the trailer is a very classy and impressive piece of work. Let's just hope that Deus Ex : HR turns out to be one of those rare games that ends up being something very special indeed.
  15. I don't play anything but first person games these days. That's because I prefer to feel that I am the main character, as opposed to manipulating one like a puppet. Of course, I will have to see how this cover system works in Deus Ex : HR, but I will be extremely disappointed if I don't have the option to play through the game entirely in first person mode.
  16. The cut scenes in Deus Ex 1 were different. You just watched them. They weren't interactive. I really don't want to have to move my character around in third person mode. It completely destroys the illusion of being there.
  17. If you don't press the "cover" key, then presumably you don't switch to third person mode. I would assume that you don't have to use this "cover" mode? If you do, then this game is history for me.
  18. Ooh, another hospital drama. How exciting
  19. Badger, Please mention the Power & Glory 2 mod for GTR2 on your site. I run the WSL (World Sprint League) over at Gamers Crib, and racing those 60s classic cars (Mustangs, Falcons, Mini Coopers, Cortinas etc) is far more enjoyable than all of that high downforce modern rubbish. If anyone would like to compete in this league, then please feel free to check out the P&G2 World Sprint League Schedule thread.... http://www.gamers-crib.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8175 The format is 2x25 minute races in each event, and there are two separate groups of cars (Group A for Race 1, and Group B for
  20. Nothing beats the Cortina Mk3 that he had in Life on Mars.
  21. I apologise for that, but BioShock was one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history for me. The intro and Welcome to Rapture were beautifully atmospheric, and lead me to believe that Irrational might have created something very special. Sadly, the game disintegrated after that
  22. Shouldn't the pitch have been...... We have this amazing idea for a really cool, atmospheric environment, and we would like you to give us lots of money so that we can fuck it up completely, and make a rubbish game?
  23. I haven't missed it ever since I decided not to bother with the series after Season 1 had finished.
  24. Next month? I thought it was kicking off this Friday?
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