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  1. I'd pitch that idea to Nokia. You could make a fortune.
  2. I'm not sure that I quite follow this line of reasoning. Oh, I understand that a review score shouldn't be affected by price. After all, the quality of a game is unaffected by how much it costs. However, it's the last sentence that puzzles me. Are Edge suggesting that a dedicated gamer would pay any price for a great game ? If a game was released that cost £1,000.....would you really be prepared to pay that kind of money for it ? If you are, then the hardcore gaming fraternity is a far stranger place than I ever imagined.......
  3. I will need a new PC to play this game properly. To be honest, I can't imagine that it will be as impressive as its predecessor. I have heard far too many things about it that just disappoint me (too short, small levels, multiple loading screens, unified ammo....). I hope that I like it for what it is.....but I was expecting a worthy Deus Ex sequel.
  4. Mogget


    It certainly looks phenomenal. Since this is one of the very few games that I am currently interested in, I sincerely hope that the gameplay lives up to the promise of the graphics.
  5. Hmmm.......well, I seem to have missed a lovely debate about PC's since I was last here (yesterday). For what it's worth, my comment was purely based on the fact that a £1500 PC can do anything that a £3000 PC can do, which makes spending more than £1500 rather pointless. Another point that I would like to make is that any PC that can run the latest games at high detail levels and resolutions is NOT a shit PC. This is totally different to a PC that is capable of running the latest games.....but at 640*480 resolution and the lowest detail levels possible. Yes, it may be true that the game will
  6. That's a fair comment. It is always said that the more money someone has, the more they will spend. I guess that I just don't have enough
  7. Sorry, I wasn't intending to offend you with that comment. It's just that a PC half that price would be 99 per cent as capable. Paying an extra £1500 for a 1 per cent increase in performance and quality doesn't make an awful lot of sense to me......a bit like buying an Alienware PC.
  8. I have always been puzzled about this fascination with multiple game endings. I have no interest in playing through a game more than once, so a collection of alternative endings is about as much use to me as a paper spade. Perhaps some game developers should concentrate on improving the quality of the other 99 per cent of their game before they start thinking about wasting time and resources on something that many gamers will never see.
  9. Onion, You mentioned Trespasser in your original post. Were you referring to the 1999 game by Dreamworks, or something else ?
  10. That was certainly no rant. You are absolutely correct. I am sick and tired of reading posts on multiple forums about people downloading pirated games....or leaked demos.....or hacked beta code. It's about time that certain members of the gaming community learned a little self discipline.....and some respect for the game developers.
  11. It strikes me that paying £3000 for a PC is the silly bit.
  12. Well, they must have changed the putting style for Links 2001 and 2003 then, because the putting in LS 2000 and older versions of Links was excellent.....certainly far better than the crap that I see in every golf game these days. By the way, Links LS 2000 is currently the best golf game on PC. The only problem with it is the rather pixellated golfers......
  13. So, which one will be released first........Galleon on the Xbox, or........Duke Nukem Forever on PC ?
  14. Mogget

    Terminator 3

    Terminator : Future Shock on PC. Now that was a quality game......apart from the flying bits. The first person sections were full of atmosphere and style, and they were genuinely creepy.
  15. This is why I am unlikely to buy Halo for the PC. I would probably enjoy it......and then cry all over my desktop when the Flood appeared.
  16. Another X-Wing game. Does that count as a remake ? I dunno. Still, I'm gonna say it anyway. Imagine one of those brilliant Star Wars games like X-wing (yeah, they really did exist at one time), but driven by the power of gigahertz performance processors and lightspeed graphics cards. Now, imagine all that power available to create immense space battles, fantastic visual effects, and a realistic Star Wars atmosphere......and not a Gungan in sight ? Imagine the good old days when Star Wars games were better than fucking abysmal. Look, just concentrate....OK ? Yeah, that's it. Now start sending e
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